3 Stunning Waterfalls In Langkawi You Must Visit In 2020!

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Langkawi Island in Malaysia is known for its mind-blowing beaches, its dense rainforests and is ideal for spending time with family and friends on holiday. If you’ve explored the beaches, gone for trekking, and even taken a wildlife trip, and think that’s all done and figured out then maybe check Waterfalls in Langkawi And your perception will change. The island has many attractions such as natural landscapes, parks and iconic structures that you cannot miss on your first itinerary. While Malaysia is famous for being one of the best beaches with massive islands, historical attractions, and spectacular nightlife encircling Langkawi, on the other hand there are also natural beaches and waterfalls that surround the eyes. Dattai Bay, Pantai Senang and Tanjung Ruh are some of the primary pristine beaches on the island, which can be explored by hiring rented vehicles. Apart from this, Langkawi has four important waterfalls that thrill and excite every tourist, making it one of the best places to lay.

3 waterfalls in Langkawi

If you thought Langkawi was about trekking, beaches and a wildlife trip, then wait until you learn about Langkawi’s gorgeous waterfalls. Learn about them all here and the people you love the most!

1. Timur Falls
2. Seven Wells Falls
3. The Durian Perangin Waterfall

1. Timur Falls

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The Taimuran waterfall is located in Dutt’s Matt Sinsang Nature Park. Known as the highest waterfall in Langkawi, the natural waterscape is also known as Air Terusion. This three-tier waterfall has a calm and relaxing aura amidst the tropical climate. The breathtaking Mount Matt juts down the northern slope of Sinsang. The mountain is a bed of rocks mostly of sandstone and luster and is more than 500 million years old.

The three parts of the waterfall are easily accessible by passing around. While the first tier is a five-minute walk from the car park, the dense coop of trees serves as a natural covering. The walk-on pavement provides an extremely romantic atmosphere and makes its way through the rain forest of Mount Matt Sinsang. The overall path is a continuous path in which some steps are more rigid than others. There is a side railing to relax while walking along the route, as well as some gazbos for resting.

Time: 7 am to 7 pm

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2. Seven Wells Falls

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Seven Wells Falls is located on the western mainland of Langwaki. It is one of the attractive tourist spots on the island. The name of the waterfall takes away the meaning that the falls have seven built-in natural pools cared for by the seven waterfalls at Mount Matt Sinsang. These seven wells are famous for their adventurous hikes located within several steps. It is the most pleasant and without a doubt the best waterfall on the island. The waterfall is adorned with various flora and fauna including sintuk and lime plants making it the most stunning waterfall in Langkawi.

Time: 08:30. 7:30 AM
Vehicle: Taxi and Car Rental
suggestion: Beware of monkeys.

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3. Durian Perangin Waterfall

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Image courtesy: Tripadvisor.in

The Durian Perangin waterfall is beautifully located in Gunung Raya, and is also known as the highest mountain of Langkawi. Although the flow of water is seasonal. If you are planning to visit these famous waterfalls of Langkawi, the best time to visit is between the months of September-October. This waterfall consists of 16 natural streams and along with beautiful emerald-colored lakes. The Durian waterfall is famous as reputed with the best geological beauty all over Malaysia. Located in the middle, it is also one of the favorite destinations for picnic parties. Langkawi is known as the third most natural waterfall of tourists who visit this waterscape from all over the world. Each level of the falls has some unique features and creates clear water pools that are very enjoyable for swimming purposes.

Time: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

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Langkawi is one of the most frequently visited destinations in Malaysia and has some very famous waterfalls. These waterfalls are often visited by tourists, but if you decide to visit this place, once you reach here, you will be mesmerized. There is a lot that will mesmerize you with the waterfalls in Langkawi, along with many other attractions where you would like to spend your time. So pack your bags and plan a trip to that Malaysia and go!

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Frequently asked questions about the waterfall in Langkawi

Q. What are the famous places in Langkavi?

a. There are many places in Langkawi like Dataran Lang, Langkawi Sky Bridge, Gunung Raya, Underwater World, Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise, etc.

Q. What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

a. The best time to travel to enjoy the most is between January to March as this time there is no rain and strong sunshine will be enjoyed.

Q. How many days are enough to find Langkawi?

a. Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands and is small. Four days is enough to explore the famous beaches, scenic islands and dense rainforests of Langkawi.

Q. Which is better, Langkawi or Penang?

a. Both are famous places for shopping, but Penang is better and has more options for shops. Langkawi is beautiful with beaches and rainforest. Both are separate islands and offer different enjoyments.

Q. How should I go to Timur Falls?

a. The beautiful waterfall is located on the road towards the northwest end of Jalan Dattai Island in the Dattai region. It will take an hour or more to reach the waterfall, about 42 km from Kuah city.

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