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30 Best TV Best Friendships

You may not be solving crimes or doing brain surgery, but we’re sure you have a Rizzoli on your islands or a Cristina on your Meredith. And that’s what we like about all the shows on this list, they remind us of what we like about our best friends. If you’re looking for something new to snack on Netflix, Hulu or your Disney + account, the comforting friendships of these shows will keep you coming back for more.

Whether with a wacky neighbor, a roommate or a colleague, strong friendships are at the heart of some of our favorite TV shows. Romantic interests come and go season after season, but the dynamic between the main characters and their closest friends is the secret to a show’s real success. From mysteries to comedies, here are the best friends of television who have an amazing and ambitious friendship.

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Will and Grace – “Will and Grace”


She’s a simple, straight interior designer and he’s single, gay lawyer – there may not be romantic love, but these roommates would do anything for each other. In fact, people missed watching Will and Grace because the sitcom of the 90s was relaunched in 2017!


2 out of 30

Eliot Stabler and Olivia Benson – “Law and Order: SVU”


3 out of 30

Schmidt, Nick and Winston – “New Girl”


As much as we love the new girl Jessica Day herself, the bizarre and close relationship between Schmidt, Nick and Winston has made us laugh for years.


4 out of 30

Turk and JD – “Scrubs”


The almost close relationship between medical colleagues Turk and JD is one of the oldest and funniest gags in this sitcom.


5 out of 30

Kat Edison, Sutton Brady and Jane Sloan – “The Bold Type”


Through thick and thin, these writers support each other! Honestly, we want to be able to work at Scarlet with them.


6 out of 30

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson – “Sherlock”


This BBC series has its fair share of dedicated fans, and this is in part due to the relationship between Holmes and Watson in this adaptation of Sherlock Holmes that takes place in modern London.


7 out of 30

“Rizzoli and the islands” – Rizzoli and the islands


Fans rejoiced when the strange couple friendship that was at the heart of the Rizzoli and the islands the new series has been faithfully adapted into a television program.


8 out of 30

Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle – “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


Relationships between officers in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine neighborhood are responsible for some of the funniest and most sentimental moments in the series – but the friendship between overconfident Jake and always loyal Boyle is a fan favorite.


9 out of 30

Petra and Jane – “Jane the Virgin”


Like just about everything in this love parody of a telenovela, Jane and Petra’s relationship is nothing if not complicated. Sometimes the pair are friends, but more often than not they are enemies – and don’t we all have someone like that in our lives?


ten out of 30

Troy and Abed – “Community”


At the heart of this wacky show is an equally wacky friendship – theirs is just as strange and full of endless popular culture references, making them perfectly at home in this cult sitcom.


11 out of 30

Monica, Phoebe and Rachel – “Friends”


We wanted a seat on this Central Perk couch from the moment Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) ran wearing her wedding dress in the very first episode of the beloved sitcom. It’s been over 14 years since the show ended and people still can’t get enough of Monica and co.


12 out of 30

Lucy and Ethel – “I love Lucy”


Lucy Ricardo’s antics were made even more hilarious with her partner in crime, Ethel, standing by her side. Let’s face it, it was more fun to watch Lucy and Ethel do their thing than the Lucy / Ricky-focused episodes.


13 out of 30

Grace and Frankie – “Grace and Frankie”


They may be totally opposed, but Grace from Jane Fonda and Frankie from Lily Tomlin made their way into their heyday. These two have chemistry on the screen that all actors should only hope to have with their co-stars.


14 out of 30

Meredith and Cristina – “Grey’s Anatomy”


Sandra Oh hasn’t been on Grey’s anatomy for years, and the show has not been the same since. There is still a lot of drama, but nothing has been as satisfying as watching the friendship between Dr. Gray and Dr. Yang. Fans are still clamoring for potential return.


15 out of 30

Khadijah, Synclaire, Régine and Max – “Living Single”


These girls miss the girls so much that it’s about restarting the series. We would pay a high price to move into this Brooklyn brownstone and stay with them all the time.


16 out of 30

Lorelai and Sookie – “Gilmore Girls”


Who wouldn’t want a best friend who cooks amazing dishes to eat while chatting about anything and everything? We should all be lucky enough to have a Sookie in our lives.


17 out of 30

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – “Sex and the City”


This quartet was #SquadGoals before it was ever a thing. There is no one better to help you navigate the murky waters of the dating world than your best friends.


18 out of 30

Abbi and Ilana – “Broad City”


These two perfectly capture what it’s like to have a friend who knows you better than you know yourself. It’s just one of those things where you meet, click instantly, and then become inseparable.


19 out of 30

Patsy and Eddie – “Absolutely fabulous”


Patsy and Eddie aren’t the most responsible duo, but the party never stops when they’re together. Sometimes it’s good to have a friend you can count on so you’re always ready to have fun.


20 out of 30

Mary and Rhoda – “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”


21 out of 30

DJ and Kimmy – “Full House”


Kimmy Gibbler annoyed everyone in the Tanner house, but that didn’t deter DJ from spending every day with his best friend. This friendship is still as strong as evidenced by Netflix’s Fuller House.


22 out of 30

Poussey and Taystee – “Orange is the new black”


Watching these two supporting each other behind the walls of Litchfield Penitentiary gave us all the sensation. We will stop there to avoid the spoilers.


23 out of 30

Buffy and Willow – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”


Find a best friend to fight evil and save the world. It’s a real friendship.


24 out of 30

Laverne and Shirley – “Laverne & Shirley”


Schlemiel! Schlimazel! People listened week after week for eight seasons to watch these two try to make their dreams come true together.


25 out of 30

Issa and Molly – “Insecurity”


Unsafe may be one of the most recent shows on the list, so it’s time to update on the adventures of Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) as they navigate the dating scene and their careers in LA


26 out of 30

Serena and Blair – “Gossip Girl”


S & B have had their ups and downs together over the years, but no matter how bad things have gone between them, they have always found each other’s way.


27 out of 30

Fiona and V – “Shameless”


Fiona plays mom in her dysfunctional family and V has always been there to offer advice to the Gallagher brothers and sisters. These two may not have much, but they still support each other.


28 out of 30

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia – “The golden girls”


29 out of 30

Leslie and Ann – “Parks and leisure”


Leslie Knope sort of forced a friendship with Ann at first, but the feelings were real at the end. From taking the local government to celebrating Valentine’s Day, they made us want to move to Pawnee.


30 out of 30

Marnie and Hannah – “Girls”


The girls of Girls didn’t always agree, but Marnie got on the plate when Hannah needed her until the end. Friendship is knowing when to put the BS aside and be there for each other.


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