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3 Common Myths about Being a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner: There are some common myths about the carpet cleaning industry often perpetuated by unscrupulous carpet cleaners looking to make a quick buck. Because of these common myths and misinformation; many people have been customers of carpet cleaning companies and are aware of the work involved but have skepticism about claims that a person is untrained and could not clean carpets.

Below are three myths that I have heard most often from anyone who hired a carpet cleaner. I have heard them from professional cleaners I have worked with as well, and based on the frequency there may be some truth to the claims

Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner

I am untrained.

This is probably the most popular of the three myths, although this does not mean a person is totally non-trained or that a person has no training. Training does take several months and really intensive hands-on training. Sure, some professions (such as plumbing or auto mechanics) may exist in the Mist keepers but many skilled jobs, such as fire hose use are a one-person job. Trained to the letter is a new problem when you hire a cleaning company to do an ongoing cleanout for you.

An example is the one person who may have completed a crew of 12-14 workers needed to complete a full cleanout. This would be a pretty simple job for a single person that is not a trained in being a carpet cleaner itself, but is a trained fan of cleaning carpets. If a professional cleaner made a few thousand dollars for that job then they have some restrictions on wages that they must adhere to.

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I am skilled.

If a carpet cleaner took a class at an evening program on how to clean carpets, it would take even longer to land a job. I was well trained for the job of carpet cleaners, but I was smart enough to learn that carpet cleaning of any type requires precision. I made notes of the areas that I cleaned and noted everything down.

This allowed me to decide when I wanted to clean the carpets or write a satisfactory report for a customer. I far exceeded the expectations of my customer once I begin to document the methods that worked and those that didn’t and then I tried them out on other ones.

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I like to clean people’s trucks, used carpets, and do all the above.

These are all actual part time work and results come from both tips of one’s mouth versus pure work skills. I do have a general work ethic and certain work habits I must adhere to. I begun to get commission fairly quickly after I extinguished any Medlineriched rivalry I had compiled over the fund raising of other Teamsters in the past. Once told a customer that all misunderstandings of the prior week were resolved and I was on vacation.

So if I wanted to get hired I had to clean my vehicle and I could quit anytime I wanted. It only took a day or two of cleaning a vehicle before I got my first clients from having my vehicle cleaned. Once I hit a winning combination of getting my first customers and fining the first one; I kept it coming.

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When I attended most government auctions, I would always offer to clean some vehicle in case I couldn’t get another vehicle the exact match. I usually would go to one of the vehicles and clean it up all liking nothing about it. I had never cared for cars before so it was hard to choose what to use. Once I decided on one vehicle to do it to and even found that my friend who owned the same truck as I did took care of it better. In the end I never had an issue with doing it, why I liked or didn’t like the vehicle.

Also, my friend is a bonafide professional and now works for one of the largest companies in the United States. He tells me that most major companies will not hire a professional cleaner without undergoing training and certification programs that cost around $1500.

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Again, I will request anyone making these claims to attend a standard training program, learn more about carpet cleaning and what ouso carpet cleaning, and then be responsible and earn the commission that you were wanting based on a promise to a customer, which brings me to the second most popular myth.

I am untrained & don’t need further schooling or any student pay.

Obviously, this claim is empty and a littered coots 70 litigation to prove it. Every day I read posts in forums from community colleges, private colleges and rowan grad schools giving advice on how you can never get it done without going to a reputable university.

In this case, there are three tangible problems with this statement:

A. Most community colleges are not accredited and

B. Final level drove training programs and most employment clout is pumped up by the student population not the program itself.

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