30 Motivational Neymar Jr Quotes On Success (2020)

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Neymar Jr is a Brazilian professional football player. He signed a 5-year contract with ‘Paris Saint-Germain’.

He made his professional debut aged 17 years old with ‘Santos’ and in 2013 he was signed with ‘Barcelona FC’. While with Barcelona, Neymar pulled off many impressive achievements. He is considered one of the best players in the world and ‘Forbes’ ranked him the world’s third highest-paid athlete. 

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Neymar Jr quotes:


30 Motivational Neymar Jr Quotes On Success

1. “There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true.” – Neymar Jr

2. “Our objective is always to win. Every day, every game, and every competition.” – Neymar Jr

3. “I’ve always had the greatest respect for and listened to both my father and my mother. I’ve always tried to follow my parents’ advice because these are people who want the best for me.” – Neymar Jr

4. “I want to help the Brazilian National Team the best way possible, whether is with goals, assists, or even a slide tackles, whatever.” – Neymar Jr

5. “I have both Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as my idols. If I can take a little of each player’s game and make it my own, I would be very happy.” – Neymar Jr

6. “There weren’t many options growing up, so I would wear whatever possible. I once saw a little boy wearing Jordan sneakers in a movie and that made me dream.” – Neymar Jr


7th of 30 Neymar Jr Quotes 

7. “Playing by the side of the best of the world is always good. Things get easier.” – Neymar Jr

8. “It is very simple, Messi is the best in the world, and if you give him a little bit of space, he can do whatever he wants.” – Neymar Jr

9. “I was never motivated by money. I think above all else about the happiness of my family, regardless of money.” – Neymar Jr

10. “I have to enjoy every moment.” – Neymar Jr

11. “Everything in my life has happened very early. Personally and professionally. I’m always learning: I have to.” – Neymar Jr

12. “This moment, which we are living right now will pass too. We have to enjoy, enjoy all that we can.” – Neymar Jr

13. “The acknowledgment comes naturally for those who deserve it.” – Neymar Jr

14. “It was a huge thrill, to step on a pitch of a championship like the World Cup, is a sensation that – you know, passes everything in your head.” – Neymar Jr

15. “I’m a bit sad because I’m leaving my cherished team in a city where I grew up and where I played for nine years in Santos. But I’m even happier to be facing a new challenge and for making a dream come true.” – Neymar Jr

16. “I just want to be better every day, to get better every day, not to be better than anyone else.” – Neymar Jr


17th of 30 Neymar Jr Quotes 

17. “Everyone has a right to rest so as not to injure themselves.” – Neymar Jr


18. “What I think about is my happiness, together with my family. I want us to be happy.” – Neymar Jr

19. “The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.” – Neymar Jr

20. “My father has been by my side since I was little. He takes care of things, my finances, and my family.” – Neymar Jr

21. “I’m a guy who doesn’t like to be alone, and the joy that my friends pass me, with them being always by my side, is gigantic.” – Neymar Jr

22. “I like to watch good football so I like to watch good players.” – Neymar Jr

23. “I like boots that are comfortable. Better for fit and touch as well.” – Neymar Jr

24. “Having a child is an experience that teaches a person how important to prioritize the happiness of another person. Whatever you do, even whatever you are, is an example for him. In fact, that little being who depends on you so much, makes you also to have a huge dependence on him.” – Neymar Jr

25. “Winning the Ballon d’Or is the consequence of your work.” – Neymar Jr

26. “There are players that try to imitate others, but at free-kick time it is a personal thing. Every person has their own technique and routine when they stand over the ball and I have mine, I am not trying to copy anyone.” – Neymar Jr


27th of 30 Neymar Jr Quotes 

27. “My foot, for a football player, is very beautiful!” – Neymar Jr


28. “I’m not a spiteful man, never been. I always forgive. The final decision isn’t mine, but God’s. God knows what He does.” – Neymar Jr

29. “I think that Instagram suits me. People know I like to use it all the time.” – Neymar Jr

30. “I feel like any other Brazilian citizen, I have a lot of happiness in me. I thank God for showing me the path to follow.” – Neymar Jr



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