25 birthday party games for toddlers – Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday party games for toddlers: Planning a birthday party for your toddler can be challenging. That’s because they are fast moving bundles of energy, with hard to organize skills and lots going on inside their little head!

They also struggle sometimes when learning new games which means everything in the activity must hold enough interest so as not lose focus from what’s being taught or played – but still keep things simple enough that you don’t get voted off completely before even starting this ride Along Road Trip adventure

Planning a great party for your little one?

This guide is perfect! It has 25 toddler games that are sure to keep both kids engaged and their parents happy. You’ll find everything from dancing with construction paper hats on, tag outside in the garden or playing doctor at home – all these fun activities can be done during any child’s birthday celebration so long as you have enough time set aside beforehand.”

#1 – Sing-a-long 

You’re invited to a party! At this hilarious gathering, you will have an opportunity for parents and their little ones alike get up on the dance floor.

As well as enjoy delicious finger foods while listening/singing along with some great tunes played by our DJ – including classics from The Rolling Stones, Blue Swede etc., all set against beautiful landscape photography provided free-of

  • The Wheels On The Bus
  • The Alphabet Song
  • Polly, Put The Kettle On
  • If You’re Happy
  • Six Little Ducks
  • Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
  • Jack and Jill
  • Bingo
  • Old McDonald
  • Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me

Toddlers are a joy to teach and watch as they discover new things. One of the most exciting moments for toddlers is singing with friends, which makes it important that you have educational songs in your child’s music library so he or she can participate fully without feeling left out!

These fun toddler song ideas will help provide opportunities throughout playtime while also teaching basic sounds through sound effects like “boom” from an drums kit when someone knocks on wood.”

#2 – Bubble Popping

Bubbles are the best new object for toddlers to discover. They can make them float through air, pop with a finger, and even drive other children crazy in an attempt at getting one!

If you’re looking forward too hosting your next party – purchase this amazing toy right now- it’ll be sure not only delight all attendees but also provide plenty of fun opportunities on its own too (like holding contests).

Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of bubbles! Whether you use an automatic machine or get them involved in making their own creations, there are so many ways for exploration and fun.

You could even turn bubble popping into a competition by giving out prizes if they can burst more than 20 within 1 minute–the number should be simple enough that all kids win something exciting without requiring too much effort from parents (or adults).

In addition, try introduction with these two great devices:  iTEKnic Bubble Machine on sale here

The perfect way to entertain your guests is with our 32-piece assortment of bubbles! You’ll have everyone in stitches, especially when they see that special design on their favorite person’s birthday or wedding day.

From Christmas celebrations like turkey Day and celebrated anniversaries; these toys make great summer outdoor gifts too – just think about how happy you will be seeing little ones playing outside again thanks to us!

And any other time during those warm months where there are parties happening at all hours (you know what I’m talking about). So grab one before it sells out:

  • Super value pack:Bubble Soap Liquid set of 32 pec 8 colors (Red,Pink,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,lake blue,Purple)with cute theme design ,as party supplies reunion fun for kids.
  • Each bubble toy measures 4”, recommend for children 3 years up, made of non-toxic smelless soap solution, Very Safe to kids’ skin and face. Child can enjoying the spring, various birthday Celebration.

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#3 – Balloon Games

You can take advantage of this fact by running several balloon games at the party. Some great options include:

Bubble Dance – have every child holding a bubble wand, then place all bubbles in front them on tables or floor so they must dance through it without stepping on any; when someone does step onto another’s creations however those owning said item quickly Staff members will come run over with cleaning supplies ready to clean up whatever toddler did wrong!

Balloon volleyball 

This is a fun game for toddlers that teaches them about air pressure and how high up something can fly.

Start by setting up two teams with an balloon between them, then tell your little ones they need to keep the paper bag afloat by allowing it only touch ground once per turn—if one team manages this task while preventing their opponent from doing so then points will be scored!

The first team reaching ten wins; however if neither side achieves victory at any point during playtime (or even before) there’s always another round waiting just around corner.

Balloon waddle races

In this game, the toddlers are split into teams of two. They’ll each get a balloon that they must share with their partner. When you say “go” one person from each team will place it between their knees before waddling to either side as fast possible while trying not pop theirs or give up on getting back together again!

The last player remaining wins prizes for all three categories: running fastest (first), being highest ranked among those still playing after 75 minutes

Balloon and spoon race

This is a fun way for toddlers to exercise their creativity and improve balance. All they have to do it walk or run with an egg on top of the spoon while balancing themselves, avoiding hitting any obstacles along the way!

If someone falls down because he hit something unexpected in these races then you can always let him continue playing until his balloon lands back near where we started – but only if there are still competitors left standing after everyone else has been eliminated from play

Balloon Painting

Have you ever seen a toddler’s art? They’re so creative and ahead of their time! Now that they are learning about shapes, let them use these new skills to make funny faces on balloons for everyone in the room.

This video teaches some great ideas for what kinds or designs your little artist can create with such budding talent:

A collection of indoor toddler party game ideas.

#4 – Musical Bumps

The game is based on creativity and zaniness. To play, you will need some music for the group dance (or if someone doesn’t have any good ideas then just tell them to turn up their favorite station!).

Then get everyone ready by sitting down together while waiting til it’s time; once everything has stopped moving they’re able to stand back up again!

The rules are simple: there can only be one winner per round – but don’t forget that winners gotta share so make sure nobody goes home empty handed at least once during this competition!”

#5 – Bottom Shuffle Race

Toddlers will often learn how to shuffle their bottoms before they begin walking or crawling.

They do this by scooting along, getting momentum from leaning forward and backward while moving onto all fours (like an animal going into heat).

You can have your kids race one another in order for them get familiar with the motion–just make sure there’s something at stake!

#6 – Scavenger Hunt

What’s better than an exciting game of hide-and seek? A scavenger hunt! Scavengers get to explore their surroundings and find objects that might be new.

The best part about playing this type of indoors or outdoors is how easy it can start – all you need are some clues for each item on your list, which will lead them in order from one spot throughout the house/location until they’ve found every piece at least once (or twice!).

You may also want give toddlers cards with pictures cut out so there isn’t any confusion while walking around looking things up

Mollybee Kids Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards at Home

  • Toddler Time: This is a perfect first game for little ones! Toddler Scavenger Hunt cards contain 20 double-sided sturdy questions and prompts to guide your toddler on an adventure.

    Playing with the Cards builds vocabulary, increases confidence – all while having fun together in this interactive activity book that will get you closer than ever before by spending one-onone time alone as well as exploring new things they might be curious about outside of themselves or what’s going inside their own homes.

  • Indoor Fun: Have you ever been stuck indoors on a rainy day? But don’t worry because we’ve got some awesome cards for toddlers that can help them discover what’s around their house.

    The set includes 80 different images and provides hours of entertainment as they explore the things in this world from pots & pans to trucks!

#7 – Animal Sounds

Two-year-olds are very skilled at mimicking the things they see and hear. This “toddler talent” makes games like Animal Sounds perfect for toddler’s parties. Start by gathering the toddlers into a group. Explain that they will need to pretend to be the animal that you name when you say “Everyone be a…”

It may help to show the group a short video of the animal in action on your phone or tablet before you shout each one out. When they are ready, shout out: “Everyone be a lion” or whatever animal you are using. Let them play as this animal for 30 seconds or so, they will have a great time!

My young nieces love being elephants. They enjoy stomping around, making roaring noises and lifting their arms like a pretend trunk. You can also use mythical creatures like fairies, unicorns, and trolls if you prefer. 

Need some animal ideas? Check out this list of animals that start with the letter N. We have many more animal game ideas and activities.

#8 – Dance Contests

A dancing contest is a brilliant toddler’s party game because young children love moving about and it will use up a lot of their abundant energy. Play a number of songs and have the kids dance about. At the end of each song, hand out awards for the most beautiful, most funky, most creative and most energetic dances. Make sure everyone gets a prize.

#9 – The Fishing Game

This is an entertaining game that will keep toddlers busy for quite a while. To play the fishing game, you will need a dozen or more small prizes in wrapping paper with a metal washer attached to each one. You will also need a “fishing line” which is a rod with some string attached. A magnet is also secured onto the end of the string, so it can pick up the prizes by attaching to the metal washers they contain.

Arrange the prizes on a small tarpaulin or in an empty kid’s swimming pool. Each toddler then gets a turn using the fishing rod in an attempt to pull a prize from the pond. They continue playing until everyone has “caught” a prize.

An alternative to using prizes is to buy a pre-made fishing game like this product from DC-BEAUTIFUL. It consists of a small blow-up pond, 25 plastic fish, 2 fishing rods, and 2 fishing nets. It is a fun toddler party game that will keep them busy for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

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#10 – Pass The Parcel

Pass the parcel is a classic toddler party game that all children love. Prepare for this game by wrapping a prize in at least a dozen layers of newspaper or wrapping paper. Then, have the children sit in a circle and pass the gift to one another as some music is playing. Whenever you pause the music, the child holding the present gets to unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. The child who unwraps the last layer gets to keep the prize.

If the group is too young to unwrap a parcel or has members who are likely to throw a tantrum if they miss out on the prize, you could play “Pass The Balloon”. In this version of the game, children still sit in a circle as they pass a balloon around. When the music is paused, the toddler holding the balloon is allowed to go into the center of the circle and pick a prize out of a bag. Playing this version of the game makes it easy to ensure that every child gets at least one prize.

#11 – Pin The Tail On The Donkey

The easiest way to play this classic game is to buy a pre-made pin the tail on the donkey set, which contains a donkey poster, donkey tails, and blindfolds. Because it uses stickers instead of tacks, there is no risk of the toddlers injuring themselves. You just need to attach the poster to a wall, then show the toddlers how to play.

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#12 – Party Hats Making

Although this activity is designed for slightly older children, toddlers can still enjoy it with some help from adults or older kids. It is a party hat-making activity that comes with 12 hats, 3 sheets of cutout eyes/ears/feathers/hands/hair, sticker sheets, 12 pompoms, elastic strings, and double-sided sticky pads. 

The toddlers will happily spend 10-15 minutes creating their unique party before proudly wearing it around the party. Check out the Glittery Garden Party Hats Making Activity.

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#13 – Carnival Toss Games

By the time a child is two years old, they starting to work on their hand-eye coordination. They can throw objects at short ranges and even makes catches at ‘very’ close range. 

Even though they aren’t particularly skilled at throwing and catching, they love doing it. You can make the most of this by setting up several carnival toss party games. There are several products that are suitable as a toddler’s party game, including:

Unglinga Carnival Toss Game

This combi set contains a large 31.5 x 55 inch toss banner, 12 toss rings, 12 bean bags, and 6 cones. The toddlers can attempt to throw the bean bags through the holes in the poster or toss rings onto the cones.

Last update on 2022-04-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Outdoor Games Combo Set

This set contains 6 x 9” inch plastic cones, 10 brightly colored bean bags, and 10 x 5” rings. This is a great choice if you are going to make your own toddler activities and just need cones, bags, and rings.

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iBaseToy Carnival Games Bean Bag Toss Game 

This bean bag toss game is a great choice for 2nd birthday parties. It comes with 10 brightly decorated tins and 3 bean bags. The front of the tins features zany faces, while the backs have point numbers written on them. You simply stack the tins and give each toddler three throws. If you wish, you can count the points on the tins that they manage to successfully knock over to see who wins. 

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 #14 – Make-a-Face Activity

This is a super-creative 2nd birthday party activity that toddlers are guaranteed to enjoy. It is a 36 piece sticker set with sheets that contain different faces, eyebrows, mouths, eyes, and various objects. 

Participants can choose which components to place on the faces of the Lion, Clownfish, Octopus, Narwhal, Unicorn, Dinosaur, Monkey, Elephant, and Shark included in the set. They can create some zany combinations and will be happily showing off their work to other people at the party once they finish. Check out the Joyin 36 piece Make-a-Face Sticker Set.

JOYIN 36 PCS Make-a-face Sticker Sheets Make Your Own Animal Mix and Match Sticker Sheets with Safaris, Sea and Fantasy Animals Kids Party Favor Supplies Craft

  • 36 Pieces Animal Theme Party Supplies Mix and Match Decoration Stickers. Pack Includes Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Shark, Clownfish, Octopus, Narwhal, Unicorn and Dinosaur
  • SUPER FUN! Each Sheet has 3 Different Designs of Eyes, Mouths and Even Eyebrows to Make Whatever Silly or Cute Faces Your Kids Like. Enjoy Creativity and Fun to Your Party Celebration for Birthday and House Party, Group Activity, Art Class or other Activities.

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#15 – Pirate Adventures

There are plenty of pirate-themed activities that are ideal for toddler parties. Start by dressing the toddlers up in some pirate-themed clothing, then playing:

Walk the plank

Place a blue tarpaulin on the ground. Next, lay some bricks on the tarpaulin and place lengths of timber across them. Tell the toddlers that they must pretend they are ‘walking the plank’ and that the tarpaulin represents shark-filled water. If they manage to cross the plank without falling they win a prize. Give them plenty of chances to get across and if they are very small, hold their hands to help them.

Pirate Duck Throw 

Tell the toddlers that their next task is to take down some pirates who happen to also be ducks. Set up some of these pirate duck toys on a box or seat. The toddlers then take turns throwing water-soaked sponges or bean bags at the pirate ducks in an effort to take them down.

Water war

If your toddler’s party is being held in Summer, why not have a water war between pirate gangs. Divide the group into two and hand out some small water pistols. You can spruce up the game by defining a base for each team and leaving some pirate ducks there. The toddlers have to brave being drenched by water pistols in an effort to retrieve the enemy’s pirate ducks.

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#16 – Parachute Games

Parachute games are the perfect toddler party activity. They are exciting and will keep the toddlers active — using up their abundant energy! To play parachute games, you will obviously need a parachute. This parachute from Play Platoon is a great choice because of its reasonable size and hand grips. It also comes with a mesh center for good airflow and carry bag, which makes storage easy. Some of the best parachute games for toddlers include:

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Run under the parachute

Despite being a very simple game, toddlers absolutely love it. Gather some adults or older kids around to lift the parachute up and down. The toddlers will need to run from one side to the other. They have to time it right or they will be squashed by the parachute! Once they run through, they will circle around the outside and line up for another turn.

Ball toss

Have the toddlers grab one of the parachute’s handgrips and place a large bouncy ball on the middle. The toddlers will have to move their side of the parachute up and down to keep the ball from sliding off.

Cat and mouse

This is a fun game that kids of all ages can enjoy. Have the toddlers form a circle around the parachute. You will then call out two names. The first name is the mouse, the second is the cat. The mouse will go underneath the parachute while the cat goes on top. 

The other players will begin to shake the parachute. The mouse will then attempt to crawl under the parachute to the position where the cat was standing. The cat attempts to grab the mouse from the top side of the parachute. Here is a short video showing a game of cat and mouse in action.

Parachute rides

A parachute can even be used as a mode of transport. Place the parachute on some soft grass or a smooth surface and have a couple of the toddlers sit on it. You can then take them for a quick ride.

Parachute playhouse

Parachutes make setting up a playhouse simple. All you need to do is drape the parachute across some play equipment or boxes and you immediately have a building for the kids to play in. You can even drape it across a couple of posts to form a tunnel through which the toddlers can drive their trikes, bikes, and scooters.

A collection of 2nd birthday party game ideas.

#17 – Chalk Art 

This is a great activity because it is simple to set up and will keep the toddlers busy for a long time. The idea is simple — give the toddlers some pieces of chalk and let them get creative on a sidewalk or cemented area near your home. You can give the toddlers a task to perform like:

  • Draw a picture of the family pet
  • Draw yourself pulling a funny face
  • Trace an outline of your friends using chalk
  • Create roads and drive toy cars along them

#18 – Finger Painting 

If you don’t mind the kids getting a little messy, harness their creativity by providing the materials for finger-painting. This finger-painting set from Lasten is a great choice because the paints are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. The paint can also be easily removed with soap and water.

Hot tip: If you are worried about the toddlers smearing paint all over themselves, cut some arm holes in trash bags and use them as aprons.

Lasten Washable Finger Paint Set for Kids Toddlers, Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Bright Painting for Kids DIY Crafts Painting (12 Color X 1 fl oz)

  • 【Worry About Safety?】 – The main ingredients of Lasten finger paints art paints are cellulose, plant pigment, surfactant and pure water, passed ASTMD423 quality verification, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfectly safe of the fingerpaint for kids. Finger paints are ideal for children summer activities, kindergarten activities, also suits for your pets to make footprints!
  • 【Worry About Wash?】- The washable finger paint kits are easily wash away with water or soap when naughty kids toddlers paints on hands clothes or furniture, can be refer to the children by hand directly (including fingertips, fingers, palms, the back of the hand, hand side) to take some appropriate pigments, then through fingerprints , palm prints, doodles and other forms work on the paper.

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#19 – Duck Duck Goose

Sometimes the best games to play at a toddler’s birthday party are the classics. No matter how many times a toddler has played Duck, Duck, Goose, it’s still fun for them. The rules for Duck, Duck, Goose are simple:

  1. Start the game by having the children sit in a circle
  2. Choose one child to go first, they are the “Goose”. They will walk around the circle touching the head of the other children. They will say “Duck” every time they touch someone and eventually, they say “Goose”.
  3. When the Goose says “Goose”, the toddler he touched must get up and try to catch the Goose as he runs around the circle. The Goose must reach the empty spot in the circle where the player they nominee was sitting before they are tagged.
  4. If the original Goose is caught, he will sit in the middle of the circle until another person is tagged. The child who was chosen to be the new Goose will get to walk around the circle and the game starts again

#20 – Hide and Go Seek

Hide and Go Seek is a classic party game for a reason! It never fails to excite young children, especially toddlers who are learning how to play for the first time. The rules are simple. 

At the start of the round, a player is nominated as“It”. The “It” player will count backward from 30 (toddlers will need help with this). As they are counting, the other players are looking for places to hide. Once the count reaches zero, the “It” player will begin searching for the other players. 

The first player they find will be “It” in the next round. The last player they find will be the winner of the round. You can make the game easier for toddlers by having the players that are found help the “It” player locate the rest of the players.

#21 – Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a simple game that toddlers can’t get enough of. Participants will start dancing to some music (the crazier the dance the better). Whenever the music is paused, they must freeze in their current position. Any dancers that continue moving after the music is paused will be out. The winner is the last person on the dance floor.

#22 – What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?

This is another traditional kid’s party game that most children will play countless times as they grow up. Teaching it to toddlers for the first time can be a little challenging, but they should pick it up after seeing other kids playing.

Start by selecting a player to be “Mr Wolf”. Mr Wolf stands at the opposite end the playing area, facing away from the other players. The players will ask Mr Wolf “What is the time Mr Wolf?”. Mr Wolf will respond in one of two ways. 

The first way he can respond is by calling a clock time (like 5 O’Clock). If he does so, the other players will take that many steps forward. As they do so, they will count. So, if he said 5 O’Clock, they will yell out “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” as they take their steps.

The other way Mr Wolf can respond is by saying “Dinner Time!”. When he does so, the players must turn and run towards their starting point. Mr Wolf will chase them and attempt to tag players. If he manages to tag anyone, they will be “Mr Wolf” for the next round.

#23 – Piñata Games

What’s a party without the Piñata game? Hitting a Piñata combines two of a toddler’s favorite activities — hitting things and eating candy! To play, all you need is a piñata that is filled with candy and toys (or healthier treats if you prefer), some string to hang the piñata, a plastic bat to hit the piñata, and a blindfold. 

Blindfold one of the toddlers and spin them around a few times. Hand them the plastic bat and direct them towards the location of the piñata verbally. After they have had a few swings, give someone else a turn. Once the piñata is broken, the toddlers will rush in and grab their prize. It’s often useful to keep some prizes in a separate bowl, so you can give them to any toddlers who miss out in the rush.

#24 – Make Like A Shark

Toddlers have a fantastic imagination that makes games like Make Like a Shark a lot of fun to play. To play this game, lay a blanket on the ground and have the toddlers walk or dance on it as the music plays.

Pause the music randomly and yell out “Shark!”. When you do so, the toddlers need to jump onto the safety of the blanket as quickly as possible. You will then run around the edge of the blanket and nibble on (tickle) any body parts that are off the blanket. 

Players that are nibbled are out until the next round. You can make the game more challenging by folding the blanket in half every couple of rounds. The last toddler on the blanket becomes the next shark.

#25 – Dress Ups

The final toddler party game on our list is dress-ups. Simply gather a big bag of old hats, scarves, sunglasses, shirts, dresses, costumes, and other items. Have the kids dress themselves in crazy combinations. They will have a lot of fun and the parents at the party will find it hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 2nd Birthday Party Ideas. Fun game ideas, bookmark the website and be sure to check out our list of blindfold games. 

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