20 Stylish Bowl Haircuts for Men in 2022

50 ways to do a bowl haircut

While the terrible, mushroom-like bowl cups of the past are best left behind, the new generation of modern cups that replace them should definitely be embraced. Bolder, messier, and undoubtedly cooler than their predecessors, this updated range of bowl cuts is exactly what you’ve been looking for in a new hairstyle. The re-born cut has a cool punk feel that’s perfect for your modern masculine style. Find all the inspiration you need to face your fears, and get back to bowling right here.

1. Classic Bowl Cut

The classic bowl cut hits the middle of the forehead – similar to short bangs – and stays the same length all the way around your head. Unlike the bowl cuts of the 1980s, today’s classic bowl cut features more texture on top and an edgy undercut effect from the buzzy, disconnected sides.

Best Men Bowl Cuts 15

2. Bowl Cut + Low Fade

If you want to combine your bowl cut with your beard, add a low fade. The layered look of a fade smoothly connects your facial hair and bowl cut, softening the line at the sides. However, you will still retain the characteristic look of the blunt bangs of the classic bowl cut.

bowl haircut

3. Bowl cut + semi-melted

For a bolder take on the bowl cut, pair it with a medium fade. The top line of a medium fade means more of your scalp is visible, creating a cool contrast to the thick, full top section. This haircut will make you stand out from the crowd and is a solid choice for guys who want to make a statement.

bowl haircut

4. Bowl Cut + Tapered Fade

A bowl cut and taper haircut – also known as a mini or micro bowl cut – is great for guys who want a shorter, more subtle option. While the top section still has the characteristic blunt line of a bowl cut, it sits higher on the hairline – rather than falling over your forehead like bangs. Instead of curving around your head, the line is blended into a taper fade to create a modern, clean version of the bowl cut.

Bowl Cut + Tapered Fade

5. Bowl Cut + Undercut

An undercut is a cool addition to any hairstyle, and the bowl cut is no different. The undercut updates the bowl cut, making it more modern and wearable. Plus, it’s a flattering haircut for many different face shapes. Indeed, a bowl cut disguises a large forehead, while an undercut makes your face appear slimmer and more angular.

bowl haircut

6. Bowl Cut + Straight Hair

If you have naturally thick, straight hair, consider a bowl cut. The best option is a medium-length bowl cut, which you can style with pomade and a comb. Instead of combing your hair down, brush it forward to create a long fringe effect. A cut ideal for long, angular faces will not only balance your features, but also draw attention to your cheekbones.

Modern bowl cut

7. Bowl Cut + Wavy Hair

A bowl cut works best for those with thicker hair – however, if your hair is naturally wavy, you’re in luck. The natural volume of wavy hair makes it appear fuller. At the same time, the bowl cut gives your wavy hair more body, structure, and shape, so it looks sharper and less unruly.

Bowl Cut Wavy Hair

8. Bowl Cut + Thick Hair

One of the best haircuts for thick hair is the bowl cut. It adds structure and shape, ensuring your hair doesn’t look like a solid mass. At the same time, a chunky bowl cut has a cool vintage appeal, reminiscent of the Mod trend of the 60s. If your style leans towards retro, you should consider this cut.

bowl haircut

9. Bowl Cut + Long Thick Hair

Bowl cuts are surprisingly versatile and suit a variety of hair lengths. For guys with long, thick hair, a bowl cut is a standout choice. Quirky and retro, the cut is softer than other modern bowl cuts, which often include an element of undercut or fade. Like other long haircuts for men, this will grab attention and frame your face.

bowl haircut

10. Bowl Cut + Bald Fade

The most striking bowl cut is the combination of the bowl cut and the bald fade – also known as the skin fade. The bald fade adds a modern twist to the classic bold cut. At the same time, the haircut has a bold editorial look that is sure to grab attention. Although all hair types are suitable for this combination, it looks particularly good with thick, straight hair.

Bowl Cut with Bald Fade

11. Bowl Cut + Skin Discoloration + Spiky Hair

Give your bowl cut an unusual and masculine edge by combining it with a skin fade and spiky hair. Spiky hair is an ever-popular male style loved by many football players, while the skin fade adds a bold edge to the bowl cut. The blunt bangs of the bowl cut go with the angled and structured look of the style.

bowl haircut

12. Bowl Cut + Drop Fade + Wet Hair

Straight or wet hair is a staple of men’s hairstyles. When combined with a bowl cut and fade, wet hair has a modern and intentional feel. Ideal for guys who want to express their more artsy and edgy style, a wet bowl cut and undercut look unusual, eye-catching and edgy.

Bowl Cut + Drop Fade + Wet Hair

13. Bowl Cut + Choppy Bangs

A choppy cut bangs haircut is similar to a Caesar or French crop. These haircuts all feature a contrasting textured front section with buzzed sides, a universally flattering look. Young and cool yet masculine, bowl-cut, choppy bangs have a subtle edginess and attitude.

bowl haircut

14. Bowl Cut + Afro

While the bowl cut is best known as a style for straighter hair types, it also works for afro textured hair as a bowl cut is ideal for thicker hair types. However, although the shape of the cup is the same, the overall effect is slightly different. Afro bowl cuts tend to concentrate volume in the top and front sections, with less “mushroom” effect.

Bowl Cut + Afro

15. Bowl Cut + Waves

Waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for men with afro-textured hair. The waves have a ripple-like pattern that always stands out. To combine them with a bowl cut, ask your hairdresser to buzz the short sides. Next, create 180 waves in the top bowl cut section. The result is a fresh, modern hairstyle that still has a cool 90s appeal.

Bowl Cut + Waves

16. Bowl Cut + Hairstyle

A straight haircut is a great canvas for different hair designs. The upper part of the hair is relatively smooth, curving around the head. As a result, different linear patterns and designs look great when combined with this cut. Add contrasting colors for a truly individual and unique look.

bowl haircut

17. Bald Fade + Skin Fade

A bald fade — also known as a skin fade — is the easiest way to add a bold, modern edge to any haircut, and the bowl cut is no exception. Ideal for those who want to elongate their face, the cut is a bold look that suits confident men. Keep in mind that this haircut will emphasize a large forehead and the angular planes of the face.

Bowl Cut + Skin Discoloration

18. Bowl Cut + High and Tight

The high and tight haircut is ideal for men who want a low maintenance cut. But if you’re growing out your hair or want a fresh take on the classic, adding a bowl cut is a great option. The bowl cut has the same structured look as a high, tight cut and looks especially good if your hair is thick.

bowl haircut

19. Bowl Cut + Hair Color

Rock your bowl cut with bold color. The shape of the cut makes it ideal for showing off a bold and graphic or multi-dimensional hair color. Although there are many different options, some of the trendiest for men include gray, platinum blonde and green.

Bowl Cut + Hair Color

20. Bowl Cut + Crossfade

Give your bowl cut an unexpected twist by adding a drop fade. The drop fade conforms to the curves and angles of the bowl cut to create a bold end result. The haircut definitely makes a statement and is ideal for guys who want a more graphic cut that is both dramatic and masculine.

Bowl cut


What is the bowl cut?

A bowl cut is a short hairstyle that features thick, blunt bangs, with the hair on top of the head cut to the same length as the bangs all around. Hair below this level is often cut shorter or graduated to the lower hairline. It is also known as mushroom cup due to similarities in appearance to popular mushrooms.

How to make a bowl cut?

Start by choosing the length of the top and separate it. Then, depending on the desired length of the sides and back, use clippers or scissors to cut it to the desired length. Release the hair on top, combing it back to where it would usually sit. Take a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut in a straight line around the head, including the bangs, making sure they all stay the same length. If desired, you can add texture or remove excess volume with thinning scissors.

When was the bowl cut popular?

The bowl cut has gone up and down in popularity over the past 100 years. Some of the peak decades for bowl cutting were the 1920s, 1960s, 1990s, and again in the 2020s.


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