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25 Stomach Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

Stomach Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women


Stomach tattoos are not for the faint of heart; this is one of the most painful locations for body art. The sensitivity of the area makes this placement high on the pain chart. Pain will vary from high to severe depending on your gender and build. But don’t let that put you off, because it is one of the most versatile areas to get inked. You can choose small and simple tattoos, appealing to those who prefer a minimalistic aesthetic. Or opt for something large and detailed. The stomach can also be easily covered up, letting you show off your body art when you want. Your ability to withstand the discomfort of your inking can also make a powerful statement about inner strength and resilience, adding to the overall meaning of your tattoo. 


1. Stomach Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are meaningful, and associated with life, growth, and love. There are many blooms to choose from, each with its symbolism, letting you create your tattoo to best reflect your thoughts and feelings. The lotus represents enlightenment and rebirth, while the rose symbolizes beauty, pain, and desire. Flowers can be inked in various styles, from colorful and realistic finishes to simple outlines. The stomach is one of the most painful locations to get inked, but it is also a versatile area because of the space. You can opt for something small, limiting the shading and detail of your design, and also reducing the pain. Or cover your entire stomach in different flowers, for a beautiful tattoo that makes a statement.


Stomach Flower Tattoo


Stomach Flower Tattoo Men


2. Stomach Medusa Tattoo

Medusa tattoos are for those who want to make a statement with their body art. The legend of Medusa is taken from Greek mythology. She is a snake-haired female monster whose gaze could turn anyone who looked at her to stone. Medusa is portrayed in different ways and your design can be open to interpretation. For some, she is a symbol of evil, jealousy, and death. For others, she represents rebirth, and strength, and can be a way to celebrate female power. Your Medusa design can be created in different ways; simple or hyper-realistic, and big or small. The right placement is also just as important as the design, and the stomach is a versatile location. It is also high on the pain scale, so getting inked here could show you are someone who is strong and resilient and not deterred by the pain.


Stomach Medusa Tattoo


Stomach Medusa Tattoo1

3. Stomach Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are an excellent choice for a stomach design because the area allows for enough space for you to get creative and show off your dragon in brilliant detail. Dragon tattoos symbolize power, wisdom, and fearlessness, but also represent different things in the East and West. In the East, dragons represent prosperity, protection, and good luck, while in the West, they are symbolic of greed and sin; the interpretation you choose can be reflected in your design. Dragons look fantastic when inked in color, making for a bold and eye-catching design but you can also opt for a simple black ink tattoo. Regardless of how you choose to create your artwork, a dragon is an excellent choice and one that can celebrate your inner strength.


Stomach Dragon Tattoo


Stomach Dragon Tattoo Men


4. Mom Stomach Tattoo

Choosing the right tattoo can be a challenging task because you want to get inked with something that you will not regret later. A mom tattoo is an excellent choice because it celebrates the bond you share with one of the most important people in your life. It can be your biological mom or adopted mom or someone who has been a motherly figure in your life and is a tattoo that pays homage to mothers or a way to keep her close to you at all times. The design can differ greatly, but mom tattoos have been around for decades and are often created in the Sailor Jerry or American Traditional tattoo styles.


Mom Stomach Tattoo


Mom Stomach Tattoo1


5. Henna Stomach Tattoo

A fantastic alternative to a permanent stomach tattoo is a henna tattoo. Henna is created using a plant-based dye and can vary in color, including shades of red, orange, brown, and blue-black. It is commonly used in Indian wedding celebrations and can be created in delicate and detailed patterns. The color will fade over time. Trying a henna design can give you a better understanding of what it would look like to get inked in this placement. Or, perhaps you want to experiment with body art and details for a special occasion and a limited time and henna is a great option.


Henna Stomach Tattoo1

Henna Stomach Tattoo


6. Full Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is a versatile placement for a tattoo because it is large enough to allow for detailed designs. You can also get creative with your design and it could cover a small section of the stomach or be a full stomach tattoo. The stomach is one of the most painful locations for body art, measuring high on the pain scale because of the sensitivity of the area. It is also more painful for women than it is for men. If you can withstand the pain, it is a fantastic location, letting you cover up your tattoo easily and show it off when you want and on your terms. Choose something meaningful to reflect your thoughts and feelings, or create a piece that is decorative and covers areas on the body you want to hide or celebrate.


Full Stomach Tattoo1


Full Stomach Tattoo


7. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful designs for men and women. It is also symbolic, representing growth, transformation, and beauty. People who choose this design are often drawn to it because of the meaning associated with it, and a butterfly tattoo can make a powerful statement about how you are going through a transitional period in your life. The winged insect also lends itself well to color designs and comes in a wide range of different markings and colors. You can also combine it with other images, including an infinity symbol which can make a powerful statement about life and how life each day to its fullest. Or combine it with floral details, or sun and moon.


Butterfly Stomach Tattoo


Butterfly Stomach Tattoo Men


8. Gangster Stomach Tattoo

Body art has long been favored by tough guys and criminals. It has been inked to show gang affiliations and to instill fear in others. It has also been used to show people you are not someone who is to be messed with, or that you are not afraid of the pain associated with tattoos, especially on sensitive areas like the stomach. Stomach tattoos can be badass and effortlessly cool, making a statement when you show them off, but some designs are best avoided if you do not want to look like a gangster.


Gangster Stomach Tattoo


Gangster Stomach Tattoo1


9. Japanese Stomach Tattoo

When it comes to finding the perfect stomach tattoo it is not just the design to consider but also the style. Japanese tattoos are an excellent choice for those who want a statement design. They are bright and bold, created using a colorful but limited color palette, and are defined by their subject matter which is often based on tradition or folklore. Popular images include koi fish, cherry blossoms, dragons, and phoenixes. Each of these is symbolic and can make a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings. Japanese tattoos have become popular around the world but tattoos still carry a stigma in Japan. This is because of their association with the infamous Yakuza gang.


Japanese Stomach Tattoo1


Japanese Stomach Tattoo


10. Snake Stomach Tattoo

Snake tattoos are an excellent choice for the stomach and can be inked big or kept small. You can also experiment with the angle of your placement, making it look like the snake is coiled and placing it in the center of your stomach, or designing it to appear vertically. Snakes are also a symbolic choice. They represent different things depending on the culture and where you drew inspiration from. For example, for Christians, the snake is associated with sin, while a Japanese snake tattoo can represent good luck and protection. Snakes are also associated with transformation and rebirth, making a powerful statement about the cycle of life. It is an excellent choice for someone who contemplates their mortality.


Snake Stomach Tattoo
Snake Stomach Tattoo1


11. Upper Stomach Tattoo

Stomach tattoos are painful and you should give serious thought as to whether this is the right placement for you because of the level of pain involved. It can range from high to severe and tends to be more painful for women. However, the appeal of the location is its versatility. You can easily cover up a stomach tattoo and show it off when you want. You can also experiment with the placement, choosing to cover the entire stomach or focus on the side or just beneath your breast bone. The lack of muscle and fat combined with the thin skin and proximity to bone make this a painful, but sexy, location for your next tattoo.


Upper Stomach Tattoo


Upper Stomach Tattoo Emn


12. Wolf Stomach Tattoo

The wolf is a beautiful and symbolic animal and an excellent choice for your stomach tattoo. It represents loyalty, love, and family. It is commonly tattooed to show your devotion to that closest to you because wolves live in packs and their strength and survival depend on their numbers. Your wolf tattoo could represent power in unity, an eternal bond, and the importance of staying loyal to those who you care about. The wolf can be designed in several ways, from simple outlines to hyper-realistic tattoos. The great thing about getting inked on the stomach is the space. Your design will not be restricted because you have chosen a small area of skin. This gives you the freedom to get creative.


Wolf Stomach Tattoo


Wolf Stomach Tattoo1


13. Buddha Stomach Tattoo

Religion has long inspired body art and there are many images to choose from. Buddha is important to the Buddhist faith and a tattoo designed in his image is often associated with peace, wisdom, and calmness. Men and women who choose a design of Buddha do so to honor their devotion to their faith. It could also be tattooed to symbolize spiritual enlightenment. Your tattoo can be simple or detailed and include other imagery to tell a greater story. However, it is important to understand that for many, getting a Buddha tattoo is offensive and culturally insensitive.


Buddha Stomach Tattoo


Buddha Stomach Tattoo1


14. Angel Stomach Tattoo

An angel tattoo can be inked to signify your devotion to your faith or to be designed as a memorial piece to honor someone who has passed. Angels are also associated with divinity, guidance, love, and purity. If you value these qualities and want a tattoo to remind you to stay on the right path or that you are not alone, this is a perfect choice. The placement of your design is also important, and the stomach is a versatile area, albeit a painful one. Stomach tattoos measure high on the pain scale chart, but they draw attention to one of the sexiest parts of the human body. Your design can be to proudly display your stomach, or hide imperfections that you feel uncomfortable about; the choice is yours.


Angel Stomach Tattoo1


Angel Stomach Tattoo


15. Stomach Stretch Mark Cover-Up Tattoo

Body art is meant to last a lifetime, so people put so much time and effort into choosing the right design. But mistakes happen, and you may regret a previous design or find it has started to fade or has lost some of its detail, and a cover-up tattoo will let you create a fresh new design. These pieces are often larger and more detailed because they need to fully cover your previous design. You can also use tattoos to cover imperfections that you may not be comfortable with, like stretch marks or scars; there is beauty in these markings, but it’s your body and you get to decide whether you want to show them off or not.


Stomach Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo


Stomach Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo1


16. Anime Stomach Tattoo

Anime tattoos are expressive and meaningful and can say a lot about the wearer. The term anime refers to the Japanese style of animation and there are many characters to choose from. An anime tattoo reflects the things you are passionate about, and could be inspiring or make a powerful statement. You can opt for a small and simple design, for those who prefer a minimalistic aesthetic or create a large, detailed piece that tells a story and covers your entire stomach. The stomach may be a painful location to get inked, but for some, that is part of the appeal. It shows just how meaningful your tattoo is to you because you were willing to withstand the pain.


Anime Stomach Tattoo


Anime Stomach Tattoo1


17. Stomach Skull Tattoo

The human skull is a universally recognizable symbol of death and is also associated with destruction and evil. Choosing a skull tattoo is a great way to instill fear in others or show that you are someone who is not to be messed with. But it can also make a powerful statement, reflecting your thoughts on mortality and the cycle of life. There are several ways to design your piece, and the skull looks great when combined with other images like roses, a dagger, or serpents. You can also opt for quotes that inspire you or add the name of a loved one who has passed to transform your design into a memorial tattoo. The stomach is an appealing location because of its size. It can also be easily covered up, letting you decide when and how you want to show off your body art.


Stomach Skull Tattoo1


Stomach Skull Tattoo


18. Stomach Tiger Tattoo

One of the world’s most beautiful and majestic animals is a tiger. A tiger tattoo can make a statement about strength, resilience, and independence. It can be inked by someone who feels they can only rely on themselves to get things done. Or it could be symbolic of freedom and power, inspiring you to take risks and seize every opportunity. The tiger lends itself well to different styles including Japanese, American Traditional, and hyper-realistic, and choosing a large area like the stomach will let you get creative with the finish. Despite being an incredibly painful location for body art, the stomach is also versatile.


Stomach Tiger Tattoo


Stomach Tiger Tattoo1


19. Stomach Owl Tattoo

An owl tattoo is associated with magic, wisdom, and knowledge. These birds are nocturnal and often represent the magic of the nighttime. They are also sometimes linked to the afterlife and seen as a spiritual guides. The owl has importance to many cultures, including the Native American peoples, where it was viewed as a messenger or omen of death. There are many ways to design your owl tattoo, and the appeal of the stomach is that it is a large enough space to combine several images. This could include the moon, skull, or flowers, depending on the meaning you wish to convey.


Owl Stomach Tattoo1


Owl Stomach Tattoo


20. Stomach Ship Tattoo

Every person’s pain threshold is different, but something that most people will agree on is that stomach tattoos hurt. How much discomfort you experience will depend on your build and the size and detail of the design. The appeal is how much freedom you have with your artwork. This is because the stomach is a large area, letting you utilize the space and get creative, like opting for a ship tattoo. Ship tattoos are associated with travel, new beginnings, and adventure. They can be inked by sailors or people who are passionate about the sea. Or the design could appeal to you because of its symbolism.


Ship Stomach Tattoo1


Ship Stomach Tattoo


21. Stomach American Traditional Tattoo

There are many styles to choose from when getting your tattoo, including the American traditional technique. This style is defined by its bold appearance, using thick black outlines, a bright color palette, and limited shading and detail. The tattoos are 2D in appearance and can be simplistic or detailed, depending on your preference. These designs are eye-catching and can make a statement, especially if you choose somewhere visible. The stomach provides you with an excellent location for your next tattoo, lending itself well to small and large designs. American Traditional tattoos feel rebellious and can be a way to show your individuality.


Stomach American Traditional Tattoo1


Stomach American Traditional Tattoo


22. Stomach Bird Tattoo

Bird tattoos are associated with freedom and independence and can make a powerful statement about your thoughts on these things. A bird design could represent your desire to break free of mental and physical constraints and could be inked to remind you to take risks and live life to the fullest. There are also thousands of different bird species to choose from, each with its symbolism. For example, the owl is associated with magic, mystery, and the afterlife, while a swallow represents exploration and travel. The many different options give you the freedom to create a design that is unique and personal. When deciding on the ideal placement, consider the stomach. It is a large area and looks great for detailed designs or small and simple ones.


Stomach Bird Tattoo


Stomach Bird Tattoo1


23. Stomach Roses Tattoo

The rose is one of the most beautiful and symbolic flowers. Rose tattoos are associated with pleasure and pain; this is because the flower is beautiful but the thorns hurt. It can make a statement about your feelings toward a relationship and how you need to keep your heart guarded. Roses also represent beauty, life, and growth. There are many choices for a rose tattoo and you can combine it with other images to add to the overall meaning. The color you choose also impacts the symbolism. Red is associated with passion and revenge while yellow represents friendship and optimism.


Stomach Roses Tattoo


Stomach Roses Tattoo1


24. Stomach Anchor

Anchor tattoos are an obvious choice for sailors and those who spend their lives at sea, but even if you have never set foot on a vessel before, you will be drawn to the symbolism of this inking. Anchors represent stability and calm, used to keep ships from drifting in the current, they represent steadfastness and resilience. An anchor tattoo can be a reminder to stay focused during challenging times. Or it could be inked to show that you have emerged stronger after a tumultuous period in your life. Your design can be big or small, simple or detailed, and created in different styles. Regardless of what you choose to get inked, the stomach is the perfect canvas. It is appealing because of its versatility and will draw attention to one of the sexiest areas of the body.


Stomach Anchor


Stomach Anchor1


25. Stomach Quote Tattoo

Words can move us. They inspire, they motivate, and they can say a lot about your thoughts and feelings, which is why quote tattoos are so popular. Your quote can be taken from anywhere; a favorite childhood storybook, a passage in the Bible, or a poem someone wrote you. There are several fonts to choose from to make the design more personal. You could even opt for the handwriting of a loved one. Choosing to get inked on the stomach will give you more space for longer quotes. You can also combine your quote with other images to create a more detailed tattoo; the choice is yours so have fun with it.


Stomach Quote Tattoo


Stomach Quote Tattoo1


Stomach Tattoo FAQs

Does a stomach tattoo hurt?

Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, but most will agree that a stomach tattoo is incredibly painful. It measures high on the pain scale chart, around seven out of ten for a man and eight out of ten for a woman. Your build and the size and detail of your design will also impact the pain.

How much will my stomach tattoo cost?

A stomach tattoo will vary in price depending on several factors. These include the size and detail of your tattoo, the exact placement, and the studio and artist you choose. For a small and simple design, you can pay as little as the artist’s hourly fee, which could be $100. For something more detailed that will take several sections, it could be over $1000.

Will pregnancy ruin my stomach tattoo?

Pregnancy may affect your stomach tattoo. This is caused by weight gain, stretching, and even skin pigmentation during pregnancy. Weight gain can distort your design and you may also find that after pregnancy you have stretch marks, which can also affect the appearance of your tattoo. The good news is there are many talented tattoo artists which can help you retouch it or cover it up.


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