29 Best Places To Buy Affordable Suits Online (2022 List)

Suits Online: When it comes to formal attire for men, the suit is a must-have outfit for any modern gentleman. Cheap suits can be made with quality materials, offer timeless designs, provide a proper fit, and still look stylish. If you’re shopping around, finding affordable men’s suits that are classy and well-made can be a daunting task. Whether you need fashionable formal wear at an affordable price or just a semi-formal outfit for work, there are many places to buy men’s suits.

Some men will want an affordable suit that looks sleek and trendy for a special occasion, while others may prefer a timeless business professional style that just needs to be tailored. With so many different online stores, it can be a challenge knowing where to get a suit.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy cheap suits. From Suitsupply to Nordstrom Rack, explore these inexpensive stores online to find affordable suits for men that look and feel good.

best places to buy cheap men's suits

Where To Buy Cheap Men’s Suits

Nordstrom Rack

As the best place to get a cheap men’s suit, Nordstrom Rack is an American off-price department store that stocks sleek and stylish menswear for less. The pieces here vary in price, but you can get perfectly fitted suits for up to 70% off if you shop around. At the Rack, you’ll find everything from Peak stripe wool suits by Hugo Boss to gorgeously tailored options from Ted Baker and Zanetti. If you’re not sure where to start, visit one of their many store locations for expert advice and measurements.

nordstrom rack

State & Liberty

State & Liberty is an American clothing company that specializes in athletic fit suits and dress shirts for contemporary men. The brand was founded by Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie, who shared a similar frustration when shopping for suits. Despite searching high and low, they simply couldn’t find appropriate dress shirts for their athletic shapes. Believing that men with muscle should be able to purchase stylish formalwear without shelling out for custom fits or expensive tailoring, they created their ingenious concept in 2015. The suit jackets and dress shirts from State & Liberty are constructed with a tailored waist and stretch fabric, giving muscular guys room to move without sacrificing style and structure. They also use moisture-wicking materials to keep guys cool and comfortable during the day. The attention to detail and consideration for V-shaped body types is second-to-none, making these budget-friendly suits the right choice for athletic and muscular men.

state & liberty


Everlane is the right place to buy a suit on a budget that will look good and last for years. This brand designs inexpensive suits for men who want exquisite tailoring and a timeless piece that they can wear for special occasions. As one of the most popular options, the company offers an Italian wool suit that has been blended with elastane for increased comfort and an anti-wrinkle finish. The Everland silhouette is slimline, classic and clean-cut, meaning it won’t go out of style over the years. Although many cheaper clothing brands engage in questionable labor practices, this conscious company prioritizes fair wages and working conditions at each stage of the production chain.



Mango is a Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company that offers high-quality affordable suits with a contemporary edge. The brand specializes in clothing with a Mediterranean feel, and it recognizes the importance of comfortable fabrics and a lightweight feel for most guys. The tailoring is exceptional for the price and the company offers a selection of colors and patterns for guys who want to express their unique style. Whether you’re searching for a fresh suit jacket or a reliable pair of staple trousers, this affordable brand has got you covered.


J. Crew

J Crew has become one of the most popular inexpensive suit brands on the market, offering high-quality formal attire for guys who need fashionable designs at budget-friendly prices. The company offers a wide range of tuxedos and cotton suits for every season, with the Ludlow premium suit being their primary bestseller. Featuring all the fabrics that you’d find in a high-end suit for a fraction of the price, this essential fit is suitable for everything from casual weddings to important office events. Available in slim and classic silhouettes, J. Crew has the perfect pick for any modern gentleman.

j crew


Bonobos is an upscale online apparel company known for its high-quality suits and accessible prices. This brand prides itself on creating formal attire that fits like a glove while using liquid and stain-repellent performance fabrics for durability. The company makes suits with comfortable Italian wool and some elastane blended in for extra flexibility and fit. Boasting a decent lapel width and an extra zipped pocket on each jacket, Bonobos has created the ultimate functional suit for professional men.



Suitsupply is an inexpensive suit and clothing brand for men who want custom-made pieces at reasonable prices. As one of the finest budget suitmakers around, this company uses high-quality Italian wool to create canvas-constructed pieces that stand out from the crowd. Depending on their taste, men can opt for classic, contemporary, luxury or tuxedo fits that will work for most formal occasions. Suitsupply’s pieces are slightly more expensive than other alternatives on the market as the customization options are unparalleled, but you’ll receive a beautifully tailored suit in return for your investment.


Banana Republic

Banana Republic is an American clothing brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry for years with its refined suits and dress shirts. The brand’s suits delicately toe the line between modernism and old-fashioned tailoring, resulting in pieces that look timeless and understated. Although they offer regular and slim fit designs, the company is best known for its extra-slim cut which is expertly tailored at the shoulder and waist. Effortlessly blending high-quality Italian wool with lighter-weight fabrics for the summer months, Banana Republic’s suits are among the most versatile on the market.

banana republic


H&M is a well-known Swedish clothing company that sells stylish basics at accessible price points. As the brand has a fast-fashion approach, you can pick up a selection of men’s suits for a bargain, but you may have to make sacrifices when it comes to sustainability and quality. They stock a range of classic picks in black and navy, but also offer several textured options like their iconic grey checked suit. Depending on your taste, you can choose a lightweight cotton and linen suit or experiment with a thicker jersey material during the warmer months. Whether you’re looking for a casual everyday piece or something streamlined and dapper for an upscale event, you’ll find your perfect match at this affordable fashion giant.



ASOS is a British online clothing and accessories retailer that offers a range of casual and inexpensive suits for fashion-forward men. The brand prides itself on being up to date with current fashion trends and its pieces often mirror the styles produced by luxury designers. On the ASOS website, you’ll find a variety of prints, colors and fits that appeal to even the lightest pocketbook. With the right care and maintenance, your suit should hold up for years to come while remaining on-trend and stylish.



Zara offers some of the best cheap suits for men who want quality materials, fine craftsmanship and a stylish look. Most of the brand’s suits are made from extremely lightweight wool, making them feel smooth and comfortable on the body. The fabric used in Zara suits dry cleans impeccably, and there is a large collection of low-priced options for men who value a trendy suit over Savile Row tailoring. If you like to get all your garments from one place, you can pick up a handful of matching shirts, shoes and accessories from this retailer.


River Island

River Island is a British high street fashion brand that has garnered a cult following for its inexpensive but striking suits. Available in a wide range of colors, cuts and styles, their sophisticated pieces never fail to make guys look trendy. Despite being a budget option for most men, these popular pieces are made with the finest materials and feature peak lapels, elegant button fastenings and comfortable linings that make you look and feel your best. Offering everything from traditional navy twill designs to sculpting skinny fits, River Island should be your first port of call for high-quality, inexpensive suits.

river island

Twisted Tailor

Twisted Tailor is a unique formal wear line that has become known for its bold fabrics, radical prints and structured silhouettes. Unlike other cheap suit brands, Twisted Tailor is manned by an independent team of designers who work closely with manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure fair wages for all. Alongside their classic tailored blazers and trousers, they sell a selection of waistcoats, pocket squares, formal coats and shirts that are available in sleek neutral hues and edgy patterns. Selling a wide range of high-quality staples and outlandish one-off pieces, this revolutionary brand oozes effortless glamour.

twisted tailor


Macy’s is an American chain of department stores that set the original standard for high-quality suits that don’t break the bank. They stock a range of mid-range designer suits, including pieces from Bar III, Alfani, Michael Kors and Sean Jean. Throughout the year, guys can expect deep discounts on seasonal pieces that make these suits even more appealing. Available in slim, modern and classic cuts, you’re bound to find your perfect fit at Macy’s.



JCPenney is an American department store chain that specializes in home furnishings, cosmetics, and elegant formalwear. They are best known for their vintage Stafford line, which boasts high-quality buttons, dense stitching, sleek tailoring and sturdy buttonholes. This enduring company has a reputation for selling suits that are well-made but remain modestly priced, making them a top choice for budget-conscious men who want to stay stylish. For men requiring something lighter for summer events, JCPenney’s J. Ferrar line boasts a slightly more athletic silhouette that’s made with a polyester blend.


Boohoo Man

Boohoo Man is a subsidiary of the British online fashion store Boohoo, and it’s known for producing an incredible selection of skinny and three-piece suits for fashion-conscious consumers. The brand is highly regarded for following the latest market trends to provide guys with edgy and unique styles. The company’s philosophy revolves around playfulness and many of their suits are patterned or feature interesting materials like velour and jacquard for the ultimate eye-catching appearance. Although these suits may not hold up as well as their designer counterparts, Boohoo Man is a reliable option for guys who want a bold suit that can be switched out as new fashion trends emerge.

boohoo man

Lands’ End

Lands’ End is an American clothing and home décor retailer best known for producing cool and casual suits that instantly draw the eye. Founded back in 1963, this established retailer has perfected its approach over several decades and now caters to every shape and size with its short, regular and long fit suit jackets. In addition to inclusive sizing, shoppers can expect a selection of traditional dress suits in neutral tones and classic silhouettes. The Year Rounder collection is particularly popular and is crafted using a merino wool and polyester blend for the ultimate in quality and comfort. Perfectly blending form with function, Lands’ End suits promise to have all eyes on you.

lands’ end

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is a British multinational retailer that’s lauded for everything from its gorgeous furniture to sophisticated tailored suits. Known for their commitment to British elegance, suits from this company are timeless and crafted from soft Italian wool blends for a comfortable skin feel. Their most popular offering is a classic three-piece suit, but you can also find innovative slim-fit designs and their Ultimate Regular Fit Suit which creates a minimalist and masculine silhouette that’s ideal for any occasion. Made with a bounce-back fabric that reduces creasing, this suit will keep you looking smart from dawn until dusk.

marks & spencer


Express is a modern apparel brand known for championing self-expression, confidence and versatility. Believing that clothing should seamlessly adapt to the event at hand, their impeccable fits, high-quality fabrics and signature suits are designed to work for everything from casual brunches to elegant weddings. The company uses a durable wool-polyester blend for most of its suits, which keeps costs down without sacrificing appearance. The contouring on these suits also beautifully highlights the male form, allowing you to always put your best foot forward. Whether you’re in the market for a staple dinner jacket or require a three-piece suit for an upscale event, Express has got your back.



Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear retailer that has been designing wearable suits, trousers and outerwear since its inception in 2007. Their clothing effortlessly blends style with comfort and most suits are constructed with exceptional Super 110’s twill fabric for stretch and an enhanced fit. In addition to this, the suit separates are half-lined, the pants are well-tailored and each piece is surprisingly inexpensive. Available in attractive neutral tones and a wide range of sizes, Uniqlo offers quality everyday suits that are classy and budget-friendly.



Amazon is an American multinational company known for selling inexpensive, dressed-down suits. As this enormous site hosts several third-party retailers, you’ll need to sift through all your options before settling on the perfect suit. Hidden amongst the online vendors, you’ll find a selection of well-stitched suits and a handful of edgy, patterned designs that promise to draw the eye. If you decide to purchase a suit, choose a seller with a generous return policy to avoid feeling short-changed if the fit is off.


Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is one of the most budget-friendly suit brands in the world, offering retro and classic fits that speak to timeless sartorial elegance. The brand’s clothing draws influence from suave Italian and American Ivy League fashion but retains its British charm by using the highest-quality Oxford fabric. Offering a selection of skinny-fit suits and sleek 3-pieces, Ben Sherman helps guys create the perfect outfit for any formal occasion.

ben sherman


Indochino is a custom apparel company that specializes in personalized suits, casual clothing and outerwear. Each Indochino store boasts a team of “style experts” that are on hand to get you measured for a custom suit without it costing a fortune. The brand holds itself to high production standards by using state-of-the-art laser cutting, hand-sewing and meticulously checking each garment before it’s released to the customer. They’re also pioneers when it comes to sustainability and waste production, taking care to donate any surplus items to local charities.


Spier & MacKay

Since bursting onto the scene in 2010, Spier & Mackay has been breaking boundaries in the menswear world by pairing top-quality craftsmanship with wallet-friendly prices. Believing that every man should be able to rock a beautiful suit without breaking the bank, the brand implemented a direct-from-factory model that allows men to order designer-quality suits without excessive mark-ups. The company stocks a selection of Neopolitan, Full Canvas and Casual suits, but you can also engage with their made-to-order service for a custom fit. Aiming to disrupt the industry by delivering excellent service at a reasonable price, you’re unlikely to regret any purchase from this innovative suitmaker.

spier & mackay


TopMan is a multinational men’s fashion chain that has been making waves in the fashion world since 1978. Designed for the modern gentleman that wishes to keep up with changing trends, this high-street brand is ideal for those who love to rock the latest prints, patterns and cuts. They’re best known for their lightweight slim suits in classic colors, but you’ll also find a range of check, tartan and sequined blazers for an edgier look. Offering an incredible range of new-season pieces, classic suits and elegant dress shirts, TopMan proves that fashionable fits needn’t cost the earth.


Alain Dupetit

Alan Dupetit is an online menswear company that makes high-quality cheap suits, dress shirts, tuxedos and accessories. Known for its internet-only business model, the brand keeps overhead costs low and passes these savings onto the consumer. Instead of classic wools and cotton, These suitmakers use tetron and rayon materials to make inexpensive designs that are breathable in warmer weather. With an entire 3-piece suit coming in at under $100, it’s unsurprising that this budget-friendly brand has built up a sizable fan base.

alain dupetit


Target is an American department store chain known for its impressive range of men’s suits. Unlike other affordable suit brands, Target specifically caters to the Big & Tall contingent with a line of dedicated jackets and trousers that incorporate a lightweight spandex blend for added stretch and comfort. For men who prefer a slim fit, the Haggar H26 line features premium suit jackets and pants that mold perfectly to the male form. The jackets are slightly boxier than other options on the market, but Target remains one of the top places to shop for men of every shape and size.


Men’s Wearhouse

Men’s Wearhouse is an American clothing company that places quality suit-making and customer service above all else. If you’re worried about purchasing the wrong size, the company offers expert measuring services at any of its locations nationwide. For men that need a tuxedo for a one-off event, the brand has a range of rentals available for unbeatable prices. Whether you’re in search of a sleek navy suit for a wedding or need a new business casual suit for after-work beers, Men’s Wearhouse will have you kitted out in no time.

men’s wearhouse

Black Lapel

Black Lapel is a men’s formal wear company that specializes in custom designs and finely tailored suits. Aiming to bring traditional tailoring into the 21st century, this modern brand uses only the best high-end fabrics to craft each piece. As Black Lapel operates entirely online, they remove the production and marketing middlemen to offer consumers the lowest prices possible. To grab one of their stylish suits, just head online and select the fabric, fit and color that you’d like. If the fit isn’t ideal, the brand will offer a $75 alteration credit to ensure that you walk away satisfied.

black lapel

How To Get A Cheap Suit

Find The Right Fit

The best way to get a cheap suit that looks good is to make sure the design fits your body properly. A nice suit can look cheap if it’s poorly fitted, making the cut of your garments extremely important. You’ll want to find a suit that contours your body without lifting, creasing or being restrictive along the mid-section. If you can, head to a department store and get professionally measured for your suit, as this can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and flexibility.

If you’re measuring at home, focus on the chest, waist, leg length, knee, arm length and shoulder width at a minimum. These measurements should keep your suit sitting nicely on the body without pulling or slipping. Once you’ve been measured, you should be able to shop online or pick up discount sizes with a spring in your step.

cheap suits

Get Your Suit Altered

While custom-made is the ideal choice, getting a made-to-measure suit on a budget can be a challenge. With the right measurements and a skilled tailor, alterations can ensure you get the best inexpensive suit.

When buying a suit off the rack, the initial fit will probably be off such that the jacket may be too loose around the chest or your pants are too long in the leg. You’ll need to take your online suit to a tailor for a professional opinion. If the issues are minimal, you’ll be able to fix them for a small fee.

Since you’ve already saved money buying off-the-rack and from an affordable brand, investing in your alterations will be worth it. Before taking the plunge, check whether your retailer offers free alterations, as many companies will give you alteration credits with your purchase or throw in small changes for free.

affordable suits for men

Natural vs Synthetic Materials

When you’re purchasing an expensive suit, most of the options will be made with high-quality wool or cashmere. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be settling for synthetic fabrics or wool blends. The most common materials used in cheap suits are polyester, spandex, elastane, and viscose.

You’ll instantly be able to spot synthetic materials in cheap suits, as they give off a characteristic shine and feel hardier than natural cotton or wool. Most people won’t notice this unless they get extremely close to you, but it’s worth checking whether your suit is entirely synthetic if you’d like a softer and more breathable piece.

Better budget options will be made from a blend of fabrics that include cotton, wool or linen. These suits feel more pleasant against the skin as they let it breathe. To avoid being shocked by your suit, visit a store or carefully check the materials online before purchasing your product.

quality affordable men's suit

Choose A Neutral Color

It can be fun to play with edgy patterns and bold prints, but these often look tacky on cheap suits unless they’re done well. If you’d like to order a patterned suit, herringbone or check is often a safe bet as they are subtle enough to pull off for most men. To make your suit look more expensive, stick with neutral colors like navy, grey, brown and black. These classic colors are easy to style and can help disguise cheap materials.

Get Quality Dress Shoes and Shirts

Even if you can’t afford an expensive suit, investing in quality dress shoes and shirts can instantly elevate your look. It’s wise to match your shoes to your belt, but you can be creative with your dress shirt.

Fashion-forward men may want to go for a lightly patterned shirt, while those attending a wedding or formal event should stick with neutral tones that complement their suit color. Grab a trendy pocket square and an elegant watch and you’ll surprise everyone with your sleek but affordable style.