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30 Funny British Memes To Crack You Up

Who doesn’t love Britain? Home to fish and chips, warm beer, English breakfast tea, and of course, the Royals. It’s a country steeped in a rich history that has evolved over the years to become one of the leading European nations. But what really makes Britain great is the people. Whether from England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, the British are a fantastic lot. What sets them apart is their humor. The Brits love taking the piss out of each other and have no qualms being the butt of jokes. Whether it’s jokes at the expense of their culture, cuisine, celebrities, or Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the British are all about having a laugh. That’s why British memes are great.

British memes cover a whole gambit of topics and subjects. They poke fun at all aspects of British culture while also often being relatable. Many British memes also take shots at the entertainment world and use famous people and places to provide a few giggles.

If you’re a fan of British culture and want to have a laugh, we have gathered together 30 of the funniest British memes for you to enjoy.

1. Who Said the Brits Don’t Have Culture?



The British are cultured, especially when it comes to their local foods.

2. Be Prepared for Bad Weather



Don’t trust the weather app. Even if it’s sunny outside you need to bring a coat with you when heading outside in the United Kingdom.

3. I Don’t Know I’m At a Party

Good old Boris Johnson got caught out during the lockdown when it was revealed he was at a party with staffers when he should have been at home. Surprisingly the Twitter user who created this meme is the plane carrier Ryanair. Ruthless.

4. Steal This Look


BBC/Jamie Jones/BuzzFeed

David Dickson is famous for hosting Bargain Hunt and Dickinson’s Real Deal. Throughout his career, he’s often worn the same outfit, as well as a deep fake tan. You too can look like Dickson if you follow this starter pack.

5. The British Legal System

Elon Musk isn’t a big fan of the British legal system. He also doesn’t like the wigs worn by judges and barristers.

6. Kourtney Kardashian and Voldemort



You can’t have a list of British memes without mentioning Harry Potter. While this meme doesn’t feature any of the actual characters, it is a great comparison between drummer Travis Barker and evil wizard Voldermort.

7. Don’t Say a Bad Word About the Hobbit



This isn’t exactly a British meme, but considering writer J. J. R. Tolkein spent the majority of his life living in the UK, I think this meme deserves a spot. This is another fantastic meme that uses the Chris Rock/Will Smith slap meme.

8. British Levels of Anger



This meme speaks the truth. The Brits are known for being polite, but when somebody puts a teabag in the sink, all bets are off!

9. Youth Language



British teens have their own way of speaking so the police are trying to learn what they are saying.

10. Nobody Likes James Corden



While he’s beloved in the States, nobody in Britain thinks much of James Corden.

11. Now I Am a Meme



Richard Dawkins is the man who coined the team ‘meme,’ and now he is a meme.

12. The Perfect Tea



Does this live up to your expectations?

13. The British Shorthair



This is not just a British meme, but a cat meme. A great combination that results in a funny meme about haircuts. And cats.

14. Reasons British People Cry



This is another honest British meme.

15. Who Loves Fitness?



Hilarious memes like this are very relatable. Everyone wants to start the year off well by getting fit but more often than not end up like Mark from Peep Show.

16. You Guys Get Sunsets?



Here’s another British weather-related meme that sums up what it’s like living in the UK.

17. The Spice Girls vs. The Beatles



Who really is the greatest British band? If you believe this meme, it’s The Spice Girls. This meme is sure to provide a few arguments amongst music fans.

18. Piers Is a Twat



This is the type of graffiti I can get behind. Nobody really likes Piers Morgan and his radical right-wing ideas.

19. Men in Uniform



Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Especially when they are classic UK animated characters.

20. The Brits Love Their Nutella



They will dip any food in their Nutella.

21. Poor Eels

The eels in the River Thames just can’t catch a break these days.

22. More Dr. Who Please



All the English want from the BBC is more Dr. Who. You can’t blame them. It’s a fantastic show.

23. Stay At Home Starter Pack



Here’s another great starter pack that is relevant to anyone who grew up in Britain. Can’t get enough of Lucozade.

24. Hottest Things in the Universe



Nothing gets you warmer than a radiator.

25. Nandos!



If there is one thing the British love, it’s Nandos.

26. A Classic British Series



How good is Mr. Bean!

27. Cut All Homeless People in Half



This is just another reason not to vote for the Conservative party.

28. Give That Meat a Good Rub



If you know, you know.

29. The Wetherspoon Toilets



Ain’t that the truth!

30. The Potter Tapes



Who knew Harry Potter could rap?

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