231 Funny WiFi Names That Will Have You Giggling

When you are hooking up your WiFi for the first time or deciding to change passwords, you probably don’t give much thought to your WiFi name. But coming up with funny WiFi names is a great way to distinguish your WiFi network from those around you. Why put something boring like your name or the original WiFi name when you can come up with something witty and funny?

Not only is it easy to set up a funny WiFi name, but it will give everyone else that lives or works nearby a good laugh when they see it. You can use many different WiFi names, be it a hilarious pun, a pop culture reference, or a funny joke name. The sky is the limit!

It’s also super easy to change your WiFi name. Depending on what type of computer you are using, there are a couple of different ways to go about it. This handy guide will sort you out and have you typing in your new WiFi name in no time.

But if you are struggling to come up with something funny, we are here to help. There are hundreds and thousands of different names you could use. It can be a little overwhelming. That’s where we can help. We’ve gathered together 231 funny WiFi names you can use when next changing your network name.

Funny WiFi Names

Funny WiFi Names

These are straight-up funny WiFi names everyone will get a kick out of. As you will discover, a funny WiFi name can be a pun, reference a song, or just be a silly name. What all these hilarious WiFi names have in common is that they will make you laugh.

1. If I Had Your WiFi I Wouldn’t Need Internet

2. Hot Signals In Your Area

3. It Burns When IP

4. Nacho WiFi

5. I Believe Wi Can Fi

6. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s WiFi

7. I Left The Seat Up

8. Wi-Fight The Inevitable

9. No More Mister WiFi

10. Byte Me

11. Get Off My LAN

12. This LAN Is My LAN

13. This LAN Is Your LAN

14. You Fart Pretty Loud

15. New England Clam Router

16. Bandwidth Together

17. The Promised LAN

18. That’s What She SSID

19. Slower Than Yo Momma

20. LAN Of Milk And Honey

21. IP Steady Streams

22. Connectile Dysfunction

23. BecauseFi

24. Come On And Slam And Welcome To My LAN

25. The LAN Of The Free

26. Click Here For WiFi

27. Jump On The Bandwidth

28. I Did Your WiFi Last Night

29. Wham Bam Thank You LAN

30. Click Here To Download

31. Wi-Fight When We Can Make Love

32. I Now Pronounce You Man And WiFi

33. IP A Lot

34. The Internet

35. Winter WonderLA

36. Untrusted Network

37. Connected, Secured

38. Who Pooped In The Pool

39. Definitely Not WiFi

40. Escaped Nigerian Prince

41. No Internet Access

42. Router? I Hardly Knew Her

43. No Wi-Fi For You!

44. SmartToilet8000

45. Whose Car Alarm Is That

46. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo WiFi

47. Feeling Routy

48. IP Frequently

49. Caught In The Interweb

50. Look Ma, No Wires

51. Keep It On The Download

52.Wi-Finders Keepers

53. Chance Router

54. Putting In The Network

55. No Laughing Router

56.  I’m Not A Witch I’m Your WiFi

57. Wi-Find You Cute

58. Wi-Fight The Feeling

59. Leaky Dreams

60. My WiFi Is Always Right

Pop Culture WiFi Names

Pop Culture WiFi Names

These WiFi names are all about pop culture. They reference things like music, film, and celebrities. Anybody with a finger on the pulse will get a kick out of these hilarious pop culture WiFi names. These are also some of the best WiFi names that most people will understand.

61. Go Go Router Rangers

62. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan

63. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

64. The LAN Before Time

65. Where the Wild Pings Are

66. Silence of the LAN

67. No LAN for the Wicked

68. Dunder MiffLAN

69. Abraham WAN Helsing

70. Upload The Rain Download In Africa

71. Titanic Syncing

72. Darude LANstorm

73. Bandwidth On The Run

74. America’s Next Top Modem

75. Troy And Abed In The Modem

76. I Believe Wi Can Fi

77.  Art Vandelay

78. LAN Down Under

79. Never Gonna Give You WiFi

80. Girls Gone Wireless

81. Everday I’m Buffering

82. Hit The Road Jack Input

83. And Don’t You Come Back

84. WiMCA

85. No LAN For The Wicked

86. Where The Wild Pings Are

87. 99 Problems But Wi-Fi Ain’t One

88. Routers Of The Lost Ark

89. Protect Your Net

90. Networking 9 To 5

91. Another Brick In The Firewall

92. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

93. Wifi Art Thou Romeo

94. For Whom The Belkin Tolls

95. Skynet

96. Pretty Fly For A WiFi

97. I’m Too Sexy For WiFi

98. Enter The Dragon’s WiFi

99. Modem Family

100. Spider-LAN

101. No Soup For You

102. Vandelay Industries

103. The Matrix

104. Iron LAN

105. I Know What You Browsed Last Summer

Cool WiFi Names

Cool WiFi Names

A cool WiFi name is still funny but also makes you seem really cool. They might be a bit edgy or different but are still cool and funny WiFi names sure to have people wondering who you are.

106. Keep It On The Download

107. I’m Feeling A Connection

108. Trust In God But Protect Your WiFi

109. WiFi Fever

110. Nothing But Net

111. URLY Cool WiFi

112. JanTernet

113. Your WiFi Is Not The issue.

114. Load ‘Em And Modem

115. No More Mister WiFi

116. Open Sesame

117. Rebellious Amish Family

118. Blind Sight

119. Now You See Me

120. Life On The Line

121. Two Girls, One Router

122. Try Again

123. Missed Connections

124. Virus-Free For 36 Hours

125. This LAN Is My LAN

Nerdy WiFi Names

Nerdy WiFi Names

This list of WiFi names is similar to the pop culture collection, except that little nerdier. These WiFi names take inspiration from franchises such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thronesand Harry Potter. We thought these giggle-worthy WiFi names deserved their own category. Enjoy.

126. Not The Wifi You’re Looking For

127. LANdalf

128. House LANister

129. LAN Only

130. Hogwarts Great Hall Of WiFi

131. The Ping Of The North

132. Jar Jar Linksys

133. One WiFi to Rule Them All

134. LANdo Calrissian

135. Bilbo Laggins

136. Frodo Laggins

137. Torrent Gump

138. Hodor

139. Lord Voldemodem

140. Obi WAN Kenobi

141. A LANister Never Forgets

142. The Mad Ping

143. Lord Of The Ping

144. I Am WAN With The Web And The Web Is Wan With Me

145. The House Of Black And WiFi

146. Luke, I Am Your WiFi

147.  rIP Hedwig

148. Comcasterly Rock

149. Forest Moon Of Endor

150. May the Wi-Force Be With You

151. Docking Bay 94

152. The Force

153. LANnisters Send Their Regards

154. You Shall Not Password

155. Winternet Is Coming

156. Platform Nine And Three Routers

157. Ping’s Landing

158. Floo Network

159. Yer A WiFi Harry

160. Hagrid’s Hut

161. Let the WiFi Win

162. These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For

Clever WiFi Names

Clever WiFi Names

Get yourself a clever WiFi name and let everyone know how smart you really are. These creative WiFi names are witty, funny, and clever and sure to have anyone who comes across them giggling.

163. If You Can’t Beat Em, Modem

163. Definitely Not WiFi

164. Wi-Not?

165. Stuck The LANding

166. Hopping On The Bandwidth

167. Click And Die

168. RIP Net Neutrality

169. Close Your Bathroom Curtains

170. Saved A Bunch Of Money By Swapping To GEICO

171. Chicken Crossed The Road To Steal Our WiFi

172. Wi-Fry Chicken

173. You’re WiFired!

174. My Name Is URL

175. Cheese Take The Wheel

176. URL Of Sandwich

177. We Should Fume

178. Russian Hackers

179. Password Is Password

180. Connection Failed

181. Guess Where We Live

182. Safe Levels Of Radiation

183. Double Click To Connect

184. Who What When Where WiFi

185. $1 Per Hour

186. Get Your Own

187. Free Public Wifi

188. Reserved For Guests I Hate

189. Loading. Please Wait…

190. Password Is Gullible

191. This Space Left Intentionally Blank

192. 404 Network Unavailable

194. Recorded For Quality And Training Purposes

195. Wireless G Spot

196. Freeloaders

197. We’re Watching You

Real Name WiFi Names

Real Name WiFi Names

These WiFi names turn real people’s names into punny WiFi names. It is much easier than you think to come up with some of these gems. Some of these are scientists while others are bands. Chance the Router. Benjamin FrankLAN. Bill Wi, the Science Fi. All classics.

198. Abraham Linksys

199. LAN Morrison

200. John Wilkes Bluetooth

201. Wu-Tang LAN

202. Martin Router King

203. Chance the Router

204. Get LAN

205. Bob DyLAN

206. Theodore Routervelt

207. John Claude WAN Damme

208. Panic At The Cisco

209. Benjamin FrankLAN

210. Torrent Gump

211. Alexander Graham Belkin

212. Bill Wi, The Science Fi

213. Franklin Delano Routervelt

214. Winona Router

215. Linksys Lohan

216. Ludwig WAN Beethoven

Random WiFi Names

Random WiFi Names

These WiFi names don’t always make sense but are hilarious nonetheless. They can be everything from phrases to questions to weird combinations of both. Some won’t make sense, some seem silly, and others are just plain weird, but these random WiFi names are still great.

217. Bedroom Drapes Open Please Watch Us

218. Is Your Brain On Drugs?

219. Candy In The Van

220. Welcome To The Dragons Network

221. Bathroom Cam 2

222. Gone Catfishing

223. Brave Little Router

224. Click Here For Porn Use

225. Herpes Positive

226. Routy McRouterface

227. Sandra Bullock Protects My Net

228. Small World Wide Web

229. I’m Under Your Bed

230. You Killed Kenny

231. Access Denied

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