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30 Best Netflix Kids’ Shows

30 Best Netflix Kids’ Shows

When it comes to children’s TV, there’s something so handy about broadcasting something on Netflix. It’s always on, the next episode is automatically ready, and you don’t have to advertise things your kids will inevitably force you to buy after trapping the jingles in their heads. You just start and watch what you want.

But what to watch? Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from, and the best kids’ shows on Netflix can compete with the quality of premium adult TV. For the little ones, you can find programs that teach them new words, help them identify their emotions or introduce them to the music of the Beatles or Motown. Movie buffs can find serial spinoffs from their favorites, like Trolls, Boss baby, Shaun the sheep, or Spirit: Cimarron stallion. Older children can find ongoing sagas with more complex scenarios and characterizations based on the YA series. And parents might even find redos of some of their old favorites, like My little Pony or She-Ra and the princesses of power. Take one, and you won’t have to feel so bad with screen time.


Another reason why you don’t have to feel bad? Netflix is ​​now introducing more parental controls to its service. New features allow parents to protect other profiles with a PIN code to prevent children from using them, to filter content based on age classification, and to see what their children are watching. To find out how to set parental controls, visit the Netflix website.

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Shaun the Sheep: Adventures From Mossy Bottom

Last Kids on Earth

Based on the series of books, Last Kids on Earth follows a typical 13 year old suburb – living after the zombie apocalypse. With his college friends, he fights monsters and spends time in his treehouse. If you’ve already finished all of the available episodes and want more, there is good news: Season 2 will air on Netflix on April 17.


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To go! To go! Cory Carson

Travel to the city of Bumperton Hills to discover the charming tale of this universe while driving. Experts predict that Cory Carson toys will be big this holiday season.


Archibald’s next big thing

Tony Hale, Rosamund Pike and Jordan Fisher provide voices for this series, about a chicken that still finds itself in evil (but still finds its way back). The series was created by Veep‘s Hale and started out as a web series, so he has a quirky sense of humor.


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Spirit Riding Free

Oscar-nominated film Spirit: Cimarron stallion inspired a number of Netflix series; the most recent is Spirit Riding Free: Horse Riding Academy, following the characters when they leave their hometown and attend the Tony Palomino Bluffs riding school.


She-Ra and the princesses of power

This excellent version of She-Ra is little more than an action heroine, leading a rebellion against an evil Horde. Don’t hold your breath while waiting for He-Man to appear – this one concerns the ladies and offers a complex and nuanced look at the relationships between heroes and villains. The fifth and final season will be presented on May 15.


Pokémon The Series: Sun and Moon

The Boss Baby: back to business

Fans of the movie The Boss Baby Will also love his spinoff series, which features the same success-oriented baby that his plans to run Baby Corp run into his life like, too, a baby. (Stinky diapers happen to even the most powerful baby’s CEOs.)


Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated

If your family wants to pretend to be armchair detectives with mingling kids, there’s a lot of Scooby Doo on Netflix. In addition to two seasons of Mystery Incorporated, there are also three seasons of What’s up, Scooby Doo?, so you can get them into the Mystery Machine gang before Scoob is coming out this year.


DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders

If you have a How to breed your dragon fan who is sad the film franchise is over, you can keep them in the world of dragons and vikings a little longer. This program follows twins who have been raised by dragons and can speak their language.


DC Super Hero Girls

From the creator of My friendship with my little pony is magic, this show reinvents Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee and Zatana as students of Metropolis High. Episodes are short – less than 15 minutes – so they’re good to start if you only have a minute.


Super monsters

When the sun goes down, a preschool full of children becomes monsters – but this show is anything but scary. Instead, they learn to harness their monster powers, as well as their emotions.


My friendship with my little pony is magic

It’s better than you remember from your childhood: six ponies, all with different interests and abilities, learn a lesson in friendship in each episode. If your kids are going through all eight seasons, be aware that a ninth has already aired on TV and should be coming to Netflix at some point.



Adapted from a series of graphic novels, Hilda is a girl who always has adventures with magical creatures, like elves and trolls, helping them to solve some of their problems. Sweet stories are accompanied by beautifully designed animation.


Green eggs and ham

Entering the wacky world of Dr. Seuss, the Green eggs and ham the series tells other stories about Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I. Veteran comedians like Keegan Michael Key, Adam DeVine, Ilana Glazer, Tracy Morgan and Jillian Bell – as well as talents like Michael Douglas – provide the voices.


Ask the Storybots

Five robots of different sizes and colors come together to answer questions such as “Why is the sky blue?” – that they explain through songs, sketches and special guests that parents would appreciate (think of Snoop Dogg, Jon Legend, Edward Norton, Whoopi Goldberg and Ali Wong). The educational addiction makes it suitable even for the smallest observers.


True and the rainbow kingdom

True and his best friend Bartleby have wish-granting powers, and they use them to help their friends. This lovely colorful series focuses on kindness, compassion and empathy.


Llama llama

Based on the beloved children’s book series by Anna Dewdney, this show follows Llama as he experiences things like losing a tooth, having his first sleepover and going into a city run. Parents could recognize the voice of Jennifer Garner as Mama Llama.



The Octonauts are a team of (adorable) animals that take part in explorations on the high seas. Each episode, they meet a sort of real underwater creature, and they give a musical report at the end of each mission with an overview of the real facts about what they learned. It’s good for any budding marine biologist.


Sofia the first

For every child who dreamed of becoming a princess overnight, Sofia the first speaks of an average girl who becomes a princess when her mother marries the king. Only, she tries to stay grounded and remain true to herself despite her new royal environment.


Beat Bugs

The songs in this series are the ones you absolutely never tire of it: it is set to the music of the Beatles. Either way, the songs are turned into a show on a group of bugs learning what is going on in their backyard.


PJ masks

Kids love superheroes, but not all parents love all the punches and blasting that superheroes do. Enter the PJ masks, which are three 6-year-old children who are normal children by day, but heroes by night, participating in family adventures.


Motown Magic

This show is from the creator of Beat Bugs, and follows a similar musical premise – but this time it’s Motor City music. He follows a boy who can bring Motown street art to life with a magic brush.


Kipo and the age of wonders

A new Netflix series for 2020, this show follows a teenager and his team of rags as they cross a world of mutant animals. Will she last long enough to find her father?


Fast and furious spy runners

The following Fast furious the film has been delayed until next year – and it won’t be kid-friendly when it finally comes out. Instead, you can get the family together and watch this series, about Tony Toretto – Dom’s cousin – and his adventures infiltrating an elite racing league for a government agency.


Word Festival

This show, created by Jim Henson, is about four baby animals trying to learn new words. Your little ones play the role of “big children” who help them find new words. (A way to make them feel smart!)


Masha and the BEAR

This Russian import is centered on a girl named Masha who befriends woodland creatures, including a (friendly) bear. The children relate to the playful Masha and the playfulness that she faces with her animal friends. If your kids love Masha, there’s also Masha’s spooky stories and Masha’s Tales.



This simply animated series, originally produced in Spanish but dubbed in English, is centered on a curious 4-year-old. Each episode is made up of a few Pocoyo adventures, so if you’re looking to cut down on screen time, this is easy to stop before the end of the 30 minutes.


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