20 Great Cowboys Memes Sure To Give NFL Fans a Laugh

When it comes to the NFL, there are few teams as loved and hated as the Dallas Cowboys. This has resulted in lots of funny Dallas Cowboys memes. Throughout the 60s and 70s, they were super successful, but it was during the early 90s when the Cowboys became a dynasty. The Texas team won three Super Bowls in four years and cemented its legacy as one of the greatest franchises in NFL history. Unfortunately, they haven’t had much success of late.

While they continue to be around the mark, usually finishing top of their conference in the NFL East division, they either miss the playoffs or go out in round one. This has led to their fans often getting frustrated with them. It’s also been a great time for rival fans, who have turned the Cowboys into a joke. This has resulted in social media having a lot of fun with Dallas Cowboys memes.

These memes take a crack at the team’s wasted NFL seasons, Cowboys players, and, of course, Cowboys fans. If you’re fans of the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL, or just love a good meme, then you’ll want to keep reading. These 20 hilarious Cowboys memes are sure to have you laughing at what was at one time the biggest and greatest franchise in the NFL.

20 Great Cowboys Memes Sure To Give NFL Fans a Laugh

1. Getting Ready for Another Long Season



Even before the season starts many Dallas Cowboys fans are readying the excuses for another bad year. This Dallas Cowboys meme doesn’t get any more relatable for the franchise’s fans.

2. Send Him To Dallas

The only way to stop Tom Brady from winning another Super Bowl is by sending him to Dallas. Everyone, even Cowboys fans, knows he would be no good playing for this famous franchise.

3. When You Can’t Even Give Tickets Away



This Dallas Cowboy fan left two tickets on his dashboard and even then nobody wanted them. Sometimes it’s tough being a supporter of a team like the Cowboys.

4. Dressed To Impress



Ezekiel Elliott’s taste in fashion leaves a lot to be desired.

5. They Both Suck



While I don’t think there is a real correlation between the Dallas Cowboy and a vacuum cleaner, it is true they both suck.

6. When That First Loss Hits



This meme came about during the 2019/2020 season when the Cowboys looked the goods and won their first three on the trot. Then they played decent opposition and everyone’s faith in the team vanished.

7. The True Meaning of the Star



Ever wondered what the star on the Dallas Cowboys uniform really signifies? It’s the rating of the team out of five. Just another one of the best memes about the Cowboys here.

8. When You Beat the Hometown Hero



In the 2018 season, the Cowboys stunned many fans and pundits when they beat the fancied New Orleans Saints. This resulted in some very funny memes, including this one of Texas legend Drew Bees admitting even his team got beat by the Cowboys.

9. The Last Superbowl Party



It’s been over 25 years since the Dallas Cowboys last made the Super Bowl. This meme sums up what Dallas fans were like back then when throwing their last Super Bowl party.

10. You’ve Got To Have Faith



If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan and think Micah Parsons is the answer to all your prayers, you might be a little misguided. That said, he’s sure to help, especially if Dak Prescott has a blinder of a season. At least the Cowboys don’t have to deal with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

11. The Clap



Jason Garrett had a rough time of it while at the Cowboys. While he is now long gone, there are still some Cowboys fans left traumatized by his time with the club.

12. How It Started vs. How It’s Going


Matt Young/Chron

There is always a lot of optimism among Cowboys fans at the start of the season. This is quickly replaced by despair as depicted in this meme.

13. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders



Here is another hilarious Cowboys meme poking fun at the Dallas Cowboys’ long wait between Super Bowl appearances.

14. I’ll Do It Myself



The billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys saw three Super Bowl wins during his early years at the club, but those big games have dried up since. Responsible for hiring and firing many Dallas legends, this meme depicts Jerry Jones putting on the uniform and trying to win another Super Bowl himself.

15. Poor Tony Romo


Bleeding Green Nation

The great Tony Romo had a fantastic career with the Cowboys, although his body often let him down, as this meme explains.

16. Still Trying To Forget

Dallas Cowboys fans are still trying to forget that pass from Aaron Rogers in the 2016/2017 season that ended their Super Bowl dreams.

17. List of Playoff Games



Harsh but fair assessment.

18. Predicting the Future

Even the great Tony Dorsett can see more losses on the horizon.

19. Haters Gonna Hate

Dallas is one of those teams you either love or hate. Most people hate, as this Cowboys meme illustrates.

20. Farewell Great Man


Ken Durden/Shutterstock

This isn’t a meme, just a tribute to Marion Barber III. The Dallas Cowboys RB passed away recently and I thought it was worth celebrating his life and football career. Our thoughts go out to his father, Marion Barber Jr, the rest of his family and friends, the Dallas Cowboys, and the entire football community.

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