20 Cringe Memes That Will Have You Shaking Your Head

Memes are fantastic. It’s crazy to think how an image and a few words can have you laughing out loud. The best thing about memes, along with being funny, is that they relate to any subject. Some memes are topical while others poke fun at famous movies or TV series. There is almost nothing that can’t be turned into a meme. But not all memes are hilarious. There are cringe memes that will have you shaking your head in mild disgust.

Cringe memes, like any type of meme, can be about anything, but will usually have you wondering why? They are often silly or stupid and fall more in the dad joke category. Some are also offensive or unbelievably dumb. Think Curb Your Enthusiasm as a meme and you had a good idea of what a cringe meme is. If you’re still not sure, read on below and have a giggle at these 20 cringe memes.

1. I’m Not Afraid

“aligncenter wp-image-272636 size-full” title=”Cringe Memes” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-20″ width=”1348″ height=”1012″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272636″ />

Know Your Meme

This is about as cringe as it gets. Combining The Grudge with Eminem lyrics is funny though. In a stupid-funny way.


2. Shoe Recycling

“size-full wp-image-272619″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550936_407_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-4″ width=”1900″ height=”1262″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272619″ />

@ dozre_117 / Memedroid

This is a horrible joke turned into a cringe meme. Not much more needs to be said about this one.

3. Too Much Ram

“size-full wp-image-272617″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550936_153_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-2″ width=”1304″ height=”1488″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272617″ />

@ WebbTech / Memedroid

This one is almost too much and a great example of what cringe memes are all about.

4. If This Is Real Love I Think I’ll Pass

“size-full wp-image-272618″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550936_858_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-3″ width=”1132″ height=”1340″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272618″ />


Imagine having a girlfriend who sent you a text like this? I think I’d rather be single.

5. Always Wear a Seatbelt

“size-full wp-image-272616″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550937_671_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-1″ width=”1272″ height=”1260″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272616″ />


Here’s a bit of dark humor for you. This cringe meme advocates wearing a t-shirt with a fake seatbelt on it so you don’t actually have to wear one while driving. This is cringe for all the wrong reasons.

6. An Apple a Day

“size-full wp-image-272620″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550937_774_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-5″ width=”1128″ height=”1660″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272620″ />


This is another cringe meme that your old man will surely enjoy.

7. Hearts for Fly Ass Shit

“size-full wp-image-272621″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550937_482_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-6″ width=”1100″ height=”1654″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272621″ />


This meme isn’t even that funny, but it is hella cringe. Both of these two have hilarious facials, particularly the girl.

8. Why Are Computers So Smart?

“size-full wp-image-272622″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550937_288_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-7″ width=”1272″ height=”1556″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272622″ />


Listen to your mother and stay in school otherwise you might end up like this lad.

9. Can I Ask a Question?

“size-full wp-image-272623″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550938_241_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-8″ width=”1256″ height=”1358″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272623″ />


Here’s a bit of cringe comedy for you. Brilliantly stupid.

10. Fast Food

“size-full wp-image-272624″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550938_507_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-9″ width=”1106″ height=”1656″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272624″ />


This cringe meme is just terrible.

11. When You Hate Yourself

“size-full wp-image-272625″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550938_886_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-10″ width=”1330″ height=”1662″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272625″ />


If it means I’m $150,000 richer, why not?

12. You Need To Warm Up

“size-full wp-image-272626″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550938_78_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-11″ width=”1126″ height=”896″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272626″ />

dozre_117 / memedroid

As you are probably noticing, many of these cringe memes are dad jokes. This one is especially silly.

13. Love Hurts

“size-full wp-image-272627″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550939_997_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-12″ width=”2146″ height=”1480″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272627″ />


Embarrassment is the first thing that comes to mind reading this meme.

14. How Long From Ireland To New York?

“size-full wp-image-272628″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550939_324_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-13″ width=”1462″ height=”1464″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272628″ />


It only takes a minute according to this cringe meme. This is what the kids call a dank meme.

15. Kill Me Now

“size-full wp-image-272629″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550939_344_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-14″ width=”1994″ height=”1658″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272629″ />


This is not the type of text you want to get from the person you are crushing on.

16. Teacher Cringe

“size-full wp-image-272630″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550939_441_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-15″ width=”1070″ height=”1660″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272630″ />


Imainge if your teach had a book with memes like this in them? I think you would want to take some action.

17. The Simpsons Never Predicted Any…

“size-full wp-image-272631″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550940_787_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-16″ width=”986″ height=”1442″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272631″ />


This cringe meme proves The Simpsons can predict the future.

18. Would You Eat One of These?

“size-full wp-image-272632″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550940_203_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-17″ width=”1558″ height=”1564″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272632″ />


Anything related to The Human Centipede is not just cringe, but sickening.

19. I’m a Watt?

“size-full wp-image-272633″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550940_353_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-18″ width=”1240″ height=”1652″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272633″ />


Classic Harry Potter meme here.

20. Why Are You Driving in the Kitchen?

“size-full wp-image-272635″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654550940_493_20-Cringe-Memes-That-Will-Have-You-Shaking-Your-Head.png” alt=”cringe-memes-19″ width=”1118″ height=”1186″ aria-describedby=”caption-attachment-272635″ />

Know Your Meme

This meme is both unsavory and cringy. Good use of CSI Miami though.

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