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20 Dreamy Moon Tattoos for Women in 2022

Moon Tattoo


The moon is a symbol of female power, transition, creativity, and growth, and the deep meaning associated with it makes it an appealing subject to have inked. The magic of our earth’s natural satellite depends on its phases. Some women find themselves drawn to the image of a full moon, focusing on blurred boundaries and the supernatural. In contrast, others are inspired by the symbolism linked to a crescent shape, thought to represent hope and change. There are many designs to choose from, all of which can be tailored to suit your style and mindset. If you need inspiration for your next meaningful ink, we’ve found the best options to inspire you.


1. Full Moon Tattoo

A full moon is often associated with mysticism and transition. It is a time of change, blurred boundaries, and the supernatural, and a tattoo is a great way to show off what these ideas mean to you. Women who opt for a piece like this may choose to add various other elements to the design to make it more unique. If so, then it would be beneficial to get inked on a larger area of skin to allow for detail.


Full Moon Tattoo


2. Half Moon Tattoo

Do you want to get inked with something meaningful? Perhaps you are searching for creative inspiration, or enjoy the idea of growth and attainment? If so, then a half-moon tattoo may be just what you need. It is a beautiful design for a woman to ink, especially if she wants an option that is symbolic of what she is going through in life. Your piece can also be interpreted as a way of letting go or can represent balance since it is between the waxing and waning phases.


Half Moon Tattoo


3. Crescent Moon Tattoo

The crescent moon is a beautiful tattoo, especially for those who favor small, simple designs. The size of the piece makes it a popular choice; it is delicate and would look good on the wrist, behind the ear, or the ankle. That said, the beauty of this shape is that you can get it inked anywhere on your body. It is not just the design that makes it an appealing option, though, but also the symbolism. This particular lunar phase is linked to change and hope. If these qualities inspire you, your ink can serve as a reminder of the developments your life is going through.


Cresent Moon Tattoo


4. Moon Phases Tattoo

One of the reasons moon tattoos are so popular among women is because the astronomical object is often associated with femininity and fertility. It can be a meaningful symbol for a tattoo, and the different phases can represent various things. The cycles of the moon can be a powerful image to get inked because they symbolize growth and can be linked to birth, death, and reincarnation. This idea will inspire individuals who contemplate their mortality or the cyclical nature of time. Plus, you will find it makes for some seriously cool body art!


Moon Phases Tattoo


5. Sun and Moon Tattoo

A sun tattoo and moon tattoo is a design that not only looks great but is also rich in symbolism. You can view it as a coming together of opposites, a sort of yin and yang symbol that represents two opposing forces. These could include femininity and masculinity, good and evil, and life and death. If you are dealing with a problem or find that your life is not in harmony, this would be a fantastic choice.


Sun And Moon Tattoo


6. Sun Moon and Stars Tattoo

When deciding to get inked with any body art, you will find you are not just inspired by the cool design but also the symbolism associated with it. Your decision to get a sun, moon and the stars tattoo will be unique to you because there are so many ways to interpret the meaning behind these images. A common interpretation is the idea of family. The moon represents femininity, while the sun is masculine, and the stars can be seen as children. Others prefer to view the combination of these three elements as something whimsical and magical. It can also be as simple as the balance between night and day.


Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo


7. Moon and Stars Tattoo

The moon and stars are two things that are often represented together and make for an attractive tattoo option. These celestial symbols can be viewed as powerful forces and can convey spirituality or hope by providing light in the night sky. A popular interpretation of these images is the moon as a mother figure and the stars as her children. If you want to honor your loved ones or the birth of your babies, this could be a beautiful, abstract way to do that.


Moon And Stars Tattoo


8. Small Moon Tattoos

There are various different designs and interpretations for what the moon represents, and your creativity is your limit. You can combine several elements, creating large, detailed pieces, or you could go for the smaller option. Many women love small moon tattoos because they are delicate and feminine and can be inked anywhere on the body. You can get a design on your wrist or finger, for example, and be able to view it every day as a reminder of what the ink means to you.


Small Moon Tattoo


9. I Love You to the Moon and Back Tattoo

What better way to show your fondness for someone than to say it? Or, in this case, get a quote of your affections inked onto your body. The “I Love You to the Moon and Back” tattoo option is a beautiful way to indicate just how deeply you care about someone. It can be interpreted as your love is infinite, despite being able to measure the distance to the moon. The words in this piece say it all, but you can also get creative with the images, adding stars or even a little rocket ship.


Love You To The Moon And Back Tattoo


10. Simple Moon Tattoo

The beauty of simple moon tattoos is that the design works well when it’s kept basic. We know you do not need a large, overly detailed piece to get inked with something meaningful to you, which is why minimalistic tattoo designs have become such a popular option for body art. This style focuses on the essential elements of the design and is often completed in black ink, without shading or detail. Not only is this an inexpensive way to get inked, but it also means you will endure minimal discomfort during your tattoo session.


Simple Moon Tattoo


rSimple Moon Tattoo


11. Wolf and Moon Tattoo

The combination of a wolf tattoo and a moon together can make a powerful statement. On its own, the canine can symbolize loyalty and family, but also spiritual guidance. There are many legends involving wolves and the lunar cycles; the animal is often thought to howl at the moon, especially when it’s full, and this can represent a time of darkness and mystery. In Native American culture, the predator is connected to the afterlife. A tattoo like this could indicate your thoughts on mortality or honor those who have passed.


Wolf And Moon Tattoo


12. Black Moon Tattoo

A black moon could be the absence of a full moon, or it could indicate the presence of an additional new moon in a season. The phenomenon is rare, only occurring once every 33 months, and therefore making the concept both exciting and mysterious. Individuals who keep up to date with the cycles of the earth’s natural satellite may find this is a fantastic option for body art. Others may interpret the meaning more abstractly, focusing on darkness. Whatever you decide, it will be a piece that looks great and should be somewhere you can see it!


Black Moon Tattoo


13. Blood Moon Tattoo

Moon designs tend to be done with black ink, but color pieces can also make a statement, especially when there is deep meaning behind them. The blood moon is a reddish shade, and it becomes this way during a total lunar eclipse. It is linked to the mystery and associated with a religious apocalypse or a sense of doom. Individuals who choose to get a tattoo of this design are often spiritual or interested in astronomy, the latter of which takes on a much more positive symbolism. Astrologers believe it could represent a deeper understanding of ourselves or could serve as a time of reflection.


Blood Moon Tattoo


14. Dark Side of the Moon Tattoo

Fans of Pink Floyd will already be familiar with the dark side of the moon, and the exciting cover art from their eighth studio album makes for a fantastic tattoo. The design shows a spectrum of light entering a prism and coming out as a rainbow. It is bold and will grab people’s attention. Plus, there are many different ways to interpret this piece. If you want ink that is going to become a conversation starter, then this is the choice for you!


Dark Side Of The Moon Tattoo


15. Triple Moon Tattoo

If you want a design that celebrates feminine power, then the triple moon tattoo will appeal to you. The images represent the different phases of the moon, waxing, full, and waning, and is a pagan and Wiccan symbol that is used to portray the idea of the Triple Goddess. The elements of this piece are the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, each of which symbolizes a moment in time and the female life cycle. It’s not hard to see why it would be a fantastic body art choice for any woman!


Triple Moon Tattoo


16. Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo

In Native American culture, the dream catcher is a protective talisman used to safeguard individuals from bad dreams and negative thoughts. The moon represents brightness and hope, as it provides light in the night sky. Perhaps this can be interpreted as yet another way to keep us safe from bad omens. The combination of dream catcher tattoo and moon makes for a detailed design, one which would look good on a larger placement option. A popular choice is a forearm or thigh.


Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo


17. Realistic Moon Tattoo

There are different meanings attached to the moon, and depending on the phases and other elements you choose to include, your ink will be deeply personal. The style in which you create your design is also worth considering, and hyper-realistic pieces are gaining popularity. The added dimension of this artwork makes it come to life on your skin and will have people doing a double-take. It is essential to get a tattoo artist who specializes in realism to ensure that your ink is as close to the real thing as possible.


Realistic Moon Tattoo


18. Cat and Moon Tattoo

A black cat sitting on a crescent moon is a well-known image, often indicating witchcraft. This particular phase of the lunar cycle is associated with transition and the idea that life is continuously changing. On the other hand, felines, especially dark ones, are thought to be the favored pet of witches. If you choose this tattoo, it can represent luck, mystery, or even death. When these symbols are combined, it makes for an attractive and also feminine piece.


Cat And Moon Tattoo


19. Mandala Moon Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are created using a series of shapes and symbols, and the intricate details tend to represent harmony and balance. They can be stunning to look at and designed in several ways. That said, the moon is an incredibly important symbol in Buddhism. The combination then of this style of design, and the lunar image, can indicate enlightenment. It is a great way to ink something beautiful, but also thought-provoking.


Mandala Moon Tattoo


20. Moon and Rose Tattoo

The combination of a moon and rose may seem unusual, but it is a beautiful tattoo option. The flower is a balance between beauty and pain; it is appealing to look at, but the thorns cause harm. The bloom is associated with many things, including new beginnings. The addition of a natural satellite then only serves to add to this symbolism, enhancing the idea of growth, change, and transition. The overall look of this piece is also very feminine. It a lovely option for a woman who is in tune with her female power!


Moon And Rose Tattoo



What does the moon tattoo symbolize?

The symbolism behind a moon tattoo is vast and depends on the kind of moon. Generally, the moon is a female symbol representing eternity, the passage of time, and the dark side of nature. It’s also a symbol of the soul in astrology. A crescent moon, however, has additional meaning because it represents a time of transition. Waxing moons stand for growth and creativity, while the waning moon shows release and reflection. There are also various religious and belief groups who associate additional meaning to this celestial body.

What does sun and moon tattoo mean?

A sun and moon tattoo shows contrast or contradiction. It’s femininity versus masculinity, dark versus light, and beauty versus strength, and it can represent both equilibrium and imbalance, depending on the intention. However, it can make a great tattoo pair, where one person gets the moon, and the other the sun. Different cultures also asocial different meanings to each, such as the idea of Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy.


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