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3 Summer Travel Ideas to Enjoy With The Whole Family

3 Summer Travel Ideas to Enjoy With The Whole Family

Summer Travel Ideas: The summer months are the perfect time to travel with your kids. There’s no school to be missed, the days are longer to take advantage of more activities. Everyone is a little more laid back about taking things a bit slower, both at work and at play. However, planning a fun family vacation can be a challenge. If you have small children or children with large age gaps. However, put your mind to it, there still are plenty of options for fun summer travels with your family. To give you a few ideas, here are three fun family vacations you can all enjoy this summer.

Travel Ideas

Camping and Fishing Trip

Enjoying the outdoors is always a good idea with children. According to Katherine Martinko, a contributor to TreeHugger.com, camping teaches kids to love nature. Appreciate the little things in life, gain new life skills, and get out of their normal routine. And luckily for you as parents, camping is usually a pretty inexpensive way to spend a vacation as well. One thing you could consider doing on your camping trip. To make the experience even more memorable is to spend some time fishing as well. You could visit well-known fishing areas or simply cast a line in a river or lake near your campsite. The thrill of catching their first fish is something your kids will remember for a lifetime.

Road Trip To A Surprise Destination

While riding in a car all day with young children may not seem like a great vacation idea to you, turning a road trip into a journey to a surprise destination could be just what you and your children need to make your long days more manageable. According to Ryan VerBerkmoes, Amy Balfour and Mariella Krause of Lonely Planet, some of the best family-friendly road trips include touring the Great Smoky Mountains, a Florida theme park tour, and the Black Hills Loop of South Dakota. With places to see all along the way, road trips like this could be very fun for your family. And if you can include a surprise destination at the end of your trip, like a water or amusement park, it could make handling the time on the road easier for everyone.

R&R At The Water’s Edge

There’s nothing better than spending your long summer days at the beach, the lake or floating down a river. And once you’ve exhausted all the swimming holes in your area, you may want to consider branching out to other locations with well-known water features. According to Stephanie Valera, a contributor to The Weather Channel, there are amazing places to swim in each and every state in the US, complete with natural water slides, rope swings, and places to sit back and relax. Consider visiting one of these areas with your kids this summer.

Visiting a new swimming hole, taking a road trip, or camping and fishing in the outdoors is a great way to spend a family summer vacation while including a little travel in your plans. Use the tips mentioned above to plan the perfect summer getaway for your crew today.

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