20 Latest Khaleeji Mehendi Designs in Trend (2021)

khaleeji mehendi designs

Khaleeji mehendi designs are extremely beautiful and has that old world charm that makes them so popular. The intricate designs with figures to make the design look amazing is the highlight of Khaleeji mehendi designs that one should try. So, here are the best compilations of the latest and modern day designs. Trendy designs are very much seen and used by the younger population who likes to stay a bit in fashion. Mehendi too has evolved over the time.

Latest Khaleeji Mehendi Designs in Trend (2021)

In this compilation, you will find the mehendi designs for hands, feet and the same can be used on the other body parts. Let’s take a look at these:

1. Glorious paisleys and flowers

khaleeji mehendi design

In this Khaleeji henna design, the borders are made quite thick. The reason to make the borders thick is that they helping making the mehendi design appears darker when it gets dry. Moreover, the design gets dimension. The beauty of this design is the spirals and round figures that looks amazing! See the best Arabic inspired mehendi designs

2. Contemporary Khaleeji mehendi designs

khaleeji mehendi design

This design here is not on the entire palm but on the edges of the hand. The motifs are floral and round tendrils are incorporated to further brighten up the design. These are very contemporary and modern looking design that ladies can try for occasions and festivals like Eid, Diwali, Karwa chauth, some pooja at home etc.

3. Intricate Khaleeji designs

khaleeji mehendi design

This is truly breathtakingly and reminds of those decorated mirrors that we use in our homes. The semicircular shape on one side of the backhand is adorned with very thin and delicately made leaves and floral art. The design is so delicate and thin that an artistic hand is needed to replicate this. Extremely gorgeous design for new age brides. Glitter mehendi is also famous so glitters can also be added in this design. Check out the trendy glitter mehendi designs 2017

4. Florals and Circles

khaleeji mehendi design

This floral henna design here screams royal charm. The mehendi design is loaded with immensely beautiful florals. The flower shapes are different, if you will see different shapes and designs of flowers. Some are 5 petaled while some have tiny petals and there are roses too. The Khaleeji design on the finger too is gorgeous looking.

5. Thick curvy Design

khaleeji mehendi design

The design is very thickly made and is made with curvy design that reminds me of embroidery design that we see on clothes.

6. Curvaceous Khaleeji design

khaleeji mehendi design

This design is filled with geometric figures and small floral things. The chequered pattern is beautiful and it helps to take this on a new level. Girls can apply such patterns on their engagement, roka, etc

7. Round Floral Khaleeji Designs

This round flower design is shaded and is also left empty at certain places. The delicate tendril like design has dotted pattern to beautify it. The flower shape in at the bottom of the thumb which appears nice with the shading. Such can be tried at functions where you wish to be a bit different.

8. Geometric Khaleeji mehendi

khaleeji mehendi design

The intersecting parallel lines play a role in making it amazing design gorgeous. The architectural design ends on the wrist with parallel lines with a small cuff like appearance. You can try this design on Eid with a beautiful dress.

9. Unique Khaleeji mehendi designs

It is a very thick and very bold design with semicircular patterns and leafs. It will really interest the ones that sees your lovely hands.

10. Khaleeji mehendi designs for arm

This arm mehendi design has the basic circle as the central shape and soft thin lines design are created around that bare circle. The small designs that circle the main shape are very small and they add a different feel to this magnificent arm mehendi art.

11. Bail style Khaleeji mehendi

khaleeji mehendi design

The leafy bail style runs like a snake on the half of the back of the hand. Of the other half, semicircular motifs are used to fill the area. The entire design is made with just 2 shapes the bail and the semicircles but still it looks so classy and royal. A bride must try such a design for her wedding.

12. Floral diagonal lines

It is also a very unique a great design for the parties and festivals. A very different feel of this design. The small daisy flower like shapes is too pretty and have given this design an appealing feel.

13. Mesmerizing Rose Design

The design has two nearly semi circular shapes and the design actually revolves not literally, around these two shapes. There are tiny roses that looks so pretty and some leaf pattern. This can be tried for your best friend’s wedding to get the attention by the people who look at your hands.

4. Bracelet style Khaleeji mehendi designs

The bracelet mehendi design has the rhombus shapes that look brilliant. Inside the design there are only spirals and tiny leaf like structure. So, all this and you get such a beautiful pattern. It also looks like the pattern carved on the wooden boxes etc. A ring like small shape is also drawn on the ring. What an artistic design of mehendi!!

15. Beautiful flower mehendi decoration

khaleeji mehendi design

16. The dew drop shape in the center is the highlight which has  the small dew drop thin motifs. This is very Arabic and Gulf inspired design.

khaleeji mehendi design

17. A true floral beauty this design is! It can be tried when you want to be your mehendi to look different than the others.

khaleeji mehendi design

18. Rosey affair!! This design the roses along a big circular design that is excellent. Try this for the roka or engagement ceremony. Or perhaps for your brother wedding.

19. The beaded line is delicate but it actually is the highlight of the half and half design. Inside the hand is filled with circular figures, flowers and pretty leaves.

khaleeji mehendi design

20. Grand and royal design which is perfect for the new age brides. The same can be done o the feet. It is leafy and leaves are the main motifs of this pretty mehendi pattern here. Finger mehendi pattern is also amazing in this design.

khaleeji mehendi design

So, these were the latest and trendy Khaleeji Mehendi designs that you should try the next time you apply henna on your feet, arms and hands. Which is the one that you liked?

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