25 Feather Tattoo Designs & Meaning (2022)

Feather Tattoos


Feather tattoos are a popular choice for women to get inked, and although they are common, they are significant. The symbol is often associated with ideas of freedom, courage, strength, and wisdom. There are also many variations, depending on the bird you choose. A peacock’s plumes, for example, will make a striking piece, and represent protection or beauty, while an eagle is linked to respect and honor. You can make your ink unique to you by adding various elements, including dreamcatchers, or by using bright colors. When it comes to placement, the shape of the thigh or forearm makes them top picks. That said, the feather can also work well as a small design and can be inked just about anywhere on your body. If you are looking for inspiration for a free-spirited tattoo, then keep reading.


Feather Tattoo Meaning

Feather tattoos are symbolic of several things, primarily freedom and independence. Birds can fly, which we associate with a choice; they have the freedom to go where they want. It is the ideal design for someone who wishes to indicate that they are a free spirit or reject the rules of society. Feathers can also have cultural significance. To the Native American peoples, they have been used for more than decorative purposes, and have been worn, hung in homes, and added to weapons. Different feathers had varying symbolism, with the eagle the most revered of all and bringing great honor to the wearer. Similarly, the type of feather you choose for your tattoo is also symbolic. For example, a peacock feather is associated with beauty, pride, and royalty, whereas an eagle feather represents courage and power. Feathers can also form part of a larger design which will add to the overall meaning, like a dreamcatcher or an arrow.


Feather Tattoo Designs

1. Peacock Feather Tattoo

Do you want a bright, bold tattoo? Then a peacock feather could be your next exciting design. The fantastic thing about this plumage is the colors, and it makes for a striking piece that is bound to get you noticed. It is advisable to get tattooed somewhere you can regularly see because your ink will demand attention! That said, the feather is much more than just decorative and represents beauty, pride, royalty, and luxury. It could be inked on a woman who wants to remind herself of the importance of self-love and acceptance. To some, the feather can also symbolize protection and could chase away evil spirits.


Peacock Feather Tattoo


2. Eagle Feather Tattoo

The eagle is one of the most majestic birds in the world, but it is also rich in symbolism. It has particular importance in Native American culture, with its feathers often used for much more than decorative purposes. They are worn with pride and can be given to someone as a sign of respect or honor. The plumage is thought to represent bravery and strength, so it is not surprising that a woman who values these qualities would want to get an eagle tattoo design onto her skin.


Eagle Feather Tattoo


3. Phoenix Feather Tattoo

The phoenix is a much-loved image to get tattooed because it symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth. The mythical creature cyclically regenerates and is reborn from ashes after bursting into flame; thus, it is linked to renewal and triumph ideas. A person choosing to get a design of its feather would be drawn to the bird’s symbolism. Perhaps they have overcome a struggle in the past or is on a personal journey. When deciding to get a phoenix t6attoo it works best in color and is often tattooed in bright orange and red hues to indicate a fire.


Phoenix Feather Tattoo


4. Turkey Feather Tattoo

Do you want ink that is filled with powerful meaning? If the ideas of honor, wisdom, and power appeal to you, then a turkey feather tattoo is the body art for you. The plumage is also thought to represent abundance and fertility. It is interesting to note that some feathers have special meaning to several cultures; for example, the turkey’s plume was used by the Native American people to stabilize their feathers. You can decide for yourself what this design will mean to you, but one thing we know is that it will make for a fantastic tattoo.


Turkey Feather Tattoo


5. Hawk Feather Tattoo

You may want to remind yourself of your inner strength and the things you have overcome in life, and this can be done with a hawk feather tattoo. The bird’s plumage is often linked with protection and strength and could represent a turning point in your life. You will be on the road to happiness and positivity. It is not hard to see why this would be an excellent piece for a woman who has struggled and come out stronger because of it. The feather itself is beautiful and requires detail to do it justice. Keeping this in mind, an area like the forearm or thigh lends itself well to long, narrow designs.


Hawk Feather Tattoo


6. Owl Feather Tattoo

When deciding on your next body art, you may love the idea of an owl tattoo because the bird has rich symbolism. The nocturnal animal is connected to wisdom and knowledge and has played an essential role in many cultures. For the Native American peoples, it is thought of as a guardian of knowledge, while the Ancient Romans are said to have believed that the owl’s hoot signaled an important person’s death. You can get creative with your owl tattoo design by choosing to add an image of an owl or ink only the feather, the choice is yours, and whatever you choose, it’s going to be a great tattoo!


Owl Feather Tattoo


7. Indian Feather Tattoo

The feather has many purposes in Native American culture and is an important symbol. Depending on the use, the plumes take on different meanings, but in general, an Indian feather tattoo is thought to represent strength, protection, and bravery. It was worn by warriors, adorned the garments of respected and honored individuals, or incorporated into weapons and tools. It is essential to do your research and be mindful and respectful of the culture to not offend with an insensitive design.


Indian Feather Tattoo


8. Feather with Birds Tattoo

Of all the meanings associated with feathers, perhaps the most powerful is the idea of freedom. We all wish we could take to the sky the way birds do and to travel to places that are beyond our reach. A tattoo of both feathers and birds is rich in symbolic value and is something that you should ink onto your skin if you wish to remind yourself of your goal to be free from the things that weigh you down. The design is also linked with hope and spirituality.


Feather Tattoo With Birds

9. Small Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos look great when inked onto the thigh or forearm, and these locations allow for detail and shading, but that doesn’t mean small tattoo  designs aren’t just as striking. The beauty of a tiny feather ink is that it has just as much symbolic value, but there is no limit in terms of placement options, and it won’t hurt as much to get tattooed. The feather represents freedom, trust, honor, and strength, among other things. The powerful meaning associated with this symbol makes it a great tattoo, regardless of the size.


Small Feather Tattoo


10. Infinity Feather Tattoo

The infinity tattoo symbol is a popular tattoo choice because it represents timelessness and the idea of something continuing forever. To make the design more unique, many people add different elements to it, including feathers. The two images combined make for an even more striking and symbolic inkling and can be a statement of your affection for someone or your goal towards being free or hopeful. The beauty of this piece is that it is open to interpretation.


Infinity Feather Tattoo


11. Tribal Native American Feather Tattoo

The feather holds great significance to the Native American peoples and has been used on their arrows, to adorn their garments. They were also used as gifts and in spiritual ceremonies. The plumage has symbolic value and represents honor, courage, and trust, among other things. When deciding to get a tattoo, you may be inspired by the culture, but always do your research beforehand to ensure you are not getting inked with something inappropriate or offensive.


Tribal Native American Feather Tattoo


12. Watercolour Feather Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are increasing in popularity, and for a good reason!  The expertly blended colors look as though they are running into each other, much like they would be if they were a painting on a canvas. The technique works exceptionally well with images of animals and nature, and a feather is a fantastic choice. It is important to remember that although beautiful, watercolor ink does fade much faster, especially if there are no bold black outlines used in your chosen body art. It is also best to choose a location that does not get a lot of sunlight exposure to try and make it last as long as possible.


Watercolour Feather Tattoo


13. Colourful Feather Tattoo

There are many reasons why you should get inked with a colorful feather tattoo. For starters, it is incredibly eye-catching, and your design comes to life against your skin. It is much easier to notice a bold and bright piece, and you can incorporate the shades that you love the most. There are some drawbacks, though; color tends to fade faster. If you choose a placement that gets a lot of sun exposure, your ink will not age well.


Colourful Feather Tattoo


14. Arrow and Feather Tattoo

Both the arrow and the feather can be linked to Native American culture. The plumage was often added to stabilize the weapon, which was used for hunting or protection. The combination of these images is often associated with strength, and it is the perfect option for a woman who finds this quality appealing. There are many variations of the arrow tattoo design, and you can opt for something simple or complex. Regardless of your choice, this is a piece that is rich in symbolism and a much-loved tattoo.


Feather And Arrow Tattoo


15. Crown and Feather Tattoo

A crown tattoo and feather may seem like an unusual combination, but it makes for a beautiful and unmissable tattoo. The headpiece is worn by monarchs and is often associated with power and glory, while the feather is linked to freedom and strength. Thus the combination is rich in symbolism. Your chosen design will turn heads if inked in color, which will do justice to such an intricate piece. Not only will you want to get tattooed somewhere where you can see your ink every day, but you also need to choose a spot that has enough space.


Crown And Feather Tattoo1


16. Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

Dream catchers are stunning, detailed objects that have great significance in Native American culture. It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to a dream catcher tattoo and feather because it is rich in symbolism, representing freedom, protection, and wisdom, among other things. The man-made creation is often completed with plumage to encourage good dreams and positive thoughts. There are many birds to choose from, and the choice will take on a different meaning. The use of an owl’s feathers, for example, could bring wisdom.


Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo


17. Feather Pen Tattoo

You probably own several plastic pens, but before the advancement of technology, those wanting to write used feather quills. The old-fashioned writing utensil is now seen as a symbol for communication and makes for a fantastic tattoo. It also represents good manners and tradition, as well as grace and beauty. The best thing about this piece is that you can include words or phrases that are meaningful to you, making your body art even more unique. If you want to remind yourself of your goals or the important things in your life, you can do so with a tattoo like this.


Feather Pen Tattoo


18. Wrist Feather Tattoo

If you have a tattoo that you love and want to see every day, why not consider getting a wrist tattoo? The location is one of the most popular places for women to get tattooed because of its visibility; plus, ink in this area looks super cute. The wrist works best with small and simple tattoo designs, which are subtle but elegant. It is worth remembering that the thin skin and lack of muscle in this spot make it a relatively painful body art place.


Wrist Feather Tattoo


19. Feather Tattoo on the Foot

Foot tattoos may be painful to get inked and take a long time to heal — wearing shoes may hurt for a few days after — but if you can endure the discomfort, this is an extraordinary place to get tattooed. The foot’s appeal is that you can cover up your ink if you wish or show it off. There is also enough space for a detailed design, or you can opt for something dainty. If you are looking for inspiration for your next tat, this may be the place to get it!


Feather Tattoo On The Foot


20. Forearm Feather Tattoo

If you want a decent size tattoo and the ability to show it off, then consider the forearm the perfect area for your next inkling. The beauty of a forearm tattoo is that it is big enough to allow for a detailed design, and thanks to the thickness of the skin and muscle, it doesn’t tend to hurt as much as other spots would. Visibility is a significant pro for those who want to show off a meaningful tattoo, and a feather is a great choice.


Forearm Feather Tattoo


21. Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

You’ve probably seen one of your favorite celebs rocking a behind the ear tattoo and noticed how understated yet cool they are. The great thing about this location is that it has a feminine quality about it, and although you won’t be able to see your chosen design every day, it is still a way to express your style and values. When deciding on your ink placement options, you need to consider pain level, which is an area with very thin skin. You will experience some discomfort, but it thankfully won’t last for long because tattoos here are usually small.


Feather Tattoo Behind The Ear


22. Feather Tattoo on the Hand

If you are going to get a hand tattoo, then remember, this is a spot that demands attention. It is also essential to choose the right design, so you don’t get up regretting it and still have to look at it every day. A feather tattoo is deeply symbolic, and the ideas of freedom, power, and honor are all appealing to a modern woman. It is a stunning spot to show off a piece that means something to you, but your ink won’t last as long in this location. The reason is due to the frequency of use and exposure to elements.


Feather Tattoo On The Hand


23. Feather Neck Tattoo

The older generations felt neck tattoos were for delinquents and thugs, and it was a spot that should not be inked on. The visibility was an issue, but these days, the attitude towards ink is changing. A design here is bound to get noticed, so it really makes a statement, but there are also some downsides to tattooing your neck. It is one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and you will experience some discomfort. It is also a placement that is not easy to cover up, so you need to consider your lifestyle. If you have a corporate job, choose another spot; if not, embrace the location, and get a design that is as bold as your personality.


Feather Neck Tattoo


24. Feather Finger Tattoo

Women love finger tattoos because they are so dainty and cute. It is the perfect spot to get inked if you want simple yet meaningful body art, and you can choose a design to suit your personality. Feathers work well on the finger because the shape is long and slender, allowing your piece to fit perfectly. Your chosen tattoo may fade faster than if it were inked somewhere else on the body because of the frequency we use our hands, but you won’t mind getting it retouched. Sometimes the best ink is not overly detailed or big; it’s little and elegant.


Feather Finger Tattoo


25. Ankle Tattoo

The ankle is one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body, so we can understand why someone would want to get an ankle tattoo. The area lends itself well to small designs, and a feather would be a great piece to get inked. Many people love the location because it is so easy to hide, making it an appealing option for anyone to get tattooed, regardless of their job. The fact that your body art is not so visible also makes it more personal. There are far more pros than cons regarding this placement, but keep in mind that the ankle does cause some discomfort because of the spot’s sensitivity.


Ankle Tattoo


Feather Tattoos FAQs

What does peacock feather tattoo mean?

A peacock feather represents beauty, luxury, and royalty. It is the perfect design for a woman who wants to remind herself of the importance of self-love and acceptance. To some, the feather can also symbolize protection and could chase away evil spirits.

Where do you put the feather tattoo?

Feather tattoos tend to work in both large and detailed designs and small and simple ones. This means that there are many placement options for your chosen ink. That said, the feather’s long and narrow shape lends itself well to areas like the forearm and thigh.

Are feather tattoos bad luck?

Feather tattoos mean something different to each culture. For example, the peacock feather can be seen as a symbol of protection and good luck, while some may view the owl as bad luck and an omen of death.

Are feather tattoos cliché?

Indeed, a feather is not the most original tattoo, and it is a symbol that is often inked. For some, it could be seen as a cliché option, but you can make your design unique by opting for different colors and adding other elements such as names or phrases.


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