20 French comedies expected in Cinema 2022

20 French comedies expected in Cinema 2022

Les Vedettes, Le Bon Dieu 3, Super-heroes in spite of himself, Revenge of the glittery shrimps … Discover our selection of the 20 most anticipated French comedies for 2022!

A few days before the start of the Alpe d’Huez Comedy Festival, focus on 20 French comedies expected in 2022.

Following on from franchises, remakes, but also a few sigantures like Quentin Dupieux, Michel Hazanavicius or Noémie Lvovsky, we are taking a tour of all kinds of comedies which should surge in the coming months.

Superhero in spite of himself

French comedies expected in Cinema
Julien panie

February 9 at the cinema – After Nicky Larson and the perfume of Cupid, which gathered 1.6 million spectators in 2019, Philippe Lacheau and his band are back in Super-heroes despite himself. The story follows Cédric, a struggling actor apprentice. The latter finally landed his first role in a superhero movie called Badman. One evening, while borrowing the filming car, he is the victim of an accident which causes him to lose his memory.

Upon awakening, dressed in his vigilante costume and surrounded by props from the film, he is convinced that he has become the character of the film with a perilous mission to accomplish. But it is not a hero and even less a superhero who wants … And even less Cédric.

Faithful to itself, the band at Fifi, composed of Julien Arruti, Tarek Boudali and Elodie Fontan, multiplies the gags and the delusional situations. Philippe Lacheau even summons the Marvel universe with references to Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor or Iron Man.

The stars

French comedies expected in Cinema

February 16 at the cinema – Five years after La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon, the Palmashow (David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig) returns to the cinema with Les Vedettes. The duo takes us this time to the world of TV games, a milieu that they had already made fun of in their sketches. There will also be songs (and notably Florent Pagny, which might make you want to … “Sing”, as the trailer shows!). A comedy that promises gags, parodies … We say yes!


Squad French comedies expected in Cinema
JC Lother

March 23 at the cinema –  After the success of Les Invisibles (photo), Louis Julien Petit reunites with Audrey Lamy for his new comedy, La Brigade, which will take us behind the scenes of the restaurant business.
The story of Cathy, who dreams of running her own restaurant. But at forty, nothing went as planned and she found herself forced to accept a position as a canteen in a home for young migrants. His dream still seems to be fading… or not?



March 30 at the cinema –  6 years after My family already adores you, Jérôme Commandeur again goes behind the camera for an adventure comedy, Irréductible.
The film follows a ministerial inspector who is a little too zealous, and responsible for skimming the civil service, who will use all the means in her power … But Vincent Peltier, peaceful civil servant at Eaux et Forêts in Limoges, is not at all decided to give up his “guaranteed for life” job! The war of nerves has only just begun when it transfers it to the worst corners of France, up to the North Pole …

What have we all done to the good god

What have we all done to the good god
New visions film distribution

April 6 at the cinema – In Le Bon Dieu 3, we will be celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary of Claude and Marie Verneuil. For this occasion, their four daughters decide to organize a big surprise party in the family home of Chinon and to invite the parents of each of the sons-in-law there for a few days.

Claude and Marie will have to welcome the parents of Rachid, David, Chao and Charles under their roof: this “family” stay promises to be eventful. After the box office of the second opus, which attracted 6.7 million spectators, the Verneuil family is back, more crazy than ever!

Still directed by Philippe De Chauveron, Le Bon Dieu 3 brings together Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby, surrounded by Ary Abittan, Medi Sadoun, Frédéric Chau, Noom Diawara, Frédérique Bel, Emilie Caen, Elodie Fontan, Pascal Nzonzi and Salimata Kamate. Note that a new face joins the cast: that of Alice David, seen in particular in Babysitting. The character of Odile has indeed been replaced due to the unavailability of Julia Piaton.

Ducobu President! by Elie Semoun

Ducobu President! by Elie Semoun

April 6 at the cinema – Building on its success in theaters in 2020, the adventures of Ducobu continue: Elie Semoun shot a 4th part, after having gathered 1.5 million spectators at the cinema with Ducobu 3. The shooting took place during the summer 2021. Nothing has yet filtered through the plot of this sequel, but the title gives a great clue … Ducobu President!

Revenge of the glittery shrimp

April 6 at the cinema – Released in May 2019, the first opus Les Crevettes pailletées met with great public success with nearly 580,000 spectators at the rendezvous, and the Jury Prize at the Alpe d’Huez Comedy Festival. The continuation arrives in the spring, after, again, a hook by the Festival of Alpe d’Huez. Under the title Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps, these new adventures of the gay water polo team will take us this time to Russia, after a failed match for the Tokyo Gay Games!


Julien panie

July 13 at the cinema – Barely a few months after the release of Tuche 4, the release of which had to be postponed several times, Olivier Baroux will offer a new film, titled Liar.
Carried by Tarek Boudali, the film follows Jérôme, a compulsive liar. His family and friends can’t stand his daily lies. They are doing everything to make him change his attitude. Not listening to what he is criticized for, Jerome sinks more and more into a lie until the day when a divine curse hits him: all his lies come to life. A real nightmare then begins for him.

Happy retirement 2!


July 20 at the cinema – Three years after Happy Retirement (which had attracted more than 1.2 million spectators), the sequel has arrived. Michèle Laroque and Thierry Lhermitte will be back in the film.

Joyeuse Retreat 2 !, whose synopsis is not yet known, will again be directed by Fabrice Bracq and co-written by the director and Guillaume Clicquot, based on the novel Poivre et sel by Guillaume Cliquot published by Fleuve Editions.

Rumba life


August 24 at the cinema –  Initially scheduled for January 19, 2022, it will finally be necessary to wait until next August to dance the rumba with Franck Dubosc. After Everyone Standing, here is Rumba la vie. 
Rumba’s Life Story follows Tony, in his fifties, a withdrawn school bus driver, lives alone after abandoning wife and child twenty years earlier. Shaken by a heart attack, he finds the courage to face his past and enroll incognito in the dance class led by his daughter, whom he has never known, with the aim of (re) conquering her and give meaning to his life.

The tasting

Bertrand Vacarisas / MANDARIN AND COMPANY

August 31 at the cinema –   Ivan Calbérac adapts the play La Dégustation, created at the Théâtre de la Renaissance in 2019.

The plot follows Jacques (Bernard Campan), divorced from the gruff type, who runs a small wine cellar alone, on the verge of bankruptcy. Hortense (Isabelle Carré), committed to the association and determined not to end up an old maid, one day enters her shop and decides to register for a tasting workshop …

The new toy


October 19 at the cinema –  And a new remake for Francis Veber! Sony will soon unveil a new version of the Toy, The New Toy, which will allow Jamel Debbouze and Daniel Auteuil to play the part for the first time, under the direction of James Huth (Rendez-vous chez les Malawas, Brice de Nice). Remember that Auteuil is no stranger to the world of Veber since he played François Pignon in Le Placard and also played in La Doublure.

A happy man

December 14 at the cinema –  Catherien Frot and Fabrice Luchini are expected in this new comedy directed by Tristan Séguéla (16 or almost, Doctor), A happy man. The announcement of the project had caused a reaction on social networks.

Here is the summary: Jean, conservative mayor of a small town in Brittany is in the middle of the campaign for his re-election. Edith, his wife for forty years, announces to Jean his coming out trans, the conservative candidate asks him to postpone his transition to the day after the election. Edith accepts, but the rumor begins to circulate …

Z (like z)

Wild Bunch Distribution

Coming soon to the cinema – After the spy comedy, the zombie comedy for Michel Hazanavicius! The filmmaker who passed the baton of OSS 117 to Nicolas Bedos (and whose third part came out this summer) is back to comedy. Z (like z) is a remake of the Japanese film Don’t Cut by Shinichiro Ueda. Film which was inspired by the play Ghost in the Box by Ryoichi Wada.

Z (like Z) tells the story of a shooting of a Z series film that turns into disaster. Jaded technicians, actors not really concerned, only the director (Romain Duris) seems invested with the energy necessary to give life to yet another low-budget zombie film. During the preparation of a particularly thankless shot, the shooting is disrupted by the irruption of authentic living dead …

Around Romain Duris, the cast of Z (as zombies) will be made up of Bérénice Bejo, Grégory Gadebois, Finnegan Oldfield, Matilda Lutz, Sébastian Chassagne Raphaël Quenard, Jean-Pascal Zadi, Lyes Salem, Simone Hazanavicius and Luana Bajrami.

Incredible but true / Smoking makes you cough

Best image

Coming soon to the cinema – One film can hide another! Never short of ideas, Quentin Dupieux has chained two films, starting with Incredible but true, and whose pitch is as follows: Alain and Marie move into a pavilion. A trapdoor located in the cellar will turn their existence upside down.
In the cast, we find Alain Chabat, Léa Drucker, Anaïs Demoustier and Benoit Magimel.

The movie Smoking makes you cough is also in the pipes. In the credits, we will again find Anaïs Demoustier, but also Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Lacoste and a great cast. The story is as follows: to recreate cohesion in a group of vigilantes, called the “tobacco-forces”, which is breaking down, their leader suggests they meet for a one-week retreat, before to return to save the world …

Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde

October 12 at the cinema – Malik Bentalha, director! This is an adventure comedy and gang film that will take three men and a woman to exotic lands, with a cast made up of Malik Bentalha, Joséphine Japy, Jérôme Commandeur, François Damiens and Benoit Magimel.

The pitch: Two years after surviving alone on the hostile island of Val Verde, Jack Mimoun has become a star of the adventure. The book recounting his experience is a bestseller, and his television show is breaking audience records. He is then approached by the mysterious Aurélie Diaz who will bring Jack Mimoun back to Val Verde to train him in search of the legendary Pirate Sword La Buse. Accompanied by Bruno Quézac, the ambitious but not reckless manager of Jack, and Jean-Marc Bastos, a mercenary as disturbed as he is unpredictable, our adventurers will embark on an incredible treasure hunt through the jungle of Île aux a thousand dangers.

The Visitor of the Future

Pyramide Productions 2021 – Photos Thomas O’Brien

October 12 at the cinema – Announced in October 2018, the Visitor of the Future film adaptation project will arrive in fall 2022! After 4 seasons, 45 million views, comics, a novel and a board game, François Descraques’ successful web series is about to conquer the big screen, with among others, Florent Dorin, Arnaud Ducret, and Enya Baroux.

The pitch: Alice is a young girl who is opposed to the construction of a nuclear power station initiated by her father, an MP. It was then that a strange visitor took them to 2555, a future devastated by the explosion of the power station. For the visitor, the death of the deputy is the simplest solution to avoid the catastrophe. But time is running out! A police of the future tracks them down in order to prevent any temporal modification. Alice will have to achieve the impossible: save her father and save the world …


Coming soon to the cinema – In 2022, we should see Laure Calamy (noticed in Dix pour Cent, and Césarisée for Antoinette in the Cévennes) in no less than 4 logs, including the drama A Full Time which earned her an interpretation prize in Venice in 2021. On the comedy side, she will be one of the headliners of the Cyclades, a new film by Marc Fitoussi (Copacabana, Pauline Detective, and the Ten percent series).

The pitch: Adolescents, Blandine and Magalie were inseparable. The years have passed and they are lost sight of. As their paths cross again, they decide to take the trip they’ve always dreamed of together. Direction Greece, its sun, its islands but also its galleys because the two former best friends now have a very different approach to holidays… and to life!

Olivia Côte and Kristin Scott Thomas complete the cast.



Coming soon to the cinema –  Après Tout nous souris et Jamais le premier soir, without forgetting the Quadras series, Mélissa Drigeard will present the choral comedy Hawaii, with Bérénice Bejo, Élodie Bouchez, Émilie Caen, Pierre Deladonchamps, Eye Haïdara, William Lebghil, Manu Payet and Thomas Scimeca.

The plot: January 13, 2018. 8:08 a.m. Hawaii is on high alert: ballistic missiles have just been launched towards the island, there are only a few minutes left to find shelter. Like every year, a group of friends came to spend a week’s vacation in the hotel of one of theirs, who left for Hawaii. While they think they are living their last moments, years of unspoken things spring back and degenerate into settling of scores. Fortunately for them this is a false alarm, unfortunately they have eight days of vacation to spend together …

The great magic

Condor Distribution

Coming soon to the cinema – A musical for Noémie Lvovsky (photo from A Coeur beating)! With The Great Magic, the filmmaker freely adapts the play La Grande Magia by Eduardo de Filippo.

The Story In the 1920s, Charles and Marta stayed in a beautiful seaside hotel. But their couple was at the end of their rope. While they are having dinner at the hotel, Albert, a somewhat charlatan magician makes Marta disappear. Charles grows impatient and claims his wife. The magician then puts a box in his hands, telling him that Marta is inside. But he should only open it if he has absolute faith in it, otherwise it will disappear forever …

In terms of auteur comedies, new films by Pierre Salvadori, Thomas Salvador and Sophie Letourneur are also expected in 2022.

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