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30 Meaningful Semicolon Tattoos for 2022

Semicolon Tattoo


When it comes to choosing a tattoo, many people are searching for art that signifies something close to their heart. The semicolon is one of the most meaningful and moving tattoo choices. It has now spread around the world as a sign of solidarity and strength in the face of suicide, depression, and other mental health issues. For those who have gone through it, a semicolon tattoo is a powerful reminder of how far they’ve come.


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1. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Because they turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful winged insect, butterflies often represent transformation when it comes to tattoos. They are also flying creatures, which means they are a symbol of freedom. In Christianity, a butterfly also represents resurrection. For these reasons, many survivors choose to combine a butterfly tattoo with a semicolon design to show their evolution. They were once in a depressed and suicidal state and have now come back to life.



2. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

A small and delicate tattoo, the semicolon heart tattoo design has a poignant message. Hearts are a well-known symbol of love. When combined with the semicolon, this piece of body art reminds the wearer to love themselves. It can also represent how love saved them from the worst time in their life – and therefore as a tribute to their romantic partner or family and friends. It’s a popular tattoo choice for women and is frequently placed on the wrist so that the wearer can see it every day.


Semicolon Heart Tattoo

3. Semicolon Cross Tattoo

Christian survivors of suicide, depression and mental illness often choose to work the symbol of the cross into their semicolon tattoo. The cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and reminds his followers that they have been saved from sin. When combined with the semicolon, it often represents how their religion healed them and helped them through dark moments. It is a way to reaffirm a Christian’s faith in God and remind them that they are never alone. It’s also a great addition to a religious sleeve tattoo.


Semicolon Cross Tattoo

4. Cat Semicolon Tattoo

One of the cuter interpretations of the semicolon tattoo is to combine it with a cat. For some, it’s a tribute to a beloved pet. Their furry friend was by their side in a time of need. However, cats also have symbolic meanings across many cultures. In Celtic and Japanese mythology, they were considered guardians of the underworld. They can also represent luck, mystery, independence, transformation, and a wandering spirit. For these reasons, cats are often combined with a semicolon tattoo.


Cat Semicolon Tattoo

5. Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo

Another nature-inspired element to add to a semicolon tattoo is the dragonfly. This creature is a very positive symbol; it’s all about embracing change and finding inner strength, joy, and bravery. Those who have bounced back from a suicidal episode and have now found peace could consider a dragonfly semicolon tattoo. It is also a versatile tattoo design, as it looks equally cool large as it does small.


Semicolon Dragonfly Tattoo


6. Semicolon Bird Tattoo

One of the most classic tattoo designs is a bird. That is because birds represent total freedom as they can swim, walk and fly. Birds also have a spiritual meaning, with some cultures considering them messengers between heaven and Earth. That’s why many people think of them as the perfect addition to a semicolon tattoo, showing that the wearer is finally free from their troubles. Also, specific birds carry different meanings: doves are a symbol of hope, while swallows are signs of safety and are said to guide lost souls. The phoenix represents resurrection and ‘rising from the ashes’. Any of these birds would be a poignant combination with a semicolon tattoo.

Semicolon Birds Tattoo


7. Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

While a semicolon tattoo is subtle enough to be placed anywhere, many people opt to have it tattooed on their wrist. There are several reasons for this choice. One of them is that the wrist is part of the body that’s easy to see, so the wearer can always look at their tattoo and find strength. Another reason is that the tattoo covers and over-writes scars on the wrist or arm. The inking becomes a powerful reminder that the wearer has overcome self-harm.

Wrist Tattoo

8. Semicolon Finger Tattoo

Because the semicolon tattoo has such a poignant meaning, the wearer might prefer to keep it low-key. Luckily, fingers are a great placement for a small and subtle inking. You can easily hide the semicolon by inking it on the side of your finger. However, it is easy for you to see it if you want to. Fingers are also considered to be the ideal placement for tattoos of commitment and the things about which we are most passionate.

Semicolon Tattoo Finger


9. Semicolon Behind the Ear

Getting tattooed behind your ear is a rising trend. That’s because it’s an unexpected and discreet place to put body art. You can easily show off or disguise the inking just by moving your hair. Because the area behind your ear is small, it’s perfect for a subtle design like a semicolon. However, it is also one of the most painful places to have a tattoo inked based on the tattoo pain chart scale. So the semicolon design is also an excellent choice for this placement because it’s quick to draw.


Tattoo Behind The Ear


10. Semicolon Watercolour Tattoo 

The watercolor tattoo technique is beautiful. It mimics the look of watercolor painting, which uses water to thin out pigment instead of oil. The result is a soft gradient of ink that looks like it is still wet on the skin. The fluid, freeform, and colorful finish of a watercolor tattoo provides a great contrast to a neat black-ink semicolon. These tattoos are ideal for free spirits and those preferring a more non-traditional look.


Watercolour Semicolon Tattoo



12. Henna Semicolon Tattoo

If you’re hoping to try out an ink design but don’t want to commit to a lifelong piece of art, you should try a henna tattoo. This is a temporary alternative to traditional ink – it’s safe for the skin and only lasts one to two weeks. Combine a semicolon with a beautiful butterfly, swapping the antennas with the symbol or featuring them across the wings. It looks great placed anywhere on the body, but the most common is on the hand, wrist, or legs.


Henna Semicolon Tattoo


12. Semicolon Couple Tattoo

A semicolon symbolizes solidarity and holds a lot of meaning to many people. There’s no better way to showcase unity with someone than by getting a matching piece of ink? Common placements for this include the hand or wrist, which are in plain sight and can connect with the other person by holding hands. Keep it as simple or extravagant as you prefer – its significance will stay with you for life and connects you and the other person to a new level.


Semicolo Couple Tattoo


13. Semicolon Anchor Tattoo

There is plenty of symbolism with the anchor tattoo, featuring an anchor and a semicolon. The marine design is associated with stability, strength, and determination, making for a perfect companion with the semicolon. Featuring the semicolon will add to the feelings of hope and a new start. You can place this on your calf if you prefer a larger space or on your forearm, or as part of a sleeve. It’s an inspiring and awesome design that will stay close to the wearer’s heart for many years to come.


Semicolon Anchor Tattoo


14. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Hearts are the universal symbol for love, and when combined with a semicolon, it holds intense meanings of hope and strength. This is a versatile option, as you can design it to reflect your beliefs, pride, or quotes that resonate with you. A heartbeat symbolizes the continuation of life – in conjunction with the semicolon highlights the importance of discussing mental health. No matter what life throws at you, love can get you through the darkest times.


Semicolon Heart Tattoo


15. Semicolon Music Tattoo

For many, music can be the tool that keeps spirits up and help you overcome feelings of darkness. So there’s no better reason to immortalize its importance with a semicolon music tattoo. You can choose to incorporate the symbol into a musical note or add it where the whammy bar and knobs are. Whether you are a musician or just love escaping to the sweet sounds, this is a great way to connect with your favorite art form and remind you of its power.


Semicolon Music Tattoo


16. Semicolon Tree Music

Trees are the perfect symbol to combine with a semicolon, commonly associated with life, growth, and endurance. The two together represent new life, longevity, and resistance and make for a great piece of ink on your arms, down your spine, or on your legs. Each tree holds its own meaning, depending on the message yore trying to convey. Oak is often associated with bravery, whereas a palm aligns with regeneration and victory. You will stand taller with a design like this, trust us.


Semicolon Tree Tattoo


17. Semicolon Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The symbolism behind the dreamcatcher has lasted for generations – catching any and all negative thoughts or dreams. The beauty behind this ink is the versatility that comes with it – you can add intricate line art inside or create something bold like a Yin and Yang symbol, representing duality and harmony. Place it wherever feels comfortable on your body – common spots include the lower arm, upper back, or calf.


Semicolon Deamcatcher Tattoo


18. Semicolon Feather Tattoo

Freedom means a lot of different things to people. For some, it’s overcoming hard times and expressing their true selves, traveling to discover new places, and having the courage to try new things. When combined with the semicolon, it can represent the start of a new chapter, the freedom to begin again and feel authentic and genuine inside. What’s more, combining these two designs can offer feelings of new wisdom, and the strength to continue your story.


Semicolon Feather Tattoo


19. Semicolon Flower Tattoo

Flowers are one of the most beautiful relations on the planet and hold a long list of hidden meanings and symbols. Typically when pairing a flower tattoo with a semicolon tattoo, it’s associated with solidarity, perseverance, and new beginnings. A minimalist style is unique and delicate, making for a great wrist tattoo or placed on the ribcage or ankle. You can incorporate the designs into a sleeve, featuring a rose, daffodils, daisies, or flax, which represents finding inner peace.


Semicolon Flower Tattoo


20. Semicolon Panda Tattoo

Pandas are some of the cutest animals on the planet, but they also hold a boatload of symbolism at the same time. Often associated with peace, good luck, and strength, they are the perfect design to combine with a semicolon. Get creative when combining the two together; using the dots as eyes and limbs of the adorable bear is a subtle nod to a renewed and positive outlook on life.


Semicolon Panda Tattoo


21. Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo

Rebirth is one of the most widely recognized meanings behind a phoenix tattoo. This is a common piece of ink for those turning over a new leaf in life but holds new meaning when combined with a semicolon tattoo. Together, they represent a new view on life, the strength to start again, and finding harmony within yourself. If you want to add a lot of detail to the tattoo, place it on your arm or legs for added room. However, a small and dainty design will look excellent on your wrist, behind your ear, or on your torso.


Semicolon Phoenix Tattoo


22. Semicolon Quote Tattoo

Sometimes all you need to feel centered and balanced is a quote tattoo that got you through the dark times. Whether it’s a single sentence or an excerpt from a poem, book, or song lyrics, they can be an excellent choice for a tattoo. As the most popular symbolism behind the semicolon tattoo is an affirmation against suicide and the importance of mental health awareness, find a quote that reminds you of your journey and your strength. Ultimately, tattoos are deeply personal pieces of art, so make sure the quote speaks to you.


Semicolon Quote Tattoo


23. Semicolon Sunflower Tattoo

While often connected with romance, a sunflower tattoo is a great design choice to showcase your love for someone. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner – it could be a family member, friend, or even yourself. This sunny and beautiful flower is commonly a symbol of happiness, and when combined with a semicolon, represents a positive view on life and the love you have for every day.


Semicolon Sunflower Tattoo


24. Semicolon Infinity Tattoo

Even when times look dark ahead, the power to push through and come out the other side deserves a reward. The infinity tattoo symbol, which represents limitless possibility, endless love, and rebirth, is often associated with the semicolon tattoo as a symbol of mental health awareness. This is a timeless and minimalistic way of paying tribute to your endless strength and the reminder to keep moving forward with hope and love.


Semicolon Infinity Tattoo


25. Semicolon Lotus Tattoo

In Hindu cultures, the lotus represents purity, enlightenment, and becoming a better person. When combined with a semicolon, it can be a great way to showcase your strength and fight for personal growth. There are many variations to try with this design – portray new beginnings and rebirth by adding an ink moon cycle, a series of tiny dots, or intricate lines for a unique twist on the meaningful art. A semicolon lotus tattoo looks fantastic placed on the wrist, your upper back, or on the sternum.


Semicolon Lotus Flower Tattoo


26. Mental Health Tattoo

There is still a stigma attached to mental health, and this is something that people are working hard to change. This includes using symbols like the semicolon to spread awareness of mental health struggles. It can inspire you to keep going and to face your struggles head-on and that you are not alone. This is one of the most powerful images to get inked and can say so much without you having to say anything at all. You may wish to get it tattooed somewhere visible to look at your tattoo every day. It can remind you of why you chose to get it and why you are still fighting.


Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo1

27. Hope Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is tattooed to show solidarity and strength and is a way to remind yourself of the things you have overcome. It also indicates that your journey is not over, inspiring yourself or others and giving you hope for the future. You are not alone, and others have struggled through similar things. Your tattoo is a way to tell your own story, in your own words or with no words at all. Adding the word “hope” to your design or focusing it on being hopeful shows that you have overcome struggles or are still dealing with them but are determined to seek help.
Hope Semicolon Tattoo


28. Suicide Awareness Tattoo

The semicolon is associated with suicide awareness and Project Semicolon, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness for mental health, addiction, suicide, and other issues. It means that the wearer’s story is not over and that it continues. You can choose to include additional imagery with your piece to personalize and make it more unique to your own struggles. This could include a URL to your chosen mental health charity website. Or it could be a number for a hotline or lifeline. It is important to be able to have conversations about suicide and depression to address them better. When choosing a placement for your tattoo, it is good to pick somewhere that you can easily see, like the wrist or finger, so that your design can continue to inspire you.


Suicide Awareness Tattoo


29. Suicide Survivor Tattoo

Tattoos can be powerful and make a statement about your thoughts and feelings. A piece like this is a way to spread awareness for your struggles and remind yourself of everything you have overcome. That your story is not over yet. You may be in a better place mentally but wish to remind yourself of the journey it has taken to get to this point. The semicolon tattoo is associated with mental health and is tattooed to show solidarity and strength. You may also want to include other imagery or quotes that are unique to you and can better tell your story. This could be something as simple as the words “still here” or “still fighting.”


Suicide Survivor Tattoo

30. Suicide Tattoo

To be able to share your journey, your struggles, and your thoughts and feelings will go a long way to help raise awareness for suicide, depression, or other mental health issues. The semicolon is one of the most impactful designs because it is universally recognized for representing mental health. It is a show of solidarity and strength. To personalize your piece, you may wish to add other imagery or quotes, including a number to a lifeline or hotline; to remind yourself that you are not alone. There are resources to help you and people to talk to if you are struggling.


Suicide Tattoo



What Does a Semicolon Tattoo Mean?

In punctuation, the semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended but didn’t. When used as a tattoo, it represents when a person could have ended their life but chose not to. It is an empowering symbol of a person’s ability to write their own story and overcome struggles. The beauty of this tattoo is its simplicity; it can be combined with many other designs to amplify its message of strength and rebirth.

Why is a semicolon a symbol for depression?

In a literary sense, the semicolon represents a decision by an author to continue a sentence, rather than ending it. In life, it symbolizes a choice to keep going rather than stop, which is particularly poignant for people battling suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and depression. It’s also the symbol for Project Semicolon, a not-for-profit organization that helps to support and provide hope and love to people with mental illness and depression.

Are semicolon tattoos cliche?

There’s nothing cliche about a symbol that brings hope and serves as a reminder that you can choose life. Simple characters can be incredibly powerful and uniting. Plus, the more awareness, the more conversations can be open and honest, and the stigma attached to mental illness can be eliminated.

Should I get a semicolon tattoo?

The meaning behind a semicolon makes it a particularly personal and vulnerable choice to get as a tattoo. If you’re struggling, it can serve as a reminder that continuing is a choice worth making. It is an empowering symbol of a person’s ability to write their own story and overcome challenges. You can also use it to show your support for others battling mental health issues.

What is the tattoo for suicide awareness?

The tattoo associated with suicide awareness is the semicolon. It was launched by Project Semicolon and is inked to show solidarity and strength for those struggling with mental health, suicide, and depression. This is one of the most impactful and powerful tattoos. It starts conversations around mental health, aiming to spread awareness and encourages people to get the help they need.

What tattoo means depression?

The semicolon tattoo indicates depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. You can add other imagery or quotes to the design to better reflect your story, but the idea is to show that the wearer’s story is not over. They continue to live.


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