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23 Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Bike Riders

In 1914, motorcycle helmets first appeared at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races. At the time, it was common for riders to suffer significant and minor head injuries while riding their bikes. For years, riders were against wearing helmets, although it saved many lives. After Lawernce of Arabia’s death in 1935, helmets began appearing regularly.

Motorcycle helmets are now mandatory for casual riding and competitive racing. They have decreased the rate of deaths and head injuries by a large margin. However, just because the helmets are all about safety doesn’t mean that they have to be drab and boring. A cool motorcycle helmet can also meet the highest safety standards. 

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of cool motorcycle helmets that riders can rock while on their bikes. These helmets are the coolest helmets on the market. There are even several different designs and types of helmets. They’re suitable for all vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, street bikes, and mopeds. Of course, safety is still the number one priority, but coolness is a close second. Choosing an affordable, safe, innovative, and cool motorcycle helmet is essential for each rider. 


1. AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Forgiato

AGV Pista GP RR Limited Edition Futuro Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Carbonio Forgiato/Black/Medium/Large


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The AGV Pista GP RR Futuro Forgiato looks like a helmet that’s from the future and traveled back in time. It’s a dazzling and cool motorcycle helmet that puts the rest to shame. The Futuro helmet is similar to the type of helmets the world champion racers wear.

Of course, it’s not just an awesome-looking motorcycle helmet. It features an enhanced ventilation system, safety cheek pads, and a wind protector. The Futuro also offers the best quality and highest protection with the forged carbon fiber shell. An impressive safety feature includes the visor lock system. The VLS prevents the face shield from opening during an accident.


2. Icon Airframe Pro Beastie Bunny Helmet



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Few helmets compare with the Icon Airframe Pro Beastie Bunny helmet. Don’t let the pretty pink design fool you. The Beastie Bunny helmet features a sweet, cool design that sets the rider apart from the rest. The helmet features a handcrafted aero-space grade carbon fiber shell for increased protection. Plus, the aerodynamic helmet has improved stability and visibility while riding.

It includes an excellent ventilation system, a sculpted neck roll to reduce motorcycle jacket interference, and a clear fog-free Icon optics face shield. The cool motorcycle helmet is Dot approved and meets the highest safety standards. 


3. ScorpionEXO Half-Size Style

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet (Matte Black, Large) (COV-0105)


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The ScorpionEXO Half-Size Style matte black motorcycle helmet finds the perfect balance between safe and cool. The company spent years perfecting the polycarbonate shell to absorb and protect against impact. It’s lightweight but doesn’t lose any protection.

The unique half helmet has a detachable full-front face helmet and a drop-down visor. Additionally, the EXO has excellent ventilation in both the summer and winter seasons. Of course, it’s also a slick, stylish, cool motorcycle helmet at an affordable price. Basically, it’s like buying three helmets for the price of one. 


4. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker Helmet

HJC Helmets RPHA 11 Pro Helmet - Joker (XX-Large) (ONE Color)


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The Joker is one of the greatest villains in comic book and movie history. He’s a maniac that lives life on the edge. Therefore, he makes for a perfect design on a motorcycle helmet.

The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker helmet is a spectacular and unique design featuring the famous villain. The helmet is ideal for track racing and has an advanced ventilation system. The shell is a combination of aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. The Joker helmet also includes emergency cheek pads for rescue, built-in communication, and a MultiCool interior. The only thing better would be a cool Batman motorcycle helmet. 


5. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Superman Helmet



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The Superman helmet is the ideal way to fly down the track. Every rider feels like Superman as they race down the course or speed through the streets. Since they feel like the man of steel, they should rock a Superman helmet.

The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Superman helmet is similar to the Joker helmet. The company improved the previous model with an enhanced aerodynamic shell for safety. It also boasts a top-of-the-line ventilation system perfect for every rider. Most importantly, the helmet meets the highest safety standards and is Dot approved.


6. Scorpion Covert X Marauder Helemt



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The Scorpion Covert X Marauder helmet is the definition of cool. It’s the type of helmet that’s great for casual riding, racing, scaring other drivers, or becoming a vigilante. Honestly, it’s better to stick with the first two.

It’s not just a cool and stylish design though. Indeed, the innovative helmet has several features. Like the other Covert helmets, it has three settings: half-helmet, three-quarter, and full face. The biker helmet also uses fiberglass technology that makes the shell lighter but protects the rider in the event of a crash. It also includes a Dark Smoke SpeedView internal sun visor, excellent ventilation system, and clear visor for night riding. It’s undoubtedly a cool motorcycle helmet. 


7. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 Helmet

HJC Unisex-Adult Full Face RPHA-11 PRO Venom 2 (Black/Red/White, Medium)


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The Marvel Comics character Venom is massively popular. He has a unique character design and style. Hence, Venom’s design is perfect for a cool motorcycle helmet. Of course, not just any helmet will do. It must be the gorgeous and sleek HJC RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2 helmet.

It’s more than a cool-looking helmet. The helmet is top of the line and features an improved aerodynamic shell, speakers for communication, and an enhanced ventilation system. It also includes several features to improve visibility and safety. The cool Venom helmet is dot approved. 


8. Icon Airflite 4 Horsemen Helmet


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The Icon Airflite 4 Hormsen helmet is perfect for striking fear into the hearts of other drivers. Of course, the main concern is safety and efficiency. Still, that’s one slick and stylish helmet featuring the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse.

The polycarbonate shell offers the highest protection and can withstand any impact. It also features a unique drop-down sun visor that enables incognito mode. The impressive helmet boasts an advanced ventilation system that every rider will love. Furthermore, the Dot-approved helmet has a sleek and eye-catching design. It’s absolutely one of the best motorcycle helmets on the market. 


9. Nexx XR2 Carbon Golden Edition Helmet



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Every rider is looking for the perfect combination of safety, innovation, and coolness. Enter the dazzling Nexx XR2 Carbon Golden Edition helmet. Indeed, it’s the type of helmet Ethan Hunt, or James Bond would wear.

The stunning helmet features a carbon fiber shell, speaker cut-outs, and a face shield perfect for racing. It also boasts a face shield ventilation system with two vents to boost airflow and decrease noise levels. The cherry on top is the XR2 spoiler that reduces turbulence. The breathtaking helmet keeps the rider safe in a cool motorcycle helmet. 


10. Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets 7817-053 Unisex-Adult Vega Warrior Half Helmet (Patriotic Flag Graphic, Medium) , Black


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The Vega Half helmet is for true warriors on the road. It’s not just for motorcycles but any form of transportation, including scooters, mopeds, and street bikes. The helmet features a drop-down sun visor that blocks the sun, bugs, and any debris.

The helmet has a thick lining on the inside to decrease a possible impact. It also has an excellent ventilation system to make long rides easier. The cool motorcycle helmet is custom fit and comes in various stylish designs, enabling the rider the ability to choose the perfect helmet.


11. ILM Modular Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield 6 Riders Group Intercom Mp3 (L, RED)

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The critical elements of a cool motorcycle helmet are safety, innovative technology, and a sleek design. The ILM Modular Bluetooth Integrated Full Face helmet fulfills all those requirements. The gorgeous helmet features built-in Bluetooth and speakers that allow the rider up to nine hours of talking time.

It also has a feature that will enable a group of six to eight riders to communicate via intercom. Of course, each member in the group needs to have the same helmet. All it takes is pressing one simple button, and the rider can talk on the phone, listen to music, or use the GPS. The helmet is also Dot-approved. The cool motorcycle helmet comes in various colors and designs. 


12. Robot Motorcycle Helmet

Robot Motorcycle Helmet,Revealable Lens Motorcycle Full Face Helmet,DOT/FMVSS-218 Safety Standards,Adult Unisex, Suitable for All Seasons,Matt Black,M


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The Robot Motorcycle helmet is a horror movie come to life on two wheels. Cool motorcycle helmets often feature classic movie characters. Indeed, the critically acclaimed Predator is a classic horror movie and franchise. The character’s unique design is a feature of the helmet.

The unique motorbike helmet also has an adjustable chin strap with removable ear plugs. Additionally, the helmet features an inner foam shell and an ABS outer shell. Indeed, it’s ideal for motorcycles, skiing, and snowmobiles. It’s easily one of the coolest motorcycle helmets on this list. 


13. Motorcycle Dual Flip Up Modular Face Helmet Light Model

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT LED Light Model 902L (M, Matte Black - LED)


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Not all cool motorcycle helmets are full of bright colors or feature movie characters. Indeed, the best-looking helmets are sometimes the simplest. For instance, the ILM Motorcycle Dual Flip Up Modular Full Face helmet looks stunning in basic matte black.

The helmet is of the highest safety standards and is Dot approved. Indeed, the gorgeous helmet’s safety features include cheek pads and an ABS shell. The main highlight is the LED lights on the back of the helmet. They have different levels of speed that flash during the rider’s journey. 


14. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B Blinc Loaded Force Mako Full Face Helmet (Flat Black with Graphic, Medium)


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Technology has helped improve motorcycle helmets in several ways. Indeed, it improved safety, communication, and style. The Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face helmet is the best example. It’s a dazzling and cool motorcycle helmet that’ll turn heads.

The Torc is Bluetooth integrated, making it easy to make phone calls, use the GPS, or listen to some awesome tunes. Of course, safety is always a significant concern. Luckily, the Torc features an advanced thermo polymer alloy outer shell. It’s Dot approved and is ideal for motorcycles, track racing, street bikes, and scooters. 


15. Bell Pit Boss Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Helmet (Roses Matte Black/Gunmetal - Large)


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The Bell Pit Boss helmet is perfect for any rider looking for a safe, unique, cool motorcycle helmet. It’s an open-face concept that comes in roses matte black with a skeleton design. The outer skull features a lightweight TriMatrix consisting of fiberglass, carbon, and kevlar for the highest protection.

The Pit Boss helmet also protects against cold weather with the removable neck curtain. Furthermore, It offers pockets for speakers to improve communication. Additionally, the Pit Boss has an innovative Speed Dial fit system that puts the affordable helmet over the top. 


16. FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Dual Visor Helmet

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle Dual Visor Helmet with Integrated Intercom System/ 2~3 Riders Pair/ 500M/ FM/ MP3/ Voice Dial (Matte Black, L)


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Everyone on a motorcycle wants to ride in style. Well, the only way to ride in style is with the beautiful FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Dual Visor helmet. The noise canceling helmet boasts an ABS skull that meets the highest safety standards and is Dot approved.

The Bluetooth headset helmet includes built-in speakers and is ideal for phone calls, listening to music, using the GPS, or playing the FM radio. It also has a unique intercom that allows two to three riders in a group to communicate. The helmet also comes with a pair of motorcycle gloves. 


17. Shark Helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Modular Helmet



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The Shark EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Modular helmet is perfect for any rider that feels like a shark hunting their prey as they fly through the streets. The stunning motorcycle helmet is cutting edge with its top-of-the-line safety features. It has an innovative chin flip bar that can easily switch from full face to open face helmet.

It also includes an injected thermoplastic resin shell that provides extra protection. This cool motorcycle helmet comes in several captivating colors and designs. Of course, it meets the highest safety standards and is Dot approved. 


18. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Devil May Care Helmet



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Most riders have a devil-may-care attitude but still want the best quality helmet that meets the highest standards in safety. Of course, it also has to be super cool and slick. The magnificent Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Devil-May-Care helmet meets all those expectations.

Indeed, it’s an innovative and top-of-the-line helmet that every rider will love to wear. It has a unique MIPS multi-directional impact system that improves protection in crashes. Plus, the aerodynamic DLX helmet features integrated speaker pockets, contoured cheek pads, and an adjustable ventilation system for cooling and comfort. 


19. Scorpion EXO-R420 Illuminati 2 Helmet



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The Scorpion EXO-R420 Illuminati 2 helmet is ideal for anyone looking for a cool motorcycle helmet. It’s also the perfect motorbike helmet for conspiracy theorists that love to ride. The EXO-R420 features an advanced LG polycarbonate shell for extra safety.

The cool helmet boasts a unique ventilation system that increases airflow to the head while keeping the noise down. It also includes cheek pads with an emergency release, speaker pockets, and a face shield locking system. Scorpion is known for making a long line of safe, affordable, and cool motorcycle helmets. 


20. Bell SRT Predator Helmet



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There are few helmets in the same class as the Bell SRT Predator helmet. The slick and simple matte black helmet is perfect for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, street racing, and cruising. The Bell SRT meets the highest quality standards in the industry. Indeed it’s both Snell and Dot approved.

The lightweight fiberglass shell features an easily accessible center lock Panovision face shield. Plus, it boasts speaker pockets for communication while riding. The sleek helmet comes with both a clear and dark smoke face shield. It’s a cool motorcycle helmet that’s every rider’s dream come true.


21. Icon Airflite El Centro Helmet



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The Icon Airflite El Centro helmet is perfect for all road warriors. Indeed, it’s a sleek and stylish design with a futuristic look. The cool motorcycle helmet comes in stunning black and gold or vibrant blue and orange.

It meets all safety standards with the injection molded polycarbonate shell for extra protection. Plus, it boasts a ventilation system with twin channel super vent cooling, a chin curtain, and a quick-change fog-free face shield. The El Centro also includes a clear gold Airflite face shield. 


22. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Punisher Helmet

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Punisher Helmet (X-Large) (Black/White)


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The Punisher is one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. He’s a ruthless vigilante with one of the coolest superhero logos of all time. Well, the slick and simple HJC RPHA 11 Pro Punisher helmet features that very logo. It’s the perfect helmet for anyone that wants to look intimidating and are big Punisher fans.

The Punisher helmet is ideal for the racetrack with its premium integrated matrix shell that offers the best protection. The biker helmet also includes an emergency release for the cheek pads, rapid-fire shield replacement, and an advanced ventilation system. 


23. Fly Racing Sentinel Street Helmet

Fly Racing Sentinel Street Helmet (Matte Black/Fire Chome, Small)


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The Fly Racing Sentinel Street helmet is simply a cool motorcycle helmet that every rider would love. It’s a dazzling and slick helmet that’ll get everyone’s attention. It’s Dot approved and meets the highest safety standards.

The Sentinel features a polycarbonate shell with a face shield lock. Plus, it includes an enhanced ventilation system for cooling, a tinted drop-down inner sun shield, and speaker pockets for Bluetooth and communication. 


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