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23 Beautiful Butterfly Nail Designs To Copy (2022)

. Butterfly Nail Designs

Butterflies were a big trend in the 90s, from hair clips to nail decals, and they have returned! You may have seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner sporting cute butterflies on her acrylics. Or perhaps you’ve browsed social media and fallen in love with the bold and bright designs. The beauty of this trend is its versatility, from the subtle clear nails with a white sticker option that makes people do a double-take to 3D artwork that makes it look as though these pretty insects are fluttering across your nail. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from and something for nails of all shapes and lengths. This trend looks great, but it is also symbolic because butterflies are associated with beauty, transformation, and change. To find out more about this feminine and sweet look and how to recreate them in the comfort of your own home, keep reading!

Butterfly Nails

1. Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue polish with butterfly nail stickers will be one of the prettiest trends you will ever try. This color is associated with calm and serenity and tends to be a flattering shade on fingernails of various shapes and lengths and all skin tones. It also looks fantastic when paired with glitter nail lacquer and silver or blue butterflies. To achieve this look, you can either head into the salon and make use of your very skilled manicurist; or opt for nail art stickers and create the nails of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.

Light Blue Butterfly Nails

2. Blue Clouds and Butterflies Nails

One of the best things about the butterfly nail trend is that there are so many different ways to try it out. You can get creative with various colors and effects, including multicolored butterflies with a dreamy blue base. You can opt for a nail wrap and add the fluttering insect stickers after, or paint a blue base with nail lacquer and dab on little white dots to create a wispy, cloud effect.

Blue Clouds And Butterflies Nails

3. Clear Butterfly Nails

If you want to try out this retro nail trend, but want it to be more subtle, then an excellent way to do this is with clear nails and white butterfly designs. The lack of color makes it more laidback, as people would have to look much closer to your hands to see your nail art. This makes it an excellent option for those who don’t want to show off their fingers but still want to have a bit of fun embracing trends. It is also very wearable and versatile; the look won’t clash with your garments and tends to have a more sophisticated appearance.

Clear Butterfly Nails

4. Pink Butterfly Nails

The beauty of the pink butterfly nail is that you can get creative, and the butterfly doesn’t have to be across just one nail, but all of them, or a select few. You can decide which fingers you would like to draw attention to and how dramatic you would like it. To achieve this look, you want to pick out your favorite shade of pink polish. Then leave one or two fingers free so that you can paint them with a clear or nude polish. Complete the design by opting for multiple nail stickers of varying pink shades for an ultra-feminine and stylish appearance.

Pink Butterfly Nails

5. Light Pink Butterfly Nails

If you want to try out the trend without making it too obvious, you will love the light pink butterfly nail look. The great thing about this design is that it is very wearable and perfect for every day. The pink hue is such a soft, feminine color and is very close to our natural nail shade, making it pretty without being too in-your-face. Compliment the color with pink or white butterfly stickers. This is also a look that can be recreated on long or short nails because it is not too detailed and therefore does not demand an extra-long length. It may be simple, but it is also beautiful and great for almost every occasion.

Light Pink Butterfly Nails

6. Purple Butterfly Nails

If you want nails that are bound to get noticed, then embrace the purple butterfly nail trend. This look is so pretty and feminine, and purple is a fantastic shade for 2021. The color is great on women with fair skin who want a little pop of color but are bored of the classic pink nail lacquers. To make your design more unique, you can play around with different techniques. For example, a marbled purple nail or simple french nail tips. In addition to the butterfly stickers, choosing your favorite fashion brand’s logos, such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, can also give the manicure a very fashionable twist.

Purple Butterfly Nails

7. Red Butterfly Nails

Some colors demand attention, and red is one of them. The bright shade is a classic for nail art and works well as the base color for butterfly stickers and decals. The intense hu is often associated with romance and love and will instantly draw attention to your hands. For this reason, it is best to ensure that your nails are always well buffed and your polish is not chipped, as this can detract from the beauty of this look. Wear this color with confidence! Plus, feel free to get creative with your makeup, opting for a similar lipstick shade, although not an exact match.

Red Butterfly Nails

8. White Butterfly Nails

White is one of the hottest colors for nail lacquer in 2021, and for a good reason. It’s timeless and classic and does not go out of style. The neutral shade is easy to mix and match with accessories, jewelry, and bright or patterned clothing making it one of the most versatile nail polish choices. It is also universally flattering for all skin tones and nail lengths, and shapes. The inclusion of simple silver or white butterfly stickers makes for a subtle but pretty look, perfect for every day. It is also a little more wearable than some of the other brighter options. Plus, it lends itself well to various settings, from a beach picnic to a cocktail party.

White Butterfly Nails

9. Ombre Nails with Butterflies

Ombre nails are a big trend on their own, but adding butterfly nail art on top of this makes for an even more eye-catching and fun look. To create ombre nails, you need two distinct colors, one light and the other dark. The idea is that they will perfectly blend into each other. When it comes to which colors you should choose, that is entirely up to you. Maybe you want a bold vampy look, in which case red and black is a fantastic combination, or if you prefer something easier to wear, then blue is an attractive choice. The idea is to match your nail art to your polish but not create a look that clashes. For example, if you have blue ombre nails, pick out butterflies of similar shades to compliment your lacquer.

Ombre Butterfly Nails

10. Different Colour Butterfly Nails

Why opt for one type of butterfly and one color when you can have them all? You can paint your fingers with multiple polishes or choose from a wide range of butterfly designs. This can include pink, purple, and blue. You can also play around with the sizes, opting for some smaller stickers and other larger ones, adding interesting proportions, and making the overall look more fun. The colorful butterfly nail option is a little bit of everything; it is bright and bold, demanding attention and instantly drawing the eye to your hands. It is for this reason that you should make sure your fingers are always perfectly manicured.

Different Colour Butterfly Nails

11. Yellow Butterfly Nails

No color can fill you with a sense of happiness in the same way that yellow can. It is a shade associated with cheerfulness, warmth, and joy. Plus, it is a welcome hue as it brings a smile to our faces. Combining this luminous color with matching butterfly nail stickers is a trend you need to try! It is particularly appealing for the summer months as it reminds us of sunshine. Wear this look to the beach, a festival, or just around the house!

Yellow Butterfly Nails

12. Butterfly Nail Tips

You do not have to cover your entire nail with butterfly stickers or be an expert and paint beautiful wings. Instead, you can try an updated French manicure approach by focusing on just painting or wrapping your nails’ tips. Forget the classic white on the tips, and try out this bold option. It is a great choice if you want something super wearable and will lend itself well to various settings.

Butterfly Nail Tips

13. Black Butterfly Nails

Some people find wearing all-black nail polish too harsh and a little vampy. Thus the inclusion of black butterfly stickers gives it a more feminine and playful finish. Black is a color associated with strength and sophistication, and it pairs well with every other color, so your nail art won’t limit your wardrobe choices. It is hard to miss a manicure featuring this dark hue; thus, it is one of the easiest ways to make a statement!

Black Butterfly Nails

14. Butterfly Wing Nail Art

There are so many different butterfly species to choose from when recreating a wing of one of these beautiful insects. You can pick from a wide number of patterns and colors. If you love the monarch butterfly, opt for an orange, black, and white color scheme. Or if you feel that is too complicated and wish to create a more simple appearance than the Blue Morpho butterfly or the Sulfur Butterfly, which is a lovely pale yellow shade, are great alternatives. The wings you choose will depend on your preference and skill level. That said, the overall effect is incredibly striking regardless of your choice.

Butterfly Wing Nails

15. Holographic Butterfly Nails

Who doesn’t want a manicure with a bit of shine? One of the best ways to make your fingers dazzle in the sunlight is to opt for holographic butterfly nail art. Holographic nails have a great reflective appearance and can make a standard butterfly wing look even prettier. It is also a way to really have fun with your nail art. If recreating one of these beautiful insect wings is too complicated, and let’s be honest, it takes some skill and precision to achieve, then don’t be afraid to opt for holographic nail lacquer; add stickers over it for your take on the trend.

Holographic Butterfly Nails

16. Glitter Butterfly Nails

When deciding on the perfect art for your hands, glitter butterfly nails are a fantastic choice. They are super pretty and feminine and will add sparkle to your appearance. Not only do these insects look beautiful and come in a wide range of different colors, but they are also rich in symbolism. The butterfly is symbolic of transformation and change and could help you express your feelings through your manicure. Glitter is also enjoying its moment; it doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions or holidays, as this artwork shows. You can either use glitter nail polish for a very fuss-free and simple approach or apply glitter pieces. In addition to your chosen butterfly stickers, you can also get creative with tiny studs or diamantes on the nails that are left plain to give them a little sparkle and balance out your overall look.

Butterfly Glitter Nails

17. 3D Butterfly Nails

When it comes to butterfly nail art, there are many different ways to recreate it, but undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching interpretations is with 3D nail art. If you want it to look like you have butterflies fluttering across your hands, this is the best way to achieve this. It is not a look for every day, but for special occasions or summer parties. Feel free to wear your favorite rings to draw even more attention to your hands, but with this detailed artwork, less is more.

3d Butterfly Nails

18. Butterfly Nail Flakes

If you want to add a little sparkle to your appearance, why not do so with glitter nail flakes and cute butterfly stickers? This is undeniably one of the girliest interpretations of the nail trend, and it also has the most retro 90s feel about it. Remember when everything was all about glitter makeup and beauty products? If you want to relive your childhood or if you had a particular fondness for this decade, this is a fun and pretty way to do it. Although you can recreate this on all nail shapes, longer, pointy talons tend to work best!

Butterfly Nail Flakes

19. Easy Butterfly Nail Art

Nail art is a fantastic way to have fun with your manicures and show off your playful side. It’s a chance to express your creativity and can say a lot about your personality. That said, some of the more complicated looks take a lot of time and effort to complete, and some people prefer a more effortless approach. If this sounds like you, then easy butterfly nail art is the answer. Pick a simple base color, like one of the favorites you wear regularly, and then choose a nail or two to become your look’s focal point. You can either wrap it with nail wraps or use stickers. Alternatively, you can try to recreate a straightforward image of a butterfly yourself using nail tools. Regardless of how you intend to do this look, it is simple yet chic and perfect for women of all ages.

Easy Butterfly Nails

20. Butterfly Art on Feature Nail

If you feel it is better to ease into a trend or want a more understated yet cute look, then opting for butterfly art on a feature nail is a great choice. It is a way to try out the artwork without it being too in-your-face, thus making it very easy to wear. The design lends itself well to various settings and depending on the colors you choose, and how formal your workplace is, it may even be office-appropriate. You can choose to create the pretty insect yourself or opt for a pre-made sticker if you want to save time.

Butterfly Art On Feature Nails

21. Short Butterfly Nails

Some nail art trends only suit long nails, but if you love butterflies and want to show off your hands, you can do so with long or short nails. Although you may be limited in terms of how much detail you can add to your fingernails, for example, an intricate 3D design may seem a little overwhelming. You can opt for pretty nail polishes and stickers of your favorite insect. If you are very creative and have a steady hand, you could also try painting your own butterflies.

Short Butterfly Nails

22. Long Butterfly Nails

Long nails can elongate your fingers, making them look slimmer, but they also have a very feminine quality about them. There is no denying that longer talons require more maintenance, but there are pros when it comes to nail art. For starters, the length allows you to get more creative because there is more room for intricate designs. You are also not limited in terms of trends, so if you want simple butterfly stickers or full-on 3D nails, it’s all possible. Longer nails demand attention, and if you want to show off your hands, you can also pile on your favorite rings.

Long Butterfly Nails

23. Butterfly Toe Nails

Who says butterfly nails have to be reserved for your fingers? This trend looks just as cute on the toes! You can choose from a wide selection of colors and get creative with butterfly nail stickers, but the key here is simplicity. You do not want anything too embellished or 3D designs because that is not practical. If you do want to give your feet an interesting manicure, then it is probably best to try it out in summer, so you’re able to wear open shoes and show off your skills!

Butterfly Toe Nails

Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Trying out new nail trends especially designs as detailed as butterfly nail art can be quite daunting. The good news is many YouTube tutorials can help you achieve salon-looking nails from the comfort of your own home. If you are really creative, you can learn how to draw butterflies on your nails thanks to this video from Nail Hause, in which they take you on a step-by-step journey to discovering your inner creativity and ensuring that your talons look great!


How much do butterfly nails cost?

The cost of getting butterfly nails done is dependent on several factors, including whether you decide to do them at home or plan on heading to a salon. There are also many designs to choose from, each varying in complexity. If, for example, you opt for simple stickers and a fuss-free manicure, it will likely cost less than intricate 3D nail art. Other things to consider include the length of your nails and the type of polish you wish to use, such as regular or gel.

What are the best fake fingernails?

Several fantastic brands specialize in artificial nails. Some of the top picks include Kiss Everlasting French Artificial Nail Kit, DaMagic Press Go-Go Glitter Press-On Gel Nails, and Full of Roses imPRESS Press-On Manicure. Other companies to know include Crowned and Polished, Clutch Nails, and Chillhouse Chill Tips.

How do you stick butterflies on nails?

There are several ways to create butterfly nails, including painting the designs yourself with nail tools and polish or using jewels and stickers. Many YouTube videos are available to teach you how to design your own butterflies or learn how to stick them on, often with nail glue.

Is glue on nails bad for you?

If you purchase good quality nail glue from a reputable brand and take care when applying and removing it from your nails, there is no reason for it to cause damage. You should always follow the correct process of removing nail glue and artificial nails correctly. It is advisable to have a break between using them, which can help prevent future damage and yellowing.


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