30 Best HBO Movies of 2020

30 Best HBO Movies of 2020

Above all, HBO gets credit for its original prestige series – people’s opinions on the end of Game of Thrones notwithstanding. (Is anyone else completely obsessed with Run right now?) It’s almost easy to forget that in addition to renowned titles like Westworld, The stranger, The plot against America, Avenue 5, and Succession, this HBO subscription gives you access to a huge library of movies. The next time you have a few hours to kill – and don’t feel like committing to start a new series – tune in to one of the best movies on HBO instead.

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The good thing about HBO movies is that, while other streaming services focus on very new or original movies on the platform, HBO gives you access to some of these older titles. If you’re looking to revisit a classic 70s or 80s action franchise or one of the films that came out of the independent boom in the 90s, HBO could be a good place to start. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any recent movies on the site either: you can catch up on a lot of movies from last year, t00, from romantic comedies to independent movies.

Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot was an underrated romantic comedy when it hit theaters in 2019, but features truly charming performances by Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. Rogen plays a writer who reconnects with his former babysitter – who happens to be a powerful politician vying for the president. She takes him on board to write for her campaign, and an unexpected attraction is formed.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

Keanu Reeves proves once again that he can be a charismatic and convincing action star in this film, which takes place in an exacerbated world similar to ours. He embodies an assassin who, having broken the code according to which the killers are supposed to live, must recover in the good graces of the powers in place (or destroy them once and for all).

Blinded by the Light (2019)

Based on a true story, Blinded by the light follows a Pakistani-British teenager living in a small town in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. He discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen, and it speaks to him as a working-class child of an immigrant family, although d others around him do not understand his obsession.

We (2019)

The second horror film by Go out director Jordan Peele, We tells the story of a family threatened by frightening doppelgänger versions of themselves. But how do you fight someone who knows your every move?

Good Boys (2019)

It is difficult to find honest films about 12-year-old children: they are either ambitious characters in films intended for much younger children, or little brothers and sisters in films about high school students. Good boys is a sometimes gross, sometimes comforting comedy about what it’s really like to be on the brink of adolescence, wrapped in Superbad– hi-jinx style.

The Lego 2 Movie: Part Two (2019)

Her smell (2019)

Elisabeth Moss gives herself thoroughly in a tour de force playing an extremely detestable character. She is “Becky Something”, a charismatic and brilliant leader of a punk-rock group who exercises total control over her comrades and repels newcomers who idolize her – even if it leads to her ruin.

Teen Titans Go! at the cinema (2018)

If you dig into the wacky comedy of Teen Titans Go! TV show, the feature film version only becomes more meta and exaggerated. Bonus: the cameos of Nicolas Cage as Superman.

The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys is apparently a black California, in the vein of something like Chinese district. But, in the hands of Deadly weapon director Shane Black and with Ryan Gosling, it’s also much more of a comedy than you might think.

Bridesmaids (2011)

With Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig has proven that movies about extended adolescence don’t just have to be guys. With a cast of renowned comedians, including Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne, she makes arrested female development pretty funny, too.

Five Rapids (2011)

The following Fast and furious the movie was delayed until 2021. Just head over to HBO and watch the best instead.

The Tree of Life (2011)

This film is a nostalgic, nostalgic look at growing up in Texas in the 1950s. It is told primarily through images and memories, so expect some wonderful footage to replace a story full of intrigue.

Greenberg (2010)

If you can bear to cringe a little, Greenberg Ben Stiller plays a thorny and misanthropic musician from New York. When he agrees to do it for his brother in Los Angeles for a few weeks, he has to deal with his toxic personality.

The City (2010)

Ben Affleck directed, wrote and starred in this film, on Boston’s criminal stomach. He plays a crook who wants to get out of the game when, of course, he meets a woman – but leaving is not as easy as it seems.

Winter bones (2010)

The film that put Jennifer Lawrence on the map, Winter bone tells the story of a teenage girl who grew up in the Ozarks and went in search of her missing father. Of course, in the process, she finds out a lot more about her family and the area where she lives.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Three brothers, still grieving the death of their father and other family traumas, decide to escape during a train journey through India. In the hands of director Wes Anderson, the film is not only emotional, but it is also a feast of colors and carefully arranged patterns.

Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Adam Sandler in a romantic comedy that is, in his way, twisted, romantic? Believe it. He plays a lonely business owner who finds himself in an unexpected romance after installation by one of his bossy sisters.

Red Mill! (2001)

Baz Luhrmann’s multicolored musical mixes songs from everyone from Madonna to Nirvana in a tale about the most important things: freedom, beauty, truth, and love. The kinetic result is a perfect romance for people with a short attention span.

Fight Club (1999)

The movie that spawned a million “first rule of …” jokes, Fight Club is a satire on the edge of toxic masculinity. It is directed by David Fincher, who specializes in the adaptation of luscious page-turning novels, having recently directed Missing girl and The girl with the dragon tattoo.

Out of Sight (1998)

J-Lo has never been better than she was as US Marshal Karen Sisco in this classic by Steven Soderbergh. In the film, she continues to cross paths with a bank robber played by George Clooney, and the two have crackling chemistry together.

Bayou d’Eve (1997)

This transition to adulthood film focuses on the tumultuous relationship between a daughter and her father in a Creole-American family living in Louisiana in the 1960s. Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of the father in a performance which, when the film came out, Roger Ebert gave the film four perfect stars and rated it one of the best of the year.

Emma (1996)

A new film adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel was released earlier this year, but, until it is available for streaming on HBO, catch up on the 1996 version with a pre-Goop Gwyneth Paltrow. If nothing else, pay attention to the clothes – the costumes have been nominated for an Academy Award.

Reality Bites (1994)

If you feel nostalgic for the grunge days, you can revisit this film defining generation X (directed by Ben Stiller). Winona Ryder is a filmmaker who does not know what to do with her artistic ambition and who also decides between two potential romantic interests.

Die Hard (1988)

It takes place in December, but you don’t have to wait for Christmas to watch this non-stop action movie. Or, if you can’t stand watching movies out of season, HBO also Die Hard 2 and Die Hard With a Vengeance.

A fish called Wanda (1988)

Still on the lists of the greatest comedies of all time, A fish called Wanda uses a comedic cast of stars that includes Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Cleese. Kline even walked away with an Oscar for best supporting role for her role in the film.

Raising Arizona (1987)

One of the funniest movies from Coen Brother, Raising Arizona tells the story of an infertile couple who hatched a half-brained plan to kidnap one of a set of quintuplets. Of course, in real Coens fashion, everything gets more complicated from there.

Empire of the Sun (1987)

Steven Spielberg directs the poignant story of a British schoolboy living in China who must survive by becoming a prisoner of war after the Japanese invasion of Shanghai during the Second World War. It is based on J.G. Ballard’s semi-autobiographical novel, and stars a very young Christian Bale.

Alien (1979)

Extraterrestrial perfected the art of fear of slow combustion, revealing its simple premise – a crew is trapped on a ship with an alien killer – for as much suspense as possible. Once finished, you can continue with Aliens, Alien 3, and Extraterrestrial resurrection, which are all on HBO.


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