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21 Best Cover Up Tattoo Ideas with Natural Tattoo Removal Guide

Cover up tattoo ideas: The removal of surgical activities and laser tattoos is not for everyone. If you’re not ready to go under the knife (or the light) don’t worry, you still have options. One way is to just cover up the tattoo you regret with something you like a lot better.

Covering up tattoos is the way many people go, especially those who still love ink. If you need to turn your tattoo off completely, you can decide that makeup is the best solution. If you have a small tattoo and want to lighten it without going through a procedure, natural methods may be faster.

This tattoo removal guide provides support information for all three options. We hope that after reading it, you will know exactly what you want to do and be ready to move forward. So choose your poison and get as much information as possible so that your results shame your previous experience.

What is a cover-up tattoo?

It will be covered by an operation that will take the place of your previously undesirable and unwanted tattoo. The methods often carry on your task without breaking your money. You can also opt for concealing tattoos if you are worried that your older inscription will eventually fade. Light or faded tattoos are easily workable with Dark Inscription. The choice between a design or an image that covers your tattoo also makes a major difference. It seems to me that design is often more difficult to fix as well. You just have to pick an idea and plan an appointment with their tattooed artist. The artist can further direct you must consider.

Cover up tattoo ideas
Cover up tattoo ideas

Tattoo cover-up ideas for your body

If you have a tattoo that you are no longer satisfied with, we have countless ideas for covering up tattoos for you. We’ve divided them into different sections, as the location has a lot to do with what you can and can’t do when it comes to covering up tattoos.

Professional tattoo artists know exactly what to do when it comes to hiding “regret”, but you want to have a few ideas before your first appointment. After all, properly planning and communicating your wishes / needs are the two things that (hopefully) will keep you from getting another tattoo cover-up in the future.

Tattoo cover up ideas sleeve

The arm is a common placement area for tattoos. It is a simple area that can be covered with clothing and a simple area that can also be shown. For many people, this is the perfect mix. Unfortunately, many people get tattoos on their arms and later wish they hadn’t.


If your tattoo is small, you can cover it with a tattoo that is only a little larger than what you currently have. But most of the time we see customers with tattoos that cover a good part of the arm. One way to fix this situation is to get a sleeve cover. A sleeve tattoo is exactly what it sounds like. It usually covers the entire arm from the top of the shoulder to the wrist. For many, the tattoo wraps around the entire arm, even around the inside that is closest to the body.

The reason why a lot of people are looking for tattoo cover-up ideas (sleeves) is that a sleeve doesn’t have to be a big deed. It can actually contain several smaller tattoos in one large piece. If the ink you have isn’t easy to turn into something else, it may be the best choice to have other tattoos camouflage it in one sleeve.

Cover up tattoo ideas
Cover up tattoo ideas

Here are some awesome sleeve pieces to use to stimulate your imagination:

Full sleeve

The average time for this type of tattoo is 10-15 hours, but if it’s a cover-up, it can take a little longer. We know that full sleeves can last up to fifty hours. Still, it’s worth it for most people, because in the end you have one of these amazing designs.

Three-quarter sleeve tattoo

This sleeve starts at the shoulder and ends exactly where a three-quarter length shirt would be. It doesn’t extend to the wrist like a full sleeve.

Half arm tattoo

Another option is a half sleeve. This type of tattoo starts at the shoulder like a full one and then continues down and ends at the elbow.

Quarter sleeve tattoo

A quarter sleeve is even smaller. It starts in the same place, but ends in the same place where a short-sleeved shirt would be. For people who cannot have full or half sleeves due to their work, this is a good compromise because it can be covered easily.

Final thoughts on sleeve covers

It is important to note that sleeves can be expensive and can take many sessions. Of course they are worth it. However, you should make sure that you are ready to commit to the process before you start. Otherwise, you will just get another tattoo “not” instead of a “do”.

Tattoo cover-up ideas for wrists and arms

If you’re not interested in a sleeve tattoo, you can still find cover-up ideas for the arms. Many women get floral tattoos on their arms because the twisted tendrils and petals can easily hide earlier tattoos. You may need to add dark shades, but a splash of color can also be added if you’re interested.

Tattoos on the wrist have been trendy for some time. These may be difficult to cover due to the small area, but are not impossible. Here are a few examples of cool wrist cover-ups.

Traditionally there are three different types of cover-up tattoos. These are full reporting, creative reinvention, and explosions. Full coverage is exactly what it sounds like. It covers the entire tattoo. Creative reinvention takes the existing tattoo and reworks it. Blasting over tattoos creates a layer over the ink.

Here are some examples of explosions over your arm:

Tattoo cover-up ideas for ankles and legs

It is important to remember that this is not a “new tattoo” if you are looking for ideas for tattoo cover-ups. It’s a way of hiding. If you’re looking for a way to cover a tattoo on your leg or ankle (or any other area), consider the following tips:

  • Some tattoos can fade somewhat by removing excess ink
  • There are certain illusions that can improve the overall picture
  • You can sometimes correct the spelling without covering the entire tattoo
  • You should keep the correction design close to the old one for best results
  • You may still see a piece of the old tattoo under the old one

Here are some of our most popular cover-up ideas for ankle and leg tattoos you’d like to get rid of:

Tattoo cover-up ideas for the chest

We have all seen breast tattoos, especially those above the heart, that profess immortal love. Unfortunately, if the relationship goes south, there remains a painful memory of what was once. Fortunately, there are cover-up tattoos that can move the past into the past. We love the breast designs below. Hopefully, they can be a point of inspiration for you too

Tattoo cover-up ideas for the back

One of the first tattoo cover-ups that I have ever encountered was a quote tattoo on the back (shoulder) with the inscription “This will also go away”. It was faded badly, so I assumed it was a really old design. Although this was true, my client explained that the tattoo had faded as long as she had it. Shortly after the coloring, my customer noticed that something was wrong with the design.

If it scratched and peeled off, a blotchy tattoo was left. She went back to the shop to ask questions to the artist. When she got there, the shop was completely empty. The artist had packed up and left town. Fortunately, we were able to update her tattoo and make it amazing, like the designs below.

Tattoo cover-ups before and after examples

Before and after examples, not too much intro is needed for cover-up tattoos. In the case of tattoos, the “proof is in the pudding”. Only the end result is really important. With that said, here are some extraordinary designs that prove that cover-ups can be as amazing as an original tattoo.

Best tattoo cover up makeup

If you don’t want another tattoo or haven’t found the perfect design, there are other cover-up options. Special makeup was developed to cover tattoos. Our four favorites (+ a bonus) are listed below:

Glossiva full cover concealer

Full coverage glossivas concealer masks tattoos, scars, dizziness and more. We love that it is waterproof and fits every skin color.

This mix-and-match product dries in about fifteen minutes and then you’re good to go. So many of the reviews come from customers who covered tattoos for work, weddings, or other events and had to report that the results were flawless. Even on days when you don’t want to cover your tattoo, you can use the concealer to cover up dark spots or blemishes. Such a versatile product.


SegminiSmart tattoo concealer

Tattoo concealer, scar concealer, makeup concealer, cover …

  • Concealer Total Coverage: It completely covers acne, pigment loss, postoperative bruising, tattoos, etc. It can …
  • Professional and safe: Concealer Set No alcohol, no toxic chemical. Since it is very thin, let the skin breathe freely ….

At less than $ 20, this tattoo cover-up set is a bargain. Similar to the product listed above, mix this concealer yourself so that it looks exactly like your own skin. Since one of the containers is dark, this is a great kit for people with dark skin. Of course, fair-skinned people can use it as long as you mix it well. It can cover tattoos, veins, bruises and acne. There are tons of uses with this product.

It can be applied to the face or body so any tattoo can be covered with this kit. It is also made from natural ingredients and contains no alcohol or toxic chemicals, making it absolutely safe. One reviewer wrote:

I couldn’t believe how great this stuff worked! I have not yet found a concealer that completely covered my tattoos / acne scars up to this product! Don’t waste your time or money on these $ 100 high-end branded products, because this is where every single one of them I’ve ever tried blows out of the water.

Amazon Review


Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

This popular product from Kat Von D’s makeup line is known for its crazy reporting and a 4.5 star hit on Amazon. Although many people use it to cover up acne and unsightly bumps, it was created to cover tattoos, hence the name. This is premixed, so it is much less messy there than some of the others. Of course, you have to buy a shade that comes close to your natural shade.

Amazon reviewers rave about this product, but also mentioned how difficult it is to get out, which is a good thing when it comes to covering tattoos. Especially if you want to wear it for a long time. The arrival time is also fast here. So if you need it soon, no problem.


Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover 5 colors

Looking for an affordable option? This Mehron tattoo cover-up wheel is one of the cheapest on the market. With free shipping for just under $ 14, it’s both waterproof and abrasion resistant. The name comes from the fact that each wheel contains five different colors, so you can use it regardless of your skin color.

One reviewer called it “the best cover I found” and suggested using Mehron’s setting powder between everyone and finishing with a Mehron Sealer fixative if you want to wear it for an extended period of time.


Tat2X full arm tattoo cover up cover

Don’t feel like covering up your tattoos with makeup, but need to temporarily hide your tattoos for work or school? Look no further than Tat2X’s best American Made tattoo case, available in a variety of colors and styles, to suit just about every need.

These protective covers not only block 98% of harmful UV rays and wick sweat away, they also have no visible logos. The nylon / spandex fabric blend keeps you super comfortable, whether hot or cold, and the non-slip elastic gripper holds our sleeves firmly in place with a flat seam to protect your skin from chafing.


Frequently asked questions about covering up tattoos

We get a lot of questions from our readers about tattoo cover-ups and tattoo removal methods, which we’ll answer here so everyone can learn from them.

What are good tattoo cover-up ideas?

There are so many good ideas when it comes to cover-ups. You should take a minute to write down some of the things that you love or that interest you. Are you a history fan An old portrait or historical scene can serve as a cover-up. Plant lovers may be interested in a floral motif. You could even consider a 3D design.

Does a cover-up tattoo hurt more?

Could be. Although many online articles will tell you that cover-ups hurt worse, not everyone agrees. If you have a lot of scar tissue in the area you are camouflaging, you may experience more pain. But in general, all tattoos are painful.

Can a tattoo be covered up?

Yes, but some may need to be hidden before another design is introduced. If you have a very dark tattoo that is difficult to cover with ink, you may need to remove some of the ink with a laser first. A professional tattoo artist can look at your tattoo and advise if this is the case for you.

Can you cover a black tattoo with white ink?

Yes. Applying white ink to black ink is a cover-up tattoo trend that many people choose. It enables the tattoo artist to create dimensions and often turns slate gray. It is important to note that white ink fades slightly and turns yellow. Therefore, special caution is required with this technique.

This is a wrap (or wrap)

Have you been inspired by the tattoo cover-ups shown above? We’d love to hear which of the above designs is your favorite or which one you could consider. Comment below and let us know your thoughts. If you opt for makeup instead, we really want to know how the products are measured.

Hey reader! I’m Jeffrey and your tattoo artist of the day;) I have drawn and painted all my life and after graduating from high school I decided it was time for a bigger challenge and started drawing on people. I am so happy that I was able to express my creativity through my body art and share my passion with my wife Emilie today. She started working as a piercer in my tattoo shop and I started writing about my creations on this blog and taking pictures of them. I would love to hear from you and hope you enjoy our cooperation!

Tips to maintain your cover-up tattoo

About 67 % of people are concerned with the look, quality and unattractive effect they get from concealing their old tattoos. Selecting the part you wish be painted can save any hassle. Once you conceal a previously tattooed image there is need for extra care in order to enhance the healing process.

Tricks Use in Cover-up Tattoo

Certified cover-up tattoo artists have used quick and effective methods to accomplish the desired result within a short time. Many common tricks are Re-working an already finished product requires both time and effort. Some common tricks include reworking a completed tattoo recovery and a revised completed design.

The process of cover-up

An experienced cover-up tattoo artist knows how to incorporate the new shape to minimize the risks of obliterating the image. In cover-ups, the artist draws more attention to the design by crafting interesting patterns around the unattractive areas of your previous tattoos. This trick should definitely keep everyone from viewing its new appearance. Tattoo artists recommend creating a larger pattern versus a more expensive version. Light shades on the skin will neutralize it revealing only the only tattoo has been imprinted on the. The correct steps will cover an area – eliminating every inch of that earlier design.

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas: The Best Way To Cover Up Your Unwanted Tattoo

Tattoos keep on getting done. Which is what makes them amazing. Perhaps it brings about bad memories or simply isn’t your style. It’s possible to hide the tattoo or shave it off. You can choose to get your tattoo done by my opinion that you don’t like. Make sure your tattoo is concealed from rubbing. It will signify the transformation from who you were when you received the original tattoo to something you have become. We put together this list of our favorite cover-up tattoos to show what is possible when it comes to tattoo cover up and also give you tattoo cover up ideas.

Animal Cover Up Tattoos

Tattoos are often replaced by artists who transform them into stunning dazzling new items such as this elephant. The skin created by the elephant is created with brilliant shading technique and patternwork creating unforgettable skin. I can’t help but think the owners of this object will tell us something about Jean’s nature. The darkness of black ink is softened somewhat by a good shading to give the reptile its edges and clarity throughout the whole shape. The addition of the mislabeled alien with an exceptional koi tattoo is definitely an upgrade coverup. The almost shiny black is enhanced with exceptionally well placed ink which gives the armory layers an appearance that were painted individually.

Color Cover Up Tattoos

Below the skin the new ink meets the existing ink creating new color. This Celtic cover up does a fabulous job of eliminating three tired and worn tattoos to make a clever pair of new designs. Notice how white ink is in the Second Tattoo as a way of giving it color and texture while simultaneously increasing the image to one more that first with the more decorative Top tattoo. The use of shading in colors makes great artworks. The use of shading is quite a beautiful piece of art. The cover isn’t just painting over any old color. However this method requires deeper understanding of how colours behave together at the same time while forming and dismantling cover ups.

Full back cover up tattoos

The coiled full-cover Tattoo is an excellent example of this tactic leaving no trace of the work under the vivid outlines. You can look closely on the side left of the tattoo to find the visible trace of the original work under the gray or peeking out among the petals. In contrast this tattoo used huge detailing to hide the prior tattoo. In this piece the geometric shape of the coverup is combined in conjunction with the Asian theme as part of a complete fully-back piece. Frequently the covering up in that case is significant larger than the previously disclosed coverup. This is an extraordinary example of the tactic leaving light traces of the original work.

Black and Gray Cover Up Tattoos

For revealing tattoos the best idea would be not to trace the existing tattoo and instead leave behind a new picture with the original design. Black is often considered the best color for coverup. A talented artist can create an image of black and gray which has the effect of hiding any existing work. This angel is one such example. The shading and detail of the piece cover any traces of past tattoo. Gone are the words and slightly faded shading of the last piece to replace a skilfully executed wing with feathers. Feathers are popular covers in black and grey. Keep all the tattoos that people want on you.

How do I cover up a tattoo?

Tattoo is permanent. Even with natural aging and sun exposure tattoos do not fade before they completely disappear. For most people the most effective way to conceal a tattoo that they don’t like is by using another tattoo. Getting a tattoo is usually much cheaper compared to laser tattooing. Most tattoos can be hidden with the best colors. Should we tattoo anything black on our body as we know that it’s very dark or has some very dark inks then it may be tricky to locate a tattoo which properly covers the ink . Unlike laser tattoo removal tattoo cover-ups never leave any undesired scar in skin.

Blackout Cover Up Tattoos

That’s about avoiding the worst case situation. This previous tattoo was a detail, heavily shadowed piece that left the tattoo artist one option: get blacker. The old work disappears for a few sweeps from previous shading which have been integrated seamlessly into new work. With negative space in geometric patterns this piece helps produce versatility for the covered tattoo. The key here is being able to integrate weird shapes of black into something new by turning lines of untattooed flesh into a more creative form. It is a pretty red and black ink blob new wave style tattoo.

Skull Cover Up Tattoos

Skull shapes are one of the most common tattoo design elements. Aside from the variety of techniques, they have great applications in coverup work. From photorealistic black and gray patterns to US traditional flashing, skulls just work. They are especially good to choose for cover ups due to their ability to incorporate different elements as well as the ability to use bold black ink on these designs.

Dotwork Cover Up Tattoos

One growing trend for tattooing art is using dots to create various images and designs at the same time. Stippling may be well done to break down existing works or new works. The heavily saturated black of the densest parts is well-suited to the creation of good cover ups. The saturated black is good for creating quality tattoos and is well tolerate depending upon design type.

Color Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Can I cover my black tattoo by color? As you can see in the tattoo underneath the answer is “Yes!”. This old black script tattoo is perfectly covered with an elegant white flower in vibrant colors. The leaf on either side of the tattoo ensures it covers the entire old tattoo so no one can see it was actually the same as the whole tattoo.

Realistic Heart Cover Up Tattoo

This cover up tattoo proves this. It even includes some the lines into the new tattoo so people never forget how ridiculous an idea are DIY tattoos really. Do not be disappointed. Tattoo artists can take care of the problem. This cover-up tattoo show the fact that a few tattoos are made for the garage from a friend with a metal clip.

Grim Reaper Cover Up Tattoo

It is also a very large tattoo cover up and you probably won’t know because there’s no evidence on this new tattoo that it is a cover up. It’s the same kind of tattoo, but better as the tattoo is much more extensive for protection. The tattoo is neither the subject of a tattoo nor the s.

Realistic Narwhal Cover Up Tattoo

This Cover Up Tattoo shows that even when you cover your tattoo the cover up is still possible. This is perhaps the only Narwhal tattoo cover up on the internet after you’re done with this list “Google” and see. Besides it is possible for Narwhala to hide its tattoos.

How do I avoid a tattoo cover up situation?

The best technique for treating tattoo removal is laser removal and another is covering it with another pattern. Laser treatment is expensive and even in advanced laser treatment the end result will not be great. Another option will be to cover an tattoo with another design. You’ll have white spots on the back of your head. Another way to cover up unwanted tattoos is to make them appear new. You are given the option to choose the best tattoo studio. Get a perfect place for tattooing and your perfect destination. Choose the best tattoo studio located in my hometown. Have a look at these paintings. Get in touch with the artist.

Hello New Ink Bye Past

Tattoos consists of feathers and skull coverup. Tayla can be hidden in his heart and on his body, but I like think she is out there and living her best life no matter how ridiculously ugly he seems. He’ll be spooked if he can see that tattoo that he kept an eye on in the past despite the fact that he’s also known as the spider! The best solution to forget a lost ex is to forget your ex. Write about all the new adventures like a beautiful butterfly or a cherry blossoming cherry blossom. The best tattoo recipient with an sense of humor would cover up their Ex’s tattoo.

What is tattoo cover up?

Tattoos are the process of covering or distancing un-applied tattoo and inking an image on similar part of the body. If the existing inks of a tattoo are softer and darker than the existing hex they will effectively hide it. The objective is to ensure for best results when the treated area is fully healed. Your tattooist should be someone you love or comfortable working with. It was very helpful knowing their work. A talented tattoo artist could find some ways to get around bad designs and make them worse. They have all the skills that make it the best in the town.

Abstract and Geometric Cover Up Tattoos

The mandala style tattoo cover up idea appears quite unusual as part of the original tattoo color and shade are central to the new art. The artist uses fine black lines over the top to create a middle of the flower and then moves back with symmetrical detail to finish. At the time of the job the artist opted for an elaborate shading in shades that eliminated the gloom that appeared from the previous barbed wire tattoo. By virtue of the absence of constraints of this style artist has the capability to create a style which covers the existing tattoos perfectly.

Butterfly Blast Over Cover Up Tattoo

The Blast Over is a different type of tattoo coverup. With a blast ‘cover up’ tattoo the artist tries to hide the undershirt no they simply tattoo the new design over it. It also gives the new tattoo an additional uniqueness than a typical tattoo. This Butterfly blow over of an old Butterfly tattoo below shows an example of a new tattoo cover-up. The artist uses the old tattoo beneath to increase the aesthetic of T.

Dagger and flowers cover up tattoo

The roses have not been oversaturated with ink but just soft shaded in the slighter shade. You also could barely detect all of the tattoos hidden by the cover of this. This has helped in this sense in strategic tattooing skill and shading. Tattoo done by Steve at Tattoo Headquarters in New York City on Monday, July 10th.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

“Sorry Wendy” and “No Edward” is another way to protect the ex. Chris: Look at me that’s a cover-up to make some bad feelings about your relationship. No More is a way to hide everything in your relationship rather than an ex. Yes Conner and Edward are the best ways to secretly conceal one of his former lovers and remind yourself of your own royalties. Get an owl so that you can reflect what a wiser person you are now. Send some flowers in your homage to Camden going on. Nine. Camden Cover-up: Give faded hearts a lively makingover. 10.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Just for You

Frank became “faith” when he stood at his cross. And instead of his Name she has feathers which made up part of the wings she flew to get off of her ex. I’m not surprised that he actually broke up with Damla in case he gets a car tattoo without thinking about it. Isaac: Talk about diamonds in the rough. Patrick didn’t appear to be going crazy! Genes: When the entire queen becomes a frog occur in the reverse 39. I can’t help but conceal the secret when my heart breaks.

Design of your tattoo

Do not forget to include your artwork in your TPT to add color to them. For example tribal designs typically contain a lot of large or very tiny details that may become difficult to erase. To avoid these hassles, try to choose a milder tattoo design when going for a tattoo first time. A small tattoo with a specific symbol can be hid quickly. Therefore, you could get rid of it at least before it turns into a problem. If you create your own tribal artwork, it might seem impossible to erase it. So a miniature tattoo by.

Avoid wiping your tattoo

When I wash off my tattoo it tends to itch in the bathroom. Wiping your new tattoo with a towel will damage it. You should pat your skin with an open towel or with a soft cloth if the moisture is excessive. When you’re feeling itch (even the intense) don’t rub the usual towel.

Colorful Flowers with Butterfly Cover Up Tattoo

A top-end tattoo cover idea is this awesome coverup. With regard to this ink you will not know that it’s just a cover. If you are lucky you will see how substantial the difference this tattoo cover up was. Our tattoo artists are expert at covering tattoos and will guarantee that your next tattoo will be permanent. Indibly book your tattoo at Inkwell tattoo shop. I’ll visit you again soon! We’re hoping that you enjoyed our top ten tattoo cover pictures and that it has shown you what can be done.

Tattoo size

The new or covered style is always larger than previously. It is possible you will not get the size you want. With the big portrait of a dainty tribal design you will have an opportunity to hide an unattractive design completely. It would not be wrong to say larger designs can allow you to choose strict style and graphics. And if unsure of how to etch a large amount of skin do not hesitate to consult the artist on this topic in a bid to discover the best design in this area.

Tattoo colors

The paint colours used to cover old tattoo designs range from blue to brown to black. Colors such as orange yellow red or yellow are not enough for coverage. Tattoo artists say that you can choose a wide variety of bold colors to camouflage the current patterns. You need to choose dark and bold colors to hide current tattoo designs.

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