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20 Spooky and Funny Halloween Memes

Halloween might just be the most exciting holiday of the year. Sure, Christmas is fun with the family and Easter allows you to eat all the chocolate you want, but there’s something extra special about Halloween. Not only do you get to dress up in spooky costumes and go door-to-door trick or treating, but it gives you an excuse to binge-watch horror movies. And who doesn’t love a good horror?

But it’s not all scares and screams. Halloween is also a joyous occasion full of laughs and good times. Whether that’s via funny Halloween costumes, Halloween pranks, or your favorite Halloween memes.

Halloween memes take inspiration from not only the holiday but also all the media connected it to. Horror movies, horror comics, horror TV shows, creepy tales, and more influence a range of spooky and funny Halloween memes we’ve collected below.

1. Getting Into the Halloween Spirit



Michael Myers getting into the Halloween spirit is a sure sign that October 31st is getting closer.

2. When You’re Ready for Fall



It might be summer, but for Halloween fans, it means fall is almost here. Summer Halloween decorations include a carved pineapple and watermelon instead of a pumpkin, and of course, a Michael Myers mask. Seeing a person laying in a pool wearing a Micahel Myers mask and holding a knife is both scary and hilarious.

3. Poor Spidey



Many people get into the spooky season by decorating their homes with Halloween decorations. But why is it we kill real spiders and then hang up fake ones to scare the kids? The spiders aren’t quite sure either.

4. I Can’t Get You Out of My Head



Sometimes the spirit of Halloween is hard to shake. This is one of the many funny Halloween memes that details what it is like for those who can’t stop thinking about the Halloween season.

5. How Could You Tell?



Some people are so obsessed with Halloween that they start wearing their Halloween costumes early. Anyone who does this is a true Halloween enthusiast.

6. When Life Is Halloween



This is one of the best Halloween memes that illustrates how Halloween fanatics feel while waiting for the festive holiday to come around.

7. Time To Start Planning



Some people love the spooky season so much that they start planning for Halloween early. This hilarious Halloween meme is aimed at all those who are already getting their decorations out and ready for October 31st.

8. Stirring the Pot



This meme isn’t exactly about Halloween, but it does include an image from the Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus. This joke is about those friends who like to stir the pot when it comes to gossip and drama.

9. How Can You Not Like Halloween?



It might be hard to comprehend, but there are people out there who don’t like Halloween. These unusual people have no Halloween spirit and won’t be seen dead wearing a Halloween costume or putting up Halloween decor in their homes. Not quite sure what is wrong with these people.

10. When You See Christmas Decorations Out Already



Halloween fans do not like seeing Christmas decorations as it’s a sign that the Halloween decor has to go back in the closet.

11. When Your House Is Actually Haunted



When you find out the house you live in is actually a haunted house. Be tough trying to get to sleep at night after finding that out.

12. Halloween Home Alone



Not sure this is the best option when home alone during Halloween, but hey, whatever works right? Happy Halloween!

13. Real vs. Fake



Why is it fake horror movies give us the chills, but watching horrible true crime shows is fine? The human mind is very strange. Makes for some funny memes like this one though.

14. Decisions, Decisions…



This is a favorite meme amongst the team here at Next Luxury. Deciding between giving out the Halloween candy to trick or treaters or eating it all yourself is tough. Great use of Squid Games.

15. 90s Halloween Starter Pack



Here’s everything you need for your 90s-themed Halloween party. The Power Rangers costume is a must.

16. Excited Much?


@ jemmasummerhill / Instagram

Great use of The Office for this meme showing how some people show their love for Halloween while still acting professionally.

17. When You’re Still Not Over Halloween



These grotesque gingerbread corpses might not be candy, but they sure look tasty. All they need is a bit of pumpkin spice and they are good to devour.

18. That One Friend



Everybody loves dressing up for Halloween, but there is always one mate who goes that extra mile. You can always rely on them to come dressed in an incredible costume that puts everyone else to shame.

19. What You Think You Look Like vs. What You Actually Look Like



Sometimes your Halloween costume doesn’t always end up looking like what you planned, as evident by this funny Halloween meme.

20. Favorite Holiday


pheebzyamelia / Instagram

Skelator is having a tough time this Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday but he has no plans. This is a situation nobody wants to be in.

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