20 Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women in 2022

Although the thighs have not been a popular tattoo location for women in previous years, they are now incredibly common due to their flattering effect on feminine curves. The thighs are a great place to draw attention and draw the eye down. They can either be subtle and seductive, or bold and stunning. The thighs are a great place for large designs. They also have a low pain scale, and can be covered with clothing. These beautiful tattoos will give you some inspiration.

1. Back Thigh Tattoo

If you’re looking to attract attention to your lower body, a tattoo on your back thigh can be a great option. If you wear shorts, a skirt or mini shorts often, a peachy back is perfect to complement a thigh-length tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist to apply the design following the contour of the thigh. Choose a feminine, soft design, such as a flower string, for an elegant and pretty result. Cellulite may affect the look of your thigh-high tattoo. Cellulite-prone women might want to consider a tattoo at the front, side, or hip of their thigh.

2. Front Thigh Tattoo

In the last couple of years, women have become more and more interested in tattoo placements on the front thighs. It is because the placement is both flattering and attractive, but it also allows for more detailed designs. If you choose a floral design that draws your eye up to the upper thigh, it can make your legs look thinner. Choose a design that reaches your hips to accentuate curves. When bikini seasons begins, you will have all eyes on your when.

3. Tattoos on the Thigh Side

It’s not uncommon for women to choose the side on their thigh as a place for large tattoos, but it can also be a great spot for smaller designs. If you want to achieve a natural-looking result, ensure that the final design flatters your shape from a profile. Choose a floral tattoo with shading to highlight your curves or choose a line-art design that will make your legs look longer.

4. Upper Thigh Tattoo

A small tattoo on the upper thigh is equally as attractive. Many women opt for larger tattoos because they want to maximize their space. It creates an intimate, sensual look because the tattoo is usually not visible by others. It would need to be close enough to the body for someone to notice it. Many women opt for a tattoo with a personal significance. Some ideas are a tattoo of their name, an astrological symbol, or symbols they only understand.

5. The Hips and Thighs Tattoo

Hip and thigh designs are perfect for women looking to get a bold, seductive tattoo. They will be sure to draw attention. Hip and thigh tattoos can be larger and more intricate. Choose a tattoo design with curved lines to complement your shape. Examples include a swimming fish, a dragon, or a snake. Tattoos on a vertical axis are more attractive than horizontal ones, as they draw your eye down. This part of the body will appear slimmer.

6. Inner Thigh Tattoo

A tattoo on the inner thigh is one of the most sexy. It is a private and intimate area on your body that is only visible to certain people. Women often choose to have a special quote or symbol inked inside their thighs, as it becomes their personal secret.

7. Tattoos for women that are sexy

The design does not have to be explicit or raunchy. What is considered sexual depends on each individual. A traditional garter or pin-up tattoo could be the best choice for those who want a classic tattoo. Others find a simple word tattoo enough to turn a tattoo into something sexy. What you think is attractive depends entirely on what your preferences are.

8. Rose Thigh Tattoo

Roses have always been a classic design for floral tattoos. The soft petals make them suitable in most places and beautiful no matter what size they are. These tattoos are dramatic, meaningful and associated with beauty and love. You can choose a photorealistic rose tattoo or a small, delicately stylized one. This versatile flower can be adapted to suit your personal style.

9. Tattoo Dreamcatcher on the Thigh

In some Native American culture, the dreamcatcher has a special significance. The dreamcatcher is a combination of a net and hoop, with feathers, woven by Native American women as a way to protect their children against nightmares. The dream catcher is a symbol of protection and security for many. The dream catcher is an excellent way to honor Native American culture. The thigh is a good place to have a dreamcatcher tattoo because it allows you to display the intricate details of the design.

10. Lion Thigh Tattoo

The lion tattoo is a symbol of power, strength, dominance, and courage. These tattoos are popular with those who like to stand out and believe in themselves. Consider getting a tattoo of a lion if this is you. You can choose from a variety of designs when you place a tattoo on your leg. These include a realistic lion, a combination of lions and flowers, or even a head.

11. Small Tattoo

This year, the trend is for small and delicate tattoos. You can choose to have a small tattoo on the thigh if you want a more simple design and do not wish to display it every day. Popular choices include words, shapes, and Roman numbers. You can give your small thigh a unique touch by using colored ink rather than black.

12. Cute Tattoo

The thigh can look cute while also being sexy. Cute tattoos have a playful and youthful feel, while maintaining their feminine elements. To add to their cuteness, these tattoos tend to be small in size and drawn cartoon-style. Food is a popular topic for tattoos. Ice cream cones and milkshakes are very trendy.

13. Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo, especially in the Chinese or Japanese styles, looks amazing on your thigh. Its long and curving body can compliment your curves. Women also love dragon tattoos because they’re associated with female energy. Consider this tattoo if you are a fan of dragons or were born during the Chinese year of the Dragon.

14. Sunflower Tattoo

The sunflower is a lovely and symbolically meaningful floral tattoo, particularly at the beginning of the year. They represent loyalty, health and luck, but also optimism. Sunflowers, like other flowers are very popular for thigh tattoos because of their curvy shape.

15. Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is a classic tattoo for women. It represents new beginnings and transformation. In Christianity, the winged insect has a spiritual meaning. A butterfly tattoo might be the perfect choice for you if your life has changed dramatically in the last year. Your artist will have plenty of space to design a butterfly with lots of detail and movement.

16. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

A tiger is a tattoo that’s fierce, passionate and strong. It suits women with fiery personalities who are always in control. This bold theme is perfect for a sexy placement on the thigh. The tiger should be placed to follow your thigh and hip curves for best results. You can also add more detail to your tattoo by adding other designs, such as flowers.

17. Bow Tattoo on Thigh

The backs of both thighs are adorned with matching arches. In the past, girls and women wore ribbons and bows on their clothes and in their hair. These tattoos have become associated with beauty and femininity. The bows placed at the rear of the thigh mimic the look of garters and stockings that had ribbons or ties. It’s a very sexy tattoo.

18. Henna tattoo

You can try henna if you are not sure of the tattoo you want on your thighs, particularly if it is a larger piece. Henna is a plant-based ink that is used to draw the tattoo design on your skin, rather than using a needle. Henna tattoos do not hurt and will fade on their own within weeks. Henna is also an excellent option to show off in your bikini.

19. Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are ancient Buddhist symbols that represent divine harmony. Yoga practitioners often choose to get mandalas tattooed. It is ideal for parts that are curved, like the hip and thigh. The mandala design radiates inwards. The garter can be created by combining it with the lotus flower, traditional Indian lines and Indian-styled lines.

20. Snake Tattoo

Women love snake tattoos. The lines on a snakes’ body are curvy, giving the tattoo an edgy look. The snake is also linked to feminine power, transformation, intelligence and mystery, adding further appeal. Snakes are also a symbol of temptation in the Bible’s story about Eve.

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