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20 Fall Crafts for Kids

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When it comes to craft ideas for kids, fall is the best inspiration. For starters, craft supplies literally fall from the trees. (And as a bonus: you can spend family time outside whenever you need supplies.) If you don’t want to make plans with fall leaves, you can also use pine cones and tassels like white canvases. Inspiration for the subject abounds – you can do projects that use the colors of fall leaves, or feature apples, pumpkins and other fall treats.

These easy fall crafts for kids make the best use of all the stuff they probably pick up and stuff in their pockets anyway. (Which elementary school student doesn’t have a bunch of hidden acorns somewhere in their bedroom?) You just need to give your little creator a boost in the right direction and give him ideas on what to do with them all. From the wooded scenes to the masterpieces inspired by the harvest, you will be amazed at what they can offer. Start picking up those pine cones now!

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Craft Stick Scarecrow

This scarecrow project is ideal to keep in mind for a rainy day, as you probably have all the materials you need to drag it into your art drawer. And yet, he looks so cute when he’s done!

Get the tutorial on Simple Mom Project »

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Salt dough sheet printing

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Cupcake Liner Owl

If you have extra cupcake liners lying around, use them wisely – a few folds, and they will look like owls. Then you can embellish them with paint and even make a branch of craft paper so that they sit.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Craftsy Mom »

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Apple Jack o ‘Lantern print

What are you going to do with all these apple picking apples? Eat it, put it back in a pie and make sure there is at least one left to turn into a pestle so you can have fun facing Jack o ‘Lantern.

Get the tutorial at Frugal Momeh »

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Tassels necklaces

If your kids love collecting acorns, they’ll have enough to create a whole community of happy acorn necklace characters. This job involves drilling holes in the tops of the acorns to pass the chain, so it will need the participation of parents

Get the tutorial at Whimsy Love »

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Bubble painted apple

To give these apple crafts a different texture, try painting bubble wrap and using it as a stamper. Tip: it is easier to use if you wrap the bubble wrap around a cardboard tube.

Get the tutorial on A Little Simple »

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Strawberry tassel magnets

You can do this job in the fall and remember the hot sunny summer days. Then you can use them all year round – they are magnets! Note: This requires a hot glue gun, so it is best for tweens / teens where you can step in and supervise.

Get the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda »

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Painted acorn pumpkins

Transform one fall icon into another with just a little paint! If your kids are detail-oriented, they can also try adding Jack o’Lantern faces with black paint and a toothpick.

Get the tutorial on Giggle Hearts »

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Pine cone corn

If you need fall crafts for your table, a few pom-poms and raffia or crepe paper turn ordinary pine cones into flint corn. It’s a perfect way to add color to a centerpiece.

Get the Buggy and Buddy Tutorial »

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Acorn animals

Do you have wool (or cotton balls)? If so, you can turn your acorn into little sheep – or horses, if your kids prefer the woolless look.

Get the tutorial at Red Ted Art »

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Egg carton wreath

Older children can give their bedroom a seasonal touch by taking this crown project, which is made from painted egg cartons. If they like the process, they can make their own wreaths for each season.

Get the tutorial at The Crafty Crow »

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