30 of the Best ‘The Office’ Memes To Get You Through Your Work Day

The original English version of The Office is comedy gold. The mockumentary about a group of office employees working for a paper company is cringe TV at its finest. Although it only ran for two seasons, it was a huge hit. So big in fact, that America took a stab at re-creating the magic of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Surprisingly the American version of The Office turned out to be a mega-hit. It ran for an incredible nine seasons and helped launch the careers of Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Ed Helms.

It’s both awkward but hilariously funny, with the battles between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute at the core of the show. The adventures of the crew at Dunder Mifflin have provided many laughs, both on and off the screen. The fandom is so big that the show has crossed over into the pop culture sphere. This means fans have been flooded with The Office memes over the years.

The fact that the series has found a new life on streaming services such as Netflix has also helped it find a new, younger audience. These are the people responsible for the hilarious Office memes you can find on the internet. These memes are often about certain characters, situations, or phrases from the hit show. Some are relevant to everyday life, while others are just plain old funny. If you are a fan of The Office you are sure to find these 30 memes hilarious.

1. False!



One re-occurring joke throughout the series is Dwight Schrute correcting his co-workers when they say something wrong. He would yell “false!” before explaining the truth. This led to numerous humorous moments in each episode throughout each season. Above is one of the more funny examples of this.

2. Chili’s Return

In the infamous first episode of season two, The DundiesPam Beesly is banned from Chili’s. But that didn’t stop her from taking to Twitter in 2017 and posting an image of her in front of the restaurant and asking if she should sneak in. This meta meme had Office fans in stitches. Even better was Chilis’ response, who lifted her lifetime ban.

3. Years of Experience

This is a funny Office meme that applies to most fans of the show.

4. When Dad Says Yes



How often does this happen? Dad happily goes along with whatever you ask him while mom is in the background vehemently disagreeing. Good use of The Office characters resulting in this hilarious meme.

5. Distracted Boyfriend Meme Office Styles



This funny meme alters the ‘distracted boyfriend meme‘ to fit The Office. Instead of a random guy looking over his shoulder at another woman. It features Jim looking at Pam while Karen looks on in surprise. Comedy gold.

6. The Office: Work From Home Edition



A true reflection of what many of us looked like during the pandemic while working at home. Kevin Malone is my personal favorite.

7. They Are Not the Same

Pizza by Alfredo is possibly the worst pizzeria of all time. Although try telling Michael Scott that.

8. It’s Called the Coronavirus



Here’s another pandemic-related meme. This one features quotes from The Office characters about what they believe the coronavirus is called.

9. Did Daryl Touch You?



This funny scene from episode six of season five finds Michael Scott asking Holly if Daryl touched her because she is crying. As anyone who has watched The Office before knows, this is classic Scott behavior.

10. One Is Louder Than the Other



This funny Office meme is a good way of illustrating the difference between the English and American versions of the show.

11. Schrute the Movie



Who wouldn’t watch this? Office memes don’t get much better than this pearler.

12. Gonna Tell Me Kids This Was Elon Musk

You can’t really tell the two apart, besides Jim’s lush hair.

13. Micahel Loves Blondes



This great meme shines a light on some personal information regarding Micahel Scott’s love life. It seems he loves blondes. The addition of Ryan Howard just makes this meme that much more funny.

14. Watching The Office



This one is a classic dad joke. The boss telling this guy to watch the Office so he watches The Office. Brilliant.

15. Creating a Convict



Another great Office spin-off fans would eat up.

16. It’s Britney, Bitch!

Don’t mess with Michael Scott.

17. The True Hero



Bob Vance is the true hero of The Office.

18. Three Chairs



This is the exact reaction you would expect from Creed Bratton when he finally gets his three chairs.

19. I Need Some Cake

This is as relatable as it gets.

20. Name a More Iconic Duo…



It’s hard to disagree with this response.

21. Rewatch The Office



This meme speaks the truth for any big fans of The Office.

22. Kids After Bedtime



This Office meme will be relevant to anyone who has kids.

23. The Real Office Love Story



Forget Jim and Pam, it’s all about Jim and Dwight. The true love story of The Office.

24. I Only Got Netflix for The Office



People really love The OfficeSo much so that it’s one of the only reasons many people subscribed to Netflix. Great use of The Avengers too.

25. The Jim Halpert Effect



When no matter what movie you watch John Krasinski in, all you see is Jim from The Office.

26. Safety Violation


@ Professor-Murda / Reddit

Don’t be wearing clothes like this around Dwight.

27. You’ve Come To the Master



This is another hilarious Office meme that is so true. Always found myself having to defeat the final boss for my little brother.

28. Instructional Video



Imagine if this was an actual thing? Sex tips from Michael Scott. Yikes!

29. Different Logins

This meme is very true and a great reference to The Office.

30. Draw 25



This meme uses the recent ‘Draw 25’ meme to show how much Michael hates Toby.