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3 Speculative Origins of Bunk Beds

The primitive versions of the bunk beds were first noticed in the following: Egyptian, European and military.

A bunk bed is a type of bed specially designed for limited spaces. It consists of two beds superimposed on each other to maximize the area of ​​the room. The materials can vary from simple wood to elegant steel, which comes with different styles and accessories. Despite its growing recognition, people cannot help but entertain thoughts about the history of this bare furniture. However, its origin is difficult to determine since there is no effective evidence that can validate the claims, but there are speculations that indicate the presence of early versions of bunk beds.

Where does the bunk of the bed come from?

There is no single documented evidence of the first use of this type of bed. However, there is several evidence that indicates the presence of such a bed in the early days. Although ancient designs differ greatly from those of modern creations, there is a great similarity when it comes to the way it is used and its purpose. Here are some of the historical documents that can prove the origin of the first bunk beds, which are as follows:


A similar bed had already been used by the Egyptians many years ago. However, the materials used were simply improvised like furs which are tightly fastened with ropes. Under the suspended bed there is a space where another person can sleep.


Such a bed was believed to have been observed for the first time in Europe, particularly in wealthy families. Gentlemen or masters are often seen using this especially during one of their long journeys, while servants are allowed to sleep under their master’s cart. The position of the servants during sleep shows that they are considered lower class even before the old days.


In a military setup, soldiers are often placed in a confined area such as a barracks where they can also relax and sleep. This type is often used because it can accommodate more men than it can thanks to its functionality.

Compared to the modern concept, of course you can see extremely different masterpieces. A myriad of raw materials are used to produce different end products. In fact, the beds destined for quadruple occupants emerged instead of the usual double arrangement. The only major disadvantage that is given particular attention is the safety of the user, especially of children. Since this requires climbing up the ladder, this is not intended for children under the age of 6. This can also result in trapped ends due to the presence of railings which make it more disadvantageous for children.

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