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30 Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2022- The Trend Spotter

deep end

Summer days call for easy things and simple styles. After all, when the sun is shining you don’t want to waste half your day doing your hair, so something quick is a must. Likewise, heat is also a factor. Hot weather makes heat styling a pain, so why not avoid blow-drying, straightening and curling when possible? Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, there is a hairstyle for you. From gorgeous updos to chic, loose locks, these summer hairstyles will take you from the beach to brunch in style.

1. Casual Side Braid

This casual side braid is great for adding shape to straight locks. Simply use a three strand braid to braid the hair very loosely to one side.

casual side braid

2. Beach bun

This beach bun with a wet look is perfect for days that are too hot for blow-drying. After washing the hair, apply a wet look gel to the damp strands and put them in a bun. Then let the hair dry naturally throughout the day.


3. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are created by braiding two French braids from the hairline, at the back of the head, and down to the ends of the strands. This is one of the most popular hairstyles of the year and it is perfect for hot weather.


4. Straight and elegant

Unless you have naturally straight hair, creating a stylish summer hairstyle can be a real mess. Fool the system by focusing your efforts only from the roots to the mid-lengths. Next, pull the hair into a tight, low bun to simulate the look of sleek hair all over.


5. Braided crown

Sweaty days call for stylish updates. This chic crown braid will get you through the hottest summer days with ease. It looks best a little messy, so don’t worry about flyaways and frizz.


6. Deep side part

Tame thick hair by creating a deep side part and flipping the locks. Sectioning the volume to one side will help reveal your face and prevent the hair from overwhelming you.

deep end

7. Slick Back

Inject some extra style into your regular straight locks by trying out this slicked back style. Simply brush hair back and apply pomade to set.

smooth back

8. Teased bun

This teased bun is easier to create than it looks. Start by brushing the hair towards the roots to create volume. Then, pull the hair back into a low ponytail before twisting and rolling it into a bun. Pin the bun in place and finish with firm hold hairspray.

teased bun

9. School Girl Braids

This edgy take on school girl braids makes it the perfect summer style for the weekend. Rock it at the beach or for brunch whenever you want to shake things up. Remember to keep the look sleek and clean to ensure a modern style.


10. Imperfect Pixie

When it comes to hair, summer is all about laid back style and added texture. Create both for your pixie cut this season by using pomade to twist, mold and point strands of hair into a perfectly imperfect style.

imperfect pixie

11. Curly Ends

By simply adding a few large curls to the ends of straight hair, you can create bounce and movement. Then just pin up the top of the hair and you will create a very pretty look.


12. Simple Side Braid

Adding a simple side braid to loose hair can create a lovely feminine touch. This style can work on all hair types, but may take a few practices to get perfect. Just be sure to conceal the bobby pins used to secure the braid to ensure a clean look.

single side braid

13. Curls Gone Crazy

Give your curls a break from heat styling this summer and revive their natural shape. Use a moisturizing shampoo and curl-enhancing cream to boost their power.

uncontrollable curls

14. Sleek Top Knot

A sleek top knot is great for those hot summer days when you just want your hair off your neck. Perfect for ladies with straight hair, this style highlights your naturally straight locks. If you have thin hair, add volume by teasing your ponytail before turning it into a bun.

elegant bow

15. Curly Bangs

Instead of trying to force straight bangs in the summer, let it stay curled. This look has seen a massive revival in recent months and is completely on trend.

curly bangs

16. Buzz Shot

Can’t stand the heat of long hair in the summer? Why not opt ​​for a buzz cut instead? A new wave of models are already sporting this avant-garde style and you will soon see it hit the streets.

trendy cut

17. 60s style

This chic 60s style is great for fine, wavy hair. Get the look by creating a short middle part and teasing the roots at the crown. Next, place the front sections of hair behind the ears and pin them in place.

60s style

18. Chignon large volume

Bulky, tight curls can be hard to manage in hot weather. Master yours this season by sweeping the hair up in this super stylish updo.

chignon large volume

19. Pinned Back Pieces

This super simple style is ideal for 80 natural curly hairstyles for women in 2022. All you have to do is pin a few strands of hair around your face while leaving the others loose. This will allow you to achieve an elegantly messy look and show off your facial features.

pinned parts

20. Half Bun

A half updo is one of the easiest hairstyles to create and yet it still looks so elegant. This super sleek version creates an edgy look, but the style can also be done with curly hair for a bohemian vibe.

half bun

21. Beach Wave Bob

Adding beachy waves to a bob haircut is the perfect way to bring short hair into summer. Create the look by adding texturizer or sea salt spray to damp hair and letting it air dry.


22. Simply Straight

Dead straight hair looks sharp and severe, but naturally straight hair with slight bends looks relaxed and fresh. So, forget the straightener and keep your hair natural straight this summer.

quite simply

23. Retro Ponytail

Turn a boring ponytail into a cute retro ponytail with this summery style. All you have to do is wrap the end of the pony around a curling wand to get a big wave. Then just add a ribbon to its base to complete the style.

retro ponytail

24. Paint more

Fine hair can look flat and limp with a standard middle parting. Add the illusion of volume with this chic summer comb. All you have to do is add a volumizer and tease the hair at the top of your head before gently combing it to one side.


25. Messy Ponytail

A messy ponytail is a quintessential summer style. Offering a perfectly casual look, this ponytail is ideal for lounging in the sun during the day and catching up with friends at night. The style is perfect for girls with curly hair, as the curls create great volume and texture.

messy ponytail

26. Mini hive

Humidity has a knack for instantly turning straight hair into frizz. Instead of struggling with frizz, exploit its extra volume by creating a mini beehive for formal events and entertaining.

mini hive

27. Pinup Fringe

Every woman with bangs knows how painful it can be in the warmer months. Instead of constantly struggling to keep the bangs straight and off a sweaty brow, simply twist and pin them back.


28. Fashion pony

The Fashion Pony is super sleek and stylish. Perfect for hot nights out on the town, this style is both sophisticated and exciting. Ideal for thick, straight hair, it can be created by making a sleek high ponytail and wrapping hair around the base to hide the hair tie.


29. Fishtail Braid

This chic fishtail braid is perfect for thick, textured hair. The volume and grip will help hold the braid in place and prevent it from slipping. If you have straight, fine hair, try this style with two-day hair or add a texturizing product before braiding.

fishtail braid

30. Wild Waves

If your hair is naturally wavy, be sure to embrace it this summer. Enhance your natural shape while avoiding frizz by adding a small amount of oil to damp hair before drying.

wild waves


What are cute easy hairstyles?

Some cute and easy hairstyles include casual side braid, beach bun, deep side part, slicked back, imperfect pixie, school girl braids, curls, buzz cut, pinned bun, half up -bun, wild or simply straight waves.

How do I wear my hair when it’s hot?

Upswept styles are perfect for warm weather, to take your hair off your neck and back and allow the breeze to cool you down. Try a messy bun, retro ponytail, mini beehive, fishtail braid, crown braid, or sleek straight pony. Alternatively, short hair is also perfect for summer. Try a buzz cut, pixie cut or beach bob.

How to deal with long hair in summer?

Tips for dealing with long hair in the summer include dry shampoo for sweaty days and using a leave-in conditioner to combat humidity frizz. A layered cut is a great way to get rid of excess bulk and weight. If you just want your hair to be parted, try a number of ponytail or bun styles, or distribute the weight more in the evening with a braided style. Finally, while it may be tempting to wash more often, try to stick to your regular two or three washes per week and embrace the natural texture in between.


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