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20 Incredible Spine Tattoos Ideas (2022)

Spine Tattoo


Spine tattoos hurt and are among the most painful locations to get inked because of the nerves, thin skin, and proximity to bone. This can be part of the appeal, with the area reserved for the daring and brave who are not afraid of the pain. Ink here is surprisingly versatile, lending itself well to long and narrow designs, like a snake or rose, but also small and dainty designs. It is also effortless to cover up, which makes showing it off even more special and sexy. There are some drawbacks though, if you need an operation in this area, have spine or back issues, or require an epidural during childbirth, these are concerns to keep in mind. For inspiration on your next tattoo, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this great spot.


1. Quote Spine Tattoo

A quote tattoo is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to ink something meaningful that also looks great. It could be a phrase that moves you, words that represent how you feel about something or lyrics from your favorite song. There are so many different options to choose from, and the spine is an excellent location. The placement is long enough to allow for several words, so you are not as restricted as you would be if you chose a smaller area, for example, the wrist or the ankle.


Quote Spine Tattoo


2. Lotus Flower Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoos are an excellent choice for both men and women, but keep in mind that they will hurt. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a design that you not only love, but that is also meaningful; the lotus flower is one of the most symbolic choices. It represents purity, the divine, rebirth, and enlightenment and is a popular option for someone going through a significant period of growth or spirituality. The interesting thing about the lotus is that it grows in conditions that many would consider unfavorable, rising from the muddy waters. This can also be a metaphor for how we can rise up despite our struggles.


Lotus Spine Tattoo


3. Dragon Spine Tattoo

Deciding on a cool placement for your body art is one thing, but what you pick is also of great importance. If you are not afraid of the pain associated with a spine piece, consider a dragon tattoo. This mythological creature is one of the easiest ways to make a statement; it is deemed fierce, powerful, and mysterious. The dragon represents two different things in the East and the West. In the East, it is a symbol of good fortune and strength, while in the West, it is associated with greed and is thought to be an evil, firebreathing menace to humankind. The shape of the dragon is very versatile, so you can let it be sprawled out from the nape of your neck all the way down your spine. Or ink it in the center and add important words or symbols.


Dragon Spine Tattoo


4. Arabic Spine Tattoo

Many people are drawn to quotes and phrases and want to get them tattooed onto their skin forever, and there are various ways to do this. You may opt for Chinese and Japanese symbols or an Arabic spine tattoo. The Arabic alphabet system looks incredibly beautiful, so it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to the script. It is eye-catching and interesting, and not everyone will understand it. That said, it may be an odd choice for someone who has no cultural ties to the language. For starters, you need to do your research to ensure you are not offensive and that the correct meaning is conveyed. It is also reported that some Muslims feel that permanent tattoos are forbidden or discouraged.


Arabic Spine Tattoo


5. Chinese Spine Tattoo

If you find the Chinese writing system beautiful or have some ties to the language or culture, you may be inspired to get inked with these symbols. A Chinese spine tattoo looks great and can be a way to celebrate your Chinese heritage as you ink yourself with something meaningful. If you do not understand the language, it is important to do your research before deciding on your design. This is to ensure that you do not end up with body art that is misspelled or has an entirely different meaning from that which you intended. That said, not having others understand your body art is half of the appeal, as it is more personal.


Chinese Spine Tattoo


6. Japanese Spine Tattoo

Japanese tattoos may be shrouded in controversy because of their association with the Yakuza gang, but the style has inspired inkings around the globe. They are expressive and bold, with vibrant colors and imagery that honors folklore or tradition. Or, perhaps you love Japanese writing and want to get tattooed with these delicate symbols? Kanji is beautiful and makes for an interesting but also meaningful piece. It can be a way to honor Japanese culture or your heritage. Be sure to do your research to ensure you are not offensive. A Japanese spine tattoo can be an elegant and thought-provoking choice.


Japanese Spine Tattoo


7. Snake Spine Tattoo

Snake tattoos are one of the most popular images to get inked because of their versatility and symbolism. They are symbols of rebirth, change, and transformation and have significance in many cultures. The serpent’s form can also be adapted to fit any body part; s,o for a spine tattoo, you may wish for its entire body to be stretched out. Alternatively, you could get an image of a snake coiled in the center of your spine and add other images on top and below it. The symbolism associated with your inking can also change slightly depending on the design. For example, adding a skull represents death and fearlessness, while the inclusion of a dagger could be associated with bravery and triumph.


Snake Spine Tattoo


8. Moon Phases Tattoo

Undoubtedly one of the most popular options for the spine is a moon phase tattoo. There are several reasons for this; the design is long, lending itself well to this placement, and it is also meaningful. The moon symbolizes female power, transition, mystery, and growth, making it an appealing choice for both men and women to get inked. The different phases also represent various things. For example, the crescent shape is associated with hope and change, while a full moon is connected with mysticism and transition. A half-moon image is symbolic of growth, attainment, and fertility. The phases can represent the ways your life changes; it could be seen as you letting go of the past. Or it could be finding a balance between the different waxing and waning phases.


Moon Phases Spine Tattoo


9. Cute Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoos are going to hurt, but they are also incredibly popular places for body art because they can be covered up easily. Plus, they are intimate, and when you do show them off, they make a statement. They are also versatile, lending themselves well to large or small designs; and those that are bold and striking or delicate and cute. If you want something subtle, meaningful, and pretty, then opt for a cute spine tattoo. Many people choose flowers, as the shape lends itself well to this area. You could also get words or an outline of your favorite animal. Nothing is stopping you from getting the design of your dreams, so choose wisely.


Cute Spine Tattoo


10. Sexy Spine Tattoo

There is something incredibly sexy about a spine tattoo. The back, in general, is considered one of the most alluring body parts. Getting inked here draws attention to an attractive area for both men and women. It is also more intimate, often covered with clothing and not seen by the general public. This makes this location one of the sexiest places for a tattoo, and showing off your design, regardless of what it is, is sensual and striking. Choose from something delicate and simple, like line art or a bold and bright design that demands attention.


Sexy Spine Tattoo


11. Small Spine Tattoo

When deciding on the spine for a placement, most people like to utilize the space, choosing something that runs up and down the entire length of the spine. But the beauty of this body part is the versatility, and large pieces look just as good as small tattoos. Tiny ink is just as meaningful and is an excellent choice for someone who does not want to sit through a lengthy tattoo session or wants something more simple or delicate. Smaller inkings also tend to cost less and will not hurt as much because they are not as time-consuming to complete. You can, of course, get it inked anywhere along the spine; however, deciding to keep it in the upper back is a popular option, making your piece look more centered.


Small Spine Tattoo


12. Butterfly Spine Tattoo

If you want a pretty and meaningful piece, then a butterfly tattoo is an excellent choice. Butterflies are stunning insects and symbolic ones, as they are connected to beauty, change, transformation, and freedom. They are a popular choice to be inked by an individual going through a transitional period or someone who wishes to show how they have overcome a struggle. The appealing thing about these winged creatures is they can be inked in various colors, sizes, and shapes. You can also make it look like they are flying across your spine or opt for a detailed design that includes flowers or symbols.


Butterfly Spine Tattoo


13. Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are a reminder of the passing of time, that things in life are temporary, and that we should embrace them while we can. The flowers bloom in Japan for a very short time, and during this time, they are gazed upon and appreciated. They are the country’s national flower. For many, they are also symbolic of love, life, and beauty. It could be inked by someone who wants to honor Japanese culture or their heritage. The pink hue of these blooms cannot be done justice using black ink, and it is best to opt for a brightly colored piece. Letting it run down your spine makes for a pretty and alluring piece that looks great on women but can work just as well on men.


Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo


14. Elegant Spine Tattoo

An elegant spine tattoo is understated and delicate. It can be of anything, but popular choices would be floral designs or scripts with meaningful words or phrases. This is a wonderful choice for someone who prefers a more laid-back approach to body art and wants a meaningful piece without trying too hard. Although you can opt for colored ink and choose from various styles and techniques, many of these pieces lend themselves well to black ink and a more minimalistic approach.


Elegant Spine Tattoo


15. Bible Verses Spine Tattoo

For individuals whose faith plays an important role in their lives, a bible verses spine tattoo is a perfect choice. There are various scriptures to choose from, and you can pick your favorite. This could be an inspiration for the way you want to live your life, honor God, or show your faithfulness. The incredible thing about any piece that includes writing is that you can experiment with different fonts. Or even choose to get your handwriting or that of a loved one. You may also want to include other religious images, such as a cross or a dove, which could add even more meaning to your chosen verse.


Bible Verses Spine Tattoo


16. Chakra Tattoo on the Spine

There are seven major chakras, and these have been used for centuries in connection with the mind, body, and spirit. There is deeply spiritual and religious symbolism associated with these symbols. They are believed to help focus upon the energy, which can encourage healing and growth. This is a simplistic explanation, but it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to this artwork. The shape of the spine, and the fact that it leads from the top of the body to the bottom, make this the perfect spot for a chakra tattoo. Before getting inked with anything, do your research to understand the chakras’ meaning and associations fully. As well as what it means to etch them onto your skin.


Chakra Tattoo


17. Rose Spine Tattoo

Rose tattoos are common choices for both men and women, but being popular doesn’t mean boring. The bloom is symbolic of love, passion, and beauty. It can also be associated with the balance in life, as the flower is stunning, but the thorns can cause pain. There are many styles and techniques to choose from, and your choice of color has different meanings. For example, yellow is connected to friendship and joy, while black represents loss, grief, and heartache. The shape of the rose works well on the spine; so, use this as an opportunity to include the stem or create a unique version of it with names or quotes. Your only limit is your creativity.


Rose Spine Tattoo


18. Word Tattoo on the Spine

Words can move us. So many of us are reminded of a powerful quote, an impactful poem, or lyrics from a song that bring us to tears. This is the power of words. They can be your solace, and they make for great body art. Instead of opting for a lengthy piece, you may choose to get inked with a single word. This could be the name of a loved one or something that inspires you. For example, words like joy, freedom, honor, and love are all meaningful choices. When deciding on what is the best option for you, give some thought to it. This may also be an excellent opportunity for matching body art with your partner, sibling, or best friend.


Word Tattoo On The Spine


19. Dainty Spine Tattoo

Dainty spine tattoos are pretty and simple. They are an excellent choice for someone who wants a not too in-your-face design, which instead focuses on the meaning behind your chosen piece. It is a popular choice to get dainty pieces inked behind the ears, on the neck, and fingers, but the spine provides you with an opportunity to make your tattoo slightly bigger than it would be on other body parts. They are subtle and can be of anything, from floral designs to moving quotes or a series of interesting symbols.


Dainty Spine Tattoo


20. Skeleton Spine Tattoo

The spine is made up of 33 vertebrae, divided into five sections, and what would make for a more interesting inking than an anatomically correct skeleton spine tattoo? Of course, there are many other ways you can choose to get tattooed on your spine, too. Perhaps you want to ink an image of a human or animal skeleton. In general, a skeleton is symbolic of death, fearlessness, and renewal. For some, it can be a reminder that everything is temporary and to live life to its fullest. Others see it as a way to show you are not afraid of what the future holds. Or that you have the strength to overcome whatever it is that life throws at you. This is a bold choice but also a deeply symbolic one.


Skeleton Spine Tattoo



Do tattoos on the spine hurt?

Spine tattoos do hurt, and are considered one of the most painful locations because of the thin skin, the number of nerves, and the proximity to bone. The area is considered high on the pain scale, but your chosen design will also impact your discomfort. If you opt for a large and detailed piece that requires several hours to complete, this will hurt much more than a small and simple design.

What does a spine tattoo mean?

Spine tattoos are often a symbol of bravery and strength because of the pain involved in tattooing them. They are one of the most painful locations to get inked because of the nerves and proximity to bone, and someone who chooses this spot has to be mentally and physically prepared. Your chosen design will also impact the overall meaning of your piece.

Are spine tattoos more expensive?

Unlike your arm or leg, the spine takes more effort and skill to do right; you can often expect to pay more because of this. Your chosen design will also impact the cost. For example, if your piece is big and detailed, taking hours to complete, this will be much more expensive than a small or simple tattoo. You are likely to pay a minimum of $100 for a basic inking.

Do men get spine tattoos?

Spine tattoos are great choices for both men and women to get inked. The area lends itself well to various designs, from bold and bright to simple and delicate.

How bad is a back tattoo?

A back tattoo is one of the most popular options for body art because it is large and allows for a piece that is detailed and extensive. The upper or lower back is also considered low to moderate on the pain scale, while the spine, and the closer you go towards the hips, will be much more painful. The size and detail of your design will impact your discomfort, but most people feel that getting inked on your back feels like a sting or scratch.


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