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20 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Amaze You

When most people think about a perfectly timed photo, they conjure an image captured in the right light and angle. The type of photograph that wins awards or finds its way on the front cover of a magazine. But there are also perfectly timed photos that are taken just at the right moment as something incredible happens.

These photos are often amazing and will have you marveling at how the photographer took the image at exactly the right time. Some are funny while others are mesmerizing. What they all have in common is how perfectly timed each photo is.

There are literally thousands of these types of photos floating around on the internet for you to enjoy. To make things easier, we’ve gathered together 20 of the most unbelievable for you to ogle. Enjoy!

20 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Amaze You

1. Taking a Leak


Bored Panda

Photographs like this never get old. This one captures a man relaxing at Tuileries Garden in Paris just as a jet in the fountain begins shooting water in the air. As you can see, it appears as if the fella is actually taking a whizz. Funny how a different perspective can change a photo completely.

2. Six Olympic Rings


Reuters Olympics/Luke MacGrego/Facebook

While there are normally five, this shot of the moon adds another ring to the Olympic logo. Right place right time.

3. Dog in a Bubble



You’ve heard of the boy in the bubble, well here is the dog in a bubble. This perfectly timed shot looks like this lovable dog is inside a bubble.

4. Caught by the Tail



This incredible photography shot appears to show a plane being grabbed by a statue at its tail. Great shot.

5. She Has Lazer Eyes



This perfectly timed picture was taken by someone at their local cinema. As the person took a shot of the screen, they captured a lady seemingly shooting lasers out of her eyes.

6. The Flying Dutchman



This great photo is of Sutro Tower in San Francisco. Due to the fog, it makes the top of the tower look like an old ship floating in the sky.

7. Perfect Formation



Just as a lady was taking a picture of the Red Arrows in full flight, a seagull happened to join proceedings. This amazing moment needed a lot of luck to happen.

8. Go Go Gadget Arms



This optical illusion appears to show the man in the background putting his hands on the shoulder of one of the girls in front of him. He must have the longest arms in the world.

9. Fish Head


Perfectly Timed Photos

This funny photo was taken by amateur photographer Nick Kelly and shows a fish swimming in front of a snorkeler just as the image is taken. Timing is everything.

10. Ice Cream Drip



This photo might not be as eye-opening or weird as some of the others, but it’s still pretty remarkable. It catches a drop of ice cream mid-air, making it a perfectly timed shot.

11. She’s Marrying an Owl


Bored Panda

Here is another photograph where an animal has appeared in front of someone’s face just as the photo is being taken. In this image, it appears the lady is marrying her dream owl.

12. To Infinity and Beyond



This guy took a photograph of his friends on a roller coaster as a jet flew past. The contrails make it look like the roller coaster went off rails and shot off into space. Great photography skills or luck?

13. Is That a…



No, get your mind out of the gutter. This is just an innocent picture of a baby lying on its mother. But you might have to look twice at the baby’s feet that resemble another part of the human body. This timing is right with this picture resulting in a hilarious coincidence.

14. Hello, I’m Mr. Ed



Some of the best photos involving perfect timing feature animal heads replacing those of humans. As is the case with this picture that was taken just as a horse put its head in front of someone. Perfect timing.

15. Don’t Spill the Beer!



This photo caught the right moment as a baseball is just about to hit a man’s beer. It was taken during the 2nd inning of the Angels vs. A’s game at Diablo Stadium in Tempe.

16. Rainbow



How’s this for perfect timing? The owner of this cat managed to take a photo just as a rainbow reflected from the window, making it seem like it was coming from the cat’s behind. Beautiful illusion? Perhaps not. But a perfectly timed photo? Most certainly.

17. Walking on Water



This action photo captures what appears to be a man walking on water. He is actually being thrown from his boat in an accident and luckily was unharmed. The photographer took this photo at the right moment, capturing the perfect shot.

18. The Exorcist



Ahh… maybe this parent should take the book away from their child. The perfect moment captured on film.

19. Champagne Showers



Celebrating a win, it’s crazy that this surfer’s sunglasses managed to stay in place.

20. Snow White?



At first glance, this image looks like Snow White, but it’s actually just a guy in a cafe.

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