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30 Cool COVID Face Masks to Buy From Australian Brands (2022 )

Reusable Face Masks To Buy From Australian Brands


These days, staying safe and protected is a priority, and a mask is one of the most fashionable things you can wear. As the accessory of the season, these protective coverings are essential for daily use. Whether you want to match your fabric with your outfit, or you’re planning to give friends some attractive options as gifts, you can help stop the spread and guard your community. We’re all here to support each other and keep the world safe, so why not do it in style while supporting Australian designers? Here are 30 Aussie brands that are making stellar face masks to help keep you safe and look your best.


1. By Johnny

These slinky face coverings aren’t just beautiful, but they’re also great for the environment. They’re constructed from repurposed swimsuit offcuts from previous seasons, meaning you’ll have a unique eco-friendly mask. Choose from a wide verity of colors and patterns – the fabric is breathable and easy to clean. Reuse this stunning protective equipment, and you’ll keep your community and the environment safe.



By Johnny

2. Bonds

Best known for the world’s comfiest underwear, Bonds helps take your face covering comfort to a whole new level. These masks are reusable up to 20 washes and come in a wide variety of styles to suit you. The 100% cotton construction is complete with a double layer of protection. The inner layer contains X-Temp technology, which will keep you cool and dry while making sure that you and others are safe.





3. Cotton On

Protect yourself and others, and do it with the trendiest fabrics thanks to Cotton On. These masks are tested to a KN90 standard, which filters up to 90% of airborne particles, meaning you will feel free from pathogens and air pollution. The breathable PFTE membrane fabric is comfortable to wear, and 100% of the proceeds go towards empowering youth, providing accessible healthcare and education. Every time you wear this mask, you’ll be saving lives in style.



Cotton On


4. Lois Hazel

Make a fashion statement every time you step out of the house, thanks to this stunning mask from Lois Hazel. The coverings are produced from studio fabric offcuts, designed into a CDC approved pattern. The adjustable straps help fit the face, thanks to its fine elastic that runs along the edges. Choose from four different styles – they’re reusable and are lined with undyed close-knit cotton and an inner layer of cotton cloth.


Lois Hazel


5. Kloke

Never worry about your mask not fitting you again, thanks to Kloke. This triple-layered face-covering includes 100% woven cotton, an ink ripstop outer layer, and Japanese cotton lining. Each one of these items is produced from Kloke offcuts, so you will be helping reducing fashion waste with every purchase. The adjustable 3mm ear loops keep the fabric close to your face, and the extra protective layers will help stop the spread. The stylish colors will look excellent against your daily getup, and it is timeless in design.





6. The Social Studio

Make a real statement with The Social Studio. Each mask complies with DHHS guidelines, and they are machine washable so you can reuse them over and over. There are three layers within each item, including 100% cotton as an inner layer, non-woven polyester/cotton blend for the middle, and a water-resistant polyester fabric – this repels particles and moisture. The funky star pattern over the top is vibrant and colorful, so you can add some brightness to your day each time you wear it.



The Social Studio


7. Hew

Let your personality shine through with these stylish masks from Hew. The bold and elegant patterns are trendy enough for a runway, and its protective construction is worth wearing. Each item includes three barriers, including two of tight-woven cotton and an inner layer of breathable cotton/linen. The artwork on every covering is from a local Aussie artist, and they’re chic enough to wear anywhere.





8. Gail Sorronda

Do your bit for the community, and showcase the latest trends with a Gail Sorronda mask. These stylish and classic coverings include two sheets of cotton fabric, complete with mesh embroidery and elastic ribbons. These expertly crafted designs are perfect for the fashion-forward person who wants to make a statement while going about their day and prepare for the ideal protection to stop the spread.



Gail Sorronda


9. Clear Collective

When it comes to timeless dressing, the most straightforward designs are often the best. These masks from Clear Collective understand the importance of keeping yourself and others safe, thanks to their reusable covers. Choose from a style with or without a valve, and find a pattern that best demonstrates your aesthetic. Each covering includes anti-odor technology, and some feature a velvet outer layer for an extra touch of luxury. The added filters can be used three times and are washable for regular use.



The Clear Collective


10. ftc.

Let these masks become a part of your everyday wardrobe. The sleek and simple designs from ftc. are comfortable and fashionable, meaning you can wear them whenever you’re outside without sacrificing on style. These handmade coverings offer two layers of a breathable linen and cotton blend, complete with a moldable nose piece and an opening for a filter. The iconic red stitching is recognizable to fashion lovers, and the shades are the perfect options for those who love simplistic aesthetics.





11. Harvey x Seeker

Do your bit for yourself and the community with these charitable face masks. There’s a myriad of patterns and colors to choose from, and each set offers a double layer of protection, with a 100% cotton construction. The accordion front is easy to fit across your face, and its adjustable straps will keep you feeling comfortable all day.



Harvey X Seeker


12. Honest Studios

If you’re going to wear a mask, you may as well make them pretty! A set of these coverings from Honest Studios will have you feeling stylish and on-trend, thanks to its reversible fabric design. Each piece is constructed from three layers of natural scraps from the studio, and its inner-wire is naturally contoured to sit across your nose. The elastic ear loops sit comfortably, meaning you can wear it without readjusting during the day. Wash these with warm soapy water and reuse them as often as needed!



Honest Studios


13. Ge. Label

Face masks are one of the trendiest fashion statements of the season, so why not wear the best? These coverings from Ge Label offers three layers of protective cotton and adjustable straps to help you feel comfortable all day. The breathable fabric is complete in an accordion style, so you can adjust it to sit correctly. You can wash the mask after each use to keep it clean before wearing it.



Ge. Label


14. Ford Millinery

Match your new mask from Ford Millinery with an outfit for every day of the week. The double-layer protective covering offers a reversible fabric design made with 100% cotton, which is machine washable and reusable. The snug fit is pleated for fitted wear, and the elastic sits comfortably behind the ear. Moreover, with every purchase, 5% will be donated to an Australian charity as part of its ‘Masks 4 Mates’ initiative.



Ford Millinery


15. Second Stitch

Stay safe and look stylish with these Second Stitch protective. The construction of each mask is 100% cotton, with breathable cotton lining and a space for an additional filter inside. The elastic is designed to fit snug on your face, and you can adjust it to fit better across your ears and nose. Choose from a variety of patterns and styles to better suit your aesthetic. This brand helps provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of the community, and you will help prevent further spread.


Second Stitch


16. Perple

Put a fashionable spin on your cotton face mask thanks to Perple. This stylish classic covering offers protection with a slight stretch for complete comfort. The wired nose holder fits snug across your face, and the elegant pearl finishes at the end of the straps will elevate your outfit and protect the community. Its construction from fabric cut-offs offer an extra layer for a filter and can be worn in a myriad of ways to best suit you.





When you wear a By Kinsman mask, you’re wearing something handmade to suit you and your protective needs. These reusable coverings come in a couple of different styles, so you can pick something that suits you best. Choose from a classic design or a tube silhouette, which is ideal for someone with a beard or larger lower face. The construction of three layers of 280gsm Cotton Spandex blend offers vital protection from airborne particles and sits snug across your face. Each item is machine washable and reusable for daily wear.



By Kinsman


18. Papinelle

Elevate your mask game with Papinelle. These silk face coverings are ultra-luxurious and help protect yourself and the community from infection. Made with 100% 19mm silk and adjustable elastic sides, you will feel like you’re resting on a soft pillow. The wire sewn into the bridge adds extra security to your face and keeps the fabric snug against your skin. Each item is ready for a filter layer, and are washable and sustainable.





19. Par Moi

Why wear a simple mask when you can wear something this cute? Par Moi takes two layers of its luxurious cotton fabric and transforms it into a sleek face covering. The adjustable straps will keep you feeling secure and protected from the airborne pollutants, and the accordion-style covers you perfectly. Wash these after each use and let them air dry for a fresh start daily.



Por Moi


20. E Nolan

Breathe easy and keep the community safe by wearing E Nolan masks. The double layer of 100% cotton is breathable and helps reduce any pollutants going into the air. The malleable wire across the top can mold aginst your nose and stay secure throughout the day. An extra layer is fitted inside, meaning you can add a filter of your choice for added protection. The elastic sits behind your ears comfortably, so you can stay snug and safe while wearing the fabric.



E Nolan


21. HB Archive

Do your part for the environment and your health with an HB Archive mask. These are made from fabric offcuts and offer extensive protection across your face. The double layer of heavy weighted cotton will help you stay safe, and the extra lining of linen adds a filter for your safety. There are two sizes to choose from, meaning you can find the perfect mask that will keep you comfy. Reuse them as often as needed, and handwash them with hot water to remove any particles from use.




Hb Archive

22. Mesa Studio

Flip it and reverse it with these masks from Mesa Studios. The double-sided fabric coverings offer a smart option for your outing and extra layers of breathable 100% 220 gsm Linen outer and 100% cotton lining. The inner filter is constructed of cotton cloth for added protection, and the secure elastic will keep you feeling confident while you’re outside. Wash with hot water and soap before reusing or reversing these items. It’s time to stay safe and look great!



Mesa Studio


23. The Social Outfit

Collect these masks as part of your next fashion collection. The face coverings from The Social Outfit rely on fabric cut-offs and offer bright and beautiful items for daily use. With every purchase of these products, this brand will provide the same to someone in need. The construction of each product consists of double-layered cotton and unique patterns that will help you stand out. Why wear something simple when you can make it a real statement?



Social Outfit


24. Hey Reflecto

Keep your germs to yourself with these reflective face masks. Hey Reflecto creates funky and protective coverings that look as great as they feel. Choose from a variety of colors and styles, and the snug design will allow you to breathe easily without spreading particles into the air. The washable and reusable double-layer of cotton is soft, yet powerful. Adjust the elastic to fit your head perfectly, and don’t forget to wear the pointy side up.



Hey Reflecto


25. Sister Works

Reduce the spread of nasty particles by doing your bit. These masks offer vital protection from the transmission of germs and are cute enough to wear daily. The cloth covering is reusable and washable, so you can rock them as often as you need. Inside every item includes an external layer of water repellent fabric, a middle of poly-cotton, and 100% cotton inner. They’re also designed for a PM 2.5 filter if you require it – simply slide it into the allocated spot.



Sister Works


26. House of Khans

Elevate your overall aesthetic buy rocking one of these fantastic masks. Each style is unique, just like you. From cow patterns to frilled neck lizards and kiwifruit, you’ll find something that’s as quirky as you please. Each covering is constructed using 100% organic cotton and has an in-built pocket for added filter protection. When you no longer wish to wear this item, simply cut off the elastic and place the fabric into the compost as they’re environmentally friendly. So you can do your bit for the planet and the community.



House Of Khans


27. Third Boi

Whether you need a quick coffee or you’re completing your weekly shop, you may as well look your best! These stylish face masks offer excellent protection, and they will elevate your outfit. The triple-layer cotton construction is made of absorbent 100% cotton jersey and poly-cotton for filtration. The adjustable straps will keep you feeling secure, and the signature pattern provides a comfortable and stylish option for your activities.



Third Boi


28. Arthur Galan

Take your mask responsibility seriously with Arthur Galan. These masculine and effortless face coverings provide extra protection against air pollutants, and will also help stop the spread. With three layers of 100% cotton and bonded polyester, you can reuse these over and over. Wash them in cold water and keep the straps adjusted to fit snug against your skin. Choose from a wide selection of funky patterns and colors to suit your wardrobe.



Arthur Gallan


29. Eco Mask

Wash, wear, and protect yourself and others thanks to The Eco Mask. With a double layer of cotton and a filter pocket, you can stay safe and stop the spread of infection. Each covering is created using eco-friendly fabric that is tailored to contour across the nose and sit comfortably behind your ears. Choose from a great selection of colors and designs that you prefer, and start doing your bit for the community.



Eco Masks


30. KITX

Look chic and feel neat with these masks by Kitx. Made from scraps of unused fabric, these face coverings can help stop the spread of airborne particles and reduce the amount of waste from the fashion industry. Each item comes complete with pleats to contour across your nose, and they’re washable so you can reuse them daily. The organic cotton elastic fits around your ears in a snug and secure way so that you can slay all day.






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