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Best Patriotic Movies: You probably have the menu and the festive activities for July 4 ready for your family, but something may be missing from your July 4 programming: a good July 4 film!

Whether it’s an exceptionally rainy July day or just want to get away from the sun a bit, activate one of these July 4 movies for action, drama and (in some cases) humor (there is something on our list for everyone). We’ve put together a solid mix of July 4th themed movies, nostalgic summer movies and more that will help you celebrate the holidays to the fullest.

Films of July 4

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Whether you’re looking forward to a light and breezy romantic comedy or an adrenaline-pumping thriller, the movies on this list are very different – but they all have their patriotic and American themes in common. If you are like us, you will want to see the perfect movie with your family and friends. Here are our favorite movies from July 4 to watch the holiday weekend, from the cult classic of 1975 Jaws to the 2017 Oscar nominee Hidden figures.

1776 (1972)

If you have someone in your life who won’t shut up Hamilton soundtrack they’ll probably love 1776. It’s actually a pretty accurate narration of the very first Independence Day – minus the catchy songs, of course.

The american president

Meetings are difficult, especially when you are President of the United States. This sweet romantic comedy follows a widowed American president as he falls in love with an environmental lobbyist – and all the bumps along the way.

National treasure

A treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence? It’s not the craziest thing going on for the duration of this story. This action film by Nicolas Cage is pure campy pleasure.

Zero Dark Thirty

You will be on the edge of your seat during this sinuous thriller which dramatizes the hunt for Osama bin Laden after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Air Force One

Harrison Ford does what only Harrison Ford could do in this Cold War action movie – play as an American president who can fight assassins with his bare hands.

Top Gun (1986)

Training to become a Navy fighter pilot, Maverick (Tom Cruise) certainly has his work cut out for him. But with a new bestie named Goose and a crush on his flight instructor, we see how much this young pilot can achieve. He then won the Audience Award for his favorite movie and reigns as one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time.

Independence Day (1996)

In this film released the day before July 4, 1996, Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) and President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) are on a mission to save the United States … from an alien invasion. This science fiction action movie is a variation of your classic war movie.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

If you want to sing and dance throughout July 4, simply activate this musical with James Cagney. Looking at the life of Broadway icon George M. Cohan, you will hear all the patriotic tunes you know and love (like “You are a big old flag” and “Over there”).

Born July 4 (1989)

Only three years later Top Gun, Tom Cruise starred in the film based on the life of former Marine Ron Kovic. You will see how he turns from a devoted soldier into a critic of the war that left him paralyzed.

The young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

Mr. Smith goes to Washington (1939)

When local hero Jefferson Smith is surprisingly appointed to serve in the United States Senate, he becomes even more shocked when he learns what he is up against. The fictional story of a young idealist entering the Senate has been welcomed by viewers and is even present in the history of the Senate.

Glory (1989)

You will feel everything you feel watching this movie about the first African American regiment, led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick). With famous faces like Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, we honor and celebrate the men who risked their lives during the Civil War.

The longest day (1962)

John Wayne takes the helm as Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort in this D-Day movie. Presenting the perspectives of the Allies storming Normandy beaches and the Germans, this movie shows what happened in 1944 under all Angles.

A league apart (1992)

Geena Davis and Lori Petty play a competitive pair of sisters in this film, freely adapted from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. During World War II, these women came together to play ball after so many men had gone to war.

Le Sandlot (1993)

Ideal for the whole family, no one can forget the epic scene of July 4 The Sandlot. The group of adventurous boys and baseball fans will make your children (and you!) Laugh.

Apollo 13 (1995)

A year later, Hanks played one of three astronauts aboard the NASA Apollo 13 spacecraft. The almost disastrous true story film changed the real quote, but it brought us the memorable phrase, ” Houston, we have a problem. ”

Save Private Ryan (1998)

In this heartbreaking film, you will see Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) passing behind enemy lines in the hope of finding the missing soldier, Private James Ryan (Matt Damon). Ryan’s three brothers were killed in action, and Miller’s mission is to save him.

The Patriot (2000)

After the murder of his son, a peaceful farmer is forced to fight the British to avenge his death. Mel Gibson’s performance earned him the Audience Award for Best Cinema Actor.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

The actual event is described in this period of romantic drama following two best friends (Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett) who fall in love with the same woman (Kate Beckinsale). He was nominated for three Oscars and won the prize for best sound editing.

Miracle (2004)

If you are like us, you are an aspirant for an emotional sports drama. Telling the true story of Herb Brooks, Kurt Russell stars in this moving film about the 1980 American Olympic hockey team beating Russia to take the gold.

Hidden Figures (2017)

This film is about three heroes who were once unknown, NASA’s Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe). Together, they worked to launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The film was nominated for three Oscars, including that for best film and best actress in a supporting role for Octavia Spencer.

Captain America: the first avenger (2011)

I know what you did last summer (1997)

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