30 Funny Bathroom Signs That Will Have You Giggling

Need some entertainment while in the bathroom? These funny bathroom signs will do the trick. Studies show that both men and women spend around 50-60 minutes a day in the bathroom. This includes going to the toilet, showering, brushing your teeth, and combing your hair. With so much time spent in one place, it only makes sense to provide some entertainment. That’s where bathroom signs come in handy.

Bathroom signs can entail everything from a famous quote to a hilarious sign with your bathroom rules. These signs not only add a little something to your bathroom decor but will provide guests with a few laughs. And it’s not just signs inside the bathroom that can have an impact. The doors of a bathroom can also provide some lighthearted entertainment. This is especially true when it comes to public venues.

In the old days, the bathrooms and toilets were marked with ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Ladies.’ Over time this evolved to the initials M (men) and W (women). Now with the rise of shared restrooms and more respect for people’s gender, there are many more ways to highlight these areas.

So if you’re after a chuckle and some toilet humor, read on and have a good laugh at these funny bathroom signs.

1. Just Wash Your Hands



This is a funny bathroom sign that not only provides a laugh but supplies you with some good information. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, when you go to the restroom remember to wash your bloody hands!

2. Bathroom Rules



This rustic bathroom sign also contains the rules for being in the bathroom. It’s sure to provide plenty of laughs for any guests that visit your restroom.

3. Blah, Blah…



Not sure our women readers will agree with this restroom sign.

4. Women Are Always Right

It’s hard to disagree with this restroom sign. A woman always wins the argument, as this sign testifies.

5. Light Showers Incoming



This bathroom sign uses rain clouds to illustrate which toilet suits which gender. A good bit of humor.

6. Pee Into the Bowl


Haus and Hues

If you want to make sure guests hit the target, this is a great piece of wall art to display in your bathroom. Designed like an eye test, it is another great example of bathroom humor.

7. Go See a Doctor



Now, this bathroom sign is something a little different. It’s not defining which toilet is for men and which is for women but is a warning to the individual who is making a daily mess. This is a funny toilet sign, especially the bit about the exorcist.

8. Who Cares?



This is a funny unisex bathroom sign that is a great idea.

9. Animals



This bathroom sign is a little more risque than some on this list. It’s certain to get some interesting customer reviews.

10. Beer for Men, Wine for Women

Although stereotyping what each gender likes to drink, this is the perfect sign for a couple’s bathroom.

11. Some Good Advice



Guests will love these bathroom signs that provide a little bit of helpful advice when it comes to using the toilet. The old-timey typography is also great.

12. Remember To Flush



More advice for those struggling to understand basic bathroom rules.

13. Superhero Restroom



This single-occupancy restroom sign will appeal to Marvel and Star Wars fans.

14. Positive Customer Reviews


Kas Home

Make your guests feel at home with this great review of your toilet. Put it on the wall and add to the decor of your bathroom.

15. Don’t Be Ashamed To Fart



Not all heroes wear capes. Matthew Wineman with some wise words. This is the type of wall art you find in a men’s restroom.

16. The Turth



There has never been a more accurate sign for a bathroom.

17. 5 More Minutes Please!



We’ve all been there. Sitting in a public bathroom stall and someone starts trying to open the door, despite the occupied sign being red. Just relax and let the person do their business in peace. This should be bathroom rules 101.

18. Up or Down?



This restroom sign is ideal for the bathroom wall and is a reminder that the seat goes up for men and down for women. More handy bathroom rules for those that conveniently forget how to go to the toilet without making a mess.

19. Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man



Here’s an image of some quality wall art from a video game arcade. The use of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man to define the male and female toilets is a great idea. This is another great example of funny bathroom wall decor.

20. Unicorns and Unicycles



This is an inventive restroom sign. It would look great for a kid’s bathroom, although the unisex thing might pass over their heads. Interesting color choices for the decor too.

21. Slow of Fast Pour?



Not the classiest bathroom sign, but it is certainly a funny bathroom sign.

22. Sausage and Eggs



I think I just lost my appetite reading these two funny bathroom signs. This is bathroom wall decor better left forgotten.

23. Drugs At Work



Surprise, surprise, doing drugs at work isn’t acceptable. This toilet door sign certainly gets the point across.

24. Get Fruity



This is some unique wall decor as seen in a bar in Pittsburgh.

25. You Never Know What You Have Until It’s Gone



This statement rings true, especially when it comes to toilet paper. There is nothing worse than doing your business only to find an absence of toilet paper. This experience is summed up perfectly in an episode of Seinfeld when Elaine finds herself without any loo paper.

26. Human Shadows



This is another eye-catching toilet door sign that will give you a laugh.

27. Batman and Wonder Woman



Here is another superhero-themed restroom sign. I would have gone with Superman personally, but I guess Batman is a good enough substitute for this bathroom door sign.

28. Rope Tricks



Funny what you can do with a little bit of rope. These bathroom door signs are shaped like male and female genitalia, so it shouldn’t be too hard to work out which door is which.

29. Mr. Garrison



South Park fans will love this one. The two bathroom doors have different images of Mr. Garrison on them so you know which toilet is for when gender. The inclusion of Mr. Hat also makes this restroom sign that extra bit funny.

30. One for the Gym Lovers



These signs would be perfect for a gym. Men are the ‘leg lifters’ and women the ‘squatters.’ The addition of the man and woman walking a dog also helps anyone who isn’t quite clear which toilet they should enter. Another funny sign that is sure to provide a few laughs.