20 Hilarious Anime Memes To Cheer Up Your Day

How cool is anime? The Japanese form of animation is an incredible art form loved by people of all ages across the globe. Anime has been around for over 100 years, but it didn’t start to get noticed in the West until Astro Boy in the mid-60s.

This type of entertainment gained more fans throughout the 80s and 90s and is now one of the most popular forms of animation. Shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemonand Ghost in the Shell helped anime become massive in the West. Then when Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, it took anime to another level.

While it often deals with serious subjects and futuristic and fantasy themes, anime can also be funny. Very funny. This has led to some outrageous anime memes that poke fun at the genre. While some are about certain anime and magma shows, others are relevant to real-life situations. The bottom line is all of these anime memes are hilarious and will have you chuckling.

1. Still Looks Good



Ketchum just doesn’t age.

2. Ultra Instinct Achieved



This is the power of Ultra Instinct as demonstrated in Dragon Ball Zone of the greatest manga shows of all time. This is a hilarious anime meme.

3. Anime in Chart Form


@ karweng904 / Reddit

This chart paints a picture of how anime has progressed over the years. Creators will like this one.

4. When You Get ‘Best Waifu’ Award



A great meme the anime community who love Best Waifu will certainly enjoy.

5. Bring Back Fat Pikachu!



Anime fans don’t need more new Pokemons or anime characters, just give us fat Pikachu.

6. Call of Oniichan



The only Call of Duty we want to play. Imagine how good the plot to this one would be?

7. Naruto Dad



Proof Naruto dads aren’t all that.

8. Which Anime Is This?



Funny how so many animes look the same.

9. Getting Old



When you realize how long Pokemon has been around.

10. Useless Is Useless


@IzronIzron / Reddit

Poor Sakura gets no love from the Naruto community.

11. Because Your Worth It



Who doesn’t love Orochimaru’s hair? As this meme illustrates, he would make a wonderful hair model. What a picture.

12. It’s All In the Eyes



Notice how wide and open anime characters’ eyes get when anger sets in? It’s an automatic reaction that never seems to surprise.

13. No New Friends


Saying Images

This anime meme is truth. It’s always a little awkward before one of you starts talking.

14. Prepare To Be Shook!



Violet Evergarden is a great series that goes next level the further you get into it. A good heart is needed.

15. I Dare You!



Bleach fans aren’t messing around. Another great series and meme.

16. Shout Your Finisher



Not much else has to be said about this meme.

17. Who Is Your Star Sign Character?



I got Deku.

18. You Lack Seasoning



The Naruto/Gordon Ramsey crossover you didn’t know you needed.

19. Before and After



Is that a Jojo reference?

20. Just One More Episode…



We’ve all been here before. You start a series and aim to watch just one episode and the next thing you know you’ve finished the season. How good are anime memes?!

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