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3 new ways Amazon makes Echo your home security guard

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The Eco Guard Plus includes several new security features.

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Your Amazon Echo ($ 65 on Google Store) is Many security features When you get out of the house, you can use it Hey what’s up To turn on the lights in your house, making it appear that you are home. it also has Alexa Guard, A major update designed to better protect your home when you’re away.

Alexa Guard Plus With the exception of, a $ 4.99 per month subscription service is available for most Echo devices Eco auto, Echo tap And other Alexa companion devices (and! Echo Look Closed). Promised to do it here.

What additional features am I offering for Alexa Guard Plus?

Alexa Guard Plus has more security features than the free Alexa Guard. It combines hands-free emergency helpline calling and listens to the activity if you are away. Guard Plus also includes features to help scare off unwanted intruders. It will play the barking of dogs, for example, if motion is detected. If the activity is detected, it will play a siren (more details below).


Your Echo device may bark at intruders.

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1. Alexa Guard Can Get You Emergency Assistance

With Guard Plus, you will have access to a 24/7 monitoring helpline by emergency response agents that will help you request ambulances, police, fire departments or personal emergency contacts. To activate it, say, “Alexa, call for help.”

2. Alexa will listen for more sounds while you are away

If the situation in your home is far away, Alexa already alerts you that it is blowing off the smoke of your smoke detector or breaking the glass. With Alexa Guard Plus, you will receive notifications about other sounds as you exit the house, such as walking and closing doors.

Once you receive a smart alert, you can tap on it to open the Alexa app and listen to everything Alexa has heard. You can also drop in to listen live and determine whether you need to call the emergency helpline or forward the issue to a supported security provider.

3. Alexa will scare intruders

Your echo speaker can help intimidate intruders who are lurking outside your home. However, you will need one Outdoor security camera She is Alexa-compatible, such as Ring, Blink, Arlo and August.

If your security camera detects motion outside, Alexa can play dog ​​sounds from your Echo speaker as a deterrent.

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Use your external camera to detect motion.

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When will Alexa Guard Plus be available?

Although Amazon did not offer a special release date for Guard Plus, the company announced that it would arrive later this year. Until then, you can still use the free Alexa Guard on your Echo device to see if you are interested in a Plus tire. To get started, open the Alexa app and tap more > Adjustment > Protector.

How much does Alexa Guard Plus cost?

Once available, the Alexa Guard Plus will cost $ 4.99 per month. You can choose to pay $ 49 per year, saving you $ 11 each year.

If you are already using Ring Protect Plus, Guard Plus will be free. To use Guard Plus you must your Ring and Amazon accounts to the Ring app or Ring.com. Other smart security companies, such as Abode, Vis and Resido will soon offer subscription tiers, including Guard Plus.

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