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22 Hilarious Easy Pranks You Can Perform on Your Friends

Life is sometimes challenging to manage. Everyone has bills to pay, a demanding boss, and responsibilities. Some people struggle just to get through the day. It even gets to a point where giving up feels like the best option. However, the best way to lift a person’s spirit is with a hilarious but easy prank. 

Pranks are great every day of the year. Indeed, pulling harmless pranks on friends and family is an excellent way to relieve stress. It turns out that pranks aren’t just for April Fool’s Day and Valentine’s Day anymore. Many people think a prank has to be elaborate. Well, nothing is better than an easy prank.

An easy prank is funny, cheap, and effortless to execute. For instance, changing the contact names in a phone doesn’t cost a dime or take a lot of work. At the same time, a homemade bug or insect only takes a few minutes to make. Even the more elaborate pranks are still reasonably easy to pull off. There truly isn’t anything better than an easy prank. 

22 Hilarious Easy Pranks You Can Perform on Your Friends

1. The Nicolas Cage Prank

nicolas cages faces in sock easy pranks

The Daily Edge

The main elements of an easy prank are cheapness, creativity, and Nicolas Cage. Indeed, every good prank needs Nic Cage. The beloved actor has a wide range of facial expressions perfect for this prank.

All the prankster has to do is replace all the family photos with pictures of Nic Cage. Next, scatter a bunch of Cage pictures all over the house, including in the underwear drawer, ice cube trays, and socks. It’s the perfect harmless prank to pull on a family member. This prank also works with Steve Buscemi or Dennis Quaid. 

2. Dirty Hands Prank

easy prank on dirty hands

The dirty hands prank is an excellent practical joke. It’s an easy prank to execute and doesn’t require much money or leg work. Indeed, it’s a great prank at home or work. Simply add food coloring to the soap dispenser in the bathroom.

Honestly, any color will do, but red, black, or green seem to scare or disgust people the most. The hilarious prank works on two levels. First, people trying to clean their hands will have a bigger mess. More importantly, those that choose not to wash their hands will be exposed. 

3. Fake Bug Prank

fake bug prank


Even the toughest MMA fighters shriek when they feel a bug crawling on their body. Therefore, the fake bug prank is the best joke to pull off. Indeed, it’ll freak out most people.

First, buy fake bugs from the store or make one out of cardboard. Next, place the bug in the victim’s underwear drawer. It can either go in between clothes or on top. Either way, it’ll freak the person out. 

4. Meatball Cake Pops Prank

meatball cake pops prank

Lunchbox Dad/YouTube

The meatball cake pop prank is easy to pull off and doesn’t require too much money. Buy or make four meatballs and disguise them as delicious cake pops. Cover the meatballs in frosting, sugar, and colorful sprinkles with toothpicks to complete the presentation. Next, have your loved ones and friends try the meatball cake pop and get ready for a good laugh.

Of course, the prankster can take it to the next level with a simple adjustment. Tell your friends it’s the first time you’ve baked cake pops, and watch as they try to be supportive.

5. Plastic Wrap Body Wash Prank

Plastic Wrap Body Wash Prank

AD and TK #teamad/YouTube

Pranksters spend all year long preparing and training for April Fool’s Day. It’s like the Super Bowl of pranks. Of course, there isn’t anything better than pulling a prank on a family member or friend on April 1st. The Plastic wrap body wash prank is a funny prank that’ll get a big laugh after some yelling.

Take the cap off a body wash or shampoo bottle and place plastic wrap over the opening. The prankster should hide nearby to hear the expletive rant when the victim takes a shower. 

6. Spilled Milk Prank

Spilled Milk Prank


The spilled milk prank requires some work, but it’ll be worth it. The prankster will need a few items, including a piece of glass, soap, glue, and access to the victim’s laptop. Indeed, spilling even the tiniest bit of liquid on a laptop is dangerous, which makes this prank funnier.

Rub the soap all over the piece of glass and then add the glue to simulate milk. Let the glue dry and slowly peel the fake spilled milk off. Place the fake milk onto the laptop and hide nearby to hear the victim have a panic attack. 

7. Fake Orange Juice

Fake Orange Juice Prank

LeeLee UrsTruLee/YouTube

The main point of a harmless prank is to laugh and not cause any damage. However, a disgusting prank is also a lot of fun. The fake orange juice prank is the perfect practical joke. It’s creative, easy to do, and disgusts the victim.

All the prankster has to do is buy a box of mac & cheese. Next, mix the water and cheese into a large pitcher to disguise it as orange juice. Nobody can resist a glass of juice. Well, they might be able to resist it after falling for this prank. 

8. Fake Toilet Paper Prank

Fake Toilet Paper Prank

Antwan And Ja’Dae/YouTube

The fake toilet paper prank is a hilarious April Fool’s Day joke. Undoubtedly, anything involving toilet paper is funny. As a matter of fact, this prank is good all year round. The prankster simply makes a fake toilet paper roll using cardboard. Add a message on the inside to make the prank funnier.

Despite this prank being hilarious, the prankster must use caution. If done to the wrong victim, it could really ruin their day. May we suggest avoiding senior citizens, little kids, and anyone suffering from IBS. Otherwise, let the fake toilet paper roll loose. 

9. Unlatherable Soap Prank

Unlatherable Soap Prank


An easy and effective prank targets a household item. Indeed, the more the item gets used daily, the better the prank. For instance, thousands of people wash their hands with a bar of soap daily. Hence, it’s the perfect item for a practical joke.

All the prankster needs to do is cover a bar of soap in clear nail polish and let it dry. The soap bar won’t work and is pretty useless because of the nail polish. The victim will become wildly frustrated as they try to wash their hands. Put the soap in the bathroom, sit back, and enjoy the show. 

10. Frozen Cereal Prank

Frozen Cereal Prank

Pranx CRU/YouTube

It’s always important to start each morning with a hearty breakfast and a prank. The frozen cereal trick is the best prank to pull on kids. Pulling a practical joke on the little ones is tricky because it can’t be too mean. Of course, mean pranks are terrible to pull on anyone, but especially kids.

A mother posted an easy, harmless, and great prank idea on the Kids Activities Blog. The night before, simply put a bowl of cereal and milk in the freezer. Cheerios is the ideal cereal to use, but granola clusters also work. The following day, put some fresh milk on top to make it look natural. Next, sit back and laugh as your kid tries to eat their frozen breakfast. Warning, they might not get the joke and just think the cereal is gross.

11. Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank

Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank

Joey Salads Shorts/YouTube

The cream cheese deodorant prank is a great practical joke to pull on a husband or wife. The prankster needs a couple of things for this prank, including cream cheese, a spoon, and the victim’s deodorant. Turn the bottom wheel until the deodorant pops out of the bottle.

Next, take the spoon, slice off a chunk of cream cheese, and place it in the deodorant bottle. Disguise the cream cheese as a deodorant by adding fake hair. Place the deodorant back in the bathroom and get ready to laugh your butt off. 

12. The Dennis Quaid Prank

The Dennis Quaid Prank

Team Coco/YouTube

Messing with a person’s cell phone without causing any damage is the best prank. All the prankster needs to do is get access to the victim’s cell phone. Next, change the names of all the contacts to the same one. Obviously, no name is funnier and more random than Dennis Quaid. 

The world-famous celebrity elevates every movie with his stellar performances. More importantly, he elevates this prank to an even funnier level. The funny prank also works with Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi. It’s easily one of the funniest jokes. 

13. Googly Eyes Everywhere Prank

Googly Eyes Everywhere Prank


The googly eyes gag is a creative, hysterical, and easy prank to execute. Indeed, a woman in Austria pranked her boyfriend with the classic googly eyes prank. Simply purchase a lot of googly eyes. The more googly eyes, the funnier the joke.

Next, place the eyes all over the victim’s room and on all of their stuff. For instance, the girlfriend in Austria put googly eyes on her boyfriend’s dryer, video game controller, toilet paper, cereal boxes, and eggs. 

14. Chocolate Sponge Brownie Prank 

Chocolate Sponge Brownie Prank 

Kristen McGowan/YouTube

The sponge brownie gag is a quick and easy prank that’ll have everyone laughing, including the victim. It’s a simple prank that requires frosting, a butter knife, scissors, a sponge, and sprinkles. Cut the sponge into the shape of a brownie and cover it in frosting.

The brownie needs to look as real as possible. It’s crucial to spread the frosting over every inch of the sponge. Finally, add sprinkles or any decoration to complete the presentation. It’s one of the funniest practical jokes.

15. Homemade Juice Prank

Homemade Juice Prank

Deanna Underwood/YouTube

It’s no surprise that kids love to pull pranks on their parents. Well, it’s time for the parents to get some revenge. The homemade juice prank is perfect for pranking the little ones or even the big ones in the family.

All the prankster needs to do is make jello in the victim’s favorite drinking glass. It would be wise to pick their favorite juice as well. Let the jello set in the glass and serve it to the victim. Another option is to pretend to trip, fall, and spill the fake juice all over the person. 

16. Gravy Tea Bag Prank

Gravy Tea Bag Prank

The gravy tea bag prank is the perfect practical joke for tea lovers. It’s a harmless prank that hopefully will get a big laugh. The prank requires a few items, including gravy granules, a knife, scotch tape, and a couple of tea bags.

Carefully cut open the bag and replace the tea with the gravy granules. Next, put the gravy tea bag back into the box and patiently wait. If the prankster has no patience, they should suggest having a cup of tea.

17. Stapler in Jello Prank

Stapler in Jello Prank

The Office/YouTube

The beloved sitcom The Office introduced the world to the hilarious stapler in jello prank. The prank works at the office or home with several different items. Of course, a stapler works in the office because it’s one of the items people use all day. There are two ways to make the stapler in jello.

First, fill up the bowl halfway with jello, place the stapler in and add the rest of the jello. The other option is to place the stapler in the bowl and fill it to the top with jello. The second way requires string or floss to hold the stapler in place. Regardless, it’s a harmless prank guaranteed to get a lot of laughs. 

18. Creepy Eyes Prank

Creepy Eyes Prank

Disney XD/YouTube

In many ways, the creepy eyes prank is the best kind of practical joke. A good prank is both funny and weird at the same time. Indeed, the creepy eyes prank will accomplish both of those goals. Although it’s an easy prank it does requires a little work.

First, the prankster needs to buy a couple of white ping pong balls with no markings. Next, cut the balls in half and sand the edges. Once that’s finished, paint eyes onto both balls and place them onto the sleeping victim. Either take a picture or wait for another family member to see the creepy eyes. Another option is for the prankster to wear the creepy eyes during a meeting, but that could be a risky prank.

19. Coffee on the Roof Prank

Item on the Car Roof Prank

YouTube/Vlog Creations

The coffee on the roof prank is a practical joke that targets other drivers and people on the street. The prank requires a piece of plastic, magnets, and a paper coffee cup with a lid and sleeve. It’s a funny and elaborate prank that’ll get big laughs from anyone who notices.

It’s common for drivers to forget items on their car roof all the time. Mount the cup onto the plastic and secure the magnets to the bottom. Next, spray the cup with lacquer to make it strong enough to sit on the car. Finally, place it on the roof, go for a long drive, and watch the funny expressions on people’s faces. 

20. Broken Toilet Prank

Broken Toilet Prank


Any prank that includes a toilet will always be a great prank. Indeed, the broken toilet prank is a funny and easy prank that requires a few items. All the prankster needs is yellow food coloring and a toilet.

Place a few drops of the food coloring into the tank and let it mix. After a few minutes, the water will turn yellow, making it seem as if it’s not flushing. The victim will go crazy trying to fix the toilet. Indeed, the longer the prank goes, the funnier it gets. 

21. Water Cups Prank

Water Cups Prank


The best pranks are always the simplest and cheapest as well. The water cup prank is perfect for the office but also works at home. The prankster needs a lot of paper cups and water to pull the prank off.

It’s one of those pranks that works better with as many cups as possible. A funny version of the prank is to place the cups in front of the victim’s front door. The prankster should ring the doorbell and hide nearby to hear the victim’s hilarious reaction. 

22. Head in a Jar Prank

Head in a Jar Prank


The head in a jar prank is an elaborate but easy prank. It’ll also scare the victim before getting a big laugh. The prank requires a large jar, food coloring, paper lamination, and photo editing software.

First, take several pictures from different angles and merge them into one. Next, laminate the image and place it in the jar with the food coloring. Place the jar in the fridge and wait patiently for the victim to see the jar. They’ll scream at first, but eventually, they’ll laugh.

The prank also works with Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi, and Dennis Quaid. 

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