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28 Best Blood Pressure Watches in 2022

Blood Pressure Watches


The start of the year is a great time to set some fitness goals, and monitoring your blood pressure is one of the simplest ways to track your progress. That’s because it shows how exercise is improving your heart’s health. In the past, measuring your blood pressure would require a visit to the doctor – but today, it’s as simple as strapping on an activity tracker or smartwatch. Here are some of the best and most affordable blood pressure watches that will help you on your fitness journey.


Best Blood Pressure Watches

1. HalfSun Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor

Alongside standard smartwatch functions like Bluetooth phone connection, GPS, remote camera and alarms, and day-to-day activities, the HalfSun tracker also monitors your heart rate and blood pressure continuously. It also records your all-day activities, including your steps, active minutes, and sleep. Even better, it has a cycle tracker for women that can be switched on and off as needed.



Halfsun Fitness Tracker And Activity Monitor


2. Pradory Smart Watch

Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with the Pradory Smart Watch. Critical functions for your heart health include heart rate and blood pressure monitoring and a sedentary reminder to get up and move around after sitting for an hour. Time can get away from you, especially while working, so it’s an easy and convenient way to add more movement into your day. Choose from eight sports modes when it’s time to hit the gym, track, or court. It’s even waterproof so you can take it swimming. Other core functions include sleep tracking, weather, camera control, pedometer, and alarm clock. Lastly, it’s iOS and Android compatible, connecting via Bluetooth with a five to seven-day battery life.



Pradory Smart Watch


3. WAFA Fitness Tracker

Enjoy real-time tracking of your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality to get an accurate and continuous picture of your health. This fitness tracker also monitors your activity levels with sports mode, GPS, distance, stopwatch, and more. Plus, it’ll tell you to get up and get moving when you’ve been sedentary for too long. Stay connected with calls and messaging alerts, as well as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It also has a powerful battery life, with five to seven days of power from one two-hour charge. Finally, you can choose from an array of fun colors, including black, white, blue, and green, to best match your look.



Wafa Fitness Tracker


4. Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker

Pick from three great colors with the Donerton Smart Watch. There’s pink, black, and grey to suit all wardrobes. This simple and stylish multi-function device is a great way to stay on top of your health and fitness goals. The activity tracker measures steps, calories, and distance with the options of eight sports modes as well as a sedentary reminder for when it’s time to get up and move. Then, there’s also a heart rate monitor and sleep assessment for even deeper insights. Enjoy convenient connectivity, with notifications for calls, texts, and app messages, as well as music and camera controller, alarm clock, and find your phone functions.



Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker

4. HAFURY Smart Watch

Keep an eye on your heart health easily with the HAFURY Smart Watch. This smartwatch tracks your blood oxygen levels, stress, and heart rate, as well as offers breath training to help you stay calm and in control. It’ll monitor your sleep and activity levels with 14 sports modes with music control, stopwatch, and time. Plus, it’s Alexa voice-controlled for extra convenience. Stay charged with 18-day battery life and easy charging. Finally, it also has other essential smartwatch functions such as call, message, and email notifications so you can stay connected on the go.



Hafury Smart Watch


5. feifuns Smart Watch

Pretty in pink, the feifuns Smart Watch is excellent for monitoring three of the body’s most critical health indicators – heart condition, sleep, and activity. Firstly, it can keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate. Then, keep on top of your physical fitness with activity tracking. Choose from multiple sports modes, such as walking, cycling, skipping, and even swimming, thanks to the waterproof rating of IP67. Finally, it also tracks your sleeping to ensure you’re getting quality rest. The unit comes with two straps so you can change up the look, as well as over 50 dial styles to download while connected to your phone. Not only does it keep you well, but it also looks great doing it.



Feifuns Smart Watch


6. Blackview Smart Watch

The Blackview Smartwatch has a full-color touch screen and a clear display. As such, it’s easier and more convenient to keep an eye on your health. Enjoy 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as automatic sleep tracking and analysis. Choose from nine exercise modes to track your activity and fitness, including calories, steps, and distance. Options include walking, running, spin class, yoga, and cycling. The device is also waterproof to 50 meters, so you can wear it swimming or in the shower if you need. Plus, it has a ten-day battery life from just two and a half hours of charge time.



Blackview Smart Watch

7. MorePro Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure

The slim and unobtrusive design of the MorePro Heart Rate Monitor fits easily into both active and casual wardrobes. This wearable ECG is easy to use and connects to the app for instant results about your heart rate and blood pressure. Fitness also contributes to heart health, so keep an eye on your movement levels with intelligent activity tracking. You’ll be able to measure your calories, distance, steps, and time in order to crush your fitness goals. Finally, get a good night’s sleep with monitoring to track light and deep rest cycles. Additional details of this watch include five-day battery life and an IP68 waterproof rating so you can wear it for showering and some watersports.


Morepro Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure


9. Yussa Smart Watch

Measure your blood pressure over the course of the day with the Yussa Smart Watch. It’s much more convenient than a regular cuff, and you don’t need to be connected to your phone. Plus, the long-lasting seven-day battery also means you won’t miss a beat. In addition to pressure, it also monitors blood oxygen, an important factor for adventurers and athletes. A large LCD screen makes it simple to read results, while extra functionality comes in the form of sport tracking modes. Choose from walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. Lastly, it’s IP67 waterproof rated and can also control your music, camera, and alarm clock.


Yussa Smart Watch


10. YAMAY Smart Watch

Enjoy a range of practical features on the YAMAY Smart Watch, which comes in five stylish colors. It starts with measuring your steps, distance, sleep, calories burned, and nine different sport modes. Plus, you can monitor three big health indicators – heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. Get reminders to take a breath when you’re feeling stressed, as well as notifications of calls and messages. Lastly, it’s IP68 waterproof, so you can even take it swimming.



Yamay Smart Watch


11. FITVII Health & Fitness Smart Watch

Using advanced sensors, the FITVII can detect and record your heart rate and blood pressure all day while generating a detailed report in its companion phone app. It also has a heart-rate alarm built into the watch. In addition to heart data, the FITVII also analyzes your sleep quality with highly accurate sensors and shows you your periods of deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time – ideal for tailoring your schedule to get the best night’s rest.


Fitvii Health & Fitness Smart Watch

12. FITFORT Fitness Tracker

The Fitfort tracker has an innovative matter sensing and control function to measure your blood pressure throughout the day and night. It can track up to 14 exercises, basketball, and yoga, with ultra-accurate metrics for time, distance, and calories burned. Plus, it has a host of other features, including a sleep monitor and water and sleep reminders.



Fitfort Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Monitor


13. Mgaolo Activity Tracker

The slim, ergonomic design of the Mgaolo Activity Tracker suits those who prefer a lightweight and comfortable watch-style activity tracker. It automatically tracks your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time and also has a sport mode and sedentary alert to keep you active. Runners, in particular, will love the Mgaolo because it can map your route and record stats like pace and distance.



Mgaolo Activity Tracker


14. OMRON HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor

Get accurate blood pressure results in just 30 seconds with the OMRON HeartGuide Smart Watch. Connect to the app and use colored charts to track your personal data and trends over time and monitor any changes. If your blood pressure isn’t the best, you can set activity goals to gradually increase your fitness. Plus, it also monitors sleep patterns, giving insights into how your rest patterns affect heart health. Best of all, it still has regular smartwatch functions, including reminders, notifications, and, of course, the time.



Omron Heartguide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor


15. COLMI Land Smart Watch

If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic on your blood pressure watch, this design from COLMI is perfect. Not only does it look stylish, but it also monitors your blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, movement pattern, and sleep. It also connects to your phone for music control, remote photography, message and call reminders, and weather forecasting. The metal frame looks refined, while the full touch screen increases functionality for even more convenience.




Colmi Land Smart Watch


16. MorePro 2021 Activity Fitness Tracker

The sleek design of the MorePro 2021 Activity Fitness Tracker makes it easy to wear anywhere, anytime. Check in on the app for a detailed analysis of your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Another unique feature is body temperature monitoring through infrared technology. Of course, it also has the usual fitness tracker features such as six activity modes, step count, IP68 waterproof, and notification from a variety of apps, including email, social media, and calendar.



Morepro 2021 Activity Fitness Tracker


17. HopoFit Fitness Tracker

Stay connected and keep your health on track with the HopoFit Fitness Tracker. The infrared light sensors automatically measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, plus your heart rate. It’s compatible with both Android and iPhones, so you can connect and check all your data on the Da Fit app. Fitness enthusiasts will also love the 20 sport modes so that you can track your improvements no matter your workout choice.



Hopofit Fitness Tracker


18. GOKOO Smart Watch for Men

A sleek and sophisticated way to track your fitness, the GOKOO Smart Watch will take you from the gym to the boardroom. Its stainless steel case and silicone and leather band combine comfort with style. Alongside standard smartwatch features like app notifications and texts, the GOKOO also allows you to track your sleep cycles. And when it comes to fitness, it will monitor your heart rate in real-time so you can make the most of your workouts.



Gokoo Smart Watch For Men Fitness Tracker Mens With Blood Pressure Monitor Watch


19. DoSmarter Smart Fitness Watch

The three-axis accelerometer inside the DoSmarter Smart Fitness Watch allows it to accurately record your activity in 10 sport modes, including swimming. It has an all-day heart rate and blood pressure monitor, too, so you can review your health data and see your progress over time. Extra features include a sedentary alarm, sleep quality assessment, and women’s health tracking.



Dosmarter Smart Fitness Watch


20. AGPTEK Fitness Tracker

The innovative AGPTEK Fitness Tracker is designed to give you a clear picture of your heart health in seconds. The watch accurately records your all-day activities and state of health, including steps, distance, calories, sleep status, dynamic and static blood pressure, heart rate, and SpO2 with comprehensive analysis.



Agptek Fitness Tracker

21. Lintelek Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker

With the Lintelek Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker, you can check your heart rate and blood pressure data without connecting to an app. It also works well as a fitness watch with seven sport modes, a stopwatch, and a reset function. Compared to other fitness trackers, it also has a great battery life of 10 days active mode and 20 days in standby, taking just two hours to charge via USB fully.



Lintelek Smart Watch And Fitness Tracker

22. Beitony Smart Bracelet Activity Tracker

Those who love the great outdoors will enjoy the Beitony Smart Bracelet Activity Tracker. From hiking to running, cycling, climbing, or swimming, it records your heart rate and calories burned in its adjustable tracking mode. While it doesn’t track your blood pressure throughout the day, you can take a reading using the testing function and see the results synced to its companion app.



Beitony Smart Bracelet Activity Tracker


23. CEGAR 2021 Version Fitness Tracker

For those wanting a fashionable fitness tracker, the CEGAR makes a stylish statement. You can personalize both the background image on the screen and the strap too. The intelligent sensors monitor your blood pressure and heart rate throughout the day, as well as your sleep time and quality. Plus, the CEGAR suits those with an active outdoor lifestyle as it has IP68 waterproofing as well as a weather display.




Cegar 2019 Version Fitness Tracker


24. TagoBee Fitness Tracker TB11

The TagoBee TB11 tracks your heart rate and blood pressure in real-time and automatically syncs to its companion app, meaning you can view a full overview of your heart health over time. Your calories burned, steps, and sleep patterns are also stored, making it perfect for daily wear. An ideal tracker for men or women, you can choose either a metal or a silicone strap for casual or formal wear.



Tagobee Fitness Tracker Tb11


25. GideaTech Smart Watch with Full Touchscreen

The square display on the GideaTech Smart Watch has a full-screen touch design, as well as a high-resolution and illuminated monitor, making it incredibly easy to read. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, the carbon case has excellent impact resistance and comes with both leather and nylon straps for comfort and style. Not only does it track your sleep and movement, but it also monitors your heart rate and blood pressure.



Gideatech Smart Watch With Full Touchscreen


26. Ekrist Fitness and Activity Tracker

The first-class algorithm and sensors in the Ekrist Activity Tracker enable you to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and sleep as well as daily steps and more than ten other activities. Its smartwatch features include call and message notifications and alarms. Plus, it looks as good as it functions. The slim and durable case, multi-colored LED screen, and colorful strap make it a stylish accessory as a useful fitness tracker.


Ekrist Fitness And Activity Tracker

27. Beitony Fitness Tracker

One of the best features of the Beitony Fitness Tracker is its real-time blood pressure monitoring during your daily activities. Continuously tracking your blood pressure, it calculates your heart rate, blood oxygen content, and calorie burn with a high degree of accuracy. Other features include an automatic pedometer, anti-loss, and find-my-phone functions, weather reports, sleep tracking, and incoming call and text notifications. For your smartwatch needs, it’s a great all-rounder choice.



Beitony Fitness Tracker


28. Maxte Fitness and Activity Tracker Watch

One of the easiest smartwatches to read, the Maxte Tracker Watch, has a full-color LCD screen with three customizable displays. Its intelligent activity tracker automatically monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen, steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. For those who need to stay connected at all times, it displays call, and text notifications, news headlines in 12 languages, WeChat support, Apple Health compatibility, and has silent alarms, as well as movement reminders to keep you on track.



Maxte Fitness And Activity Tracker Watch


What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the amount of pressure the blood pumping through your body puts on the walls of your arteries. It changes throughout the day, depending on various factors such as activity levels and stress. Two measurements show when taking your blood pressure. The top number is your systolic blood pressure, which is the force when your heart beats. Meanwhile, the bottom number, or diastolic reading, is the force between beats. In general, a healthy reading is 120/80. High blood pressure puts you at risk of significant health issues, including heart attacks, stroke, and kidney disease. However, lifestyle factors can help maintain healthy blood pressure. This includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, a healthy weight, managing stress, and avoiding smoking.


Do I Need to Track My Blood Pressure?

If you’re a relatively healthy person with no known blood pressure issues, you don’t have to track your blood pressure. However, it can provide some interesting insights and help you keep on top of things. If you do have high blood pressure, regular monitoring can be helpful. You’ll be able to see if it gets higher, identify triggers for increases, and give your general care practitioner better insights into your health.


The Benefits of Blood Pressure Watches

There are many benefits to blood pressure watches. It can give you an insight into your health throughout the day and is incredibly convenient, especially if connected to an app that records the data. Blood pressure watches also often come with other great features such as sleep tracking and activity monitoring. Adequate levels of both rest and exercise can contribute positively to good blood pressure, so it’s beneficial to monitor all of them with one device. However, it is essential to note that blood pressure watches are not medical equipment and should not replace regular check-ups with your doctor.



Do any smartwatches measure blood pressure?

There are quite a few styles of smartwatches that measure blood pressure. Some of the best options include YAMAY, FITFORT, and HalfSun.

Can my watch read my blood pressure?

While many smartwatches can read your pulse, fewer are designed to read blood pressure, as it’s more advanced technology. You’ll need to do your research before making a purchase, and confirm how the watch takes the measurement, as some require additional equipment. It’s also best to read reviews before committing to a model.  

How do you check blood pressure on a smartwatch?

There are a few methods of measuring your blood pressure, depending on the watch you own. The first uses the strap like a blood pressure cuff, inflating to take the measurement. The second method uses advanced sensors to take a reading, and the final method uses a separate device connected to the watch. These readings can be manual or automatic, and the data then syncs to an accompanying app.

Can an Apple watch take your blood pressure?

The Apple Watch cannot take your blood pressure on its own – it needs to be paired with a separate device. Bluetooth and wireless blood pressure monitors, such as QardioArm or Omron Evolv, can be linked to the watch and through the Health App. These wireless devices are often more accurate, and some are approved by the FDA.


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