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The Hospitality Management Industry

Hospitality Management Industry

Hospitality Management Industry: As I begin this fourth article on recession-proof industries, I find that many of us do not have a clear understanding of what I refer to as hospitality. I intend this article to be an attempt to clarify some of the key terms and concepts related to this …

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The Best IT Consultant

IT Consultant

IT Consultant: In the fast moving and ever changing world of IT the ability of IT Managers and Practitioners to be truly effective consultants has never been greater. So what are the capabilities and attributes displayed by the very best IT Consultants? I believe they fall into seven categories as …

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What is quad?

What is quad

What is quad? Today, you’ll be able to find screens ranging from the very best to wall-mounted quad flat display boards that are displaying their images on a nearly invisible surface. Beyond screens, HDTV’s and computers are all featuring increasingly better image quality thanks to the newest innovations in display …

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Where to Find the Best Buy

Best Buy

Best Buy: Members have the ability to purchase refurbished products at advertised prices at Best Buy Outlet.  When the product you purchase from our members is working simply it can be easily returned back to the manufacturer at your cost for free.  All products are refurbished by our certified refurbishes’, who …

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