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25 Stylish Middle Part Hairstyles for Men in 2022

Middle Part Hairstyles For Men


The middle part is a stylish addition to any hairstyle, and it is excellent for those who want to add an edge to a classic cut or try something new. This parting is not as easy to pull off as the side part and does not suit all face shapes, and can be harsh on those whose faces are not perfectly symmetrical. However, it does look good on hair of all textures and lengths and can be styled in several ways. This could be with bangs like curtain bangs which can frame the face, or worn sleek and straight to complement the angularity of your features. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the middle part and how it can be adapted to your favorite hairstyle.


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1. Middle Part with Curtain Bangs

One of the most versatile and flattering ways to wear a middle part is with curtain bangs. This style can be adapted to various lengths and works with all hair textures. It can create a less structured appearance on wavy hair and produce a carefree and relaxed finish. You can also give your look structure by wearing it with a fade. These bangs create a face-framing effect that highlights your features and gives you a youthful appearance. Although younger men favor it, the right curtain hairstyle can complement men of all ages.


Curtain Hairstyle Men


2. Middle Part with Combed Back Hair 

The comb back is a classic men’s hairstyle created by brushing the hair in the front backward. This helps you achieve volume and can be done on hair of all types and lengths, but it is easier to achieve with a bit of texture. The comb back gives a smart and sophisticated finish, and if you want to modernize the look, you can do so with a middle part. The middle part can complement your features and give it balance, although it is not ideal for asymmetrical faces. Wearing your hair with a subtle middle part can give you a youthful appearance and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.


Middle Part Combed Back Hair Men


3. Middle Part with Bro Flow

The bro flow is a popular men’s hairstyle that creates an effortlessly cool appearance. The best thing about this hairstyle is its versatility. It is typically brushed away from the hair to sit off the face, opening it up and highlighting the features, but it can also work with a middle parting that subtly frames the face. The bro flow requires little styling as it takes on the hair’s natural shape and is ideal for hair of medium to long length. It can be created on all hair textures but is best on textured hair to achieve a more voluminous appearance.


Middle Part Brow Flow Men


4. Middle Part with Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair often looks glossy and healthy. The texture suits the middle part the best, and the parting will be more visible. Wearing your hair long can make a statement and highlight your texture, and this parting can be as practical as it is flattering, letting you tuck the hair behind the ears and keeping it out of the face. Depending on how you style your hair, it can also draw attention to your features. This is a simple and effective way to wear your hair and will not take as long to style as a fringe would. If you feel the look is harsh, you can balance it with facial hair.


Middle Part With Long Straight Hair Men


5. Middle Part with Low Fade

The low fade is an excellent addition to any haircut and can give it structure. The technique complements all hair textures, shaving hair on the back and sides shorter and leaving it longer on top. Hair is tapered down to the lower end of the head. This is an incredibly versatile fade and creates a contrast. You can experiment with the depth of your fade and how long you wish to keep the hair on top; for a more defined hairstyle, keep the hair on either side of the middle part longer. This can create a face-framing effect on how the hair falls around the head.


Middle Part With Low Fade Men


6. Middle Part with Medium Length Textured Hair

The middle part can be worn on the hair of all textures and lengths. It is often favored for straight hair but can work well with medium-length hair, and you can style it to create a deliberately undone appearance which can be very sexy. It is also easier to achieve volume and movement, whereas straighter hair can look flat. The middle part is an excellent way to keep the hair out of your eyes because you can tuck it behind the ears, and it will highlight your features, particularly your eyes and cheekbones.


Middle Part Medium Lengh Textured Men


7. Middle Part with Long Curly Hair 

Curly hair looks great when worn long as the length highlights the curl pattern in your hair. It can be harder to maintain and easier to tangle, but you will be left with hair that is full of movement and volume. The middle part can be created with all textures and hair lengths and adds an interesting element to your hairstyle. It can look less noticeable on curly hair, appearing more blended. Or, if you opt for a very sharp center part, it can show the distinction between the two sides of your head. Long hair is ideal for men who want versatility with their styling and complements a wide range of haircuts. It can also give you an effortlessly cool vibe.


Middle Part Long Curly Hair Men


8. Middle Part with Mop

The mop hairstyle can be worn on medium to long hair and gives you a laid-back and carefree appearance. It can be adapted to suit all hair textures but looks best with naturally textured hair, creating a deliberately messy appearance that can be incredibly sexy. This cut was first popularized in the 60s but has made a comeback in recent years because of its youthful appearance. It is typically worn with a fringe that covers the forehead and the eyes, but opting to wear it with a middle part will give your look an interesting update. It can also draw attention to the eyes.


Middle Part Mop Men


9. Middle Part with Hair Twists

The middle part is an excellent addition to any hairstyle, and although it does not complement all features, it can be incredibly flattering when worn correctly. The appeal of the parting is its versatility, and while it can define and complement the face, it can also give your hair an edgy and cool finish. For those who want a look that demands attention, wearing this part with hair twists is a great choice. Twists are easy to create and are a fantastic protective style, locking in moisture and preventing breakage. In addition to promoting healthy natural hair, your twists can be made in varying lengths and thicknesses.


Middle Part Hair Twists Men


10. Middle Part with Long Ombre Hair

The ombre hair coloring technique is fantastic for depth and dimension. It lets you easily experiment with color, blending two light and darker hues. Ombre is the French word for “shaded,” and it looks great on hair of all lengths and textures. Compared to traditional highlights, it is a low-maintenance approach but can still lighten and brighten your appearance. On medium-length, this is long enough to show the distinction between the two colors, and with straight hair, it will be more visible; curly textures look more blended. The middle part will look good with an ombre, highlighting the ends of the hair and drawing the eye towards them.


Middle Part Long Ombre Hair Men


11. Middle Part with Fringe

There are many ways to wear a fringe haircut; this could be a thick blunt fringe, a sweeping style covering the eyes, or curtain bangs. The great thing about a fringe is it can be added to all hairstyles and created on hair that is long or short and adapted to suit various textures. It is more popular to style fringes in a side part, which is universally flattering, but you can also opt for middle parting. This is a look that can frame the face and works well with oval, diamond, heart, and round faces. It is also flattering on men with symmetrical features and will be the perfect upgrade to your hairstyle.


Middle Part With Fringe Men


12. Middle Part with Long Wavy Hair

A middle part can have a softer and less sharp appearance on wavy hair. This can be an interesting and flattering addition to any hairstyle and define your features. Wavy hair can look less striking and is not as visible as it would be on straighter hair, but that is not to say you cannot wear it. Style it so that the waves fall about the face, framing it. Wearing the hair long to show off the hair texture is also a way to challenge outdated notions of masculinity; long hair is excellent for men and women.


Middle Part Long Wavy Hair Men


13. Middle Part with Fade

Wearing the middle part with a fade will ensure a structured and professional hairstyle. The fade is an excellent addition to most cuts, shaving the hair shorter on the back and sides and keeping it longer on top. This produces a contrast, making your hair appear thicker and more voluminous on the top of the head. There are several fades to choose from, depending on your preference. If you style the hair with a middle part, you may wish to keep the hair around the sides of the face long enough to be tucked behind the ears, which makes it easier to wear. This look will also draw attention to your face and create a framing effect.


Middle Part With Fade Men


14. Middle Part with Short Wavy Hair

Wavy hair looks great at all lengths, and while longer hair can show off the texture better, keeping it short can be more manageable and give the hair volume. It is one of the most sought-after hair textures because it is incredibly versatile and is often styled to look carefree and relaxed. Keep some length on the top of the head to highlight your waves, and consider pairing it with a fade; this will create contrast between the top of the hair and the back and sides. You can also wear it with a middle part, which draws attention to the face and can flatter faces with symmetry.


Middle Part Short Wavy Hair Men


15. Middle Part with Medium Length Straight Hair

The appeal of the middle part is that it can complement all haircuts and be adapted to suit various lengths and textures. However, this parting looks best on straight hair, appearing sleek and stylish. Straight hair is excellent when kept longer as this gives you more versatility with your styling, and you can experiment with different haircuts and even try simple updos like a man bun or top knot. The parting will also highlight your features, particularly the eyes and cheekbones, making this a great option for someone who wants to stand out


Middle Part Medium Lengh Straight Hair Men


16. Middle Part with Skin Fade

Not everyone can pull off the middle part because it only suits specific face shapes and men with strong features, but it is versatile with how you can style your hair. A skin fade is an edgy addition to any haircut and will give the hair structure, creating a more polished appearance. This fade graduates down to the skin around the ears, producing a more dramatic contrast between the hair on top and the backs and sides. Keeping the hair longer on the top will also create the appearance of volume, making your hair look thicker and fuller.


Middle Part With Skin Fade Men


17. Middle Part Medium with Length Wavy Hair

The middle part can be tricky to pull off and looks best on heart-shaped, diamond, oval, and round face shapes. However, it can be surprisingly versatile, complementing a range of hair lengths and textures. It can also be worn with haircuts of your choice and styled in various ways. If you have medium-length wavy hair, the middle part will let your waves fall on either side of the face, framing it. This can be incredibly flattering. It is also easier to pull off the middle part on wavy hair because it looks less precise and not as sharp. It can complement the angularity and symmetry of your face. To style your hair, add a spritz of styling spray, which will define the texture.


Middle Part Medium Lengh Wavy Hair Men


18. Middle Part for Asian Hair

A middle part may not be the easiest parting to pull off, but it is incredibly versatile. Asian hair is, generally, thick and straight, and the hairstyle of your choosing can be adapted to suit a middle part. This central part is best on straight hair, making it more defined and can complement your facial features. You can keep the hair long and demand attention, or opt for a shorter look that is less maintenance; whichever way you choose to wear your hair, do it with confidence.


Middle Part Asian Hair Men


19. Middle Part Surfers Hairstyle

Surfers have inspired the surfer hairstyle, but you do not have to spend the day at the beach to try it out. It is loved by men with naturally textured hair because it can be incredibly flattering and sexy. Hair appears tousled and windswept and is often worn medium to long. This disheveled style is effortlessly cool, but you can pair it with a middle part to look more structured. The parting can also be practical, letting you tuck the hair behind your ears and keeping it out of your eyes. To style, use a sea salt spray or a small amount of pomade. If you love the sunkissed look, try balayage or fine highlights, which can lighten and brighten the hair.


Middle Part Surfers Hairstyle Men


20. Middle Part with Afro

An afro hairstyle is an excellent option for men who want to embrace their natural hair and can be worn short or long. This cut has volume and texture and can be personalized by pairing it with a fade or lineup for contrast or, for those who want a modern twist, with a middle part. This parting will draw attention to the center of the face, complementing and defining your features. It works well with most faces and can be incredibly flattering, although those with asymmetry best avoid it.


Middle Part Afro Men



21. Middle Part with Braids

Braids are a protective style that can reduce grooming time and protect natural hair. There are several braided hairstyles styles to choose from, allowing you to find the look that appeals to you most. They can also be created in different lengths and thicknesses and styled in a wide variety of ways; this includes a middle part. Wearing your braids long and with a central part can draw attention to the face and compliment your features. The parting can also give your hair a modern and edgy finish. It can highlight your eyes and cheekbones. The appeal of long braids is that they make a statement, but they are also incredibly versatile with how you style them.


Middle Part With Long Braids Men


22. Middle Part with Short Hair 

If you are searching for a stylish way to part your short hair, why not try out a middle part? This parting suits all hair lengths and textures, looking more defined on straight hair and blended on curly hair. It is also a great option if you have a round, oval, heart-shaped, or diamond face and can complement your features. There is also a lot of versatility with how you style the hair; for a youthful approach, you could part the hair with bangs like the curtain hairstyle. This will frame the face and highlight your features.


Middle Part Short Hair Men


23. Middle Part Eboy Hairstyle

Eboy is derived from the term “electronic boy” and has a distinct style for fashion and hair. It originated on TikTok and is a way to rebel against the mainstream; these looks can also be very expressive and are worn mainly by younger men. Among the most popular hairstyles is a look that features a middle part, which is worn with medium-length hair but complements all hair textures, especially those that are wavy; this creates a messy and undone appearance that is effortlessly cool. Deciding to wear your hair in this way can give you a youthful appearance and can be incredibly flattering. It is also easy to pull off and can highlight and elongate your face.


Eboy Hairstyle Middle Part


24. Middle Part with Waves

The middle part will draw attention to the center of your face. It can be incredibly flattering on the right face shapes and highlight your features. Consider wearing it with waves for an old-school and gentlemanly appearance if you are daring enough to try it out. The wave hairstyle creates distinct grooves in the hair, which can be made with heat styling. It is a look that can be adapted to all hair textures but is best suited to men with medium-length hair.


Middle Part With Waves

25. Edgy Middle Part with Short Textured Hair

Some middle parts look blended and effortless; others are sharp and defined. For an edgy alternative, consider trying this look on short textured hair. This hairstyle demands attention with a very distinct parting, drawing attention to the hair on each side and highlighting the center of your face. It works best with strong features and can complement the angularity of your face. The wave effect can be incredibly flattering but is best suited to thick, textured hair and an angular hairline. To style it, add pomade or gel to create a high or low hold finish, depending on your preference.


Edgy Middle Part With Textured Hair



How to Do a Middle Part?

To create a middle part, you want to part the hair from the center, evenly on either side of the head. This can be done with a wide-tooth comb but can be more challenging to achieve on hair that is not straight.

How do I ask my barber for a Middle Part?

Your barber will know how to do a middle part as it is a very common look. Bring a picture for reference if you have a specific style in mind. He will tell you if your desired cut will complement your face shape and hair type.

Is a Middle Part in Style for Guys?

The middle part can be tricky to pull off, but when worn right, it can be effortlessly cool and can transform your hairstyle..

Middle Part vs. Side Part

The side part is when hair is parted to the side. It can be created on hair of all lengths and textures and is incredibly versatile and flattering. The side part suits most face shapes and can be adapted to complement your look. It is also a parting that balances your features and is more forgiving than the middle part. The middle part is defined by the hair being parted in the center. It can be a daring and cool addition to your hair but is more challenging to pull off. Although there is versatility with styling, and it can be adapted to all hair textures and lengths, the middle part does not suit all face shapes. It can also highlight asymmetry and is therefore not universally flattering.


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