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25 Excellent Chinese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Chinese Tattoo Designs – How Chinese Tattoo Design Works: If you’ve been to China before, then you probably know about Chinese tattoo designs. If you were ever to visit China itself, you would see a variety of traditional Chinese art in different places, such as in front of Buddha statues and on the bodies of ordinary people. Even if you’ve never seen any actual tattoos, you can still understand why the Chinese just see Chinese tattoo designs in the bad people. It couldn’t be more clear, tattoo back in ancient Chinese times, Tattoos just weren’t seen at all.

Chinese people in ancient times are said to have used different methods for decorating their bodies with tattoos. One popular method was to draw the image of an animal or a symbol on their skin. Of course, it goes without saying that in China, the image was a symbol. For example, a lion tattoo is said to represent strength and power. The tiger is said to represent wealth and the eagle is said to symbolize good luck.

Popular tattoo design

Another popular tattoo design method is called “kan zhu.” In this method, a lot of pressure is applied on the skin with the intention to cause pain or discomfort. This method was especially popular among women during the Han dynasty. The reason for this method is that women, being more delicate creatures, were more prone to pain.

But the most popular method, according to historians, would be to tattoo those people who belong to the bad people. These people are known as the “tattoo devils.” The bad people of China are said to be people with poor health or people who committed many crimes.

Tattoos in China are not only limited to women; they can be used by men as well. Some men have even considered getting tattoos for more reasons than women have – especially since tattoos in China usually symbolize their masculinity and masculine values.


Because China has such a rich culture, there are a lot of unique Chinese tattoo designs to choose from. If you want to get a Chinese tattoo design, try looking for it online or in books that deal with Chinese culture.

Although most tattoo parlors will usually have designs of Chinese tattoos for sale, there are also websites that specialize in selling them. There are also tattoo shops that sell Chinese tattoo designs but have their own unique collection of designs, as well as the original Chinese designs that you may find online or in books.

Tattoos are a great way to express your feelings and to show what you want to your loved ones. They also serve as a lasting reminder of past memories, so keep that in mind when choosing Chinese tattoo designs.

Choosing Chinese Designs

Chinese tattoo designs are also very popular all over the world. Most tattoo parlors have them available for sale, so you will not need to search for a design. You may have to travel a bit to find some of the unique designs, but once you find them, you are sure to enjoy them for years to come.

Chinese tattoo designs are not only limited to those people who belong to the bad people. Many celebrities have chosen to have these designs, including celebrities from other parts of the world such as Michael Jackson. and Britney Spears.

Some Chinese tattoo designs are very complex in design. If you don’t want something too complicated, you may want to go for the less elaborate designs. or the ones that you can just put on in a day.

Once you find a Chinese tattoo, you may wonder why you didn’t think about it before. Chinese tattoo is the perfect choice for those who want to express themselves creatively and express their individual personalities.

Chinese Tattoo

1. Snake

Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo1

The above pictures symbolize a “snake” as a Chinese Character tattoo. It’s a widely inked tattoo one of the people of China. Snakes, since time immemorial, have been connected with irreligious symbols of regeneration and regeneration capacity. But this also explains why this ink layout has the skyscraping position of being widely called a transformation and rejuvenation. Additionally, it is referred to as the Caduceus and the staff of Asclepius, which is really the Greek God of medication, reviving and recovery.

2. Dragon

Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese dragon is among the most frequently accepted in the basket of tattoo personalities. Dragons, in any situation, are the very precious creatures in Asian civilization, be it for the interest of mythology or differently. If or not a conventional Chinese dragon or a Jade dragon tattoo, then these layouts usually depict horse feel, pansophy, independence, competence, ability, longevity, prosperity and all the best. An individual can get it in black shape or may pick from vibrant colors. Additionally, its designs are diverse with no endings, be it miniature winged or breathing flame.

3. Calligraphy Tattoos

Calligraphy Tattoo

If Chinese calligraphy fascinates you, then this tattoo design is especially meant for you personally. Chinese calligraphy is believed about being among the greatest examples of artistic finesse. An individual may have a phrase or word inked in this exquisite and one of a kind fashion with a balance of proper color combination.

4. Letter Tattoos

Letter Tattoos

Single letter tattoo designs are dime-a-dozen of Chinese tattoo designs. They’re self-explanatory, easy as ABC however have a whole lot of comprehensible meanings attached to it. Just one letter can have cool of the trendiest apprehensions like peace, unity or any type of emotion, possibly friendship, love, anguish, etc.. You may take a peek at the above image and discover which idea would appear explicit to receive stamped in your entire body. It could be viewed upon as a Chinese font tattoo.

5. Animal Name Tattoos

Animal Name Tattoos

Time and again, individuals commit oneself to obtain the Chinese title of the eldest creature tattooed. And the other instances they get creature name tattoo to reveal a few peculiarities they stand for or against. What’s more, if you’re an animal lover, nobody can prevent you really from getting such pro tattoos inked. The tattoos displayed in the above image can be produced more trendy by adding shapes to such Chinese fonts and incorporating an element of imagination at the exact same. These tattoos are crucial go for people who have immense love for pets or even mutts.

6. Chinese Lady

Chinese Lady Tattoo

The tattoo at the high image is among the most beautiful and important lady tattoo Chinese layouts. It may be worn by guys that are intensely in love with a person from the core of their center. Additionally, such tattoos reveal that you’re recalling somebody whom you’ve dropped long ago. It exhibits various emotions of someone. An individual can also get it inked for the interest of its own attractiveness. Moreover, if that really is getting done by a female may represent her belief and self-obsession.

7. Chinese Angel Tattoo

Chinese Angel Tattoo

Angels, since far back in history, have been retained in your mind with a belief that they’re the messengers of God. Additionally, such tattoos declare that you’re a God-fearing individual or have faith in the Almighty. Angel tattoos followed closely by flying wings or fantastic palms are often seen unpopular among youthful and gorgeous women. The most suitable place for getting a angel tattoo design will be on the trunk.

8. Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

Another wonderful option can be receiving your title inked in Oriental. You may even adorn title of your near and precious loved ones. This may be accommodated together with small trademarks or motifs as well as the titles. The alphabets from the title seem matchless ever.

9. Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoos are of fantastic significance. Chinese individuals have a tendency towards koi fish because it’s very beginning. It depicts that one must conquer a hell of adversities through strong willpower and daring determination, that’s the only approach to attain desirable goals in your life. Today, here koi fish is seen in two manners, which are either upstream or downstream. The former signifies that the individual has blown over rough times and is currently on the method of his development whereas the latter signifies that his life remains to confront turbulences and the man or woman is fighting hard.

10. Chinese Buddha Tattoos

Chinese Buddha Tattoov

The laughing Buddha continues to be famous all around the world because of its prosperousness and great times. They ought to be white and black whilst bringing positive attention. They are usually gelled up together with the sign of yin and yang. These tattoos are gracious initially appearance and a exceptional option in itself also.

11. Chinese Flower Tattoos

Chinese Flower Tattoo

If you’re a nature lover, then green blossom tattoos are a win-win scenario that you receive them inked over your entire body. In traditional Chinese culture, cherry flowers endure for femininity and enjoy. To not forget, these kind of tattoos provide a strikingly feminine appearance also.

12. Chinese Music Tattoo

Chinese Music Tattoo

Music is a superb way to express your emotions without really saying it. So, people with a proneness towards audio may get such tattoos inked to brag of the attention points. Such tattoos provide another look when worn arms or shoulders or neck too for that issue. An individual can offer a glorifying appearance by adding components to it might be a celebrity or something.

13. Tribal Chinese Tattoos and Face

Tribal Chinese Tattoo

Few native minorities in China follow tattoo heritage until now. It’s understood that they receive a tattoo inked in their face right in the time when they get twelve years of age. This is done in order to show they have grown older by this moment. Such tattoos are finished with symbols and small animals between the eyebrows and around their mouths. Unusual of those tribal tattoos also have mustaches made previously. It’s very awkward to discover the specific ancient tribal tattoo since individuals have begun innovating their tattoos in fashion designs.

14. Chinese Tiger Symbol Tattoo

Chinese Tiger Symbol Tattoo

Tiger is regarded among the most critical Chinese tattoos. It’s among those Chinese zodiac animal signs as well as the third year creature in the twelfth year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Tiger tattoo signifies courage, ruthlessness, stability, ambitions, hope, self-reliance, lack of focus, attention and friendly disposition. So anybody, who has the above-mentioned kind of qualities can acquire Chinese tiger tattoo design.

15. Chinese Lion Head Tattoo

Chinese Lion Head Tattoo

Lionhead tattoos have discovered commonplace in the realm of tattoos. These are normally worn by guys. A lion-head tattoo signifies features like courage and strength.

16. Chinese Fan Tattoo

Chinese Fan Tattoo

Exotic tattoos may be worn by both women and men. Exotic tattoos may contain quite different items like bamboo, turtle shells, bones, and ivory. Some have a type of romantic poetry composed on a buff. Fans are designed to stand outside. It may be regarded as a sign of good luck and prosperity.

17. Chinese Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

Chinese Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

Kokeshi dolls are initially North Japanese merchandise but have been seen in China too by tattoos. Dolls Kokeshi are normally made from timber, acquiring a slick trunk and enlarges mind, with a couple painted lines to provide definition to their own faces. Kokeshi’s tattoo signifies a personality that’s benevolent and warm-hearted by character.

18. A Ying-Yang Tattoo

A Ying-Yang Tattoo

The wall-to-wall yin-yang emblem holds its parentage in Taoism or Daoism, and it will be a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is connected with shadows concerning protection, femininity, and the trough of a wave along with the yang symbolizes the mild swoosh, representing brightness, fire, positive expects and expansion. Additionally, within this yin-yang, an individual may get inked names of the nearest and dearest.

19. Chinese Phoenix Tattoo

Chinese Phoenix Tattoo

An Chinese Phoenix tattoo looks like fire, rebirth, immortality, as well as the new start of someone’s life. The climbing or flying Phoenix signifies a individual has gone through quite rough times, but has grown extended his or her fitness.

20. Live, Laugh and Love Tattoo

Live, Laugh and Love Tattoo

These 3 vases,”Live, Laugh and Love” are remarkably popular with Chinese people. This obviously depicts they would like to live their life to the fullest with rejoicing and cherishing every minute. Such liveliness and lively attitude can be understood in their areas of work too.

21. Chinese Lantern Tattoo

Chinese Lantern Tattoo

The idealism behind the lantern tattoo is largely transparent and self explanatory. It’s a streamer for mild and can be used to light the way . One uses it to detect its route and in a sense, a lantern is a manual, a pathfinder.

22. Chinese Fire Rooster Tattoo

Chinese Fire Rooster Tattoo

The choice of fire or chicken rooster might appear odd but they have their origins in the early culture of the area. A rooster is a bird that is proud, and surprisingly emblematic. This type of tattoo appears crazy and ravishing. Ordinarily, these are tattooed sailors’ feet.

23. Chinese Eye Tattoo

Chinese Eye Tattoo

An eye tattoo could be a”third eye,” which obviously means instinct and the ability to see past the obvious or perhaps to the occasions yet to roll up. The eye may also be considered a sign for protecting or protecting yourself from bad influences.

24. A Panda Tattoo

A Panda Tattoo

A Panda Tattoo1

Panda has become a symbolic creature of this Asian civilization for many years together. A bear panda could be obtained as a sign of peace, calmness, and serenity. People choose this creature to be inked in their body for symbolizing that they have an opportunity to use this creature and have developed a love for the exact same or because of its profound beautiful significance.

25. Chinese Crow Tattoo

Chinese Crow Tattoo

A crow tattoo is still another ink worn out by indigenous men and women. 1 crow is thought to be a bad omen, whereas 2 crows have been regarded as a luck emblem, which can be fairly optimistic. The tattoo of six crows is intended to be a symbol of the best truth that’s passing. The crow tattoo as a whole symbolizes mythology and mystery.

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