26 Funny Boat Names That Will Have You in Stitches

There’s only one way for boat owners to survive the dangerous sea. Indeed, funny boat names will save them from storms, sharks, and pirates. Aside from being able to go sailing, naming the boat is the best part. There’s even a big ceremony to christen and name the boat to avoid bad luck. However, only the best funny boat name will do.

The best boat names are punny, clever, and hilarious. Having a sense of humor won’t save you from a great white shark, but it’ll make the aftermath easier. There are hundreds of funny boat names that’ll make other boaters laugh. Some funny boat names reference popular movies or quotes. On the other hand, many funny boat names predict a future disaster. Several boat owners go with a good pun or a classic dad joke. There’s really no way to go wrong with funny boat names.

26 Funny Boat Names That Will Have You in Stitches

1. Uh-Oh


Solidsnake4545/Ebaum’s World

The upside-down Uh-oh is one of the best boat names. The clever boat name is funny and creative. Odds are it gets tons of laughs from other boat owners. At the same time, this boat is planning for the inevitable disaster. Indeed, it’ll get another laugh if the boat flips over. At least the funny boat name will help the owner get through the trauma.

2. In a Meeting


Andreas Zingerle/flickr

In a Meeting is easily one of the funniest boat names. It’s a clever and funny boat name that also keeps the owner from lying. For instance, the boat owner probably tells his wife he’s in a meeting several times a day. It’s not his fault that she assumes he’s in a stuffy office and not fishing on the spectacular open sea.

3. Shit Happens


Bored Panda

Life is like the rough sea. It feels like those tough times will never end. Honestly, ship happens in life. Ship Happens is one of the best boat names. It’s a funny name and clever pun. If this boat ends up in an unfortunate situation, it’s because ship happens from time to time.

4. Bullship


Bored Panda

Some boaters believe that in life, ship happens. Other boat owners call bullship. Honestly, any boat name that almost sounds like a bad world will always be funny. Bullship is one of the best boat names. Of course, it could also mean the ship is tough like a bull. Either way, it’s a clever and funny boat name.

5. Master Baiter



There probably isn’t a better name for a fishing boat than Master Baiter. It’s one of those boat names that just keeps getting funnier. Presumably, the boat owner is a master at baiting fish. On the other hand, they might have mastered handling their fishing pole. Regardless, it’s one of the best boat names on the high sea.

6. Zombies Can’t Swim



The owner of Zombies Can’t Swim could end up being the smartest person in history when the zombie apocalypse hits. However, if zombies can swim, this boat owner is ship out of luck. Regardless, it’s a creative and funny boat name that takes inspiration from zombie movies and television shows.

7. Unsinkable II



Unsinkable II is the perfect boat name. Clearly, the first Unsinkable didn’t survive the storm. The Unsinkable II is funny, clever, and very creative. Honestly, boat owners all risk their vessels sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s just part of sailing and fishing. Presumably, they’re already making plans for Unsinkable III.

8. Didjabringabeeralong


Bored Panda

Sometimes the funniest names have a lot to do with the boat lettering. In this case, the boat owner took a very important question and made it one word. The funny boat name is “Did ja bring a beer along.” The name is mildly amusing but, when jammed together, becomes very creative. Indeed, it’s the simplest boat names that are the best.

9. Water U Lookin’ At



Water U lookin’ At is possibly the best boat name. The name is both cute and tough sounding at the same time. It incorporates everything about a good boat name, including a play on words and water. It’ll also get a lot of laughs while sailing and fishing. It’s easily one of the funniest boat names.

10. Tom’s Cruise and Topp Gun



The sea gods came together to deliver this fantastic and funny image. Indeed, two separate boat owners with great senses of humor happen to pick the same marina. One boat has the name Tom’s Cruise. Presumably, the boat owner, Tom, is a big Tom Cruise fan. The second boat’s name, Topp Gun, comes from the classic Tom Cruise movie Top Gun. It’s fate that these two boats would end up in the same marina.

11. Breaking Bass



There’s no better TV series to name a boat after than Breaking Bad. The iconic series had nothing to do with the sea, but it’s the perfect name. In this case, the owner used the logo for the boat lettering. It’s easily one of the best 10 boat names on the water.

12. The Codfather


Bored Panda

The Godfather is one of the greatest movies of all time. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to name a boat after the famous flick. Of course, this boat is called The Codfather. Presumably, the owner’s an expert at fishing and gets a lot of cod. Perhaps, it’s a codfish that runs a mafia family in the sea. It’s the perfect name for a fishing boat or a codfish mobster.

13. Titanic II



The Titanic is quite possibly the most famous ship in history. As everyone knows, it famously sank in 1912 while Jack and Rose drifted on a door. The boat owner in this picture probably thought Titanic II was a funny name when they came up with it. They truly had no idea how funny of a name it was. It’s a great boat name for a sinking ship.

14. Usain Boat and Cool



The best boat names are funny and punny. For instance, the person that came up with Usain Boat deserves a gold medal. Indeed, they named their boat after the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. However, there’s also a second boat in the picture that has a very cool name. That boat’s name is “cool.”

15. No Complications


My Hanse

Hakuna Matata is the perfect boat name. First, it’s a throwback to one of Disney’s greatest movies, The Lion King. It translates roughly into “there are no problems.” Honestly, to afford a boat, the owner must have no problems. The boat name likely reflects the owners’ carefree attitude. That’s the best attitude to have when navigating the terrifying seas.

16. Would Too and Would Not



Here are two great names for twin boats. It would be perfect for two siblings that argue a lot. Of course, it could also work for a couple that loves to sail but not with each other. It gives great insight into the relationship since the funny boat names only work together.

17. On the Rocks


All Things Boat

It’s always happy hour on a boat named On The Rocks. Indeed, it’s probably the party boat on the sea. It’s a funny boat name that reveals a lot about the owner. Of course, with a name like On The Rocks, law enforcement won’t be laughing. Instead, they’ll check to see if the name is accurate.

18. Happy Ours


Boat Name Guy

Happy Ours is both a sweet and funny boat name. It appears that the couple that owns Happy Ours is a happy couple that enjoys happy hour. Indeed, many boat owners appear to be going through a bitter divorce, so it’s nice when a couple gets along.

19. Vitamin Sea


Yachting Magazine

Doctors recommend that boaters get lots of rest, exercise, and vitamin sea. Vitamin Sea is the perfect boat name because it gets funnier each time. It’s a clever and creative boat name that also offers excellent advice. Vitamin Sea is a great boat name and probably a good pickup line too.

20. She’ll Get Over It


Bored Panda

It’s common for husbands to need their wife’s permission to buy anything. However, they might not support buying an expensive boat. Apparently, a brave husband decided to purchase the boat anyway and name it She’ll Get Over It. Of course, she probably won’t get over it. Undoubtedly, buying a boat is a costly purchase. It’ll cost a lot of money and possibly a relationship.

21. She Got the House


Bored Panda

She Got The House is a funny boat name and is probably true. According to these names, many of these boat owners appear to have relationship problems. Most men would be devastated to lose their house in a divorce. Well, unless they didn’t want the house and only cared about their precious boat.

22. No Worries


Bored Panda

No Worries is possibly the most ironic and funny boat name. The owner created a simple boat name that’s not a joke or pun. Undoubtedly, it’s a great attitude when sailing on the open sea. However, in this particular picture, the boat No Worries slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It appears the sinking of No Worries might cause some worry.

23. Friendship


Bored Panda

There are many kinds of ships on the water. However, there’s only one ship that matters the most: friendship. The Friendship boat is a clever boat name on many levels. It’s a funny boat name that’s creative and honors friendships around the globe. Notice there aren’t any boats called “The Happy Relationship.”

24. Error 404 Fish Not Found



Error 404 Fish Not Found is a great boat name. It’s a creative fishing boat name that plays off something everyone encounters. Indeed, seeing that error message pop up on the laptop is very frustrating. The only thing more frustrating than not finding the file is not catching any fish. It’s a frustrating computer message, but it’s the best boat name.

25. Sotally Tober


Yachting Magazine

Nobody approves of drinking and boating. However, everyone supports funny boat names. Boat owners are great at coming up with simple boat names with the slightest twist. Indeed, Sotally Tober is a clever boat name that keeps getting funnier. It’s the perfect boat name and probably party central on the water.

26. Kids Inheritance


These parents decided to dip into their children’s inheritance to pay for this expensive boat. The best boat names are simple, funny, and honest. Indeed, Kids Inheritance checks off all those boxes. At least the kids will be left with a sweet-looking boat.

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