21 Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

21 Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

The baby name trends for 2020 and the forecast for hot new baby names are in full swing. Already, some models have emerged: girls are named after things found in the natural world, like flowers and precious stones, for example, while international names are hot for boys. Unisex names and short four-letter names are also on the rise.

But if you really want to find unusual baby name trends, you need to turn to celebrities. Sometimes they’re just ahead of the curve: remember when Apple was considered a wacky name when Gwyneth Paltrow chose it for his daughter in 2004? Now fruit names are the norm, with kiwi and clementine gaining popularity. Other times, celebrities choose a name that will never happen again, no matter what. (Sorry, pilot inspector.) And still other times, you hear a celebrity name that sounds totally weird – like, say, Banjo – and then everything makes sense when you hear the story behind it.

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These 21 famous baby names definitely fall on the unique and unusual end of the spectrum. It remains to be seen if they will inspire next year’s trends, but at this point, doesn’t it seem like names like “Gary” or “Jennifer” are weird?

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X Æ A-12 Musk

Shortly after the birth of his son, Elon Musk tweeted that he and rapper Grimes had chosen baby X Æ A-12 Musk. No one knows what it means, but the assumptions are circulating. (The Æ is pronounced “ash”, so we assume it could be what it is actually called.)

Gray story

Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah Davis Jeter are notoriously deprived of their children, but the word has circulated on the name of Baby No. 2. And although we do not know the story behind the name Story, we are sure that is a great tale.

Marine Rome

Colors are used as names all the time: think purple or blue. But country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany didn’t exactly think about color when they chose Navy for their daughter – they just liked the word Navy. “Having a name like Jason doesn’t get much more common,” said Aldean, who also has a son named Memphis. Taste of the country. “I wanted [my kids] to have something a little cooler than that, but not like crazy. I had the impression that their two names were different. I don’t know anyone else with these names. ”

Banks Violet

Initially, actress Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma thought they could use Violet as their first name. “We chose a name, then we swapped a week later and haven’t discussed it since,” she said. People before the baby is born in 2018. “The name we thought we would use for the first time will be his middle name, so we say to ourselves:” Don’t dwell on it anymore. “” Could Banks refer to her role in Agent Cody Banks?

Gravity Blue

Although names inspired by nature are certainly fashionable, parents usually opt for names of fruits or flowers – not necessarily forces of physics. However, the daughter of models Stormi Bree and Lucky Blue Smith, born in 2017, is aptly named for the force that attracts two bodies of matter.

Ode mountain

Actress Jena Malone and her then-boyfriend, photographer Ethan DeLorenzo, kept quiet about how they chose the name Ode Mountain for their 5-year-old son – but it sounds like a solid name and strong.


Disney fans in the house? The actors Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are – enough to name their daughter, born in 2014, after Sleeping Beauty. Christensen says, “We both love Disney, but Rachel in particular was very interested in the name,” AND online reports.

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence

No, it’s not a law firm – it’s the name of Uma Thurman’s daughter. The leading actress and her boyfriend, Arpad Busson, couldn’t decide on a single name – so they went with five. “We couldn’t really agree on the name, so we call her Luna,” Thurman told Jimmy Fallon after the birth in July 2012. “She’s lucky that way.”

Bronx Mowgli

In 2008, Fallout Boy bassist Pete Wentz enigmatically explained why he and his then wife Ashlee Simpson chose Bronx Mowgli as their son’s name: “All these people have all these ideas about what it means … it’s kind of cool to let the narrative what it is, “the Daily News written. Simpson then had another child with an unusual name – Jagger Snow – with actor / musician Evan Ross.

Kal-El Coppola

Comic book fans know that Kal-El is the Kryptonian name for Superman. So how did Nic Cage’s son, born in 2005, end up with the nickname? Cage said to his then wife, Alice Kim, “I wanted a unique name. Originally I thought of Kyle’s name, and then she said,” No, something more unusual but beautiful “” . People reports. “Then I remembered the old Superman comics and Kal-El was his original name on Krypton. So I wanted a name that represented something good, was unique and was American, and that’s all three . ”

Pilot Inspector

Actor Jason Lee didn’t choose that name because he wants his son to fly planes or, well, inspect things. Lee explains that he named his boy (pictured here with his sister Casper), born in September 2003, after a song from the album by the group Grandaddy The Sophtware crisis: “The opening song,” It’s simple, it’s stupid, it’s the pilot, “absolutely blew me away when I heard it for the first time. It was from this track that my wife , Beth, found Pilot’s name for our son. ”

Banjo Patrick

Of course, it is a stringed musical instrument, but it is also the name of the son of actress / director Rachel Griffiths, now 16 years old. And while the choice may seem strange to American ears, it has major significance for Griffiths of Australian origin. Banjo Patterson was an iconic indigenous activist and poet, best known for works such as Waltzing Matilda and Snowy river man.

Moxie CrimeFighter

The magician Penn Jillette has certainly given his daughter, born in 2005, a name you will never forget. Jillette said he chose the name because “Moxie is a name that was created by an American for the first national soft drink and which then meant chutzpah, and that’s good,” he told the New york times, add. “It’s just the losers by the name of Dave who think having an unusual name is bad and who cares what they think. Their name is Dave.” (Sorry, Daves of the world.)

Audio Science (2003)

Actress Shannyn Sossamon is a major advocate for the name of her 16-year-old son. (Her then-boyfriend, illustrator Dallas Clayton, read the dictionary to find a good word instead of a name.) “Everyone likes to think that I named my child Audioscience, as if it was his first name! ” Sossamon said Details. “Science is his middle name. His name is Audio Clayton. No one calls anyone else by his first and middle names. It drives me crazy! … His name is actually Audio Clayton, which is not that strange. ”

You simone

In 2001, actor Rob Morrow named his daughter, Tu. You understand? Tomorrow. “If we have a son,” said Morrow People, “I want to call it Bone, but I don’t think [wife Debbon Ayer] will leave me. ”

Harley quinn

Batman villain Harley Quinn first appeared in an episode of Batman: the animated series in 1992. Seven years later, director Kevin Smith and his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, gave their daughter the name of the bad harlequin. (She seems to agree with that.) Now that Harley Quin is a major character in Suicide Squad and Birds of prey, the name could make its way.

Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice and River Rocket Blue Dallas

No, these are not really cute cartoon characters playing on a meadow. They are the adorable children of British chef Jamie Oliver. (The children are between 17 and 3 years old.) Oliver said People his wife, Jools, is in charge of the names. “We are probably lucky enough [Buddy] was a boy, really, because we were without a name [for] girls.”

Reign Aston

Of course, we couldn’t go through this list without including a few Kardashian names. While Kourtney’s older children have relatively sweet names (Mason and Penelope), the couple have grown wilder with a name for their now 4-year-old son. But Reign is a perfect name for a little boy whose father is, after all, Lord Scott Disick.

North West

Sorry, we’re still not done. Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West have chosen many unusual names for their children – Saint, Chicago and Psalm – but the one that always stands out the most is her daughter North, who, combined with the surname West, was named d ‘after the primary intercardinal leadership at birth in June 2013.

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