25 Inspirational Diane Guerrero Quotes from In the Country We Love (2021)

What are the best Diane Guerrero quotes?

Diane Guerrero is an American actress and writer. He has won the Screen ‘Actors Guild Awards’ in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for ‘Orange is the New Black’ for outstanding performance by a cast in a comedy series.

Guerrero published a book titled ‘The in the country we love’, when she was fourteen, her parents were detained.

We put together this collection of the best Diane Guerrero quotes from her book:

25 inspirational Diane Guerrero quotes

9. “To the thousands of well-known children who have felt like I have forgotten – this memoir is my gift to you. It is as much for your treatment as it is for me.” – Diane Guerrero

2. “It is not true that people stop dreaming because they get old. They grow old because they stop dreaming.” – Diane Guerrero

3. “Our passions don’t just force us; they can heal us too.” – Diane Guerrero

4. “The day you finally start dealing with your past is the day you stop dragging it into the present.” – Diane Guerrero

5. “We do not grow between all our births and teens or even our twenties. If we are lucky, we never stop.” – Diane Guerrero

6. “You have to be careful what you share your big dreams. People often pee on them. Some people will even talk to you about their aspirations, mostly because they have given up on themselves.” – Diane Guerrero

9. “Even in the best of times, life is a mixed bag of disappointments and triumphs, heart aches, and heights. Life entails all of the above, and we don’t get how many we will get each, or In what order they will show. But we choose how we will run in our days. Whether we ever cover in the morning or get up to face challenges. “- Diane Guerrero

9. “In some ways, the feeling we have for our loved ones is much deeper, raw than we can feel for ourselves.” – Diane Guerrero

9. “My work on Orange has taught me this: Man is clearly not evil because of his mistakes. They can learn from their errors and get back on track. Anyone because of a part of his history It should not be written forever. ”- Diane Guerrero

10th of 25 Diane Guerrero Quotes

9. “That was the one thing that I can be sure of, that my mother loved me. Whoever tried to come to hell,” – Diane Guerrero

9. “The truth is that in low-paid people their tail is cut off to raise rent, to discuss or accept one’s feelings. Emotional well-being is a first world luxury.” – Diane Guerrero

12. “Emotional well-being is a first world luxury.” – Diane Guerrero

9. “I’ve never been to Columbia. Yet in a way I felt like I’ve been away a dozen times. That’s because my parents connected Eric and me to my homeland. They played music, prepared foods. , Tell us stories of his childhood. “- Diane Guerrero

9. “My story represents all that should be celebrated about America. Only here can the daughter of immigrants grow up and succeed in the competitive and exciting world of acting. And here only a girl like me can be president. I can always be invited to chat with him. I will always cherish those opportunities. “- Diane Guerrero

15. “Some people shirk from boldly claiming what they want the most. Maybe they fear it will push them. Or greedy. Or ungrateful for what they have. But when you see your dreams Hid, when you hide them under the pillow of the couch, they never get the light they need to grow ”- Diane Guerrero

16. “Just as a moment can bring disappointment, it can also start a new beginning. A different life. A dream to move forward and upward rather than backward. “- Diane Guerrero

17. “Serving others- I believe that every person on the planet has a purpose.” – Diane Guerrero

18. “The worst thing I could do was to deprive myself of opportunity because of fear or emotion as if I didn’t deserve it.” – Diane Guerrero

19. “We do not grow between all our births and adolescence or even our twenties. If we are lucky, we never stop. “- Diane Guerrero

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20. “I am a wise woman. I am a good person and a loving daughter. I matter, and what I have to offer also matters. I can forgive myself for what I did yesterday because today is a new day. ”- Diane Guerrero

21. “It took courage to see and hear myself as much as I am… and for once I was not afraid. Someone once said that there are only two emotions – fear and love – and it is impossible to feel them at the same time. That morning, in that room, I was surrounded by love alone. “- Diane Guerrero

22. “Ran away. You take big risks so that you can win big. You step outside, because, you want to be chosen. You want to show something for your effort. “- Diane Guerrero

23. “The worst thing I could do was to deprive myself of opportunity because of fear or feeling as if I didn’t deserve it. It was one of those times when I really started having a dream and making it Seeing the power to do the truth, it doesn’t matter. “- Diane Guerrero

24. “We are not all grown up between birth and adolescence or even our twenties. If we are lucky, we never stop. * – Diane Guerrero

25. “Your failures do not define you,” she continued. “Your value is not about what you do or don’t do. You just have value because you are here.” – Diane Guerrero


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