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30 Best Hairstyles for Straight Hair in 2022

Straight Hairstyles For Women


Feeling uninspired by your stick-straight locks? Never fear! Nothing is boring about straight hair. In fact, straight hair can be as versatile and stylish as its wavy or curly counterparts. From ultra-sleek to artfully undone, make your straight strands stand out from the crowd with these gorgeous hairstyles.


1. Straight Layered Hair

Layers are a great way to give dead-straight hair some volume and movement. Straight hair can look limp and lifeless – particularly if it’s long and fine. So, by cutting in layers, your stylist can create the illusion of thicker, bouncier hair that frames your face in a more flattering way.

Straight Layered Hair

2. Straight Hair with Butterfly Clips

Embrace the ’90s trend with cute butterfly clips! There are a wide variety of styles you can create with these accessories. However, one of the best options for straight hair is a half-up, half-down look. By teasing the hair at the crown and adding clips on the top, you’ll create the illusion of more volume as well as look cool. Plus, the teasing will give the clips something to ‘grip,’ as straight hair tends to be smoother and more slippery than curly hair.


Straight Hair With Butterfly Clips

3. Urban Ponytail Hairstyle

Classy yet full of attitude, the urban ponytail hairstyle combines a super-sleek, extra-long high ponytail with brushed baby hairs. If you have naturally straight hair, use a flat iron to ensure flyaways are minimized. Add extra-long extensions for a statement look and team with glam make-up to ensure you turn heads on the city streets.


Urban Ponytail Hairstyle

4. Blonde Goddess Braids

Blonde hair is a perfect match for braids of any kind, as the multiple tones in this hair color give the braids even more dimension. While most are familiar with goddess braids for natural Afro-textured hair, there is a version of these braids for straight blonde hair. Straight hair goddess braids are French braids or Dutch braids plaited from front to back. While they follow traditional cornrows‘ classic direction, they are not as tight or raised, as cornrowing can cause breakage on straight hair.


Blonde Goddess Braids

5. Undercut with Ponytail

For the more daring straight-haired ladies, an undercut is a bold look that can be styled in many different and eye-catching ways. One great option is an undercut paired with a ponytail. A high pony draws attention to your undercut while softening it playfully. Add a scrunchie for a cute ’90s vibe, or keep it simple with a clear hair-tie for a cool ‘topknot’ effect.


Undercut + Ponytail

6. Long Straight Hair with Layers

Layers are a great way to make your long, straight hair more flattering to your face shape in a subtle way. They start below the chin and softly graduate into longer lengths will make your face look longer and more defined – perfect for round face shapes. Layers that fall away from your face – rather than curving in – are great for softening a triangular face. Layers throughout your long straight hair will also help make it look thicker and less flat.


Long Straight Hair With Layers

7. Dark Green Asymmetric Bob

An asymmetric bob – also called an A-line bob or inverted bob – is a classic hairstyle that’s particularly flattering on rounder faces. Super straight and sleek hair means the graduated line of your haircut is even more visible and eye-catching. If you already have a sleek asymmetric bob, try shaking up the color – dark green is one of the biggest trends, and you can adapt the shade to suit your skin tone.


Dark Green Asymmetric Bob

8. Short Messy Spikes

Short, messy spikes aren’t just for the boys! For ladies with cropped straight hair, this textured, edgy look is a standout option. Easy to style for day or night, it also works for both fine and thick hair. The key is to make your spikes look intentionally messy, and ‘undone’ – uniform spikes can make you look like a cartoon character!


Short Messy Spikes

9. Fishtail Side Braids

Fishtail braids pair perfectly with straight hair. That is because straight hair sections are easier to separate and plait, while there’s no natural curl or wave pattern ‘competing’ with the braid. Beachy and bohemian, fishtail side braids look equally good at a summer festival or under a hat in the cooler months. Even better, they are some of the easiest braids to create!

Fishtail Side Braids

10. Blunt Long Hair

While layers are often advised if you have long hair that’s straight and fine, thick hair can look fantastic with a blunt cut. Blunt cuts have a very modern, editorial vibe that makes them stand out from the crowd – so if that sounds like your style, consider it! Make sure to straighten your hair and apply a smoothing serum, and have regular trims to keep your locks free of split ends, uneven growth, and flyaways, which can ruin the blunt edge of your cut.

Blunt Long Hair


11. Messy Bun

While it’s often fun to lean into the sleek and smooth finish of straight hair, a messy bun is a great way to introduce some texture and is perfect for brunch, a casual date, or class. However, it’s a fine line between stylishly messy and unkempt, so make sure you pay attention to the details. Use a brush to gather your locks up, and twist a section of your hair around the base of the bun to make it look seamless. Finally, spritz a little hairspray onto an old toothbrush and smooth it over the non-messy section to keep flyaways and frizz at bay.

Messy Bun

12. Dutch Braid with Ponytail

Dutch braids suit all hair types, including straight. One of the coolest Dutch braid hairstyles involves combining it with a ponytail. Ideal for long or short straight hair creates a cool contrast between the braided section and the sleek sides. Simply Dutch braid the crown section of your hair from front to back, and secure the end in a low ponytail with the rest of your hair. Simple and quick, yet cool and chic!

Dutch Braid With Ponytail

13. 90s Bob with Fringe and Butterfly Clips

Cute, playful, and ultra-feminine, butterfly clips add a quirky touch to even the simplest hairstyle, like a fringed bob haircut. The key to adapting this classic ’90s look for 2020 is to pair it with on-trend make-up, like pink blush and glossy lips, and then contrast it with edgier fashion – think all black or streetwear. Think of it as the subtle version of the e-girl style.

90s Bob With Fringe And Butterfly Clips

14. Long Layered Hair with Bangs

One of the most timeless haircuts, long layered hair with bangs is an incredibly flattering look. The term ‘long layers’ means that there is a lot of variation in the length of the layered pieces – some are very short, while others are very long. This helps to break up and add movement to the haircut and create a beautiful ‘frame’ for your face. Meanwhile, bangs help balance your proportions and draw attention to your eyes and lips – perfect for hiding a large forehead.

Long Layered Hair With Bangs

15. Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

A blunt shoulder-length cut on straight hair flatters every face shape and is a very versatile look. There are plenty of different styling options, from a half-up, half-down style to mini braids, a ponytail, or a low bun. Make your blunt shoulder-length hair even more flattering by adding some dimensional highlights and lowlights and soft, face-framing bangs.


Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

16. Side Swept Undercut

One of the boldest and most eye-catching hairstyles for straight hair is a side-swept undercut. As an asymmetrical hairstyle, it has an exciting and unusual appeal that’s bound to draw attention. Side-swept hair creates a mysterious vibe that’s also very flattering on most face shapes – and is a great way to show off highlighted sections of your hair. Meanwhile, the undercut adds the final edgy finishing touch.


Side Swept Undercut

17. Short Choppy Blunt Hair

A short, choppy, blunt haircut adds plenty of movement and definition to straight hair. Shaggy and dynamic, these cuts have a cool yet stylish vibe. For those reasons, this type of haircut a great option if you’re looking to shake up your usual look. Especially suited to fine hair, a choppy cut has the added benefit of creating the illusion of thickness and body. Try a balayage or ombré color to refresh your locks even more.
Short Choppy Layered Hair

18. Side Pigtails with Colored Hairclips

Want a simple, throwback festival style that’s full of sass and attitude yet takes only minutes to style? Try side pigtails with colored hair clips. Pigtails – also called double ponytails – have a playful, youthful, ’90s appeal – even more so if you pair them with neon scrunchies. Meanwhile, colored hair clips are back in fashion and are a great way to add an extra touch of personality to your look.

Side Pigtails With Colored Hairclips

19. Asymmetrical Lob

The asymmetrical lob haircut is a classic hairstyle that’s all about glamour – and it’s perfect for ladies who love to stand out while still looking professional. It’s a cut that can take you from the office to the club, no re-styling required. Asymmetrical lobs are especially flattering on wider and rounder face shapes, as they make your face seem longer and narrower.


Asymmetrical Lob

20. Pompadour Style

There are very few styles that can compete with a pompadour for sheer style and flair. The height and volume of a pompadour command attention, making this style perfect for those who don’t mind being the center of attention. As a pompadour puts the focus on your face, it looks great paired with bold eye make-up and defined brows.

Pompadour Style For Thin Hair

21. Blunt Short Haircut

One of the toughest haircuts to pull off is the blunt short haircut. Like a bowl cut, it’s a bold, graphic style that will turn heads – so be prepared to attract glances! Ideal for those who prefer a more androgynous look, a blunt short haircut draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones. For that reason, it’s a perfect option if your eyes are your best feature and you have a more angular face.
Blunt Short Haircut

22. Platinum Blonde Long Straight Bob

Platinum blonde is a huge hair trend this year. If you’re ready to embrace the ice-queen look, a long straight bob haircut could be the perfect cut to pair with your new hue. Bleaching your hair – particularly if your natural color is on the darker end of the spectrum – can lead to split ends and damage. For that reason, stylists generally recommend cutting off a few inches when you go blonde. For a universally flattering option, a long straight bob works a treat.

Platinum Blonde Long Straight Bob

23. Lob with Top Knot

Shake up your straight lob haircut – add a top knot! Cute yet pretty, a top knot makes your face look longer – meaning it’s a flattering style for round and square face shapes. At the same time, leaving the rest of your hair loose creates a flattering frame for your face, keeping the focus on your features. To make this style work on straight hair, use a curling wand to create a subtle wave and add a texturizing spray, so it’s not too sleek.

Lob With Top Knot


24. Unique Ponytail Hairstyle

Straight hair and ponytails are a perfect pairing. Whether you want a high, medium, or a low pony, there’s a style to suit every occasion. To take your ponytail to the next level for a special event or show off your creative side – why not try a unique ponytail hairstyle, like a helix braid? Also called a DNA braid, this type of ponytail is sure to attract attention and gives your ponytail a cool twisted look.

Unique Ponytail Hairstyle

25. Middle Part Straight Bob

No time to style your hair? No problem! A middle part straight bob haircut is the perfect low-maintenance yet high-glamour hairstyle for stylish women who want to go from desk to dancefloor in a flash. Sleek and sophisticated, this hairstyle is feminine and flattering – especially if your face is round or oblong shaped. All you need to make your middle part straight bob work is a smoothing serum and a flat iron to make sure there’s no hair out of place.

Middle Part Straight Hair Bob

26. Space Buns

Also called double buns, space buns are cute and cool, with ’90s appeal. Ideal for the gym, a casual day out, or a festival, space buns couldn’t be simpler to create. Part your hair in the middle and create two pigtails. Then twist each one around itself to create the buns. For a fun twist, you can combine your space buns with braids. To make them more even more flattering, leave some pieces free at the front to frame your face.

Space Buns

27. Rubber Band Hairstyle

While most rubber band hairstyles are for Afro-textured hair, there are some options for straight hair too. One of the most eye-catching and dramatic is a bubble ponytail. After sweeping your hair in a sleek high pony, secure ‘rubber bands’ – that is, small, thin, strong-hold hair elastics – at intervals down the length of your hair. Then, gently pull each section sideways to create the ‘bubble’ effect.

Rubber Band Hairstyle With Straight Hair

28. Top Bun with Straight Fringe

A top bun is a versatile option when it comes to styling straight hair. You can create a gorgeous and glamorous look for a night out or a more casual option for the day. To make a top bun flattering for your face shape, add a fringe. Graduated, natural curtain bangs are a great option that suits most people. Plus, they are some of the easiest bangs to style.

Top Bun With A Fringe

29. Straight Blunt Hair with Bangs

Blunt bangs are a timeless haircut that’s ideal for thick, straight hair. The fringe’s heaviness hides a large forehead and is also very flattering on those with longer faces. That is because it balances the proportions and puts the emphasis on your features, like your cheekbones and lips. Embrace the retro appeal of the cut by pairing it with ’60s-inspired make-up and fashion.

Blunt Hair With Bangs

30. Side Swept Bob

A side-swept bob is one of the most versatile short haircuts for women. Your stylist can tailor the cut to suit your needs, adding layers to create shape and definition. For that reason, a side-swept bob is ideal for women with finer hair. As an asymmetrical cut, it’s also great for making your face look longer, slimmer, and more balanced. As a result, it’s perfect for square and round faces.


Side Swept Bob


Straight FAQs

What hairstyle can you do with straight hair?

There are many hairstyles you can do with straight hair. Lean into its natural texture with super-sleek looks like a slicked ponytail or straight bob, or try more casual looks like a messy bun. 

How to make my straight hair look nice?

It’s easy to make straight hair look nice – the key is to prep it properly before styling. For a super-sleek look, use a flat iron and smoothing serum to eliminate frizz. Meanwhile, a messier look may require texturizing spray to give your hair some ‘grip’ and hold the style.

Is straight hair boring?

Straight hair may be simple, but it’s far from boring. To give your straight hair some extra personality, try a fresh cut – bangs, layers, or going shorter – or mix up your color with highlights. 

How can I naturally straighten my hair?

You can’t make naturally curly hair straight without heat tools, as the curls come from the shape of your hair follicle. However, if your hair is naturally straight, you can make it look straighter by brushing it while wet or rinsing with milk.

Is straight hair rare?

There are a few different types of straight hair, and some are more common than others. The rarest type of straight hair – often called ‘1A’ hair – is ultra-fine, has no natural curl pattern, and won’t hold curls or waves when styled. In people of Caucasian descent, around 45 percent have straight hair. The majority of people of Asian descent have straight hair, whereas straight hair is very uncommon in those with African heritage. 

Can you get your hair permanently straightened?

The straightness – or curliness – of your hair is determined by the shape of your hair follicles. For that reason, it’s impossible to straighten your hair permanently. In hairdressing terms, ‘permanent’ hair straightening refers to chemically processes that ‘relax’ the curls, which means your hair will remain straight until new hair grows. 


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