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20 Sexy Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2022

auburn hair color

Let a deliciously rich auburn hue bring your hair color to life this season. With vibrant hues ranging from a medium ginger hue to a deep dark brown, auburn has won over hair lovers everywhere. This chic hair color is not only ultra-versatile but also incredibly flattering on most skin tones. Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just some inspiration to spruce up your cut, we’ve got an option to suit your wants and needs from these hottest auburn hairstyles and color shades.

1. Auburn brown hair

Auburn brown hair usually ranges from medium to dark shades. It’s rich in color pigments, making it more vibrant than other brown tones and a flattering color option for almost any skin type.

auburn brown hair

2. Dark auburn hair

Dark brown auburn is a bright chocolate color that will frame your face beautifully and accentuate your eyes. The hue creates a stark contrast on lighter-skinned women like Lily Collins.

Dark Auburn Hair_

3. Light auburn hair

Light auburn hair is a lovely ginger shade that suits both cool and warm skin tones. Isla Fisher, Amy Adams and Emma Stone are our poster boys for this gorgeous look.


4. Rich auburn hair color

Rich auburn hair contains more red pigment than your usual dark brown. Therefore, the color looks more like a dark red than a dark brown, which reinforces a mysterious and sophisticated flair.

Rich auburn hair color

5. Auburn Hair + Blonde Highlights/Balayage

Blonde highlights or a chic balayage will infuse a summery touch into your auburn hair. The colored layers in this sunny style will add depth to your locks while maintaining the integrity of your auburn hue.


6. Auburn Hair + Copper Highlights

Copper highlights will add some serious shine to your auburn colored hair. The orange hue will brighten up the red elements of your hairstyle while adding more complex layers to your color.


7. Auburn Hair + Lowlights

Of course, you can also tone your auburn hair up a notch. Lowlights will have a similar effect on your color. The only difference is that your hair will appear darker instead of lighter.

Auburn Hair with Lowlights

8. Auburn Orange Hair

Auburn orange hair is a bright ginger shade with a light brown undertone. The rich pigments in this color will add incredible luminosity to your hair while brightening the look of your skin.


9. Natural auburn hair

Natural auburn hair tends to be more on the dark brown or red side of the color wheel. If you were born with auburn locks, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

natural auburn hair

10. Auburn red hair color

Its warm berry hue is what makes this hair color so appealing. Auburn red can vary widely depending on your natural hair color and skin tone, but it will definitely look fantastic.

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auburn red hair color

11. Medium Auburn Hair Color

Medium auburn hair is a popular intermediate between brown and red auburn hair. The incredibly flattering hue looks particularly radiant in combination with a porcelain complexion.

medium auburn hair color

12. Short Auburn Hair

If you don’t like long auburn waves, you can add some sass to your style with a fresh, shorter chop. Different auburn accents will give your hairstyle an extra dimension.

Short Auburn Hair

13. Auburn curly hair

Whether your hair is naturally curly or not, voluminous spirals and auburn hair are a stunning combination. Long under-the-shoulder curls command attention, while a fun, cropped style is the perfect summer accessory.

Curly Auburn Hair

14. Auburn Black Hair

Black hair with a slight red tint is a luxurious hue that works exceptionally well on warmer, darker skin tones. You can use brighter highlights to mold your chop to your liking.

Dark Auburn Hair

15. Light Brown Hair + Auburn Highlights

On light brown hair, auburn highlights can add more visual depth and brightness. The red pigments in this color will increase the shine of your hair while maintaining a natural appeal.

light brown hair with auburn highlights-3

16. Brown Hair + Blonde and Auburn Highlights

Blonde and auburn highlights on brown hair can create a mixture of delightful shades. If you have warm brown hair, opt for golden blonde and red auburn. Alternatively, if your brunette locks are cool, select an icy blonde and a berry-hued auburn.

brown hair with blonde and auburn highlights

17. Brown Hair + Auburn Highlights

Auburn highlights are a great way to style your brunette hair. A few foils carefully placed down the length of your locks will accentuate the waves and make your hair look fuller and more bouncy.

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brown hair with auburn highlights

18. Auburn Hair Color on African Americans

Auburn hair colors can look fantastic on African American women. For a flattering look on darker skin tones, just select a rich, deep shade of color.

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auburn hair color on african americans

19. Auburn Burgundy Hair

Unlike a purple hue, burgundy auburn hair carries more reddish pigment. However, both colors are at the dark end of the color spectrum.

Burgundy Auburn Hair


What color is auburn hair?

Auburn is a variety of red, often described as reddish brown. That means it’s a nice shade that isn’t quite as full-featured as some brighter reds and suits a lot of colors and skin tones.

Is auburn a natural hair color?

You can have auburn hair as your natural color, but it’s likely to be slightly more brown than red. Of course, you can also dye your hair dozens of shades of auburn.

Is auburn a cold or warm color?

Auburn, for the most part, is a warmer color, with rich red and brown hues. However, like other shades of red, some varieties can have cool undertones, especially if they have purple.

Can I pull my auburn hair out?

It can be difficult to get the right shade of auburn, but with such a variety of colors, there will be a shade that looks amazing on everyone. Cooler skin tones and dark eyes look great with deep auburn, while lighter hair works best if you have pale skin and light eyes. Of course, you can always incorporate small amounts of auburn into your style with highlights, lowlights, balayage, or even ombre.

Is auburn hair difficult to maintain?

Auburn can be harder to maintain than some other colors, especially if it has brighter red tones, as the red pigment can fade more quickly. It’s also more difficult if your hair is naturally light, as it can fade much faster. Other than regular touch-ups, tips for keeping the color longer include washing less often, just two or three times a week. You will also want to avoid salt and pool water as this can strip the color as well. Finally, sun protection is an essential step to slow down discoloration.

What is the difference between auburn and chestnut hair color?

While brown and auburn feature red undertones, the former is on the cooler end of the color spectrum. Auburn, on the other hand, has a much warmer character and tends to appear more vibrant due to its density of red color pigments.

What is the difference between mahogany and auburn hair color?

The undertone of mahogany-colored hair is more of a purple-based red, which often occurs in darker brown tones. Auburn, however, has more of an orange-red hue, which tends to appear brighter.


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