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The Cast Iron Pan to Gift Every Home Cook


What is Stargazer? Born in the garage of founder Peter Huntley in Alltown, PA – the ancestral home of American steelmaking – Stargazer cast-iron cookware is a direct-to-consumer suitcase that has doubled production every year since its 2016 Kickstyle campaign. Before falling down through the cast iron rabbit hole in …

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Keto & Mediterranean Friendly Salmon With Brussel Sprouts

Salmon With Brussel Sprouts

When it comes to popular diets, there are two that become completely creepy: the Mediterranean diet and the ketogenic diet. And this recipe from Chef Michael Silverstein’s new cookbook, New Keto Cooking, In this simple dish the two blends. The cookbook reached a healthy weight using a ketogenic diet, inspired …

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Best battery maintainers in 2020

If you’ve got ever discovered that your automobile’s battery was drained while you wanted to get someplace, you understand how essential a battery charger might be. After all, simply an hour of charging with some fashions (or a leap, if it additionally has jump-starting capabilities) can provide the juice you …

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3 DIY Foot Peels To Save Your Cracked Heels, From Derms

DIY Foot Peels

Let’s chat about foot take care of a second. As the thicker pores and skin is ready to face up to trauma (friction from working, too-tight footwear, and simply total bumps and dings), you may brush it off as an afterthought. Callused, cracked heels are simply inevitable, proper? Wrong! For easy, crack-free …

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Tea vs Coffee: Which One’s Healthier? Nutritionists & MDs Answer

According to Uma Naidu, MD, diet psychiatrist and MBG Functional Nutrition Coach, espresso is an effective supply of antioxidant polyphenols, caffeine and trigonellin, which assist cognitive perform and should cut back the danger of reminiscence loss. With antioxidants like anti-inflammatory compound chlorogenic acid, Singh says that espresso additionally has useful …

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