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20 Cool Skin Fade Haircuts for Men in 2022

20 Cool Skin Fade Haircuts for Men

Some of the best hairstyles for men today are those that offer both sophistication and trendy style. Perfect for formal, business and casual events, these stylish haircuts are just what men need to see every occasion with sweetness. But how to achieve this elusive combination? The answer is with a skin fade. The cut, which goes from a longer length at the top of the head to no hair on the sides, is ideal for creating a polished and fashionable appearance, and we can show you how to rock it. From sleek short styles to dapper pompadour designs, here are 20 fade haircuts to make you look cool, contemporary and classic all at once.

1. Low skin discoloration

Skin discolorations can sometimes appear quite intense, especially if the wearer has long hair on top of the head. For a subtle rendition of the style, you can choose a low skin fade instead. The look, which evolves to reveal the skin just around the ears, is much more understated and understated than the standard style.

Low skin discoloration

2. Skin fades with rash

Pairing a blowout with a skin fade can create a surprisingly stylish appearance. To get the look, have your stylist shave the sides and back of your hair into a skin fade while leaving at least a few inches of length on top. Next, style your hair by blow-drying the damp strands while using a round brush to pull the strands up.

Rash with Skin Fade

3. Skin fade with hair design

If a standard skin fade isn’t bold enough for your personal style, you can try adding a hair pattern. After asking your barber to cut your hair into a skin fade on the sides, ask him to go back over the area and shave a shape into the hair just before it disappears. The design can be anything from a simple curved line to a bold lightning bolt, depending on your preference.

Skin fade with shaved design

4. High skin discoloration

If you like a very short hairstyle or want sides that contrast dramatically with longer locks on top, you should go for a high skin fade. The spiky look leaves your hair at its standard length on top before quickly transitioning to shaved sides below the hairline.

High skin discoloration

5. Skin fade with combed back hair

For a soft and sophisticated take on the skin fade style, opt for a medium bob and pair it with combed back hair. The result will be some really dapper work that you can rock in the office and at after-hours events.

Combed Skin Fade Style

6. Skin fade with Buzz Cut

Skin fades can work with hair of any length, even the shortest. To pair a buzz cut with a skin fade, use clippers to cut the hair short on top. Then, as you lower your head, gradually reduce the trimmer setting until it hits a zero around your ears.

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

7. Skin fade with Quiff

Skin layers are ideal for keeping your hairstyle clean and neat while allowing you to get creative. As such, you can style your longer locks any way you want, including in a killer tuft.

Quiff with Skin Fade

8. Skin Fade with Textured Crop

A textured crop combined with a skin fade creates a great contemporary haircut. While the style works especially well on naturally wavy locks, it can work on straight hair types as well with the help of a little texturizing or salt spray.

Textured crop with skin fade

9. Skin Fade With Blonde Hair

Want your skin fade to be more visible and eye-catching? Try dyeing your hair a contrasting color, such as blonde for dark skin tones or black for light skin tones. The result will be a dramatic and bold look.

Blonde Curly Hair with Skin Fade

10. Skin fade with gray hair

A skin fade is a great way to give gray hair a stylish update. While looking trendy and fresh, the cut is also neat and mature. As such, it’s the perfect style to rock if you’re a silver fox. To customize your look, simply choose how you want to wear your longer locks on top.

Skin fade for gray hair

11. Skin Fade with Side Part

While there are many ways to wear your hair with a skin fade, a simple side part is one of the best. Not only is the look easy to create, but it also simultaneously projects a classic appearance and a contemporary vibe.

Side-Parted Style with Skin Fade

12. Skin Fade with Curly Black Hair

If you have dark, curly hair, you should seriously consider skin discoloration. The undercut can add shape and style to short locks while keeping wild waves, coils, and curls at bay. Simply choose whether you prefer a high fade, a medium fade, or a low fade to customize the cut to your liking.

Skin Fade for Curly Black Hair

13. Skin fade with smooth back

If you’re looking for a haircut with a bit of attitude, look no further than a slicked back with a heavy skin fade. Thanks to its long locks on top and super short sides, this daring hairstyle appears almost like a disconnected undercut at first glance.

Slicked back style with skin fade

14. Skin fade with hard part

To make a short, faded style look more interesting than it already is, you might consider adding a hard part. The part, which is shaved instead of combed up, is particularly ideal for short, thick curls that sit upwards.

Skin fade with hard part

15. Medium Skin Discoloration

For a classic or medium fade style, opt for a cut that tapers evenly from long to short on the sides of your head. To pull off the look, make sure your hair gradually tapers to reveal the skin halfway between your hairline and the top of your ears.

Medium skin discoloration

16. Skin Fade with Messy Fauxhawk

Want the edgy style of a mohawk without the punk attitude? A faux hawk with a skin fade might be the perfect answer. Remember to keep things messy on top for a modern departure from spikes and traditional structured shapes.

Messy fauxhawk with skin fade

17. Skin Fade with Mini Pompadour

An eye-catching, mini pompadour and skin fade style is sure to get you noticed and envied. Best of all, it’s easy to create and works for all hair types. Simply use a hair dryer to blow damp roots up and back before combing your hair into position with pomade.

Mini Pump with Skin Fade

18. Skin Fade with Parted Pompadour

For a sleek and polished hairstyle, consider pairing a separate pompadour with a skin fade. The jumpsuit will appear clean and neat thanks to the short sides and the side part, but also fashionable thanks to the trendy top.

Separate Pompadour with Skin Fade

19. Skin Fade with Short Messy Hair

If you would rather spend your mornings sleeping than doing your hair, you should opt for a short, messy haircut. Although the look requires little to no styling, it still looks awesome thanks to its cropped sides and textured top.

Short Messy Skin Fade Style

20. Skin fade with Man Bun

Not only does a skin fade look great with pompadours, tufts, and slicked backs, but it also looks awesome when paired with a trendy man bun. The style, which is perfect for men with long locks who want to try a new look, can be made even more unique with the option of double updos.

Man Buns with Skin Fade


How long does skin discoloration last?

A skin discoloration will last two to three weeks before requiring a touch-up. Key to the look is incredibly short hair, so maintaining it with regular visits to the hairdresser is essential.

How do you request a skin fade?

When asking your hairstylist for a skin fade, you’ll want to know a few more details like size and what extra you want. Skin fades can be high, medium, and low, or you can also get a temple, drop, or burst fade. Next, since it’s just the length on the sides and back, you’ll need to figure out what style and length you want on the top. Try to take long reference photos of the styles you love, which will help you articulate exactly the look you want.

Are skin discolorations attractive?

Skin fades are a bold and stylish cut, which suits most hairstyles and face shapes. It gives you a refined and fashionable style that works in both casual and professional settings.

Is skin discoloration a 0?

A zero haircut cuts hair length to less than 1.5mm, which is standard when asking for a skin fade. This leaves the area hairless but with some shadow, and it will still feel slightly hairy. If you want to go deeper, you can use a razor or a trimmer, so there’s no stubble at all.


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