30 Relatable Relationship Memes You and Your Partner Will Love

There is no better feeling than being in love. Once you find that special someone and decide they are it, you open yourself up to a life of happiness and joy. Of course, it’s not all plain sailing, with any loving relationship requiring constant work and communication between both parties. Being in love also brings lots of laughter, which you will no doubt be doing as you read these hilarious relationship memes.

These memes are a great way of illustrating what it is like when in a relationship. They deal with a wide range of topics and events that couples find themselves in and poke fun at these things. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so if you can have a laugh during the tough times, you and your partner are well on the way to a fantastic life together.

So for anyone in a loving relo that is also a big fan of memes, then these 30 relatable relationship memes will have you and your partner cackling with laughter.

30 Relatable Relationship Memes You and Your Partner Will Love

1. When They’ve Made You Dinner


Bored Panda

This meme shows how everyone feels when they get home after a tough day at work and their partner has cooked up a feast.

2. Relationship Memes



Is this what true love is all about? Sending memes to your loved one? Apparently so if you believe this meme. Relationship goals.

3. The First Fart



Being able to fart in front of your better half is a true sign that you are in love.

4. Keep Digging



Men and women fight in relationships, but more often than not, men are wrong. It’s a fact. Despite this, we often keep trying to dig our way out and end up like this relationship meme. Sometimes you just can’t win and have to give in to your partner.

5. When Food Is Life



Never let women get hungry. This meme accurately depicts what it is like when you realize all she needed was food to improve her mood.

6. Just Because I’m Mad Doesn’t Mean I Stop Caring


Bored Panda

This is one of those cute relationship memes that is on point. Everyone argues. It doesn’t mean you stop loving someone.

7. Find Someone As Weird as You


Bored Panda

One of the big keys to a successful relationship is finding someone who enjoys doing the same things as you. The weirder the better.

8. Rubbing It In

Just reminding your partner’s ex about who ended up with who. It’s petty, sure, but boy does it feel good.

9. There Goes Your Common Senese



They say love is blind and this meme certainly agrees with that statement.

10. Remember How Lucky You Are


Bored Panda

Sometimes it’s those