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2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV review: A greener luxury sport SUV

2021 BMW X5 X5 xDrive45e PHEV: New automobile customers have proven evidence that they want SUVs. People want to sit up higher and feel more secure and be able to take excursions for Costco, Home Depot, and Target. The issue is that SUVs are more likely to consume gas than say the sedan. However, there’s an alternative to having an excellent luxury car that is also great for your budget and the surroundings.

In 2021, the BMW X5 xDrive45e Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) will take what buyers are fond of about the German luxury SUV of the automaker and incorporate a plug-in hybrid engine. It’s a beautiful design that avoids the oddities that we encountered when we tested BMW’s 330e PHEV. Instead, it shows the efforts BMW has undertaken to make sure that its PHEV conversion vehicles function properly without impacting your BMW experience.

MSRP $62,900.00

“Go green without even realizing it in BMW’s refined X5 xDrive45e PHEV.”


  • Excellent hybrid powertrain
  • Cheaper than gasoline-only versions with incentives
  • BMW luxury, comfort and sportiness
  • Hands-free traffic jam assistance


  • Slow recharge rate
  • Lacks BMW’s latest infotainment system

The price starts at $63,700. X5 the xDrive45e AWD is qualified to receive a tax incentive from the federal government up to $7,500. This is the same amount you’d receive for an EV. The reason for the huge discount is the battery pack with a capacity of 24 kWh and 17 kWh can be used. This huge package does not just save a potential customer from the cost of the floor of sales as well as in their everyday lives.

2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV
2021 BMW X5 xDrive45e PHEV  Roberto Baldwin/Clear Tips

This tax incentive can also reduce the cost of the vehicle by a significant amount. This is in comparison to the gas-only X5 xDrive40i that begins at $62,900. It’s not even a government or local incentives you could be added to. Much like the 330e PHEV the X5 PHEV is a good choice for being the cheapest choice, both in and around.

Naturally, the most economical option to travel around is to use the EV mode. The reason that the car gets the entire tax benefit by the federal government also the reason it can be driven without gasoline.

In EV-only mode the X5 the xDrive45e comes with an EPA range of 31 miles. Our tests showed that we found the range of 27 miles under different driving conditions, which included at the speed limit, inside residential areas and back roads with temperatures of 51 degrees. Colder weather can affect the effectiveness of a battery-powered vehicle however, it appears that the temperature was not hot enough to impact any of the BMW in any way. There should be sufficient to get a lot of commuters to work , without the need for gasoline.

BMW X5 PHEV charging port.
Roberto Baldwin/Clear Tips

However, charging is only a home-based experience. The X5 is able to charge up to 3.7 power, making charging while on the move an unnecessary waste of time. In our testing I had no issue charging my phone at night while I slept and I woke up with a fully charged battery at the beginning of the day.

The EV mode navigation system is now more efficient than the earlier X5 hybrids. The SUV is now able to travel at speeds between 84 and 84 miles an hour, which is an increase by 9 speeds above the speed of 75 miles per hour speed that was available in the earlier model of this vehicle. Because speed limits in certain states are higher than 70 mph it’s worth noting that , in eight states that have speeds of 80 mph the X5 PHEV will keep pace with traffic in the EV mode, if needed.

In addition to the battery only mode of drive, BMW has done an excellent job of connecting both powertrains within the X5. While the BMW 330e did have some issues, the transition from electric to gas was smooth throughout my time with the X5 with xDrive45e, a the PHEV. In all six modes (EV solely, Eco, Eco Pro, Adaptive, Sport and Driver’s Individual mode) the car drove exactly how I would have expected.

If you want the most acceleration of their SUV, BMW says Sport mode has a zero-to-60-second time in 5.3 seconds, which is half a second faster than gasoline version. We weren’t able to test this on a track, however in the case of accelerating from standing still, this figure is a good guess. Also, it’s not as quick as the standard X5, but it is adequate for the majority of drivers. If you’re looking to get something that is extremely sporty, there’s always an X5 M50i. It’s the place to invest your money in an SUV that has the thrill of the sporty car.

In any setting, the quality of ride is well-controlled with the Dynamic Damper Control feature of BMW as well as air suspension. The driving experience is adapted to the environment regardless of whether you are in the sporty sports modes or more relaxed Eco and adaptive settings. The steering also gets equipped with a stunning mapping, and has just the right amount of rigidity when pushing the car to its limits, but it is also more comfortable for driving in the city.

bmw x5 PHEV in parking lot.
Roberto Baldwin/Clear Tips

Inside the interior, the X5 model xDrive45e is as comfortable as the interior of nearly every other BMW of this model. The seats are comfy, however, they provide enough lateral support to keep the passenger and driver in the same spot when turning corners. Leg, head, and shoulder space can be enough for my 6’1″+ body to be able to fit in every seat, except the middle one at the rear. The point is that no tall person should be sitting there regardless of what kind of you may be playing or “shotgun” they might be playing to get the seat in a car.

The driver’s seat is where BMW provides a control center that is focused on the driver that features the 12.3-inch information screen that tilts towards the driver. BMW’s latest iDrive 8 has yet to be available on the X5 which is why you’re getting iDrive 7, but what it is missing in the new system, it makes up for in the physical media control, climate control, and the ability to program buttons. On the center console right next to the gear stick is the circular iDrive controller that is surrounded by swift buttons that are used for the main information system. Once you have them memorized the system, it becomes more user-friendly.

If you’d rather connect your mobile, BMW offers wireless CarPlay support, as well as Android Auto compatibility starting from cars manufactured from August 2020. In the event that Android is the preferred OS it is recommended to check that the car can be used with your smartphone before driving it. Take it off the road

BMW X5 PHEV infotainment screen.
Roberto Baldwin/Clear Tips

BMW’s voice assistant is right up in the ranks with offerings from Mercedes as well as the Android automotive-enabled Volvos and BMW’s updated system. The natural language interface is decent however there are more efficient digital assistants. This is particularly applicable after driving a car equipped with iDrive 8.

The on-road technology is top-of-the-line BMW’s $1,700 extended Traffic Jam Assistant hand-free feature. On certain highways the X5 lets the driver remove their hands from the wheel during certain circumstances. The driver is still required to remain focused towards the highway, but a camera inside the car monitors their faces to verify the driver is paying attention. Even when it was stopped, it functioned without issue and dealt with interruptions with ease.

For those who have to endure the worst traffic each day It’s worth the extra cost to ease some of the cognitive strain of driving. Make sure that you don’t get caught up in the trap of not paying at all to the surrounding world.

In the rear In the rear, the X5 is situated in the middle of competitors in the form of Volvo, Mercedes and Audi in the cargo area, offering 33.1 cubic feet space . This is with the second row further up. When folded the X5 expands by 72.3 cubic meters. There’s no way to add an additional row and I’m fine with this. The third row of this car is a terrible seating experience. If you want to seat more passengers in their vehicle should consider the biggest SUVs available that are available.

The standard safety options include forward collision alert as well as lane departure warning rollover detection, as well as emergency brake assistance. Its 2021 BMW X5 is a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This AWD X5 has a four-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The X5 PHEV version was not evaluated at the time the publication of this review. We don’t expect the PHEV version to be too different away from its overall rating of X5 the additional weight of the electric motor and battery might be enough of an factor to impact the vehicle’s ratings.

As for the warranty, the automaker offers a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty, a 12-year unlimited-mileage rust-perforation limited warranty, and an 8-year/80,000-mile limited battery warranty.

What would DT set up this car?

With only one set of features for it to be a PHEV version. The all-wheel drive X5xDrive45e is well-equipped for city trips and weather conditions. The added security of the driver assistance system that is hands-free will make the additional $1,700 worth it. This $5,500 Sport package is way too expensive for us, but we’d recommend adding the heated seats that cost $350 as well as the $250 heated steering wheel which also come with heated armrests. In addition, if you intend to tow the X5 the trailer hitch costs $550.

Our perspective

With an impressive range of EVs and ample space for a family with their entire crew, the X5 xDrive45e will meet your needs. It’s speedy, practical and doesn’t require anything other than connecting it at night to go when on the move. Its price is more affordable than the other non-M powered X5s available, while allowing all-wheel drive to be an option. The slow loading speed isn’t ideal however, it’s not an issue.

Inside, the car is comfortable front and rear. It has a great combination of sportiness and an oriented driver’s package. The infotainment system is outdated since the most recent model of BMW is now available on the new electric cars. However, the addition the feature of Android Auto should make a majority of buyers content after several years of BMW just offering CarPlay.

When you travel, the xDrive45e gives you the BMW experience that isn’t the compromise we’ve come to anticipate from hybrid systems.

Do you really need to get one?

Yes. The X5 the xDrive45e is an amazing combination of BMW’s premium sports SUV and the latest technology of electrification. It can be used as a family-friendly transporter as well as as a perfect car for those who want German luxuriousness and sports with enough room to take trips to the mountains, or for taking colleagues out for lunch.

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